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  • Piffle and Hoohaw!!

    Anybody can write anything about make believe and sell it to suckers all day.
    I say letís reduce the forum to science matters and the rest is Walt Dissey.
    Reducing clutter makes a faster forum.
    Oddly shaped and worded user names are key, along with the sameish
    sounding names, so obvious.
    The rubber bands that run this place are thinning and need to reduce the strain.

    Thank you very much. Toke inhale but just donít exhale.

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    Visit this

    Some V Visitors are just plain nuts and
    others are dipped in psych meds.


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      A little logic here and there

      is always evident.
      There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


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        Generally Speaking

        All the mental disorders on earth mix heavily with religion.
        It seems scientists have no disorder with this arrangement.
        Science fact and logic concentrate on truth, religion is not science fact, neither is psychic paranormal phenomena, it edges on wheat mold causing witch hunts and hallucinations from the winter wheat being bad and even cooked the mold on the wheat never goes away because the hallucinagin is the mold; baking it does not make it better.
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          Uh oh, uffos are flying in our air space!
          No, no,...itís just elephants.


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            Modern Day Prophets

            President Donald Trump prophecied a better America and it came true.
            Mongolian prophets or whatever do not predict good things because their leader is a weak kneed puddle maker standing in his smelly pig leather shoes.
            I do wish prophets from around the earth would just write a book and see if it comes true.
            When it is found to fail, books become useless because of the failed content.
            Donald Trump is writing history every second of every day and it is still not finished.
            Living prophetic conclusions are not mysticism but promises kept.
            How else can I put this?
            That V visitors child of the State writer is illogical and not scientifically minded but writing their own novella.


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              Oh Pothead; where art thou that dothst hast lost his way? Poorest lamb let thee guidest thee to safer waters.

              Ya know, science is a corrupt religion too. One bent mostly on evil. Thou doest well to unblind thee self so that thou canst seeth Baphomet and his minions evacuated the temples long ago and today live happily unrecognized.

              Science is not to be trusted any further than shall we say Jeffery Billionaire Baphomet Epstein, or possibly the entire cult of Billionaire Baphomet's: These are the royalty, the people fools worship and seek to imulate, it is they who control all that we see and hear. It is they who own the science. People are literally worshiping the devils minions these days and don't even know it, so successful has been the transformation that even the pious are clueless that they have no devils of their own to worship any longer, their temples abandoned and crumbling, their crys forsaken, and their world slowly disappearing.

              What is Dosist? Why it is a cannabis product based on the science behind the plant. Commited, they claim, to safe, targeted, and effective cannabis-based medicines, and leadest hast thoust by the development of a proprietary delivery device, the dose pen by dosist.

              Why allow natural normal delivery when we canst thou profiteer by science?

              OK...just messing with you because I love you ya know..

              What else was there, oh yes, you want prophecy eh?

              AS THE WORLD SLEEPS
              Last edited by Gambeir; 07-13-2019, 07:53 PM.
              "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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                Sworn to SHHH!!!!

                I am awake.
                I have been awake since my youth.
                Silence is pleasure.
                5G kills.
                Your fruit loops are soggy.
                Put down your comic books.
                Perhaps your tribe has lost its identity?