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The passing of Dr. Pyotr Gariaev

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  • The passing of Dr. Pyotr Gariaev

    Hereby I would like to inform all of you that sadly, on November 17th 2020, Dr. Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev passed away under suspicious circumstances. Dr. Gariaev was the founder of the Institute for Wave Genetics in Moscow and was widely known for his work in genetics, health and medicine, which departed significantly from the currently-held mainstream scientific and philosophical views. Unfortunately, his work made him a direct threat to the powers that be, especially in the context of current global developments. Not long before his passing, Dr. Gariaev was nominated for the Nobel prize in Medicine in 2021.

    I would hereby like to ask you all to remember Dr. Gariaev and thank him for his service to mankind. I am convinced his work will be carried on, and will ultimately overcome the barriers erected by the scientific establishment and global financial mafia.

    Pyotr Petrovich, God bless your soul and may you rest in peace.