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Supplement Smoothie Recipes?

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  • Supplement Smoothie Recipes?

    I was wondering if anyone here has a good smoothie recipe for taking supplements? I'm getting tired of all the pills and was hoping I might be able to hide them in a good smoothie recipe. I know some of you use powdered spirulina. How do you take it? Surely not alone!

    Thanks for your help!

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    Not sure what type of supplements you take....but I find it is easy to hide stuff in a smoothie.....I add frozen fruit, yogurt, green tea powder, protein powder, ground flax seed, and milk. It is great! If you can find your supplements in powder form I don't know why you can't add it to your smoothie. Just like they do at the smoothie bars....they have all kinds of additives ---immune booster, fat burning booster (which is what green tea does by the way), etc. Could you contact a smoothie store and ask them where they sell their additives?



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      try this

      I've made smoothies with coconut milk powder, filtered water, raw eggs (from my own free-ranged chickens), and powdered berries. Sometimes, I add goat's milk yogurt. I don't have a set recipe, I just throw stuff in the cup and use a stick blender.
      The powdered coconut milk and berries comes from Wilderness Family Naturals. I don't think you will be disappointed in their products.


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        Thanks, Nadine and Athena! I appreciate your suggestions and help.

        I will do some experimenting. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to hide the taste of the supplements so it's encouraging to hear that it shouldn't be difficult - and tasty, too!

        I'll let you know if I come up with something really yummy!

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          You know, a friend of mine turned me on to smoothies, though I call them blendies because these are slightly different.

          Most people are familiar with juicers, though there are many topics about what juicer is right, not to heat the juice, getting the best juice, cleaning the unit etc. The best solution is just to use a blender.

          Using your raw fruits and veggies, chop them up into large chunks and use a little juice or milk to cut the mixture. I use apples, oranges, carrots, fresh spinach and celery along with a fruit juice of my choice. I add supplement powder and protein powder to the mix just to make sure.

          Now start with your juices and wet foods first, then go on to the dryer foods. With a little practice you will get a mix you like by proportioning the various whole foods. Unlike a juicer this also provides you with the fiber as well. Now having said that, I must warn you this can be a bit to get down at times. The thick slurry like nature of this drink will taste pleasant but the texture can sometimes make it difficult to drink quickly. Cut it with more juice if it is still too thick to drink comfortably. Sometimes when I make it, my wife seems to think I stuck a pine branch in there somewhere it smells so damned green.

          To save prep time, I make enough to last two or three days, stored in a container in the fridge. Already it seems my pants feel better around my waist. The blender is also tons easier to clean than a juicer, there is very little to take apart and the parts usually just rinse clean without much work at all.
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