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  • Danny B
    G. Edward Griffin is best known for his book about the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island. He writes about economics.
    He has also written about cancer and cancer cures. Here is a very informative vid about the exact nature of cancer and how apricot kernals affect cancer.
    A Chinese vid on the subject;

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  • spacecase0
    I did not read this entire thread, so not sure someone said this before.
    cancer is a symptom
    remember that ancient rome was set on trying to cure fever,
    they missed that fever is a symptom and not a cause...
    we now do the same thing with cancer.
    the cause is an immune system issue, either internal or externally caused.
    if you have cancer, go work on your immune system for best results.
    not to say that modern doctors can't help, get them to wipe it out physically,
    just saying to follow up with fixing your immune system

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  • BroMikey
    I use 1 tsp baking soda + 1tsp real maple syrup + 1 cup water to flush

    I also have these 4 in the Bob Beck protocol, producer of the EKG and EEK machine used in hospitals since the 1950's. Check eBay for Bob Beck


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  • Memphis
    Hi guys, I've been following the theme of cancer and its treatments for a few years, outside of the lies of the big-pharma. In Italy we have some researchers who have been struck off for trying to go against the official protocol and propose alternative treatments that have had excellent results. The common thread that binds them is the fact that tumors live and feed in acidic environments. One of them recommends feeding with a lot of fruit and vegetables, and eliminating sugars as much as possible, because they directly feed the tumors (not those of the fruit because they don't seem to be able to use them) He is dr. Paolo Rege-Gianas.
    And another oncologist is Tullio Simoncini who claims that cancer is nothing more than a fungus, and precisely "la candida", for which he offers sodium bicarbonate as a cure. On the internet in various European languages ​​you can still find it online (now he works in Tirana, Albania where he runs a clinic), where you will find his treatment protocol for the various types of cancer. He made it available to people, but in Italy they invented many false news to discredit him and throw mud on him and remove him from the doctors' order. In fact, in Italian it is no longer possible to find its treatment protocols. I recommend to all of you if you have an interest on the subject to take a look. However, personally, for about 10 years I have radically changed my diet, I use bicarbonate daily (a coffee spoon in the evening before going to bed), and several ailments that afflicted me have disappeared. As a main rule it is necessary to eliminate the white substances: Milk and derivatives, Flours and derivatives, Sugar and derivatives, Salt. 4 substances ... 4 poisons!

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  • Spells Of Truth
    The medical industrial complex hinges on a single lynch pin, if a patient dies under a doctors care, the doctor cannot be prosecuted for the death of the patient as long as the doctor follows the standard of care. In other words, as long as the doctor follows the standard of care, they cannot be charged with murder. Who writes the standard of care? Not the doctors, not the patients. No the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the hospitals write the standard of care. The hospitals are paid 4x times more when a patient dies than when they live by our own government. The drug companies have absolutely zero incentive to even slightly heal anyone that takes their drugs because then that person is no longer a customer of their drugs. Insurance companies dip their greedy paws in both scams and also run their own obvious scam where they rob people of their money in exchange for even worse treatment. In other words if you pay for health insurance, and get sick, the insurance company will use other scams like taxes or something else to pretend to pay for your health 'treatment', when really they paying for your own slow death and submission with your own hard earn money aka green paper squares. All conspiracies go back to human language symbols that are not aligned with reality, math with fractions and decimals, and the human health system in that order. spiritual to mental to physical. Doctors are just as clueless as most villagers, the problem is not the doctors, the problem is ourselves for trusting the health of our own body to some-body other than our-body...The medical industrial complex scam is designed to kill us all slowly and to increase the chances that we are infected by parasites. I wrote a post about it here.

    There have been 7 100% cures for cancer that I know of. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were many more. Stop listening to known irrefutable liars to heal yourself. Jennifer Daniels is the only legitimate doctor in existence (besides maybe jerry marzinsky and andrew kaufman). She has the most obvious, natural, common sense system of healing ever devised. Check her stuff out for more.

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  • Nithya
    Originally posted by Splitwater View Post
    Splitwater's Cancer Cause & Cure THEORY (Rev. G, April 26, 2012)

    The following Cancer Theory was created about 20 years ago, after a 6 months study
    of about 30 volumes of “Statistical Studies of Cancer” at the Sutter General Hospital in
    Sacramento; after which, said volumes of “Statistical Studies” (ca. 1980-89) were
    removed from the Public Section of the Sutter General Hospital Library.

    Cancer is caused by over 30 types of Fungus, like the fungus that grows on Tobacco,
    Peanuts, Almonds, Wheat, Bread, Meat, Wood, Paper, Charcoal, Coal, Cheese, Grapes,
    Cranberries, Coffee, and Jelly; plus, many other items, yet unknown. And, Cancer has
    increased in America since the Refrigerator (ca. 1930) and Penicillin (ca. 1945) became
    common. And, any Fungus can become airborne, if contaminated items are burned.

    Nasal Cancer is more common in Sacramento, downwind from a large Almond Factory.
    And, Lung Cancer is more common in the foothills of California, than San Francisco.
    But, Testicular Cancer is greater in Nevada amongst cowboys, who “break” horses;
    because, Cancer grows in bruises, burns or in bone marrow, if blood flow is reduced.
    Therefore, X-rays may burn the bone marrow or small blood vessels in babies or breasts,
    like the X-rays from A-Bombs burned many civilians in Japan during WWII (ca. 1945).

    In 1775, Dr. Purcivall Pott was the first to discover that testicular cancer in young
    "Chimney Sweeps" was related to the soot in chimneys (via masturbation?). So, any
    Microbiologist, worth his PhD., might be able to determine how Nature decomposes
    living tissue in Humans with various foreign Fungus invasions or mutations.

    Since Oregano Oil is known to cure Toenail Fungus, it may be a possible cure for
    Cancer, in a daily diet supplement with water or Olive Oil. (Ref.: Internet Data.)

    Direct injections of Oregano Oil into a Breast Tumor might be needed in some cases, if
    blood flow has been reduced. And, Black, Cancerous Lungs could be flushed with mild
    solutions of Oregano Oil while on a “Heart-Lung” machine in any Cancer Treatment
    Center. Plus, Skin and Uterus Cancers could be washed with mild solutions of Oregano
    Oil. But, Bone Cancer may be related to X-rays, or “over-doses” of X-rays.

    So, Oregano Oil could be added to vegetable juices and vitamins. Or, Oregano leaves
    can be chewed as a breath freshener, “out-of-the-box” (under $1) from many Markets.
    “Voodoo”© might make a good trademark name for a health food salad dressing,
    containing Vinegar, Olive Oil, & a Dose of Oregano Oil and other secret herbs.

    Or, ask Dr. Lorraine Day if her Breast Cancer was cured with Oregano Oil, mixed
    with carrot, celery, avocado, radish, tomato, garlic and other vegetables juices, after
    reading my Cancer Cause & Cure Theory at Sutter General Hospital in about 1990.

    THEORY BY: James H. Armistead, Laughlin, NV. 89029,
    See: More of my Theories, by “Splitwater”, on the “Energetic Forum”, via Google.
    Or, see: “Armistead Family Stories” for my theory about “Shakespeare”, too.
    Thanks for this valuable information. It was a good read and productive enough.

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  • aljhoa
    Cancer and the New Biology of Water
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


    In “Cancer and the New Biology of Water,” Dr. Thomas Cowan explains why cancer is not a problem of oncogenes but rather a problem involving the cytoplasm — the structured water — of the cell

    Mitochondrial defects are an integral part of the breakdown of the structure in the water, which then triggers the formation of cancer

    Lifestyle strategies that will help restructure the water in your cells, thereby helping prevent cancer include eating a ketogenic diet and exposing your body to sunlight and near-infrared light such as near-infrared sauna

    Other strategies include grounding to the earth by walking barefoot, posing yourself to the biofields of other biological entities, such as the touch of other humans and animals, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    Mistletoe therapy stimulates your fever response. It’s an immunostimulating medicine that also works like a chemo drug

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  • Spells Of Truth
    Watch This

    Eric and friends cured it back in 86 legend that he is. Im surprised Aaron didnt mention it. Also features eric without the white beard which is kinda weird.

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  • Danny B
    New treatment path

    Nope, I didn't read the thread. I just wanted to drop this off for reading.

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  • aljhoa

    Study Suggests Cancer To Be A Metabolic Disorder
    "This suggests that cancer is not a genetic disease arising solely from mutations as we have all been taught,
    but instead a metabolic condition that develops under the stress of cellular nutrient deprivation," said Robert Nagourney, MD, senior author of the study.
    "Cells that cannot generate enough energy due to lack of oxygen, sugars or proteins, common to many cancers,
    use altered metabolic pathways to ensure their survival. Unfortunately these cancer cells' success comes
    at the expense of the host patient," Nagourney added.

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  • aljhoa

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  • josgarvin
    Originally posted by Guruji View Post
    I heard that eating apple seeds are good against cancer cause the seeds have siniade which is a very toxic substance but if taken in little dose found to be good.
    After I read this comment, I immediately google and search for some articles, I was surprised it is really true, I always throw the seeds of apple, I would love to share this to my family and my friends.

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  • goldtopia
    Can colloidal silver and chemotherapy

    Can colloidal silver be taken whilst undergoing a course of chemotherapy ?

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  • sherylbrane
    Wonderful article ! I have heard about sutter general hospital, I have heard there is a evidence that certain toxins which sets a person getting more susceptible for getting cancer, they have also exposed those fungus too.

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  • Joit
    Another Documenation about how mainstream did establish herself and deny alternative Methods. The second half is about the Persons what use different treatments to cure cancer. Most in common is, that cancer is a yeast fungus.
    Cancer - The Forbidden Cures - YouTube

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