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USA Federal Gov to Murder Bundy and Hammond

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    Govt Media caught with their pants down so to speak, daily.


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      Groped, abuse stripe naked, friend murdered, stuck in prison
      without bail, put naked in a concrete cell 3X3, told to take his
      clothing off so guards could feel his wingnut weekly

      Gay guards horny for Ammon all because he protested the Govt
      pointing guns at him and his families head with federal snipers
      and the multimillion dollar machine.

      Just released awaiting trial after 2 years in jail guilty as charged
      without a trial.


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        Ammon Bundy Released

        State's Case Continues to Collapse

        Ammon Bundy Released -
        Bundy Ranch Trial Report Nov.30th 2017

        Politicians after the land right for Uranium as the Clintons sold rights
        to the Russian. Govt/Clinton mafia ordered guns to be pointed at farmers
        who owned 100 head of cattle.

        Govt case is being uncovered as it deliberately went after innocent
        families for the mineral rights. Govt used their merc's to murder 1 member
        of that community.

        Bundy Political Prisoners: Bail After 2 Years

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          Apparently, there is at least one honest judge in Nevada


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            Trump prepared to pardon all send the swamp running away when
            last year signed executive taking Obama/Clinton/Bush cartels power
            away to steal mineral rights for uranium mining given to Russian mob.

            Billy clubs stuck up their a$$e$ stuffed naked into a 3' block cell, cold
            for days in solitary. Welcome to hell. Gay pervert guards grabbing their
            person. Las Vegas mafia swamp, do whatever they want, wherever they
            want to whomever they want with impunity.
            Approx 2 years of torture mentally and physically, with held evidence,
            controlled the media and murdered one member who simple wanted to
            protest govt over reach.

            And we are suppose to just walk away? I don't think so. The stuff is going
            to hit on this one. Trump is shining the light on these criminal groups
            using tax payer money to destroy farmers.


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              The Six Apostles

              "The stuff is going to hit on this one".
              Bro Mikey, I was going to post a relevant article. I used every parameter possible to find the article. NOT POSSIBLE. I have a good memory of the article and just couldn't find it through google. I went back through OLD files and finally found it. If google doesn't want it coming to light, that should be good enough reason to read it.
              Western Rifle Shooters Association: Vanderboegh: The Six Apostles


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                Uranium One (HRC)

                Dirty FBI, Dirty DOJ, Dirty NSA, Dirty agencies of the USA for the last
                50-70 yrs disappearing patriotic American's for their land. The news says
                they shot at Federal employees and the citizens just shake their heads
                up and down, real yuppies.

                Trump pardons the young man and his 76 yrs old father out of prison.

                The Hammonds are finally free and back home. Controlled burns does
                not make you a pyromaniac. The fed's lite it on fire btw.

                many criminals still run the show after 70 years of entrenchment.


                .................................................. ..


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                  2018 pardon video


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                    Uranium one and Hillary selling the land rights in the USA got people killed and many thousands in jail. This story will only intensify. Ammon Bundy is only one liberal who was caught in the middle.