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Avoiding world war three

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  • Danny B
    Nutcasses in Turkey and idiots in France

    "The U.S. will have to act within the next 24 hours, on their own, if they are to be seen as the force they are now claiming to have been all along - See more at: The Turning Points Are Here
    ,,,raise the temperature toward the global-war that no one with any sense wants to ever see—but only time will tell over the next 24-48 hours,

    Erdogan's Plan - Islamic Empire…Or Armageddon
    Russia Calls UNSC Mtng To Stop Turkey From Invading
    NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Conflict With Russia Good news
    'Moscow Must Stop Supporting Assad - France buncha idiots
    "All Israel Within Range Of 100,000 Hezbollah Missiles" Plus 110,000 Iranian missiles. That could get messy.
    5,000 ISIS Militants Trained In Syria, Iraq Walk Free In Europe That could get messy.
    France, "He said: "In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year." ( in mosques) That could get messy.
    "Saudi Halts $3b Military Aid To Lebanon" No kidding. They must have finally figured out that aid to Lebanon was going straight to Hezbollah.

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  • Danny B
    War in Turkey-Syria

    RonPaul; "But it was Turkey's dramatic moves on Saturday that led us to wonder whether the first shots of World War III had been fired"
    "The Turkish direct attack on Syrian government forces inside Syria is an escalation so dramatic that even the US government went on record requesting that the Turks immediately cease firing"
    "The French also requested that their Turkish NATO allies cease and desist from attacking Syria"
    The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Has Turkey Just Started WWIII?

    "Clear indications are emerging in Washington, DC, that the Pentagon is preparing to support a direct military invasion of Syria by Turkish Armed Forces" How Far Will The U.S. Go If Turkey Invades Syria? |
    Erdogan soon faces a civil war at home.

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  • Danny B
    Iran, Syria and Russia against Saudi and Turkey

    Saudi and Turkey seem determined to start a wider war in Syria. So, who is behind all this?
    Top Israeli Officials Urge Sectarian Partition Of Syria
    Ground Op In Syria Means Full-Fledged War - Russia PM
    Russian PM - Turkey 'Set Up' NATO By Killing Russian Jet I think that they over-reached on that plan.
    Iran Will Defend Syrian Airspace If Damascus Requests Iran has some real good battlefield capabilities.
    Iraq Sends Military Forces To Border With Saudi Arabia Apparently, Iraq is willing to knock heads with both Saudi and Turkey.
    Turkish Forces Now In Syria Says Damascus
    Turkey Shells Two Towns In Syria's Aleppo Province

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  • Danny B
    The defence industry,,,, a jobs program

    A major part of the American economy is dependent on the war industries. The cold war was an ongoing jobs program. Obummer has a military budget that is near an all-time high even though the economy is tanking;
    The F-35 is a total P.O.S but, we are going to buy tons of them. It (originally) didn't matter if they were good planes or not,,,, as long as they created jobs.
    Now that Russia is kicking butt, aircraft performance has become important again.
    Look at the headlines and think, "jobs programs".
    Russia-NATO Relations At New Cold War Level
    Why Is America Restarting Cold War With Russia?
    World is fighting a new Cold War, Russia's Medvedev says
    Russia Concerned With NATO Buildup On Russian Borders

    That's not to say that things couldn't blow up into outright war. Erdogan and the Sauds are total nutcases.
    US Risks Turning New Cold War Into A Nuclear One
    Limited Nuclear War Within 18 Days If Saudis Invade Syria
    President Assad Vows Recapture Of Entire Nation Syria
    US Condemns Assad Vow To Free Syria From Terrorists
    Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault On Syria Now Imminent
    Turkey, Saudis May Launch Ground War On Syria
    Saudi Jets To Fly Missions In Syria From Turkish Base
    Saudis In Syrian War Would Risk Russian Wrath
    Russian Warns Against Syrian Conflict Igniting WW 3

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  • Danny B

    Reportedly, North Korea has detonated a hydrogen bomb. This would normally make me nervous because megalomaniacs should NOT have powerful weapons. North Korea says it has conducted hydrogen bomb test -
    What makes me even more nervous is that the belligerent explosion by N.K. of a nuclear weapon is one of the major signposts on the road to the killshot.

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  • Danny B
    Russia and Germany

    "For 20 years after the end of the Cold War, deadly conflict was in decline. Fewer wars were killing fewer people the world over. Five years ago, however, that positive trend went into reverse"

    Read more: These 10 Conflicts Could Escalate Into a Major War
    The bankers and arms dealers were losing too much money.
    This article lays out the sunni--shia divide; Saudi, Iran, Sunni, Shia: This Just Became The Most Important Map In Geopolitics
    Anglo-American interests have LONG tried to prevent an alliance of Russia and Germany. Stratfor: ?US aims to prevent a German-Russian alliance? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
    Pox Americana has show itself perfectly willing to throw Europe into the meat grinder of war once again. The Europeans are wising up and have broken away. Pox Americana couldn't stand the idea of world peace and has now created just what it wanted to avoid;
    Syria: Germany, France break out of U.S. Alliance against Russia | Veterans Today
    The neo-con plan of total domination of Eurasia depended on blocking Russia-Europe alliances. The plan also didn't allow a China-Russia alliance.
    The neo-cons are trying to strangle Russia economically by blocking pipelines and warm-water ports. Turkey controls the Bosporos and Russia's access to the Black Sea. Pox Americana tried to deny Russia's access to the port of Sevastopol in Crimea.
    Much of the world has had enough of Pox Americana and just wants to peacefully go about getting filthy rich conducting free trade.

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  • Danny B
    killing the opposition

    The powers that be naturally want to stay in power. It has been predicted that 'they" would kill Trump. Martin Armstrong said that "they" would not allow the likes of Le Pen or Farage to be elected. Reportedly, somebody tried to kill Farage. Nigel Farage's car wheels 'were sabotaged in an assassination attempt' | Daily Mail Online

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  • Danny B
    started a topic Avoiding world war three

    Avoiding world war three

    I hate to start a new thread for something trivial. War is never trivial. The great powers of the world are marshalling their forces and arming. There have been proxy wars. Unfortunately, they are heating up. The latest episode is the murder of an Iranian cleric.
    Iranians Burns Saudi Embassy In Tehran Over Nimr Murder
    Iraq's al-Maliki 'Reaffirms' Saudi Arabia Will Be Destroyed

    Genie Energy confirmed that it has discovered oil and gas in this occupied territory held by Israel on the Golan Heights, which is formally the territory of, guess who — Syria. So while the pipeline issue was the real reason behind Obama wanting to invade Syria, we now have to add Israel to this mix Oil | Armstrong Economics
    Most people have no idea in the West what a Sunni-Shiite conflict is all about and that this has been a cyclical trend between peace and war since Muhammad died in 632. Sunni-Shiite Civil War | Armstrong Economics
    Pox Americana tried to get a war with NATO started in Ukraine. Putin wouldn't fall for it. Pox Americana tried to get a war going with Turkey and Russia. Putin sidestepped direct war. Israel wants the gas and oil in the Golan Heights. The United Nations said that the Golan Heights belongs to Syria. There are ongoing efforts to drive Syria back to the stone age so that that israel can just walk in and take the oil.
    The execution of Nimr is an attempt to get Iran to attack. If pox Americana can't provoke Putin, maybe it can provoke Iran. Russia is directly backing Iran. U.S. is backing Turkey. China is siding with Russia. Europe is starting to get the idea that america is going to put them through the meat grinder.

    Saudi attacked Yemen knowing that Iran would probably support them. Turkey is going into both Syria and Iraq. Chechens and Pakistani fighters are going to Daesh. Hezbollah is in Syria. Hezbollah could over run israel. Iran is flooding the oil markets and Saudi Arabia is fast going broke. The saudi Wahhabis are real nutcases but, executing a cleric to provoke Iran is worse than stupid.

    The neo-cons seem to believe that they can make Russia and China back down. Armstrong' "This is not a Christmas message I cared to write. Oil will be VERY CRITICAL as a signal for 2016 because we also have the War Cycle that turned up in 2014 and is now moving sharply higher into 2017."
    Turkey, israel, Russia and Pakistan all have nukes. Russia has their doomsday device;
    If Pox Americana can't get Putin or Iran to do something stupid, maybe it can get Saudi or Turkey to do something adequately stupid to start a wider war. Saudi faces revolution when it goes broke. Yemen is kicking Saud butt with Iranian weapons. The Sauds have to be pretty stupid to think that war is better than revolution.
    The great danger is that the proxies will drag in the major players. iran can easily attack Kharg island and shut down Saudi oil production. Iran can easily shut down the Straights of Hormuz. They only need to attack one tanker and insurance rates will become prohibitive. Putin is not going to back down. That would mean the destruction of Russia and the later destruction of China.
    Any of these things could happen. There are too many STUPID people with their finger on the button.