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  • BroMikey
    here is the paycheck we have all been promised for 40 years. Before taxes. So figure $200/week

    The world is funded on the blood of children and all mankind. GHWB 1000 points of light refers to the castle in Belgium. Poppy knew all the secrets

    Documentary of "The Mothers of Darkness Castle" (Short)

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  • Danny B
    Here Are The Companies Hiking Prices In Response To Soaring Inflation

    US Criticized for Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan While Just 50 Years From Victory

    5/08 Stocks will drop in half, history indicates (video) – GoldSilver

    5/08 Unemployment crisis or “labor shortage” – which is it? – Wolf Street

    5/08 The Fed embraces its inner Zimbabwean – Mises Institute
    The $100 trillion (1014) banknote (Pick No. 91) is the largest denomination ever issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

    Cryptocurrency investors should be prepared to lose all their money, Bank of England governor says
    "Thou shalt have no god before me"

    This is a repost but, here are our choices;
    1. Force Majeure: The wheels come off completely and the system comes unglued. Mad Max.
    2. Tin Foil Hat: It really is one Big Conspiracy and we’re into a New World Order.
    3. The Great Bifurcation: The middle class gets wiped out and we get a two-tier society
    "The TL,DR of the novel, Atlas Shrugged is that once the institutional sclerosis of the ruling class was understood to be both incorrigible and irreversible, the only other option was a global opt-out.
    What Vilfredo Pareto called “the non-governing elites” begin to realize that the system which used to accommodate them, even rely on their tacit support, is now becoming hostile toward them. At the very least, the ruling elites are undermining their interests. This is part of the dynamic of Peter Turchin’s “elite overpopulation” that we looked at recently."
    The social contract no longer seems to be a matter of middle-class protections and living standards but instead becomes starkly authoritarian and one-sided. What is clear is that the existing institutions are now functioning to defend the position of the overclass,"

    "We have all the necessary components for a complete breakdown of existing institutions and the total loss of legitimacy of the current governing elite class."

    At this moment, the "overclass" is trying to save the speculators.
    By sending money to the middle class, they are helping people to hang on.
    By sending money to the speculators, they are guaranteeing more price inflation,,, which makes it harder for the middle class to hold on.

    Existential Economic Threats: How US States Can Survive Without Federal Money
    One ring (press) to control them all.

    East Bay Area Homes Selling $1 Million Over Asking Price
    Hot money getting nervous.

    Rising Bond Yields Threaten Financial Market Stability

    South Carolina To Add Death-By-Firing-Squad As Execution Method
    I would be more than happy to submit a list of candidates for consideration.

    US Chamber Of Commerce Urges Biden To End Pandemic Handouts: "Paying People Not To Work" Is Killing The Recovery

    Rabobank: Is It Possible The Fed Is So Stupid It Doesn't Understand What It Is Doing
    And yet they believe that if things go wrong, again, the Fed --on long-established form-- will bail them out - again. This used to be done “because deflation”; now it may be “because society”.
    They can always find an excuse to print. Call it any name you want. It is still SAVE THE BANKERS.

    Kashkari Slams Fed Critics, Pretends Stimulus Isn't Helping Wall Street

    Are Stocks Cheap, Or Just Another Rationalization?
    5/08 Stocks will drop in half, history indicates (video) – GoldSilver

    Actually, history is clear that they will drop by 80--90%

    5/07 What is everyone smoking when it comes to asset bubbles? – Bill Blain

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  • Danny B
    Gundlach Warns America's "Unfunded Liabilities" Are $163 Trillion, More Than 5x National Debt
    "A lot of weird things happened once the pandemic was a steady march to dependency on the government by a larger and larger fraction of the US population..."

    South Carolina Follows Montana In Ending All Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Programs
    "This labor shortage is being created in large part by the supplemental unemployment payments that the federal government provides claimants on top of their state unemployment benefits. In many instances, these payments are greater than the worker’s previous pay checks."

    Montana Is First State To Cancel Unemployment Benefits In Response To Unprecedented Worker Shortage
    "Nearly every sector in our economy faces a labor shortage. The vast expansion of federal unemployment benefits is now doing more harm than good."

    Torrent Of Federal Cash Stifling Return To Work As Fed Repeats Historic Error... In Reverse
    Aside from discouraging people from returning to work, the gush of federal money has other consequences...

    Initial Jobless Claims Fall To Pandemic Lows But Over 16 Million Americans Remain 'On The Dole'

    So It Looks Like Nationalizing Student Loans Has Simply Turned Into One Giant Ponzi Scheme
    If you accounted this way in the private sector, you wouldn’t be in business anymore. You’d probably be behind bars...”

    Here Comes The Squeeze: Goldman Prime Says Hedge Funds Shorted Tech For 9 Of The Past 10 Days

    "Eurodollar Whale" Bet On J-Hole Policy-Pivot Builds Ahead Of Payrolls
    ...the 'eurodollar whale' position is betting that The Fed will hike at a faster-than-expected pace (implying 7 rate-hikes in next 3 years)...
    I'll believe that when I see it.

    5/06 Big money is rotating out of stocks, into gold, bonds, utilities – Technical Traders
    Stocks Saved By Late-Day Buying-Panic As Dollar Dumps, Crypto Slumps
    The usual suspects are buying stocks to keep the charade going.
    This creates more FOMO,,,, fear of missing out. The CB may very well talk about tapering bonds but, it doesn't look like it will ever stop buying stocks.
    This creates an interesting question,,,, at what point does FED GOV own most of the stock market?

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  • Danny B
    Taper tantrum refers to the 2013 collective reactionary panic that triggered a spike in U.S. Treasury yields, after investors learned that the Federal Reserve was slowly putting the breaks on its quantitative easing (QE) program.
    Dallas Fed President Spooks Stocks Again; Doubles-Down On Taper Comments

    Futures Flat As Traders Look For Buying Catalyst

    Bank of England Is Latest Central Bank To Taper QE As It Suprcharges Economic Outlook
    First it was the Bank of Canada, now Bank of England has also joined the taper bandwagon, announcing that it would cut its weekly bond buying (i.e. QE) from GBP4.44BN per week to 3.441BN.

    A 'Very Modest' Taper Is Undeserving of a Tantrum
    Investors zeroed in on Janet Yellen’s comments that rates will have to rise “somewhat.” That wasn’t the operative phrase.

    Kaplan is not a voting member of the FOMC, but he contradicted the comments of Fed Chair Powell. Stating that he sees imbalances and excess in financial markets and real estate and the Fed should be talking about tapering. The Stock markets printed red on Friday on fears of future tapering.
    But we haven’t even gotten to the best part.
    Stock Markets had their worst day in May (so far) with the Nasdaq leading the way dropping 1.92%. The Nasdaq is now in dangerous territory. Read my technical tactics below to find out why.
    Stock Markets fell on Treasury Secretary, and previous Fed Char, Janet Yellen’s comments regarding tapering.

    What would happen to inflation if the Fed announced $40 trillion a month in QE? – Mish

    Traders are looking for a "catalyst" More free money.
    FED GOV can't possibly service the bond market of interest rates rise.
    Seeing hyperinflation on the horizon, a few CBs have cut back on bond issuance.
    The FED keeps dancing around the subject trying to avoid a repeat of the "taper tantrum" of 2013.
    This tantrum hit instantaneously.
    Wall Street wants the free money to continue regardless of any negative fallout.

    The traders know that a spike in U.S. Treasury yields would bring instant default.
    They create a tantrum at ANY slowdown of new liquidity issuance.

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  • Danny B

    Innovation drives economic growth. This is one of the most consistent findings in macroeconomics, and it’s been true for centuries.

    Economists have calculated that approximately 50% of U.S. annual GDP growth is attributed to increases in innovation

    According to McKinsey, 84%of executives say that their future success is dependent on innovation.

    Innovation, by definition, is the introduction of something new. Without innovation, there isn’t anything new, and without anything new, there will be no progress

    In general, the result of innovation should always be improvement. From the society’s perspective, the fundamental outcomes of innovation are economic growth, increased well-being and communication, educational accessibility and environmental sustainability.
    • Come up with new ways to get more output from the same number of inputs
    The latter describes the essence of innovation quite well. The purpose of innovation is to come up with new ideas and technologies that increase productivity and generate greater output with the same input.

    However, not all of the benefits of innovation and growth are evenly distributed. Often, a rise in real GDP means greater income and wealth inequality.Mother Nature does not do equality. She does competition.

    The recently WOKE masses of people have discovered that there is a great range in human abilities and motivation. Mother Nature is racist.

    Like the recent school programs, "no child left behind", the woksters are going to fix inequality by dragging down the smart people.

    To Promote Equality, California Proposes A Ban On Advanced Math Classes

    "Reason article In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math."
    Active efforts in mathematics teaching are required in order to counter the cultural forces that have led to and continue to perpetuate current inequities
    The evolution of mathematics in educational settings has resulted in dramatic inequities for students of color, girls, and students from low income homes."

    By nature, the State is a retarding force because it tries to maintain the status quo to hold on to power.
    The State reaches it's ultimate power under communism.

    At the same time, it also reaches it's ultimate state of lethargy by stifling all innovation.
    One of the central tenets of socialism is that; all people are equal. Since it has had little
    success trying to make stupid people smart, it has resorted to trying to make smart people stupid.
    Since all people are "equal", they should all receive equal compensation.
    Socialism carries the twin burdens of;
    Stifling innovation
    Stifling motivation.

    China is presently trying to find a happy medium between State control AND, promoting innovation.
    Armstrong has predicted that China will surpass America because it's business / finance / government model is superior to the models in the West.

    The West is galloping to a socialist / welfare model that has never worked.
    Much of the success of America is it's ability to attract entrepreneurs.

    The West is using the plandemic to execute the Great Reset.

    The West plans to "build back better"
    Klaus Schwab says that he is going to make everybody a "stakeholder" in the new system.

    Armstrong is VERY much against the whole plan.
    Will the Schwab plan wipe out the speculators and financiers to benefit Joe Sixpack?
    Will it create classic socialism?

    The State has always been a big proponent of the programs of Keynes.
    Keynes advocated "euthanasia of the rentier"
    Keynes predicted that; at some time in the future, we would be so rich from accumulated wealth that we wouldn't have to work more than 15 hours a week.
    Shumpeter came up with the idea of "creative destruction" where, we destroy everything that we create to continue working and producing. There are emerging problems with that.
    Death by resource depletion – Ahead of the Herd

    The U.S. military is the number one user of petroleum in the world.
    All these wars waste great amounts of resources.

    Finance has currently devolved to the point where we have negative interest rates.
    Is this a big push to bring Keynes' idea of "euthanasia of the rentier" into force?

    We are in for big changes.

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  • BroMikey
    The assemblies are forming. Time to take over where the present day govt will never. Excuse the first few minutes of sound difficulties.

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  • Danny B
    I started writing about the economy in 2007 at Burning Man. Since then, I have learned a WHOLE LOT more,,, naturally.
    America pursued empire, rather than take advantage of the post WW II prosperity and natural advantage that we had.
    Eisenhower warned us.
    America was founded by Statesmen but, destroyed by politicians.
    The Report From Iron Mountain states that peace must be avoided at all costs.
    12 million dead in subsequent wars.
    Reportedly, America spent $14 trillion on wars of choice.
    How then does the pentagon show accounting discrepancies of <$32> trillion?

    Well, here we are, BUT
    Where are we?
    In the mid-60s, we (the politicians) created the welfare-warfare State. Reportedly, we spent $25 trillion on the war on poverty. (old number).
    Reportedly, we spent $14 trillion on wars-of-choice.
    We could have had world peace. The U.S.S.R. was destined to collapse as all socialist conglomerations eventually collapse.
    Churchill, "WW II could have been avoided but, the bankers wanted it"
    Whirled peas was just a "bridge too far" considering the multitudes of people who profit from war.

    Regulatory Capture put the bankers in the driver's seat.
    If you look at a chart of the price of gold, it is IN FACT a chart of the value of the U.S. dollar.
    In 2020, "they" created $20 billion a day in new liquidity.
    Currently, it is about $65 billion a day.
    History foretells of a collapse of the dollar.
    Charles Hugh Smith has a very good article on this very same subject.
    What are the pros & cons of collapsing the dollar?
    What are the pros & cons of collapsing the economy to save the dollar?
    What are the possibilities?

    Since the bankers bought the politicians, the bankers will have a great effect on the decisions in the halls of power.

    "Events that devastate the majority financially greatly enrich the few who bet on non-linear dynamics.
    For the few still asking about the source of risk, the general answer takes one of two paths: inflation leading to hyper-inflation or a deflationary collapse of defaults and popping asset bubbles.

    It's easy to find pundits arguing for one or the other, but do we have the initial conditions, variables and functions we need to solve this problem and get a clear answer, inflation or deflation?

    Consider two variables that are rarely visible in pundits' arguments:

    1) What will benefit the banks?

    2) What will benefit the nation's place in the geopolitical pecking order?
    The inflationary camp holds that the soaring debt, public and private, can only be serviced if incomes inflate so households, companies and governments have enough income to make the payments on their soaring debts.
    Since this is a self-reinforcing spiral--more inflation leads to more inflation--central banks will be forced to print their currencies into oblivion, i.e. hyper-inflation.
    If they ever stop printing, the house of cards (soaring debt) will collapse.

    This logic seems sound enough, but once hyper-inflation takes off and people are earning $250,000 a month and a loaf of bread is $250, how will banks profit from households paying off their once-stupendous mortgage (that required 30 years of monthly payments to pay off) with a single month's pay?

    Hyper-inflation will destroy not just the currency but the entire banking sector, which is politically powerful. Will the banks just sit by passively watching their wealth and income being destroyed by high inflation? One suspects they will use their political power to avoid being ground into dust by hyper-inflation.
    The banks would much prefer defaults that they can shift to the government (via bailouts) and deflation,"
    You can see the logical fallacy here. If the debt is shifted to the State, it can't tax enough so, it must print. So much for avoiding hyperinflation.

    "Next, consider the consequences of hyper-inflation on the nation's currency: it loses virtually all its value in terms of buying food, oil, semiconductors, autos, etc. from other nations. Nobody will want to trade real goods for worthless dollars. Imports paid with dollars will plummet to zero in hyper-inflation.
    In terms of a nation's economic power, its currency is the foundation, because if the currency plummets to near-zero then everything denominated in that currency also loses value on the global stage."
    YES, and we reached peak-cheap-oil decades ago.

    "A reserve currency--a national currency that is widely held globally because it it's expected to hold its value, and the market for everything denominated in that currency is extremely large and liquid--is the crown jewel of whatever nation (or entity, in the case of the EU) issues it."
    About that $32 trillion accounting discrepancy?????

    Who would benefit from the destruction of a nation's reserve currency? Virtually no one. The nation would be impoverished. So why is hyper-inflation--the destruction of the currency-- so broadly accepted as inevitable?
    China would if they were the last man standing. Armstrong has predicted this.

    "It's also widely assumed that the Federal Reserve and other central banks control all the variables in setting bond yields, interest rates and inflation. But what if some variables are outside the Fed's control? What if their claim of controlling all variables is mere PR?"
    "This makes an enormous difference: arithmatic inflation is predictable--5% a year, for example-- but geometric increases lead to hyper-inflation and complete destabilization of the economy and society.
    Very few pundits reckon the central banks and governments will choose default and deflation because these will be painful--but what could be more painful than wiping out the value of the currency?"
    "The politically powerful elites have their ace in the hole: they can demand politicians (who need their contributions to fund their re-election campaigns) bail out the banks, transferring the losses from defaults from private banks to the public sector, exactly what happened in 2008-09."
    NOPE, the public sector is the tax payer. If the taxpayer is broke, the public sector can either default OR tax the bankers.

    but geometric inflation or deflation undermines the entire financial system, including the finances of governments and elites.

    How do we calculate the probability and potential intensity of destabilizing social disorder? It's widely assumed that the U.S. could never experience the sort of massive, widespread social disorder that occurs in developing-world nations during crises. But humans are humans, and when put under pressure by high inflation / deflation and declining prosperity, people respond in ways that can very quickly escape the control of authorities.

    Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?
    Faced with the knowledge that so-called fat tail risk (i.e. a geometric function replacing an arithmatic function, and small events triggering large consequences, i.e. non-linear dynamics) is real but unpredictable, then we're forced to think through these supposedly low-probability risks and devise a response that we can implement because we already thought it out.
    This is the difference between having a pre-planned response and panic.

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  • Danny B
    BofA - 'Transitory Hyperinflation Ahead'
    Hyperinflation is never transitory.
    5/04 Venezuela nearly triples its minimum wage as hyperinflation accelerates – GATA

    Max Weber, noted for his seminal 1905 work ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’, was correct in his assumptions that individual labor serves a moral and spiritual purpose, then the United States has become a veritable den of iniquity.
    According to the latest Personal Income and Outlays data, which provides statistics on government-subsidized income such as stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, welfare, etc., handouts exploded to an astronomic annualized $8.1 trillion. That is double the $4.1 trillion subsidy figure from February, and has allowed President Joe Biden’s administration to boast about a “record surge in personal income and spending.
    By inundating the American people with a non-stop flow of free money, they are being trained in a form of learned helplessness and dependence. During the Great Depression, by comparison, the government also subsidized the economy through the 1933 New Deal under Franklin D. Roosevelt. The difference was that Americans were put to work on massive infrastructure projects, building dams, highways, bridges and hospitals.
    US is lagging behind China on infrastructure & Biden’s $2trn plan is no solution – because America only ever spends big on wars

    "The USA peaked in 1977, initially benefiting itself from the sharp rise in energy. China has posted positive economic growth since the fall of communism, whereas the United States plunged negatively during the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis, and once again thanks to the manufactured COVID Financial Crisis. This BUILD BACK BETTER agenda will permanently dismantle the Western economy and transfer economic growth and innovation to China."

    America has fallen so far behind by spending just on wars that WE can never catch up.

    5/04 U.S. national debt expected to approach $89 trillion by 2029 – Forbes
    5/04 Treasury quadruples borrowing estimates to pay for stimulus – Yahoo
    5/03 US government’s debt-to-GDP ratio is worse than Greece’s in 2008 – FEE

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  • Danny B
    There is little recognition That automation will continue to make human workers redundant & obsolete.
    There is little recognition that the welfare State weakens the gene pool.

    "What both sides fail to recognize is the economic reality of any and all state actions, a reality pointed out to us by Murray Rothbard in his 1956 article, “Toward a Reconstruction of Utility and Welfare Economics.” In that article, without having to rely on a single ethical judgment, Rothbard concludes the apodictic advantages of the market and the perennial waste of government expenditure."
    Ah yes,BUT, non-producers VOTE.

    "But the analysis does not stop there. All government action ultimately rests on its power to levy taxes. Taxation, though, is nothing more than a coerced exchange between the people and the state. Given this insight, not only can government interference never increase social utility, but no action a government could ever make could increase social utility.

    All this leads to the following two conclusions:
    (1) the free market always increases social utility, and

    (2) the government can never increase social utility."
    “We can only say that 'social welfare' (or better, 'social utility') has increased [sic] due to a change, if no individual is worse off because of the change (and at least one is better off).”
    It is not the fact that it calls for more spending on infrastructure and promoting supposedly green technology, as opposed to, say, the military. Its problem is that it calls on the state to do anything at all. Biden’s call for increased government action will do nothing more than waste our precious finite resources. There is nothing proactive in the bill that can be said to lead to an increase in social utility, and the restrictions it places on the free market will fail to lead to a more prosperous society as well. The plan is to restrict the free market, the only mechanism capable of promoting the general welfare, and expand the role of the government, an institution that can never promote the general welfare.

    While the arguments of Rothbard all sound logical, they are a generalization.
    When the ration of non-producers to producers becomes too skewed break down.

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  • Danny B
    In several years, China will have <300> million old people who hope to retire and collect government assistance.
    China was deeply involved in the R&D of the Fauci flu. It is more correctly called the Fauci flu, not the Wuhan flu.
    About 10 years ago, Professor Kotlikoff reported that America had $213 trillion in unfunded liabilities
    The Fauci flu specifically kills people who are old, people who are in poor health and, will demand GOV assistance.
    In the eyes of the State, all these people are non-performing "assets" that should be liquidated.
    The corporatocracy is very much in agreement because it / they don't want to pay taxes to support non-producers.
    If the corporate State can't kill people directly with disease, it will move on to add famine to the mix.
    Meanwhile, it will kill as many as possible with attrition caused by living on the street.

    The claim is that; America spent $14 trillion on "wars of choice".
    This money could have been spent on AMERICANS.
    How is it that; the Pentagon has a budget of <$1 trillion> a year BUT, shows cost adjustments of $31 trillion?

    "DEBT UP 31X – TAXES UP 6X
    What is even more frightening in the table above is that whilst debt has gone up 31X in 40 years, tax revenue is only up 6X. So no one must believe that the US government has any intention of repaying its debt."
    Because the programme that Biden and his consorts are embarking upon will be the biggest test of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) in history.
    MMT is just an extension of Keynesian economics.
    So if people have no job, just print money and give it to them. If companies go under just give them sufficient funds to survive. If banks with their reckless lending and speculation are on the verge of being insolvent, just print and give them whatever they need so they can continue their irresponsible credit policies. After all the top management needs their big bonuses and someone or something has to pay for that – and MMT is the perfect instrument for achieving this.
    And Biden has already, after 100 days, been a masterful user of MMT.
    His initial programme of spending $6 trillion is perfect for MMT. For the ones who can’t keep up with his profligate spending, let me remind you that these “puny” $6 trillion consist of the $1.9t stimulus plan, $2.3t infrastructure spending and $1.8t expansion of the social safety net.

    Amazing how elegantly MMT can be applied to spend $6 trillion in 100 days OR $60 BILLION PER DAY!

    Here is an image that shows the various threats to financial health

    Visualize the battle lines.
    Many millions of State bureaucrats worldwide want to continue sucking the producer dry to the bone.
    Typically, this would crash State finance pretty quick,,,, especially on a gold standard.
    Typically, this would initiate a tax revolt.
    Electronic money has allowed State dependents & State debt to grow to enormous proportions.
    5 years ago, 51% of Americans received a check from GOV.
    I have no idea what the number is now,

    In 2020, "They" printed $27 billion a day.
    "spend $6 trillion in 100 days OR $60 BILLION PER DAY! "
    There is talk of cutting back on all this printing. Nobody dares to do anything.
    Along comes Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum to execute the Great Reset.
    His solution, Cyber Polygon calls for a total collapse of the financial system. Since he is allied with Bill Gates, he well knows that this Great Reset will kill many millions.

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  • BroMikey
    No health care yet and no pillow and bed.

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  • BroMikey
    One evening just before dark I saw a black man covered in snow in a large appliance box with snow all over it to form an insulating barrier. It was 40 below in the wind. I thought I saw something so I walked out into the middle of the park ball dugout. The snow had drifted up so high it was filling my low cut boots and my legs were sinking in about 30" sometimes. There he was so I asked what he was doing? I put him up a few nights in the bitter cold nights and days and he was back winging it. I gave him more shirts and jackets. I showed him the soup kitchen but already knew and showed me many others I did not know about. The streets were his home for the last 1 years since an unfortunate turn of events. He was living day to day, the year is 1989. I left Detroit in 1995. Back then girls wondered the streets in their teens as parents had driven them out.

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  • BroMikey
    The system wants us to work for 1/3 the needed amount to live.

    $8-$12 dollars an hour at 30-40 hrs per week = so much a month and then you must beg for assistance. Work 2 jobs and beg. Congress stated in 2020 that a family of 4 must make $924 per week to survive. That = $4000 per month

    $300 per week X 4 weeks = $1200 per month. Prices as follows

    Lunch money at school. $50
    Gas money for teens.
    Book money
    Car payment $400 per month
    House or rent $500
    Utilities $100-$300 per month
    Food $500 per month beans and bread
    Gas to work $200 per month
    Clothes per month $30
    Insurance on the car $300 per month
    Cutting the grass fees $50 per month
    health care $500 per month
    Shall I go on?
    Are we stupid? Yup. I see under age girls working full time at fast food places to don't have enough to eat or heat at the house. 17-18yrs boy friends can't find jobs, baby on the way.

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  • Danny B
    Sen. Josh Hawley warns of dark alliance between Democrats and Big Tech
    Ah yes, the Dems have discovered that fascism pays better than capitalism.

    A Record 34% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government
    Bernanke tried to rescue the system by bailing out the rich. That didn't work so, they are bailing out the not-rich.

    Just In Case You Think The Fed Has A Clue

    India COVID crisis - four reasons it will derailthe world economy

    Biden Is Using the Pandemic as an Excuse for Permanent Expansions of Govt Power
    Is this high-tech fascist-socialism?

    "The American Jobs Plan is an investment in America that will create millions of good jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to outcompete China. Public domestic investment as a share of the economy has fallen by more than 40 percent since the 1960s."
    Of course it fell. We had LOTS of weapon systems to build so that our patron State could pursue world domination.
    WE are in the process of starting up a new "cold war" that will demand enormous investments in weapons.

    The Fourth Turning: Why America's "Crisis" May Last Until 2030
    Armstrong calls for a total, final collapse by 2032..

    In this global collapse it will be all about survival, here is what you need to do… – EvG

    What the boom in fraud says about the current environment, part deux – Felder Report
    Fraud pays. Cyber crime pays. Ransom ware pays very well.

    5/03 US government’s debt-to-GDP ratio is worse than Greece’s in 2008 – FEE

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  • Danny B

    The stock market’s collapse is near – Eric Hickman

    Warning light flashing red – Charles Hugh Smith

    4/28 The great exit: central banks line up to taper emergency stimulus – Reuters

    4/29 Cuban refugee: Americans have already swallowed ‘communist poison pill’ – WE

    Here is the more important story for this morning.
    "America has been in 19 wars since World War II, but we will list the death toll from three of the bloodiest conflicts: The Korean War, The Vietnam War and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The total death toll of people killed by American troops in all these wars put together is over 12 million.
    Each of these three conflicts have something in common: they were wars fought in the name of making the world "safe for democracy."
    All Wars Are Bankers' Wars ... Using the thought-provoking title, All Wars Are Bankers' Wars!, Michael Rivero shows how banking practices have led to catastrophic incidents throughout history.

    How America's Wars Have Created Piles of Debt (And Little Strategic Benefit)

    The main claim of the speaker Michael Rivero, was that contrary to popular belief all major wars have been war for the profit of the private central banks. He goes on to say that “ behind all the propaganda, behind all the flag waving, lone-nut assassins, weapons of mass destruction of all the modern wars, this nation has fought our wars by and for the private central bankers”

    The G30 admits that Central Banks were created just to finance wars.
    Posting this link erased everything
    The Pentagon now says that winning isn't everything.
    Here is the sad part.
    " After decades of wars in which decisive victory and a coherent purpose were often elusive, the Department of Defense announced it has adopted a new motto: “Winning Isn’t Everything.”
    “Moving forward, it’s important for us to try and enjoy the process, rather than focus on the outcome of international conflict

    So, we have spent our treasure and our blood and, we are supposed to enjoy the process. All these wars fought for JEWISH Central bankers.
    What has this done to us Americans as a people?

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