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How to counter claims that EPFX is fake?

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  • How to counter claims that EPFX is fake?

    Can anyone supply any thoughts or evidence on how I can respond to people who claim the EPFX / SCIO is fake?

    The dis-believers sometimes refer to the following TV report from the CBC TV website (Canada's Gov't Supported website):

    (a) The EPFX portion starts at the 18:00 minute mark of the CBC TV Report (EPFX part is only 3.5 minutes long).
    (b) Or just watch YouTube link below for only the EPFX segment (<4 minutes long).
    (c) This is the update episode - includes the result from Health Canada that banned the sale of EPFX in Canada in 2009.

    LINK CBC TV: Is the EPFX still allowed to be sold in Canada?



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    I have no problem with this!

    I normally use TWO SOURCES:

    (1) Wikipedia:
    Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - but ignore the parts like "...discredited... resulted in death... world-side scam... not recognized as real..."

    Hmmm... I guess that doesn't leave much. I thought it previously had more of the beneficial stuff listed? Not sure what happened.

    (2) A great review listing the technical benefits:

    - again, ignore the obvious negative stuff like "...bogus... the harm the machine does... male patient diagnosed as pregnant & had testicular cancer... not a bio-feedback device.."
    - Some Notes on the Quantum Xrroid (QXCI) and William C. Nelson


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      This is a great idea for a thread!! I'm new to EPFX, and looking for ways to overcome the negative stuff people say. Wondering why there are no replies?
      Surely somebody must have some positive input here? Anyone?


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        now i get it

        Ok now I get it!
        I just read the moderators sticky note at the top, and it says

        "The EPFX does NOT diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease"

        It's a little more clear when the forum moderator says the product is worthless.

        That explains why this place is a graveyard, everyone's selling their machine, and the guy trying to sell me seemed like a low-life.

        Glad I spend nothing but a few conversations.

        Thanks moderator!


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          Looking for other's input as well.


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            Is it a scam?

            I own a SCIO machine and I know one thing for a fact. if I run a virus/bacteria test on a sick patient, and 5 minutes later I'll run it again (just to make sure), the results of the causes - virus/bacteria in the second test would be totally diferent...

            Since there was no treatment betwee the tests I would expect to get the same results.. but that's not nessecarily going to happen with the SCIO.

            Now, is it a scam? scientificaly speaking it is definetely a scam!

            But, there are many practitioners who use it very successffuly, so who knows? is it really working? or maybe is't just a placebo?


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              A Fixed Link !!!

              Getting ready for the 2015 Show!

              BTW, that CBC link you had no longer works... Here's the correct one:

              Miracle Makers or Money Takers? - Marketplace - CBC Player

              See ya!


              Originally posted by Energizer-Bunny View Post
              Can anyone supply any thoughts or evidence on how I can respond to people who claim the EPFX/SCIO is fake?

              They sometimes refer to this online TV report: Is the EPFX still allowed to be sold in Canada? | Marketplace