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Zyto Elite 5.0 Biofeedback 17,000+ private items

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  • Zyto Elite 5.0 Biofeedback 17,000+ private items

    I'm selling my much labored over zyto 5.0 it has more then 15,000 rife based frequencies in it for scanning and a few thousand more supplements and everything else that normally comes with the zyto 5.0. It's listed under 6k and for the hundreds of hours I've spent programming it kinda hurts to list it like that.

    Here's the add
    Zyto Elite Biofeedback Giant Customized Library | eBay

    There's pictures of frequency categories there and if you want to know anything else about it just ask.

    Lyme frequencies 1795
    cancer frequencies 1000+
    virus frequencies 1000+
    organ support frequencies including lymph and lung 2000
    mold /candida 1000+ frequencies
    coinfections and other infections 1000++
    all hulda clark frequencies,
    all rife frequencies
    There is a selection of frequencies which number about 6-7000 that were found using my own biofeedback method and are often related to known frequency sets(frequency forecast video's) I'm there are allot of zyto video's on my site.

    Contact @
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    Coherent explanation of what my zyto entails