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    Fernando Morris and myself spent the last year building a 500kW distribution system for the magnetizer. For purpose of imprinting the unique waveforms necessary for John Searl's SEG.
    We will be testing the imprinting of waveforms on a large ring later this year for the first time.
    Something we haven't been able to do because of the amount of unreasonable power required for magnetization. (about a megawatt)
    We have experimented on the small roller segments, but now we can finally go larger.

    We have also acquired an atmospheric furnace to smelt our own rare-earth lanthanides and copper rings. To make our own parts. Not having to rely on outsourcing inferior work which costs 3 times as much as doing something correctly yourself (if you have the equipment).

    We have been making major strides! Looking like a good year. In the best position we've ever been in since being established in 2010.

    Fernando Morris reformatted the company which is now called SEG Magnetics, Inc.
    It is now a registered 506(c) which allows for us to solicit the sale of shares.
    Something we were prevented from doing before.
    Only accredited investors could purchase shares before. (which is still the case now)

    So, to bypass that, we established
    (a separate "Private Society" registered in an Asian Country), it allows us to pursue the avenues of crowd funding opportunities and accept "Membership" fees. Good things to hopefully come soon and get over this final financial hurdle to complete the work for the P.O.C. (Proof of Concept) regarding "Electron Emissions".

    There are 3 levels (units) of membership. $100, $1500 and $15,000
    If someone contributes less than $100, they can make multiple smaller installments until the $100 mark has been reached and a basic membership has been achieved.

    Only accredited investors can purchase shares in SEG Magnetics, Inc.
    But anyone can become a member to
    (since it's registered in an Asian country outside U.S. law, it is not considered a tax write-off to become a paid member. It is Like a philanthropic contribution to a humanitarian effort)

    I started a crypto currency wallet for BitCoin also to expand the ability for people to purchase memberships. (But people would have to manually send an email to notifying who they were, when they sent the payment and how much they sent.)

    We need an automated system that could send a confirmation email and thank you. Then to also code something to automatically put their name on the list of contributing members. But for now we manually enter it if people send BitCoins.

    --Jason Verbelli

    (There should be a screenshot image below here of the Membership page at )
    To show the bitcoin QR code.

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    other coins

    You could also accept BCH Litecoin?