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06-11-2013 12:14 AM
Chi Chi Anga's Avatar

Hey there!
You still alive on this forum.
Let's connect.. Got a strong feeling where supposed to share something profound,

Take care brother!

email me at and let's get this going

Cosmic Serpent Sound Healing
05-04-2009 01:58 AM
Rogue's Avatar

On the behalf of you I would like to befriends with you. What you are doing is amazing oh yeah I left a comment in your blog section, "Nyce" work, keep it up
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Just a few words about what I'm doing here. Looking forward to exchanging ideas and techniques to explore my interest in the link between emotional and conscious state and sound.

I have a little studio where I work on my own binaural experiments and explore my musical creativity in roughly equal amounts. Oh, I didn't know until recently that binaural was even a word, I just sort of mashed together some concepts of harmonic resonance, the numbers, a bit of intuition and auditory technical boffinary and thought I'd come up with this stuff out of the blue. The discovered what I'd discovered had already been discovered. That happens to all of us, I'm sure. I like to think of it as a pat on the back from out of that very same blueness.

Currently in the process of generating harmonic dissonance @ 5hz, various at carrier frequencies. (528hz, 224hz) and about to set into the arduous task of accurately generating a 4.8hz harmonic dissonance with the equipment I have (gotta get lateral I guess.) Then dividing a one second sample of that final tone into 1056 equal parts, and deleting every other part manually. The idea is to create a mixture of the original carrier tone (not disclosed ) the harmonic dissonance between the left ear (carrier) and the right ear (modulator) which makes the listener's head the aggregate, and pulse it all in as a 528hz square wave, made of blocks of the original binaural sine wave sample. From the state that induces, I should be able to work out the point of going to that much trouble to get there.

I'm also keen to share experiences and tested insights with silver water, MMS, energised water, monatomic elements, and anything else that sits on a bench, and works, but shouldn't.

I also write far too much, but more on that later.

must run, noises to make, brains cells to awake.

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