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Henrii Arias
December 19th, 1974
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The Innovation Beyond Manifestation Machines

Do you feel that you are not manifesting your goals as fast as you want? Do you think that you can do better in your meditation practice? Do you have any problems with remote viewing and astral travel?
That is a normal problem for us ordinary humans due to our limited bio-field. I had that problem too, I tried several energetic tools and not one satisfied me. Hence, I conducted an extensive research on this area, and developed the PSIAMP.

The PSIAMP is a versatile psychotronic machine that is intended for boosting human mind power and for boosting human’s thought desires therefore it is an aid for manifesting goals. PSIAMP accesses, imparts and transmits Tachyon energy, both Yin and Yang energies, Orgone energy, high energy resonance energies, feel good energies, and it is charged with positive hard-wired programs, designed to boost the manifestation of desires.

It can be used in passive and in active mode (electrically powered). It is truly a psychotronic machine that when in passive mode it attracts, accumulates, expands and transmits subtle energies, and it responds to human intent, your intent.

The PSIAMP’s energetic field couples and interacts with the mind of its operator thus amplifying his or her mind influence many times over which could not be possibly exerted by ordinary humans with their limited bio-field. This amplified mind power can be used for remote and up close influencing.

Push a button to activate it for its continuous huge power source, and it is suitable for heavy task manifestation. More information about this is explained further below.

PSIAMP Applications:

• Activates Kundalini and whole Merkaba
• Aids remote viewing
• Aids astral travel
• Boosts psi power
• Boosts meditation
• Amplifies and expedites manifestation purposes
• Speeds up remote influencing
• Good for radionics operation
• Powers up magick operation

The Reason behind the PSIAMP Development

PSIAMP has been innovatively designed after realizing that all of the so called manifesting devices that are being sold in the market are mostly made of and utilizes the orgone generator technology. Almost all manufacturers rely on and talk about orgone energy which is a low vibrational energy compared to the high vibrational tachyon energy. Tachyon energy or high energy resonances, we have concluded in our research, is faster at manifestation.

THERE WAS A REAL NEED TO DEVELOP PSIAMP! It is about time that we utilize the more powerful, high vibrational Tachyon Energy!

Tachyon is Best for Manifestation

Tachyon energy is better compared to Orgone energy for manifestation, even prior the dowsing experiments. The energy/ies must be suitable or compatible with the goal we wanted to manifest. We need a high-vibrational manifesting machine to ensure fast and powerful results. The higher the goal, the higher the energy needed.

The PSIAMP uses tachyon energy. An energy which is faster than the speed of light indicates a very, very high frequency that. In addition, there are debates that it couldn’t be possible that tachyon energy is "faster than a speed of light", but with double blind dowsing or several dowsing experiments, we obtained "YES"

The PSIAMP uses additional high energy resonances and these high energies have particular resonances in a person’s vibrational bodies. These high energy resonances are based on math calculation which relates to sacred geometries.

“High vibration is equated with a high frequency which means that something is happening a lot of times in a given period of time.”

“The higher the frequency the more output power based on physics” and before we knew the info, we knew it already! We realized this through our own various practical experiments, and one by one!

High energy resonance = higher vibrations = high/strong energy output based on physics.

That’s why even without using resin or polymer and metals shavings (orgone generator concept) a colleague of ours made a device using just coil arrays and crystals (and “not even electrically powered”), but this device CAN bust clouds and the reason is it’s based on high energy resonances.

High Energy Resonance and Bio-field Entrainment.

As you know higher vibration is equated with higher power, thus, the higher vibration you are in the more you can manifest! And overtime will change your lives for the better. The PSIAMP can activate Kundalini and the whole Merkaba. So this seems to be a powerful stuff and must be handled careful.

What we are actually been doing when we meditate is actually making our vibration higher and higher. One reason ascended masters have these so called amazing spiritual powers and can apparently manifest at will, just by merely thinking about it, is due to their life long dedicated practices that made their own energy vibrations in great heights. And in tantra practices, Guru advices his spiritual aspirants to watch their thought as it can manifest faster.

By introducing PSIAMP (higher vibrational device) within you bio-field will effect entrainment of higher vibrations and together with proper meditation will raise your vibration higher and higher equipping you with more manifesting power.


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