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04-24-2009 10:20 AM
noises' Avatar
You're right! It's a very interesting thought, and very intuitive. the spirulina is a nutritional supplement which people not used to producing a bio-chemical state conducive to significant amounts of neural activity can use to "kick start" what is in fact a biologically quite normal state. Another way to induce a similar bio-chemical state is through regular sessions of creativity or deep meditation. The more often you're down in that theta state in your day to day life, the less of the supps you'll obviously need to return to it.

And of course, there's no right or wrong way, any path to the pool of knowledge is a good path, however it's worth encouraging people to find their answers and their strengths in who they already are.

Self actualisation = self empowerment = divine benevolence and love to all.

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