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Unintended Consequences
04-26-2007 09:10 AM

If you have read my entry from a few days ago you will see that I am no longer under the restriction of a 100 grams or less a day of carbs.

While I have not gone back to my pre-diabetic diet of thousands of grams a day, I am prolly running between 400 and 800 a day. Don't really know for sure - after years of having to count everything I ate, I am no longer counting!

A couple of weeks ago my daughter said I was getting FAT!

I went and stood on the scale, sure nuff, had gained over 10 pounds.

SOOOO, for the very first time I started using the Take it Off Module. After a couple of weeks I have to report, I have gained ANOTHER 7 pounds!!!

I know I am a slow starter, and a bit rebellious (ok, a lot rebellious ) so it will be interesting to see over the next month or so how this module kicks in for me.

I will update on it here periodically.

See you tomorrow!

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