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Amazing Grace Water crystal
My favorite topic GRATITUDE
My post to Rosella on Gratitude!

Hi Rosella,

Illusions' "Magic Pill" is absolutely Fabulous!! When she first posted on PI about "you don't have to love yourself, because you already do, and you just have to recognize that you do" etc, I was full of GRATITUDE again for the amazing people I have attracted into my life!! SHE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!

December 14th, 2006 is when I began focusing on BEING GRATEFUL for everything. I had re-read Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water. I realized that the Harmony of the Universe was in the equation of One Part Love to Two Parts Gratitude. I realized then that I was not using my mind consciously to FEEL the energy within me of Gratitude. I didn't quite know HOW to feel the energy of Gratitude then, so I decided to focus on the little I did know about Gratitude.

I have always been a happy person, and I was grateful for the good things that came my way, but in the past I had not chosen to consciously FEEL GRATITUDE on a moment to moment basis. In the past I only felt grateful in the moment I received something and then I would not even be aware that I had let that great feeling go.

So I decided that day to not allow a moment to go by without noticing how much I appreciated and loved what was around me. I started with the little that I knew about Gratitude, and it grew quickly from there.

The little that I knew about Gratitude was the feeling I got when I received something that I wanted. I began with what I saw outside of me with my eyes. I walked around my home and began thinking how did I feel when I first bought this and that, and when I was given that thing etc. It was difficult staying focused on it at first, I found my self thinking about other mundane tasks I needed to do and not "feeling" the gratitude for all that I had.

I would catch myself though and I would immediately go back to looking for more things that would remind me of the Feeling I had when I received something.

I spent the next three days doing this, but also I was fiercely focused and determined to persevere and not give in to any other forms of thinking. Focusing the mind is the hardest thing that a person can do. This is why people attract what they don't want. They are unaware of what they are even thinking about. The easiest thing to do for example is to complain. We were born complaining. "Hey, wait a minute here!!! I was in my mother's warm belly and now something painful is happening!! I am being pulled out by my ears!!

At the end of the three days of laser like focus of feeling grateful for what material things I had, the most beautiful feeling took me over. I walked into my bathroom and caught my reflection. I began to cry, for the first time in my life I was grateful for all the choices I had made. I was grateful for the gifts I had within me. I was grateful for my ability to focus, to be aware. I was most grateful for the choices I had made to study meditation, Reiki, nutrition, Chinese Energetic Medicine etc. I was grateful for the first time for BEING ME!!!

Now I do have to say Rosella, that it is a different feeling than Love. Even though all there is is love. It was clear to me that Love was the giving part of our Being and Gratitude is the Receiving part of our Being. I was and always have been able to love myself. I have loved and still love people very deeply. My children are perfect examples of how much I could feel the energy of love.

In order to Give we have to Receive and in order to Receive we have to Give.

You will have great harmony in your life when you can feel BOTH!! Love and Gratitude.

Feeling real Gratitude takes nothing more than the ability to be aware of what is already within you!! It is a LIBERATING, FREEING AND PEACEFUL feeling. I cried tears of joy!!

On December 27th 2006 I attracted the movie THE SECRET. I realized that
day the movie was written because of the book The Science of Getting Rich, by Wattles. I had read this book in 2002. I knew my life had changed when I read this book back then, but manifesting results was still slow in coming because I had not put the FEELING of Gratitude to proper use.

I began manifesting GREAT things at a very fast pace once I began Feeling Gratitude in every moment. I attracted the movie, then Powerful Intentions Forum, then Aaron's Law of Attraction and the Synchronicity Diagram, and the most Amazing Spiritual Tool I have ever used P.A.T.H.S.!!!! This is when I REALLY FELT GRATITUDE!!!! I will never forget the immense feeling of Gratitude after being on Paths less than a month and REALIZING I HAD BECOME THE PERSON I HAD ALWAYS DREAMED I COULD BE.

I give Aaron so much credit for this, because of his amazing ability to explain difficult topics of discussion so easily and with such passion, and for telling us then about Paths!! Talk about SYNCHRONICITY!!!

Today I am very aware of when I am not feeling Gratitude. I have practiced so fervently for months now that in an instant I know when I am "OFF".

I hope Rosella I have been able to explain how I can manifest what I desire so quickly. With the DeVisE method, and truly feeling Gratitude; things I consciously focus on will arrive via the quickest channels the universe can use to bring me my every desire!! I also HIGHLY recommend reading Haanel's book Master Key System. It will help you FOCUS your mind properly.

My Third Degree Black Belt test is this Friday May 18th, Thank you for already giving me the feeling that I am going to be Absolutely FABULOUS!!


Immense Love and Gratitude Grace

DeVisE Method of Manifestation
DeVisE is a very simple method for attracting to us virtually anything we want in a very simple and practical way. There are many schools of thought on how to benefit from the Law of Attraction (LOA) and I'm sure they all work to some extent but this method is so simple that anyone can memorize the entire concept by reading it once.

DeVisE or DEVISE is an acronym to help you remember what it means.

The first concept is DE, which stands for DESIRE.
The second conecpt is VIS, which stands for VISUALIZE.
The third concept is E, which stands for EMOTIONALIZE.

Simply, feel your desire for what you want to attract so strong that you practically lose sleep over it because it has become such an obsession that it is all you think about. If you can't get that excited about something, do you really want it in your life? Personally, my desires become burning obsessions and this is a key to having LOA work powerfully.

When having the strong desire, it is very crucial to visualize yourself having ALREADY received it. Use all your senses. Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it and use any other sensory data you can pull upon.

Many experts in the field tell you to see it as if you have it NOW but I'm saying to see it as if you ALREADY have received it as if you are in the future looking back. I will clear this up in a moment.

Finally, while having the strong desire and the powerfully clear visualization of already receiving your desire, call upon your emotions so that you get wildly excited about how thankful and grateful you are that you have received it. I sometimes get to the point that I am so grateful that God has ALREADY given what I desire that I cry and am in an emotional ecstacy in a very intense way. It is not necessary to go all out in this way but if you do, proportional results follow. I sometimes get so emotionally cranked up with intense gratitude that my adrenaline gets pumping, literally.

If you incorporate all three concepts simultaneously and do this often and even non-stop at least in the mind for as long as possible, then powerful results will follow.

If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 10 days, that is 1 part energy per day. If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 5 days, that is 2 parts energy per day. If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire in one single day, that is 10 parts energy per day.

This may seem that there isn't much difference as long as a certain amount of energy is going into something. But, there IS! For very powerful results, you must use TIME as energy itself. Compressing as much energy into the smallest unit of time possible will give you the most powerful results.

If you obssess over something day and night every waking hour for a couple weeks on a certain subject, you will attract to yourself people, events, books and other things that are in alignment with what you want to learn in a very powerful way. It will be way more powerful that if you took the same effort and expended it months or years. Take advantage of TIME energy. This concept alone will amplify all your results from your efforts beyond belief.

There is wishing for something but that really shows there isn't much belief it will happen.

There is wanting, which is more effective but still not too confident about receiving the desire.

There is knowing that something will happen and this is better but if we know that something WILL happen, God grants that and tells us, "You're right, you WILL get that." That keeps us in a state of always being in the postion that it will happen meaning it just isn't coming.

There is knowing that it IS here in the now and this is powerful. This takes a lot of faith.

What I recommend for the most powerful of all results is to know that it has ALREADY been given by seeing yourself in the future looking back being thankful for having received it. However, when it comes into your hands, do not keep this mindset. Upon manifestation, become PRESENT in the HERE and NOW and BE with the manifestation in full gratitude to God for having provided it through the amazing workings of the mind.
With Gratitude!
Aaron Murakami
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Raising your Prosperity Consciousness
I have had requests by many to assist by Making Chinese Energetic Medicine Corrections on increasing Abundance, Wealth , Health and Prosperity. "The Fantastic Four" as I like to call them. Since I began this page, I began making corrections for this Group concerning the Fantastic Four, and at times individually, for each of you, per your requests.

I also post on Energetic Forum and make CEM Corrections there as well. Many of you are regular posters, and viewers of Chinese Energetic Medicine by Grace on the Energetic Forum! I have noticed since I began making corrections for my Fan Club group on Facebook, that it is a different energy than the Group and Viewers at the Energetic Forum. Many different "issues" have come forward, and this is exactly what I expected, and am very excited about this group of amazing people on Facebook too!

As I began making CEM corrections on my Fan Club group, new information began coming forward in my Mind concerning raising prosperity consciousness. This information isn't really new, I simply perceived a different way on how to explain this powerful information. As you shift with the CEM corrections concerning the Fantastic Four, it will be of benefit to stay aware of what you are experiencing, via feelings, thoughts and emotions concerning your prosperity. Do your best to notice what is different within you vs. what is the same.

If you truly want to speed up raising your prosperity consciousness, and attracting your desires then this is what needs to "BE".

YOU MUST BE WILLING, ABLE AND READY, TO TAKE ACTION!! Let me give you a wonderful analogy that my dear friend Pegi Dahl sent me:

"There once was an old lady of very little means. Her monthly check barely covered room and board with not a nickel left to replace her tattered shawl and worn handbag. One Wednesday afternoon, though, our dear lady proudly paraded into her bridge club wonderfully wrapped in a stunning new turquoise cashmere shawl. Over her frail arm hung a Prada handbag. "I'm winning the lottery this week" she stated in utter confidence. "I've heard that if you believe with all your might and focus all thoughts on what you want, it will come to you. So I know I'm winning the lottery. This week, in fact." The following Wednesday our little lady returned to play cards with her friends, but sadly she wore the old tattered shawl and carried the wornout handbag. "Did you win the lottery?" a friend asked. "NO!!!" the lady wailed in tears. "No, no, no!!" Just then the Heavens opened in a massive bang and out of the light shown the face of God. "Help me out here, Gladys" he said "next week, buy a ticket."

Although, Faith is imperative, Believing in yourself is a must, you still must take action. I will now tell you exactly HOW to take action to raise your prosperity consciousness.

Behind every Action you create, you must intend to "Collect" on this specific action, that which you choose.

Let's Break this down for better understanding:

1. An example of an Action you Create would be:

-The need to drive to work
-The need to do your job by breaking down and working on individual tasks.
- The need to do Laundry
- The need to clean house
- The need to eat
- The need to drink water
- The need to sleep
- The need to train hard for an upcoming Karate Tournament!

The list is infinite, as each person chooses what they need. These are all "Actions" you are already creating.

2. You must intend to "Collect" on this specific action.

- I collect $50 dollars every time I get in the car and drive to work
- I collect $ 80 dollars every time I put my folders together at work
- I collect $200 dollars every time I do a basket of laundry
- I collect and maintain a healthy body every time I eat
- I collect $10 dollars every time I drink a glass of water
- I collect and maintain a youthful physique every time I drink a glass of water
- I collect a calm Mind and a relaxed body every time I sleep
- I collect more and more skills at Martial arts every time I train

It does not matter what you choose to Collect for any specific action. What matters most is that you make what you Collect specific to the Action you choose. Be persistent and do this daily, and soon you will find yourself assigning what you will "Collect" to everything you do! DO NOT, let your ego/mind slyly begin to beat you down with thoughts that deter you.

All that you desire has already been created and is only waiting to "pop" into this dimension the more you choose to take Action and "Collect" it! Where as the ego/mind will have you Fear that your Prosperity is NOWHERE, by taking positive action, believing, and enduring your Spiritual Warrior will perceive the Truth, that all you desire is indeed NOW-HERE!

You will begin to witness sychronistic events that will miraculously appear, and bring forth that which you focus your mind on. Do Not allow the ego/mind to take control and try to figure out how you will "collect"! Infinite Intelligence is far superior than the limiting ego/mind thoughts that always instill fear.

Once again:

"Behind every Action you create, you must intend to "Collect" on this specific action, that which you choose."

What is wonderfully amazing is that you will begin to feel very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING you do! Every time you look into the eyes of the one you love, you will be "Collecting" Love, appreciation, and gratitude for being in their life!

You will then begin to feel the Vibration of Gratitude building to greater and greater heights within you!
You will enjoy everything you do, because you NOW KNOW that you are creating it all, and "Collecting" on every ACTION you take!

There are no rules! YOU make up the rules! You are Creating it all, and all there is, is LOVE!


With Much Love and Gratitude Grace

Imagining the 10th Dimension

Quick Comments
03-06-2009 12:36 PM
yari's Avatar

Hi Grace
Stopping by to say Good Morning!!
Thank you so much you are so cool!!

Amor Y Paz. Yari
02-16-2009 04:20 AM
yari's Avatar

Hey grace!! I've been practicing graditude and I've seem how my moods changed. Thank you so much
08-08-2008 08:16 PM
Christine G.'s Avatar

Happy Birthday Grace!! I hope you a really fun one, I know you will!! Thanks again for everything you do and you being you!! Love you!!
09-16-2007 01:17 AM
Joel's Avatar

Oooh, double Wowee! I just finished reading your profile. Geepers! Ell you’ve been busy.

Now suddenly I realize what a well of information you are. The reason I'm inspired to break cover and write to you, is that the first thing I noticed on your page was the WATER CRYSTAL, brilliant, he may have had you in mind when the water was programmed.

I first came across Dr. Emoto's work about 5 to 6 years ago when a single line of text caught my eye 'BE CARFULL WHAT YOU SAY, BE CARFULL WHAT YOU THINK!......IT'S LISTENING!' so I followed the link and the incredible journey of ‘convenient coincidences & synergistic solutions’ began.

As a result of said journey I have been wanting to contact Dr. Emoto ever since, but never got around to it due to a heavy work load (my work is my passion so it occupies most of my time). Then, as of 5min ago I became all fired & inspired when I came to your page to check to see which wavelength you were on as I was sooo impressed that you had a link to a Dr. Yuen video clip that immediately presented a definite solution the minute I started watching it.

So, in addition requesting possible contact info or suggestions re Dr. Yuen. I will be eternally grateful if, by some chance you may know, or have an idea on how to contact Dr. Emoto or as close to him as possible. I have wonderful news I think he should know about. (a convenient coincidence)

So I’m not sure if is because of Illusions, PATHS, crystal grids, love & oneness or a recent encounter that shook my chakras and switched my 6th chakra on like a floodlight, non stop from Friday last week till now, still blazing away and I have no idea what to make of it, but who cares anyway because since I’ve come across the Energetic Forum I now find the mother load of relevant info and LMPs that I missed out on whist developing a sustainable solution to address the simple basics that sustain human life on this planet and weave all sorts of free energy goodies & technologies ++ into that model then create a comprehensive training package and stratergies for nationwide rollout in South Africa (this is where it starts) then beyond. And then I see your page…GREAT!! for just being here for me to stumble upon.

I’m now overflowing with such gratitude that little water crystals are popping from every pore… (sorry, no smily for that one)

Oh yes, I’d really like to congratulate you on all those amazing achievements and experiences you describe on your page (remember to leave lots of space for more)

Hmm, I am impressed.


Can’t help mysef I’m soo happy & grateful. Yay 4 U.
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Grace Sparring in Argentina!

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In Orlando Florida in October of 2008, I once again competed in Disney's Wide World of Sports Karate division. I was only allowed to enter two divisions this year, Kata and Kumite. I won Gold in Kata and bronze in Kumite. The Gold medal put me in the third and final division. That of Grand Champion! I had to compete against all the gold medal winners 18 years old and up in Kata for Grand Champion, I am very happy to announce for the first time in my whole tournament career, I won the title of Grand Champion, and proudly brought back to my karate school the Beautiful Crystal Disney Trophy!

More about winning the Grand Championship

In 2009 I won a Silver Medal in Kumite (Sparring) at the 3rd Uechi Ryu World Cup for Peace held in Clearwater Florida.

In 2012 I won a Gold Medal in Kumite, and a Silver Medal in Kata at the 4th Uechi Ryu World Cup for Peace in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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