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Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with electrolysis, Stanley Meyer, hho, Brown's Gas, Puharich, etc...


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Old 12-27-2014, 07:53 PM
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Ed Leedskalnin and the Sonoluminescent Wireless Homopolar Generator

Many have noticed the connection between Ed Leedskalnin, Freemasonry, Cymatics, and the Tablet of Shamash from ancient Sumeria. The Tablet of Shamash and Ed's flywheel are visual depictions of a Sonoluminescent generator/motor in action.

Sonoluminescence is the action of oscillating and vibrating a gas bubble within a liquid which produces light. (See also Genesis 1:1-3.) If certain frequencies of sound are applied in the right manner this causes the expansion and contraction of the gas bubble. These vapor/gas particles during this compression slam into each other at extremely high speeds and create large amounts of heat and pulses of light often thousands of times per second.

***Note: The ancient teaching, as above so below, comes to mind for perception here is going to be our biggest stumbling block in understanding how this motor works, but it is easy, just as Ed said.

If you look closely at the Tablet of Shamash, the three symbols above Nimrod's head depict the three phases of the system. The moon describes the PMH. The moon does not appear to have motion like the PMH, but something is definitely going on. Also the moon controls the earth's tides (waters) and Nimrod appears to be using a PMH to drive what it happening in the system (check out the ring and bar). The two star symbols show a bubble/sphere contracted in the first, and a bubble/sphere expanded in the second, both radiating light in wavy lines (water). Understanding Sonoluminescence one can begin to explain the system.

Step 1: Oscillate the water.
Step 2: Contract the water.
Step 3: Expand the water.

Step 1: In the tablet is being preformed initially by the High Priests on the lower left (group of 3 little dudes). Ed had a hand-crank system to do the same. Moving water creates electricity just as moving charges creates AC. For this reason the pyramids and Tesla's Wardencliff station were built on aqueducts.

Step 2 & 3: Once the wheel is moving, energy travels from the flywheel into the chain and up into a frequency generator. (the little dude singing with pom poms?), and back down through the core of the flywheel to ground (a spark gap is created by the flywheel's handle only contacting the core once per rotation). The expansion and contraction of the water then can occur by sending the tuned energy through the core into the water causing Sonoluminescence. Remember there is a pipe present in the scene as well. This can be used for wireless purposes (see Tesla's Ground Antenna).

The Light generated through Sonoluminescence in Ed's flywheel is communicated through the water to the magnet's neutral points keeping them charged or charging them (much like energy from the sun travels through space to the planets and moons). When the magnet's are charged, the extra energy is discharged further through the core to ground. The action of discharging energy through the core to ground generates a clockwise magnetic flux (see the right hand rule of electricity). If your wheel spins clockwise (Ed said his did), this additional clockwise torque from dropping current and creating light then can keep the motor going with little assistance (PMH/moon). Finally this then "lost" or grounded energy can be received by the copper pipe and amplified (please again.. see Tesla's Ground Antenna, Tesla observes a phenomenon where signal amplification increases with time). This pipe much like a Tesla coil would then broadcast the power/signal to be picked up, say on top of your tripod.

It's no different than the process' we observe everyday. The sun adds energy to the water which then becomes lighter and turns to vapor. When the pressure in the cloud becomes too great to hold all the energy and therefore cannot sustain itself the field collapses under the tension. It releases it's energy in a huge discharge both as lightning and thunder (electricity and sound) to ground. The earth then, takes this energy and broadcasts it wirelessly, ringing like a bell. Same thing, different perception.

I saved the best for last, although I did include it briefly earlier. The Bible. This process is exactly the same way God said he made energy on day 1. Keep in mind this light on day 1 is not a star. Stars weren't made until day 4 according to the account but are natural sonoluminscent machines (so to speak). This I believe is why many ancient cultures worshiped the sun. Hopefully not the sun itself but the knowledge the sun can teach you. In this case, knowledge truly is power. 2nd Peter 3:5 says "For they are willingly ignorant of: that by the Word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth stands out of the water and in the water." Sounds like Ed's motor... the core (connected to earth/ground) is in the water contained in the flywheel, and not in the water (connected to heaven circuit and earth circuit). For clarification I call the chain not connected to ground that goes up above the flywheel the heaven circuit. And the copper pipe and flywheel grounding system as the earth circuit for obvious reasons.

I find it crazy cool that Ed's name was Ed because in Joshua 22:34... "And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar Ed: for it shall be a witness between us that the LORD is God." This flywheel would most certainly qualify as a witness that the LORD is God.

Thanks for your time and I hope everyone enjoys reading. Maybe someone will come to know Jesus?

What do you guys and girls think?

P.S. Just waiting on parts from Lang's to finish a replica Ed's Flywheel. Have all the 120 magnets, old V8 block and crank, and PMH stuff. So any ideas or other experiments you think might be good let me know?
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Old 12-27-2014, 07:59 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2014
Location: North Carolina, USA.
Posts: 8
I forgot!

My name is MYKAL using Hebrew character meanings my name translates to mean: The knowledge of water opens/reveals God's Word. (see Daniel 12:1-4). Pretty cool!
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