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Tesla Don Smith speculation working understanding pointed to replication

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  • Tesla Don Smith speculation working understanding pointed to replication

    The similarly between Tesla and Don Smith is widely known but replication isn't . I woke up realizing that old don might have been protecting his device .with Tesla tower it was high in the air why ? Well with a metal ball up there its in a sea of electrical energy .Tesla said he wanted to connect up to the wheel house of the universe .so with one end up in the sea of electrical atmospheric energy and the other end well grounded you would have a constant short of a gradient constant current and voltage going to ground .now put a coil in between the two and pulse it at resonance with a positive primary and your pumping electrons . Tesla live in a time of new atmospheric extraction they used aluminum balloons paired with radium chloride attract electrons . bedini said if you can get a energy source to oscillate you can extracts it .so here's one end up in the sea of electrical energy and shorted to ground or a cable as in the mini Tesla tower. Pumping energy from the Atmosphere. Its not something for nothing its just unused.there's a theory out there that its neutrinos being converted to energy .and that the ball can be put into a Faraday cage and still function .pointing to neutrinos but the cage won't stop the electrical atmospheric potential just radio waves. I think its a atmospheric electron pump.. Some have said it might be a either energy by product from the fifth dimension ?. I'm thinking if all those failed Don Smith devices would put a metal ball up in the air like 30 ft and readjust there resonance between the coils secondary and a Counter Clock wise duplicate of the secondary wire length and coil turns being equal that the results would be different .or in other words add the missing elements from teslas tower to the smith device . trying to extract energy when your not anchored into it is technically a disconnect. Any thoughts ?.
Tesla Don Smith speculation

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