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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 11-17-2019, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
I've maintained that the deep state is just organized crime with a patina of government approval. I've found an article that makes a different claim.
But this is the way the Deep State operates, routinely, on all international issues. It operates by deceit. This is how it achieves the consent of the public, whom it actually rules. This is entirely consistent with the scientific findings about the United States, that it is a dictatorship, not a democracy. All of the evidence is consistent.

The Deep State here is the US-and allied Deep State, no merely national organization. It consists mainly of America’s billionaires, plus of the billionaires in US-allied countries such as UK, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel — but many more (including, for example, in Honduras, Brazil, etc.). These people number fewer than 2,000 in total, and they do deals together,

Money and the Constitution

The Constitution contains only two sections dealing with monetary issues.
Section 8 permits Congress to coin money and to regulate its value.
Section 10 denies states the right to coin or to print their own money.
The framers clearly intended a national monetary system based on coin and
for the power to regulate that system to rest only with the federal government.

If the federal government only is permitted to issue money, coin or paper,
then how could state banks issue money?


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Old 11-28-2019, 08:17 PM
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Happy Thanksgiving Day Fellow Turkey Worshipers
Turkeys Were Once Worshipped Like Gods

I was looking this AM at truck tires while trying to decipher what tires would fit my existing truck rims when somehow~ three hours later ~I ended up with the following which I figured that possibly some light reading may be needed after stuffing ourselves.

This day all of us everywhere are facing liar's in every nation everywhere on earth, and when they aren't lying they are censoring, and so as we drift along this holiday season let us all remember what the liars of the past brought to the world while we confront those whom today plot to blow up our world and your life for their own profit.

For that reason start here
I Survived the Warsaw Ghetto. Here Are the Lessons I’d Like to Pass On.
"I’m 93, and, as extremism sweeps across Europe, I fear we are doomed to repeat the mistakes which created the Holocaust."

"Confronting lies sometimes means confronting difficult truths about one’s self and one’s own country. It is much easier to forgive yourself and condemn another, than the other way round; but this is something that everyone must do."

They’re Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help
“The military has guns and a license to kill; we have nothing.” – A Bolivian mother shot by police

Checkmate Conspiracy Theorists!

Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories Forever By Saying Epstein Died Via A Series Of Coincidences

Don't Gulp; think~
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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Old 12-05-2019, 04:24 AM
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Catherine Austin Fitts on Where the Missing Trillions Are Going
Missing 21 Trillion $$$


Swamp Creatures of the Pacific:Amazing Polly
You're going to have search this because the forum won't link to it nor even allow me to post the name of the host site. Of course it's not on Yank it tube
An Attorney General is shot to death on a tiny island in Micronesia.Following this story leads to a Baby Mill run out of Arizona, Human Trafficking foundations, Manta Rays, a child named Maggie & Barack Obama.

Others related.
Child Predation Services of Arizona

The Lab Rat Who Knew Too Much

Media Gallery - DeepFlight Inc.

Huge MILES LONG Object Seen Moving On Ocean Floor! 5/19/16

Notice the freighters at the location. Psychics have said that people are being held on ships/prisoners/slaves/ect.

Leaked Insider Recording From ABC News Reveals Network Executives Killed Bombshell Story Implicating Jeffrey Epstein

Spirit cooking technology
“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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Old 12-05-2019, 09:31 AM
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Good Omens

Good Reads:

The pretext of this story goes what if the AntiChrist was raised as an ordinary child?

Ordinary child I doubt, what if I instead told you that the story is not fantasy, and what if the story behind the antichrist involves legally adopted pizza? What if within the system of child adoption is a covert program to produce manchurian candidates? Would that really surprise any of us?

I've been trying to build to bring this idea forward so that it won't be as shocking as it really is because otherwise you might just dismiss the whole thing as too far fetched.

Take a careful look at the cover of this highly recommended book. By the way I'm buying a copy of the book for the other half for Xmass as that creature likes these kinds of things. It indeed looks like a very good read and it is very highly recommended by readers. So in no way is this intended to slander in any sense. Rather the opposite and to recommend it even though I have not read it as of yet myself.

There are apparently several covers to this book. I found this one in two parts, front and back, and reassembled them to one whole so that you can see what I think is an extremely interesting story and book cover. However, this version of book cover in the original is fractured in to two separate pages, like a fractured mind, with good on one side, the one with the UFO and the world on fire (think 9/11) and the other with the birthplace of the devil and interestingly, of all things, this happens to be the one with the ocean and sea monsters with tentacles.

In case you were not aware the tentacle motif is especially big in sex art, which is important to understand as sexual abuse is or can be, almost always is, part of the mind fracturing programming. I find it very hard to believe that this focus on tentcale's is purely accidental in nature, but really I think it's a form of truth telling because I do suspect that there are under ocean bases where abducted and otherwise acquired raw materials are being taken. It would explain why none ever escape because it's either the bottom of the ocean or moon bases, or both most likely. Why else should NASA not be talking about going back to the moon? What's more likely to be on the moon folks: Aliens or abducted children? Aliens or Cloning Factories?

Gee why would the subject of UFO's be classified higher than the H-Bomb? Well ya see...... there's this book....

Don' even think of getting me started on "His Dark Materials" and "The Golden Compass." Folks they are telling us. OK? There's a hell of lot more going on than we ever thought or imagined possible, but look at what the world has become, and what's more logical. Put the puzzle together and face the ugly truth of what now seems to constitute authority and rulers and CEO's.

Ya know the other night I was reading some of the eyewitness accounts of 9/11 from a firefighter who was saying that suddenly everyone and everything in front of him simply disappeared: (in a puff of ash?). Now if you haven't examined the extremely bizarre stories and collections on that day then you should because obviously we aren't talking about any sort of conventionally understood weapon technology. 1,400 cars were destroyed on 9/11 and some of these, as in a lot, were blocks away with inexplicable damage. Simply call up Dr. Judy Woods site to do that but my point really is to see that the good side is the one with the UFO and the inferno beneath.
Dr Judy Wood – "Know What it is that You Know that You Know"

Maybe it's time to reconsider this whole notion of government altogether huh? Maybe it's time to review a whole lot of things.
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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Old 12-06-2019, 01:55 AM
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The M. O. of the ruling class

Gambier, your post is very interesting. I need to do some follow-up reading. Not trying to horn in on the attention, but, I found an old article from a post that I wrote 10 years ago It is about the failings of the ruling class.

By Michael Backman

The Age

January 17, 2009

Home - Michael Backman Ltd

THERE'S a memorable scene in the Stephen Spielberg film ‘Munich’. After the 1972 Munich Olympic Games killings of Israeli athletes, prime minister Golda Meir tells confidants she wants to show the plotters that killing Jews "is expensive". She then organises for the assassination of each of the plotters.

Today, it is Israel itself that has become expensive. Most directly, it is very expensive to the US, which subsidises and arms it.

But Israel's utter inability to transform the Palestinians from enemies into friends has imposed big costs on us all. We have paid for Israel's failure with bombs on London public transport, bombs in bars in Bali, and even the loss of the World Trade Centre towers in New York.

It is not true that these outrages have occurred because certain Islamic fundamentalists don't like Western lifestyles and so plant bombs in response. Rather, it is Israel — or more correctly the treatment of the Palestinians — that is at the nub of these events.

The world's Muslims have no head: no overarching caliph or pope equivalent exists — no single power source with whom to negotiate. Instead, Islam is remarkably decentralised. So, how extraordinary that Israel and the West have managed to unite this headless, diverse, dispersed grouping without any institutional framework, around just one issue — anger at the treatment of the Palestinians.

Otherwise dispersed groups of Muslims do seem to feel for one another in a way that Christians and others do not.

In this respect, the international Islamic community is like a body: kick it in the leg and the rest of the body feels it. Kick it hard enough and the entire body will be energised to defend itself. Pictures of distraught Gazan mothers beside the mutilated bodies of their children are circulating right now among Muslim communities worldwide. It is pictures like these that make them want to do something.

Consider Malaysia. Every citizen of this outpost of Islam has printed in his or her passport that the passport is not valid for Israel. And given that Malaysians are not allowed to hold dual citizenship, this essentially means that every Malaysian citizen, including the 40% who are not Muslims, are banned from visiting Israel.

"When will Malaysia recognise Israel?" I once asked the then finance minister. "Once Israel treats the Palestinians better," was his reply. How would he determine that? "When the Palestinians tell us," he said. It is not Israel's right to exist that is at issue.

The enmity many Muslims now feel for Israel has nothing to do with religion. The historical persecutors of the Jews have been Christians — their punishment for the death of Jesus. Jews and Muslims have lived in peace for hundreds of years in many parts of the Islamic world. When Catholic Spain and Portugal expelled its Jews, the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul invited them in. It is the Palestinian issue that has ruined all this.

Of course, today Israel must defend itself. If the residents of Bendigo started firing rockets into Melbourne you would expect Melbourne to retaliate. But what must Melbourne have done to Bendigo to make them do such a thing? Constantly slapping an opponent in the face, kicking it down to its knees, and watching it struggle in the dirt will not teach the opponent to love or respect you. It teaches only hatred.

Persecuting people does not weaken them. Israel should know that. The Jews have been persecuted for centuries. It didn't destroy them but gave them the impetus to survive.

One characteristic that is common among persecuted groups is a strong investment in education — when people's physical wealth is in danger of destruction from war and persecution one store of wealth that stays with individuals even when they must flee as refugees is education. It explains why such groups often insist on their own schools — education is too important to be entrusted to others.

Hamas did not enjoy the support of all the people of Gaza. It does now. Why does Israel keep getting it wrong?

Trekking in Nepal is fashionable among young Israelis. So much so that many shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara have signs in Hebrew. But once you get on the trekking circuit and speak with local Nepalese guides and guesthouse operators you soon discover how disliked the Israelis are. Many guesthouses in this poor country will even tell Israeli trekking groups that they are full rather than accept them. This has nothing to do with religion or politics: Nepalese people are some of the warmest, most hospitable in the world. Rather, they say that the young Israelis are rude, arrogant, and argue over trifling amounts of money even though they clearly have means.

Israel needs to change. The Parsees of India might provide a model. The Parsees are a very tiny, very rich ethnic and religious minority. They own perhaps most of the land in central Mumbai as well as the country's largest conglomerate. And yet ordinary Indians admire and respect them. Violence against them is unthinkable.

How have they achieved this? They are not flashy or arrogant. Their overriding characteristic is a deep interest in the welfare of others. They have established hospitals, libraries, schools, museums and many other institutions and, most importantly, not for the Parsee community exclusively but for everyone. So the Parsees have peace and the Israelis do not.
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Old 12-06-2019, 02:49 AM
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This is a message I sent to Kunstler.
Now, my computer shuts down every 2 or 3 minutes.

Dan Breeden <wd_breeden@yahoo.com>
To:James Kunstler
Dec 5 at 4:55 PM
James, the all-inclusive term "jew" is too broad and, too nebulous.
I'm sure that you know which Jews were singled out by Henry Ford in his pamphlet. The International Jew. He lambasted those who have NO affiliation or connection to any nation, religion or group. I believe that Soros could qualify for this group.
Then, there is the Jew who gets along with pretty much everybody. The Iranian Jews fit that description. They even get along with Shias.
The Israeli Jews are another group. Mostly of Russian descent, they don't get along with each other.
Secular and orthodox don't get along.
A theocracy is bad enough. When 1/2 of a country is theocratic and, the other half is secular, that is bad for business. Witness Turkey. I've been there a couple of times,,, by road.
There is a vid of the Jerusalem cops busting in to a synagogue and beating up Jews.
A house divided,,,,,,
Kissinger said that Israel would be gone in 10 years.

I started a thread at Burning Man; Israel, jews, judaism, zionism.

Thread got pretty contentious. One of the self-elected gate-keepers was livid over everything that I posted. Here is one of his later posts;


Post Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:55 pm

Simon of the Playa wrote:go **** yourself, Nigga.

Well, when it comes to hate-speech,,,,, you're the expert.

Keep in mind that the T.O.S at Burning man is VERY loose. He also said that he was going to rape my mother and, other stuff like that. He challenged me to single combat in the Thunderdome.
YES, Death Guild from San Fran sets up a real honest-to-goodness thunder dome at Burning Man.
I refused to let thread turn into a flame-war. That pissed off the hasbara.

So, along with the various Jewish groups, there are the zionists. Youtube is full of vids of Rabbis, et al proclaiming that zionism is RUINING Judaism. I tend to agree. Anti-semitism is a convenient banner for the zionists to hide behind. The current situation; Judaism is suffering for the sins of zionism.
I would strongly advise you to watch the vids of prominent jews talking about Judaism being hijacked by zionism.
It would do you some good to understand more about you particular religion.
Judaism has had some very high points in history. Then, there was the Inquisition,,,, initiated to rob Spanish Jews of their property.

If you check the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Jews have always supported socialism.
Churchill, "WW II could have been avoided but, the bankers wanted it.
Hitler does not want a war but, we will force one on him.
Hitler's only crime was; trying to take Germany out of the European banking system."
So, the allies sided with the Bolsheviks and, killed the Christians.
In the 60's, Churchill remarked, "we butchered the wrong pig"

It is / was always the bankers who demanded war. It is fatal to bunch them all together. It is only a minority of Jews pushing for war. Trump is anti-war.
Pelosi is going for broke. How can she NOT understand?

August 11, 1971, England notified the U.S. treasury that she would be stopping by to pick up 1/3 of the remaining 8345 tons of gold. Aug 15, 1971, Nixon slammed shut the golds window. He deprived the London bankers of thousands of tone of gold. As revenge and retribution, they publicly humiliated him. He was kicked out for lying about the exact date that he learned about the Watergate break in. A TRIVIAL charge.
Apparently, the bankers are planning a repeat,,, public humiliation.

Woodrow Wilson,
Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
Trump, like Nixon has bucked this power. "They" are pulling out all the stops to humiliate him, NO MATTER THE COST,,,, to the democrats.
As you have suggested, this may end the democratic party.

Trump has attacked organized crime,,,headquartered in Tel Aviv.
This illogical impeachment attack risks utter chaos when the dems are called to the witness stand. I think that Pelosi, et al KNOW this.
MOSSAD most likely has dirt on ALL of them.
There is even speculation that the 2020 election won't even take place.

It looks to me like China will blow first. Trump is attacking their shadow banking system. It has $40 trillion off the books. There are already 500 banks at immediate risk of collapse. I'm pretty sure that Trump will provoke a revolution.
Yahoo mail isn't good at links. This might go through.
Why Do People Hate Jews
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Old 12-06-2019, 03:30 AM
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Notes from Zero Hedge

Yes, that was off-topic. I can only get a few minutes of computer time before it shuts off. I did that with copy & paste. I'm going to try again tow rite on economics.

Here are some snippets from Zero hedge,
New ATF Study: 423 Million Guns In Hands Of Americans
"Violent crime rate has decreased by 48.6 percent in tandem with ownership rise..."
JPMorgan Issues 2020 Alert: Recession Odds Jump After The Election, As The Fed's Credibility Is Questioned
There is even doubt that the election will take place.
How To Avoid Civil War: Decentralization, Nullification, Secession
That won't fly with the PTB
Fintech Bubble Implodes And Nobody Even Noticed
You will,,, you will.

The Masses Are Being Conditioned To Ignore The Economic Bubble
"The trade war is not going to end anytime soon for a very good reason: It serves the globalist agenda as a perfect distraction for the collapse of the Everything Bubble and the launch of a new world order."
"They're True 21st Century Criminals" - Feds Indict 'Evil Corp' Hackers For $100 Million Crime Spree
Boeing's Letter To SEC Warns "Regulatory Delays" Could Cause It To "Halt" 737 Max Production
United announced that they are buing Airbus.
The Credit Market Powder Keg
"By all accounts, credit markets remain on fire... and yet, under the placid surface problems are beginning to percolate..."

What Low-Flation? Household Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control
Finance worships at the altar of productivity. Consumption is relegated to a minor altar in the basement.
France Paralyzed By Largest General Strike In Decades
This is ONE action that gets more fear than almost anything else.
Stocks, Bonds, & The Dollar Are All Falling
The "Silicon Six" Are Doing A Great Job Avoiding Taxes

"The "Silicon Six" have avoided over $100 billion in taxes between 2010 and 2019..."
They put the "crony" in crony capitalism.
US Factory Orders Contract YoY For 3rd Straight Month

This is the 3rd straight month of annual declines (and 5th of the last 6 months)
Jamie Dimon's View Of Economic Reality Is Still Delusional

"We just have to stop hoping that we can magically cure a debt problem by adding more debt, and then shuffling it between Central Banks..."
Tiffany's Disastrous Earnings Explains Company's Eagerness To Sell To LVMH
Millennials don't want no stinkin diamonds.
Saxo Bank: "The S&P500's Valuation Is The Highest Since 2001"
2001, why does that date ring a bell?

US Trade Deficit Shrinks To Smallest In 16 Months
"trade with China extended its slide with goods imports from the nation dropping to a fresh three-year low. "
WAIT !! China needs those dollars to service dollar-denominated debt.
"The System Is Failing... We're Not Just Talking 'Mad Max'..."
""Eventually, this whole thing is going to come crashing down. This thing is not sustainable... we are headed for the Greatest Depression..."
China Repeats US Must Reduce Tariffs For "Phase One" Trade Deal
"Floodgates Are Open" - German Banks Start Charging Retail Savers
"They" are trying to force people with money to,, spend it. They will just save in a different medium,,, NOT in the banks.

China Set To Make History With Record Number Of Bond Defaults In 2019
"After a brief lull in the third quarter, a burst of at least 15 new Chinese defaults since the start of November have sent the years total to 120.4 billion yuan ($17.1 billion), and about to eclipse the 121.9 billion yuan record set in 2018."
Trump is pouring gasoline on their system.
Trump-Bezos Round 2: Amazon Faces Broad Antitrust Probe Of Cloud Business
Bezos is a bozo for thinking that Trump won't sic the FCC on him.
"Is Something Going Wrong? Is Something Broken?" Quants Running "Scared" As Nothing Makes Sense
Just imagine a multi-$trillion collapse flashing over your screen in 1.3 seconds as the algos and quants blow up like a hand grenade in a chicken coop.

"...The Road-Map Ahead Is A Market Crash, Followed By Obscene Fiscal Stimulus..."
"You need a crisis thats severe enough that both political parties can agree on stimulus. Were not there yet, but we will be. If you thought QE was nutty, wait until you see what drunken sailor mode looks like..."
Traditionally, fresh money printing is channelled into the banking system. Japan conveniently proves that this doen't work. I've already written about MMt and UBI. MMT would wipe out the bond market. UBI would remove incentive for people to go to work.

You have to read Charles Huge Smith.
Western France Runs Out Of Gas As "Massive Strikes" Set To Paralyze Entire Nation
NOTHING that Macron can do now will save France.
Climate Change Hits Property Prices
"Don't Panic": CRE Crisis Hits The UK As Largest Property Fund Suddenly Halts Redemptions
Right, NEVER panic.

You Better Not Short; You Better Not Try; Larry Kudlow, Please Tell Them All Why

He sees when stocks are slipping; He knows when bears awake
He knows the Dow Jones must look good; For Trumps electoral sake

Perfect Storm: Trump Admin To Cut 750,000 From Food Stamps Ahead Of Recession
"The new requirements by the Trump administration would only target "able-bodied" recipients who aren't caring for children under six... "
STUPID MOVE. Jobs are disapearing by the millions.
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Hey, hey, you're OK. I'm just posting like you're posting. It's all good.

Globalism has failed and they know it. They are scrambling. However the whole globalist elitist thing was stupid. Psychopaths who have so much money they can't even spend it all if they tried and yet again they need to figure out how to steal more and now the whole world is in danger of collapsing and plunging into a dark age.

Worst part is the A-holes who have this technology I'm always scribbling about and aren't coming forward with it. I hope I live long enough to see some of these hanging upside down from lamp posts.

Just imagine you're standing in a stupid ass so called security check in for two hours while they, via a black tetrahedron, have already cross the pacific ocean in the first few seconds of your two hour wait. That's the reality. Back in the day when I thought airplanes were cool I used to go to the airport just to look at planes. You can't even do that simple joy any longer.

And then...then there's this cockimamie bull about aliens and the military not knowing jack, and if that isn't grounds to defund them completely as incompetents then I don't know what else is because that story is a fuming pile don't ya think? Besides which, who thinks an outfit that stupid should have nuclear weapons in the first place? Yet none of us should have so much as pocket knife? Ya know what that is don't ya? It's high treason is what it is and it's treason for a reason. Just move to Bolivia, Mexico, or a few dozen other garden zones where no one is allowed to have guns legally and see how you like that safety and security.

Here we all are, a bunch of insects in the greater scheme, in a Universe so titanic and so filled with other places to explore and to grow in and yet again what have we got?

We got a bunch of criminals holding us all hostage so that they can do nothing but create more wealth for themselves by terrorizing everyone else and blocking freedom.

You have to be a complete idiot to think that mass shootings are accidental and the result of guns; especially in this country. Can only be the result of a complex scheme and can only be a scheme accomplished by either traitors or an outside enemy and personally I'd look a those with $$$$$$$ as the most likely source and of course it's the billionaires. That's the enemy and always has been.

But ...hey a Chimpanzee could have done a better job than the jackass clown show we have. We don't need a world government. We need a world without government. So irritated...

Take this genius, who said she would be the last president elected by the electoral college. Well Elizabeth Warren I guess you also want to be the one to light the match to civil war because there is no way that the people in Ohio or the Dakota's or Montana or any other lesser populated state is going to be accepting the BS crap that comes out of New York and California much less Oregon and Washington. We have an electoral college for a reason bone head.

Honestly we have to have the dumbest most poorly educated bunch of fools ruining this nation with the most stupid and insane remarks and legislation. We need to restrict what these idiots can and cannot do like a they were on probation from a lunatic asylum. These idiots can't even stand by the 10 legal foundations the Republic was founded on and yet they claim we are a nation of laws? It's an absolute mockery of liberty what's been going down, and not just in DC, but everywhere, everywhere.

I only hinted at the method of how it's being accomplished. How a small core groups with the knowledge and resources could reasonably and reliably create a plot which would enable all the evils we have going on right now. I didn't mention my own suspicions about mass murders like serial killers and what that's all about but obviously there are cross connections to what I've implied previously.

We need to do something significant like before these imbeciles do something like blow the whole world up. Will be surprising if we don't all starve to death just because of idiots an cell phones alone, let alone the dumping of coal ash across the sky for over 20 years, and now 5G? Really, do we all really need better cell service that badly? Remind me of how important this is when you either have brain cancer or else are thinking of eating the dog and cat because the world is void of pollinating insects. Besides which how about honey anyways? I can hardly wait for the corporate synthetic version laced with nerve gas like all the gum is today. Gave that up for that reason. I'd like a smart phone but am afraid of having one for a plethora of other reasons.

OK, so ranting, right? Well not really, look whose doing those things: Government or corporations? Is there a difference any longer? I've already made up my mind so you decide for yourselves.
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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My point is this: When you look at the insanity, the illogical, or for example someone with a law degree who talks crazy, as if they had no real education, no Ivy College degree, no concept of history and the reason for the way our system of government is, then how can you explain it?

We aren't talking about someone with a high school degree, we aren't talking about someone whom can barely read and write, we aren't talking about people who came from a beat down road with excuses, who had a job before they left high school so that they could eat, or a hundred other things either. We are talking about the most privileged, the most educated, those whom were afforded the best of everything.

If we assume the history of these peoples lives are true then you have look for another logical explanation.

I can only explain the whole by saying that it implies a type of insanity, and insanity breed by a disturbed and fractured mind, one which is not whole nor in control of the totality of it's surroundings.

I read for example where John Podesta has an evil twin he calls skippy. We are talking about the White House Chief of Staff under Clinton.

So another person inside of a disturbed and fractured mind being remotely controlled. That is the only logical explanation for the totality of the insanity of our world.

I can see only one real explanation and it's the same one Dr. Corydon Hammond uncovered. A means by which to remotely control the highest levels of power and wealth through a covert mind control scheme.

A more skeptical view is presented here on this topic.
Personality Possession and Prophecy

However use your imagination. Just imagine what is possible by controlling people with such a mind fracturing program.
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."
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Please continue Danny~
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."
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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
A more skeptical view is presented here on this topic.
Personality Possession and Prophecy

However use your imagination. Just imagine what is possible by controlling people with such a mind fracturing program.
(v) Use of Money and Banking
The Code refers to the role played by merchants in advancing capital to the land-owners and to merchants. It
also refers, as we have seen earlier, to land-owners advancing land, seeds, labor and equipment to cultivators
with a contract to share the crop. These are forms of the banking function.

Although Babylon had flourishing trading activity, Hammurabi did not come up with token money in the form
of coins with a royal stamp as emerged in Lydia, Asia Minor and Greece around 650 B.C. (Mundell, 2002).
However, money was in use in the form of commodity money. For example, a shekel is expressed in terms of
weight. Fines and compensations in The Code are expressed in terms of weight in silver.

(xi) Price Controls
Laws relevant to this section: 215-217, 221-224, 228, 234, 235, 239, 241-243, 257, 258, 261, 268-277.
Assuming that The Code is a reflection of the Babylonian economy, one gets the impression that the
Babylonian economy under Hammurabi was a strictly controlled one.

How old is the Old Testament?


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The big mistake of the founding fathers

Kunstler writes about the blow up of the Democratic party.
Excerpts; "The last time the Democratic Party blew up in a presidential election year was 1860. It had evolved from Jeffersons 1800 bloc of yeoman farmers to Andrew Jacksons rowdy caucus of frontier populists in the 1830s, and settled into a slough of pro-slavery apologists by the 1850s, including two do-nothing Democratic presidents, Pierce and Buchanan."

"The party held a nominating convention in the spring of 1860 and couldnt come up with a candidate when a claque of southern fire-eaters walked out. They tried again a few months later and cracked up into three separate parties with three nominees and of course Mr. Lincoln won the election. The result was the bloodiest war in US history."

Kunstler and I have been corresponding. I wrote this to set the record straight;

Dan Breeden <wd_breeden@yahoo.com>
To:James Kunstler
Dec 7 at 7:18 AM
James, I have to take issue with a couple of comments.
"Buchanan, a do nothing president"
South Carolina was a sovereign entity within it's borders. South Carolina kicked the Feds out of Fort Sumter. Pres Buchanan re-supplied Ft. Sumter against the orders of South Carolina.
President Lincoln later re-garrisoned Ft Sumter. When the Confederate ships sailed into the harbor, they were under the guns of the FEDs. It is easy to question decisions AFTER the fact but, the confederate ships fired first assuming that they would be attacked.
Lincoln was an ignoramus. An easy tool for the bankers. I've read his writings,,,, a simpleton.
"War is failed diplomacy." France ended slavery without a war. Chattel slavery was coming to an end, anyway. Wage slavery was found to be more efficient.

Kunstler, "Historical obfuscators might say the Civil War was a lofty, legalistic quarrel over states rights, but of course it was really about the intolerable depravity of slavery. "

NO, it wasn't.
The northern bankers managed to lay huge taxes on the south
Protective tariffs: Primary cause of the Civil War | Columnists
Morrill Tariff the Real Cause of the Civil War? - ThoughtCo

Abraham Lincoln said war was over taxes, not slavery - al.com

Lincoln said that he had the northern bankers behind him and,,, General Lee in front of him. Of the 2, he most feared the northern bankers.

Lincoln repeatedly said that the war of northern aggression was over taxes.

Not entirely true. The war most definitely WAS over states rights. The States wanted to be sovereign. The FEDS wanted a big huge union. Secession was at the heart of the matter.

Where did all of this start?

It is very simple.
The founding fathers formed a democratic republic with a VERY small federal appendage to handle foreign affairs. The founding fathers knew that a centralized government would cause huge problems.
There was ONE intractable problem that they could not resolve. There had to be a final authority in government. The tripartite system was excellent for a balance of power but, there had to be a final authority.

They created / designated a Supreme Court. They were very unhappy with it but, could think of no other solution. They pondered creating a "wittengeld" but, couldn't figure a way to make it work.
They made the supreme court the final authority. The supreme court ALWAYS "found" for more federal power and, more concentration.

So, here we are today with a federal behemoth that goes around trashing the world.
I can send you a big report from the G-30 that makes it painfully clear that the Central Banks were specifically created to do war finance. Previously, wars were much smaller. "They" needed to create a system to finance wars with a credit card. The CBs supplied this.

States rights would have prevented the federal government from diving into foreign wars. An intolerable situation for power mongers, war profiteers and wanna-be rulers of the world.

How To Avoid Civil War - Decentralization, Nullification And (As We've Said) Secession
Panarin in the WSJ
"Dec 29, 2008 - In Moscow, Igor Panarin's Forecasts Are All the Rage; America ... moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. ... Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces -- with Alaska reverting to ... He cites French political scientist Emmanuel Todd."
Like everyone else besides Armstrong, he was premature.

The founding fathers wanted to pull away from the European war culture.
12/04 Why President Trump cant end endless wars LA Times

FED GOV is bankrupt, mostly because of war expenditures. Will the war expenditures continue after the collapse?
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A Nation vs Nations' Psychopaths

President Donald Trump reportedly plans to sign an executive order
that would classify Judaism as a race or nationality instead of just a religion.

Three administration officials told The New York Times that
the order would threaten to withhold federal funding for colleges and
universities that fail to combat discrimination on their campuses.

The loudest critics of the measure were Jews themselves, many of whom said
that referring to Judaism as a nationality would only further fuel anti-Semitism.


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