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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 09-05-2011, 02:05 AM
Slovenia Slovenia is offline
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Hi Wrtner,

Thanks for bringing Peter Davey to my mind again. I had forgotten about him. Is there any way to tune this with 120 volts as opposed to 220 volts? Thanks. I don't really want to experiment with electricity any hotter than I have to.


Originally Posted by wrtner View Post
The Peter Daysh Davey heater is very interesting but one is
up against the idea that it is impossible safely to connect mains
to a pair of similar dishes, tuned to the frequency of your mains AC
(or an octave) and then pour water over them. The problems are
engineering and a bit of psychology. The downside is that you get
your benefit as heat rather than electricity which is more flexible.

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Old 10-02-2011, 12:51 AM
DanDMan DanDMan is offline
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Originally Posted by esaruoho View Post
hi. i've spoken with thrapp now three times, twice by phone and once by skype.

im interested in seeing the videos that they would want to post, but it seems that until someone creates them a pay-per-view streaming website i.e. "donate $$ and see this video, donate $$ and see that video", the majority of their content wont be posted.
Wow, what a dumb answer. The guy seems to be good at blowing smoke up peoples @$$es. There are commercial services that offer this service and have been for years. (I.E. Pay-per-view Ecommerce Streaming Video Solutions from Strongstreams.com & professional video hosting | vzaar.com & MANY more) Hell, I have built webpages for years and could make a custom platform in a day, but why bother when there are services that only require you to provide videos, and small fees? When people give these types of answers it just..

..Well I better stop before I say something I should not..

I wish to God that I had a working FE device, I would open source it instantly. There would be plenty of way to make good money in consulting, manufacturing, and video selling, ect, ect, ect..
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Old 11-28-2011, 10:27 PM
George.ka George.ka is offline
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Water heater

Hi there. Has anybody here constructed and tested the WITTS water heater. I really want to built one but I don't know how. I don't have the money to pay for the donation and also I'm a little skeptical about them. In my conversation with WITTS they told me that it's pretty easy to built the water heater and that one hour consultation is enough. Is anybody here have the plans ?
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Old 11-28-2011, 11:30 PM
RAMSET RAMSET is offline
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Welcome to the forum!

How much for the one Hour consult?

Timmy Is not A nice Man !!His Kind have let Many Souls perish from Hunger and
Disease for the last 140 yrs.,They are a very Sad Lot, EVIL Even........................

Timmy shouldn't be trusted any Further than he can be Tossed by a 90lb woman!

Where working on AN OU water heater here

Peter Daysh Davey Water Heater Query

Only its Open source [Of course]

Last edited by RAMSET; 11-28-2011 at 11:33 PM.
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Old 11-29-2011, 05:40 PM
wrtner wrtner is offline
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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
Welcome to the forum!

How much for the one Hour consult?

Timmy Is not A nice Man !!
Do they have a patent? I cannot find one in the name of Thrapp or WITTS.

Last edited by wrtner; 11-29-2011 at 05:55 PM.
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Old 12-24-2011, 01:43 AM
FaradayFaith FaradayFaith is offline
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I am amazed at how they treat people who are interested

I really really wanted everything that was claimed with WITTS to be true. I started listening to their weekly ministry broadcast. I am without a job and bank account at the moment so I was emailing about possible people associated with them so when I move out west at the first of the year I could start working with some people and see for myself. In response to this through a variety of emails I was called an EVIL MORON. I was checking if anyone else had had such harsh responses to emails just trying to figure out.

I would really like to believe their claims, but it seems like without the donaton any attempt to find out more about what they do is a path of the DARK SIDE.

IDK, thought good Christian people would be more forgiving of dumb morons like me
Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
The extraordinary claims are growing.

Now Mr. Thrapp (Sir Timothy now?) is saying besides the generator we saw before they have a 100% water car, working anti-gravity vehicles, and that WITT has been inventing important stuff for over 200 years now (...like the computer??). Before the time frame given was "40 years" as i recall.

We have seen his videos from before, and many of us had heard their scheme for getting paid: You must make a donation of at least $200 to get any kind of proof or further information at all, and that is still at their whim.

Unfortunately Mr. Thrapp has been around a long time and his reputation for making large claims and never proving anything so far is rather well-known... And this is within the community, let alone with skeptics.

I would call on Mr. Thrapp (and i have last year via email) to Open Source some of their "products" and thus end this skepticism. If they have a portfolio this impressive, they could "spare" a device, such as the "900 Watt" model gen. They don't appear to be going the Patent route anyway.

Although the heater appears to be a valid concept, done by several others, too (...A second inner drum or sphere with oil in between, generating heat by simply rotating).

I am sorry for sounding negative but this model of using a not-for-profit religion for fund raising is not very good for the reputation of the genre, imo. If i were wealthy i would just spring for the $200 for the heck of it and see what he is offering in the way of proofs (..unless i soon found that it was only the first "pay-off" and more cash was required to see anything).

It's of course possible they do have something there with the generator or water car... We could help them get the devices out there if they were more forthcoming (... And thus actually get them much more money in the end). These markets we are talking about here are so huge, 200 factories could never produce enough devices.
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Old 07-20-2012, 05:22 PM
trillion trillion is offline
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Why don't they buy silver and gold and make their fortune?

Witts has 12 ways to buy silver for almost nothing and to sell it for 25% more than spot, if you give them a $1,000 donation and claim that some are already making millions if not billions in just a few months, from this knowledge that they have taught and so I ask you all, "Why does Thorpe and Witts need any money from anyone as they should be trillionaires by now with this knowledge?
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Old 01-10-2013, 02:46 AM
Golden Mean's Avatar
Golden Mean Golden Mean is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 60
Regardless of whether WITTS is real or not, I do get this nagging feeling that the water heater may be a workable device. My guess is that they are using sympathetic resonance set up within a sphere to create a standing wave with very high amplitude. In the video he mentions ultrasonic resonance and the movie Chain Reaction in which sympathetic frequencies are used to dissociate water to release the hydrogen.

So... think about dropping a pebble in the center of a pail of water. The waves ripple out and then consolidate in the center again at great amplitude (if the pebble is dropped in the exact center). With proper timing that wave would eventually have water spilling out of the pail. If ultrasonic waves are sent out in 3 dimensions (in a sphere) I would imagine the amplitude would be even greater.
So what if we take a sphere. Create a circuit to stimulate an ultrasonic inducer and then run a frequency sweep while measuring the globe/water for temperature change. I would imagine that it wouldn't take long to find the resonant frequency of the globe this way and create a heating device if it's a viable working device.
This is my guess at how it works.

The questions I have are...

Where can I find a stainless steel globe?
How do you build or where can you find an ultrasonic inducer (inexpensive)?
Also... From analyzing the video, I can see that they have wires leading to the probe (actuator) and the globe. Are they creating a large capacitor or what?
What type of water is in there? Distilled? RO? Salt water?

Anybody else have any ideas about this?
~ Golden Mean

If you're interested in healthy living, please check out my site on aquaponics... www.opensourceaquaponics.com
I also have various videos on the new paradigm unfolding on My YouTube Channel

"Giving with ANY expectation isn't giving... it's bartering."
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Old 02-21-2013, 02:44 PM
Johnytest Johnytest is offline
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Hi Golden Mean,

This one may have the sphere. Metal Hemispheres, Metal Cones for Aerospace &Geological Applications | Helander Metal Spinning
I was looking at the witts for the heater. Not sure if they are scam or not but the fact that they use the word donation inappropriately make me suspicious. Demanded donation is an exchange between goods & money, aka buy sell.
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Old 02-23-2013, 06:23 AM
Ein~+ein Ein~+ein is offline
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Originally Posted by Gauss View Post
This group is the best one out there, no question about it in my opinion. This work is worthwhile donating to and spreading the word too. Seems like marketing is not their strong side....
No, but neither are other ministries be they religious or political---they're somehow never short of cash or nor evangelistic zeal. What does WITTS stand for--just another 'Wealthy Investor Techno-babble Trance Scam'? There's a lot of that in the 'free energy' realm--far more than I'd ever imagined.
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Old 02-24-2013, 12:47 AM
capoverde capoverde is offline
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Been looking at WITTS videos for some time, but since they want money it's clear to me they don't want knowledge for all. I'm receiving their newsletters every week or two, and they all point to money-raising. Steer clear.

If you're in doubt: selling is an exchange of goods/cash which both parties can directly evaluate before the deal, and honest sellers gladly offer a "satisfied or refunded" guarantee. WITTS, like thousands more on the net, just show some bait...
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Old 09-05-2013, 12:36 PM
ainvision ainvision is offline
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Question Not quite accurate...

Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Sorry to burst your bubble, but when it comes to Ed Gray, there is no one who knows more about his real history than my friend Mark McKay. Mark has shared most of this research with me in computer files and long conversations. Over the last 5 years, Mark has quietly interviewed every living member of Gray's family who had knowledge of the technology, and every living person who ever worked with Gray on his technology. The real story is quite different than the generally believed "public version" of the story published in newspaper articles from the 1970's, but I assure you, it does not include "working in the WITTS lab".

This one, absurd and provably FALSE statement, should cause EVERYONE to seriously doubt the rest of these outrageous claims by "Sir Timothy" and WITTS. Any person who entertains the idea that Tesla, Stubblefield, Keely, and Meyer all needed help from WITTS to accomplish their technologies is, in my personal opinion, delusional in the extreme.

I first met Tim at a friend's house in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid-1990s. He never made any claims like this then, but he was famous for pumping people for information and never telling anyone anything! This experience, of being pumped by Tim, eventually became known in the underground vernacular as having been "THRAPPED"! To describe the experience to others, I coined the term "intellectual diode", where information goes in, but nothing comes back out.

Tim is famous alright, but not for ever showing an enlightened attitude of sharing his knowledge or of actually helping his fellow man.

You can believe whatever you want, but I don't believe ONE WORD that comes out of WITTS, or the newly Knighted "Sir Timothy". Tim has NEVER shown anyone I know that these technologies actually work, and that includes all the major players in the FE community.

That's my two cents,

By your own admission Peter (at least in what I believe to be your most informative lecture 'Free Energy' at the Keelynet conference all those years ago) you also mentioned Marvin Cole as the 'true' creator of the Edwin Gray device, or am I mistaken?

You may wish to upload the pdf of the Sussex University analysis by S. Gunnar Sandberg of the John Searl device and compare it with the Floyd Sweet 'Triode' which also used DC magnetization with a superimposed AC waveform as shown in your own video of that device. It's in response to the 'Searl SEG' thread on this site.

Keep putting out those great DVDs,

Cheers, Mark

PS - Whatever happened to Gerry Vassillatos and Jorge Resines?
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Old 09-12-2013, 07:53 AM
ainvision ainvision is offline
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Lightbulb Hotter?

Originally Posted by Slovenia View Post
Hi Wrtner,

Thanks for bringing Peter Davey to my mind again. I had forgotten about him. Is there any way to tune this with 120 volts as opposed to 220 volts? Thanks. I don't really want to experiment with electricity any hotter than I have to.

The BEST analysis of the function of the energy which we call ELECTRICITY is still the hydraulic analogy by Pr. Eric Laithwaite in England. I would recommend a viewing of his videos on youtube particularly 'The Circle of Magnetism'. You might also read some of the numerous articles on Mono-atomic Hydrogen and even my own postings on this site of this subject.
However good the DVD 'Battery Secrets' is, it is still incomplete. If you recharge any 12V cell/battery to 1.618 (Phi) of its original 'full' charge then you have the 'secret'.

As for the hydraulic analogy then Voltage is pressure and Amperage is volume. When you are using Tesla's (and Dollard's) Longitudinal electrical waveforms then as you increase the voltage (pressure) you will also increase the amperage (volume) and if done at resonance then the resistance becomes negligible and Ohm's law is no longer relevant. That's the 'big secret'. You can achieve a more efficient 'fuel cell' by including an AC capacitor (e.g. from an old microwave oven) connected to the 'hot' AC wire before the load.

Such is the simple answer to creating 'cold electricity'. It works for me.
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