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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 08-20-2019, 12:08 AM
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The Secret Power Source for Over Unity Switched Reluctance Generators by Jack Hanlon, Ph.D.

Jack Hanlon, Ph.D. believes over unity electrical machines have been built and even demonstrated many times at the ETSC and other places; however, he has never heard a complete explanation of “how they work” that will stand up to the skepticism of a conventionally trained mathematician, physicist or engineer.

The explanations always seem to involve some “mysterious” source of power or slightly nebulous use of magnetism.

The missing piece is always: what is the source of the extra power?

Since we have been unable to answer this question in a satisfactory way, the technology is put in the realm of “voodoo” science, and it is not seriously considered by the larger traditional scientific community.

He believes this holds back the wide spread and rapid development of this important technology and limits the developers to a small community of experimenters.

Switched reluctance generators have always been a prime candidate for overunity results. Eric Dollard who is very skeptical about any "free energy" claims was originally brought into Borderlands years ago to verify a switched reluctance generator built by Peter Lindemann and Michael Knox. Accounting for a sufficient margin of error, Eric Dollard found that it did indeed produce more work than it took to run the machine!

This is probably the most comprehensive analysis on where the free energy is in such machines and it is done in a relatively simple and eloquent manner with simple algebra and geometry.

If this technology is “real”, and he believes it is, then we should be able to give a solid and complete explanation for it based on traditional physics, mathematics and engineering principles.

You will get more than theory; you will get very specific examples of converting reactive power to real power by a former Los Alamos National Labs scientist and former university math teacher!

That is the goal of this presentation. Jack Hanlon thinks David Squires put it well in his 2012 ETSC conference presentation. He said: “You can’t engineer what you don’t fully understand”.

The Secret Power Source for Over Unity Switched Reluctance Generators by Jack Hanlon, Ph.D.
Aaron Murakami

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Old 08-23-2019, 11:59 AM
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I was present for Dr. Jack Hanlon's presentation at 2019 ESTC and purchased his video. I watched his video over a couple of days and came away impressed with the time he spent organizing and developing it. It does show how experienced a presenter he is - excellent.

His lecture started with passing out to the audience a pair of disc magnets. Using the magnets he then demonstrated his concept of the forces involved in a reluctance motor and then started elaborating on this demo until eventually showing Steinmetz's equations for V, A and P for the motor.

Now comes the interesting part, Dr. Hanlon then converted the Steinmetz equation into a vector form that truly simplified these equations into a easily understood vector example. This example was then animated to demonstrate the variables in action during motor operation. The reactance now becomes understandable and can be applied to the mechanical side of the motor forces.

There is much more to all this and his easily understood method of teaching via simple examples drives the point home as to where some of the excess energy in overunity can come from. All in all a great video.

Thank you Dr. Hanlon for the excellent and very useful lecture!!! Good luck in your continuing experimentation.

Yaroslav Stanchak
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