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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 06-05-2019, 08:55 PM
v71 v71 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2012
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Possible explanation using current physics ?

Hello guys, i am an old user and i have rarely posted in the past, but this device is really interesting i think i have an explanation of what is going on, using only regular physics , in particular, lenz law and lorentz force.
I have attached a pic
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Old 06-05-2019, 09:55 PM
phoneboy phoneboy is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
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Be careful. You've mentioned regular physics and the lorentz force in particular, surprised ufopolitics has jumped on you yet.
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Old 06-06-2019, 04:31 AM
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spacecase0 spacecase0 is online now
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Originally Posted by v71 View Post
Hello guys, i am an old user and i have rarely posted in the past, but this device is really interesting i think i have an explanation of what is going on, using only regular physics , in particular, lenz law and lorentz force.
I have attached a pic
rarely posted ? the counter I see claims this is your first post ...
and I don't see anything attached
clearly I am missing something here
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Old 06-06-2019, 08:58 AM
v71 v71 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 6
Yes, its correct my firt post , sorry english is not my native language , i can see the attachement as a jpg file under the message text
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Old 06-06-2019, 02:31 PM
v71 v71 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 6
I do not know this ufopolitics guy that well, but ufos uses our physics at least when they are interacting with our physical world, so i suppose everything could be explained with our current knowledge, surely we do not know everything yet, but the fundamental forces are 3 and they are all polarized
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Old 09-14-2019, 02:45 AM
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Gambeir Gambeir is offline
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If you call up the the so-called RTSC (room temp super conductive cable patent) I can give a brief estimate of what I believe is taking place with the Alexey device. So more is probably also happening but what follows is my opinion of what is taking place with the Alexey. PS: I wrote this for people less adept so keep that in mind when you read simplistic explanations. It also needs some more work and refinement but I figured I'd pass this along as it may help someone out there in the wilds of the internet.


I made some corrections and addition which I believe may make this more understandable.

It's probably a repulsine vehicle. That is it's reflecting a polarized magnetic field off the bottom of the vehicle, but wait...there's so much more.

The machine has two metal disks attached to motors above and below an aluminum plate. The lower metal disk has neodymium magnets attached along the outer edge and that disk has a negative DC charge running through it from the 12 volt battery, while the upper metal plate has the positive field running through it.

Magnetism normally permeates static aluminum; *in other words* when not moving. However, when a moving magnetic field passes over aluminum you get a paramagnetic effect, which means that the metal becomes mildly magnetic. Thus extending the magnetic field inside of the aluminum itself but only weakly. Supposedly graphite does this even with a non moving magnetic field, and that effect strongly argues that the magnetic field is itself a moving flowing energy (a coherent dielectric stream).

In this machine the aluminum plate is non-moving and it has a High Voltage AC current applied which is then detached before being put to flight. So that High Frequency High Voltage field stays with the aluminum as an aluminum air capacitor, and what that does is this static High Voltage Field acts like the wire shown in the patent as the magnets sweep underneath the aluminum plate and which then produces the piezo-electric effect resulting in a high frequency vibration. So in early UFO machines we see they are using microwaves to stimulate the piezoelectric effect to create this high frequency vibration and there they are using a quartz or PZT ceramic.

Added this;
In this machine when the magnetic field moves across the aluminum disk it produces a meissner effect which results in a multiplication of the magnetic fields strength by being ejected away from the surface of the aluminum, and not just simply expelled as in a normal meissner effect, but as a magneto-electric force since we now have the inclusion of a polarized DC field, and so the whole is now being ejected from the area where the magnetic field is passing, and in addition this multiplied force is ejected with a polarized negative field downwards and a positive polarized field upwards and this is precisely what you would want to happen.

Now in the patent the piezo effect material can be aluminum, or a quartz, or PZT ceramic, and what's going on there is a high frequency vibrational capability. It isn't that there is the production of an electric pulse like a quartz of other piezoelectric material like PZT ceramics can produce, rather what's important is the ability to make a high frequency vibration.

BTW, this is exactly what was described by Mark McCandlish as the basis for the ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) so called capacitors seen in the bottom of that illustration. According to McCandlish he was later told that the material used was Herkimer Quartz, also known as a false diamond which is specific to New York area. Point is, there are cross corrobrations from various sources as to how this all works. It took a lot of effort and time to sort this mystery all out, but the main thing is that what is important is this ability to generate a high frequency vibration, and this ability to generate a high frequency vibration is what all the different material all share. So quartz, PZT ceramics, and aluminum/magnesium base alloys all share that ability. So understanding that a high frequency vibration is necessary is also key to understanding how these machines work and what the role of the piezo electric materials play in creating an eletromagnetic repulsion drive since aluminum is not a piezo electric material, but can produce a high frequency vibration. Through this we now have an understanding of why aluminum can become super-conductive.

The reason this high frequency vibration is necessary is because the dielectric background energy is moving at some previously unacknowledged hypervelocity thought to be many millions of times the speed of light and possibly billions of times faster than light. So evidently the higher the frequency the faster you can travel, or more correctly, negate space/distance.

You can see in the patent that once you have the necessary materials in place then the next thing is to send a polarized electric charge in sequence with vibrations. Which, according to the patent results in this so-called room temperature super conduction. I think that since the DC field separated and polarized top and bottom that this DC field carried along by the magnets provides the polarized pulse which moves with the magnet and which is then energizing the AC field to create the necessary superfluidity that creates a so called super conductive state and this is apparently happening on both sides of the aluminum plate at the same time in a polarized fashion. Super conduction is not what most people think. It's called the meissner effect and it expels the magnetic from matter, but this magnetic field is constantly being replenished by surrounding counterspace, so there's also a state of constant ejected magnetism coming out of matter when it's in this so-called state of super conductivity. What's really going on here with the Alexey is that the vibrations are creating a state where a polarized magnetic field is ejected in spurts separated by the production of a so-called super conductive state where the magnetic fields strengths are forcefully ejected with a multiplicative strength resulting from the meissner effect. A sort of magnetic pulse jet one might think due to there being spacing between the magnets and thereby creating bursts of ejected magnetically repelling energy.

This effect along with other evidence says that gravity is produced by induction of energies from space, or more correctly and specifically these energies come out of counterspace as a dielectric energy field which we recognize as magnetism and then as electricity.

So think of a pluse jet motor, a sort of putt putt image, with the vibrations being spacing between little bursts of polarized magnetic and electric current and that image can assist in understanding how this all works. Polarized meaning it's either a positive or a negative charge. At any rate, here is where the problems with the reliability of this contraption rear it head because the design is all independently operating and not sequenced. Thus it takes a lot of screwing around to make this thing work.

So this machine is more like a giant crap shoot whether it comes into a synchronized operation or not, and sometimes this thing evidently can sit around for a long time while he fools with it because Alexey doesn't really understand the machine, nor does anyone else expect possibly myself and a few thousand others who don't say a whole lot because they have too much at stake to hypothesize how this works. They can't risk their careers and so forth is what I'm telling you.

So based on what I think I understand, then this contraption is primarily creating a repulsion of the magnetic fields, and which are evidently polarized up in the positive field over the device, and downwards in the negative field off the bottom of the vehicle. In the aluminum, the motional magnetic field caused by the spinning plate with the magnets induces a mild magnetic field in the aluminum itself, which in a sense is acting like a reed valve in a pulse jet motor, as the magnets pass under the aluminum plate they work with the AC charge to create a high frequency vibration that becomes a so-called super conductor, but only at the time and space of where the magnets are actually passing, which then creates forceful reflective or ejected pulse of magnetism out of and off the bottom and top of the alumnium plate. This is exactly what you would want to happen to create levitation.

To simplify, the production of a so-called state of superconduction results in force multiplication effect whereby the magnetic field strength is ejected in pulsed form multiplied by the motive ejecting force created by a meissner effect. It is evidently a pulsed magneto~electric motor you're observing.
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