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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 08-14-2018, 09:28 AM
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Fernandeze's Free Energy Transformer

This comes from overunity.com where it's not drawing any attention. So I have taken the privilege of posting it here as I feel it has potential.

"Here is the truth, take it or bury it
I will keep this short and drama free, the words Free Energy, Overunity, and Zero Point Energy has corrupted your thoughts because the device is............ so easy you will laugh

For starters your statement is incorrect Lenz's Law is actually a blessing, you need to wrap your head around that first. Let's review Lenz quickly

All of you globally have missed the key word in that statement, you are too quick to denounce Lenz's Law as the culprit, the destroyer of energy. However, if I highlight just one word in that statement we open up a new method of utilizing Lenz's Law.

So the beauty is, if I create a magnetic field in a coil with some current NATURE rewards me with a duplicate magnetic field that opposes mine. Already I got something for almost nothing. (BTW... that's my first Primary coil usage, to create a Lenz induced field)

So I now have a Primary magnetic field that gave rise to an induced magnetic field as stated by Lenz. Pay close attention here, this is important! Now take another coil (call it Primary 2) and feed your Lenz induced magnetic field so you complement its growth. So in other words your North pole of Primary 2 faces the South pole of Lenz field (or Vice Versa). Because Lenz is only present in change of original magnetic flux. Are you starting to see? Lenz has no interest in my second Primary because Primary 1 is the parent of Lenz induced field. You really need to appreciate how powerful that statement is. Ignore what has been written in any other thread that talks about these devices, lots of people using big words and way to complex algorithms to build something a child can assemble.*

So do you now understand why Barbosa and Leal explain in their patent the pole of the induced complements the primary pole? Do you now understand why that guy Tariel says........ it's so easy you will laugh, see why Clemente Figuera said "this is like the egg of Columbus". Because it really is that silly and simple, you simply feed the induced magnetic field with another magnetic field. There is no Lenz that opposes Primary 2, Primary 2 doesn't create an induced field (if you time it right) it ADDS to what has already been induced from P1. The result is a strong Rectified Magnetic field. That is your resonator, not so glamorous now that you know how everyone including Steve Mark pull this off. I apologies if you where looking for something more complex or other worldly. Unfortunately many of you will still be looking for a more complex solution because your mind will never accept such a simple solution to a problem that had you perplexed for years.*

That is the theory behind the how it works some of you are smart enough to figure out the build details, but I will get you started. You are going to wind you primary's like a Poly-Phase motor (Yep a Tesla invention) take special note that a capacitor is used to delay a phase (this is super cheap and EZ). These devices use impulses and you need to split the wave in half so diodes are used. So one coil is at its magnetic max while the other is not, also you need to split the wave between coils, so half wave per primary but that is why you are using diodes (or tubes if your that type of guy Steve). Timing is very critical between the coils, remember you are building a resonator and nothing more.*

Like I said before, take some iron from a tire jack and cut the ends off. Get a C-clamp to close the ends and you have a simple core that allows for different coils. To extract you need a secondary but that is simple, wrap it around your low budget iron core, use a thick or thin secondary.

So its up to you and figure out if the primary's should be CW or CCW, shouldn't take that long. BTW... bifiler coil doesn't mean crap. The beauty of this device is different inputs (voltage/frequency) changes the output and output varies based on type of coil. Start simple, low voltage and don't kill yourself. You have more in this post then you ever wanted.

One more thing, Tesla patent, 413,353 not glamorous and not your FE but excellent facts and my personal opinion is as close as it gets for Tesla.

Keep it simple.

Look at the below image, this is how the team started. Here you see two coils over some iron in a C-Clamp. We create a completely closed magnetic field for this resonator (like most others have also). Those coils are not special, they are just coils off solenoid valves (24volts) each is about 340 Ohms. (they are disconnected in this pic) Missing is my Lenz coil, But with this setup one coil must be magnetically HIGH while the other is at Magnetically (or close to it) LOW. Overlooked in my last post was the phrase Rectified Magnetic Field, thats what you need to create and that is what creates the power in all these devices. This is a huge field, much larger then the parts that created it. In the pic I show you 2 of 3 coils that create this field.**
These coils are operated in a similar fashion as a capacitor run motor. The one difference is we are not using pure A/C but rectified A/C (unfiltered) because if you use a smoothing cap you flat-line (no pun intended).*

Let me tell you this, you will never produce power by looking at voltage waves. Draw out the magnetic field lines because you need them to produce power.

Are you aware one of the larger Barbosa & Leal devices requires 2000 watt input? It produces a huge output but what do you think they are doing with a 2000 watt input...... driving a Tesla coil?

*nope .....they are creating a Rectified Magnetic Field."

This is my explanation of what is going on:

First of all, the circuit is similar to a single phase electric motor.

The two phase shifted current pulses (magnetic pulses) would result in a third magnetic pulse which is out of phase with both. Constructive Interference | COSMOSThis third magnetic pulse induces voltage and current in the secondary. The magnetic pulse from the secondary (cemf) is therefore out of phase with the two primary coils. This would result in little, if any, cemf reflecting onto the primary - how much I'm not sure. Also I'm not sure why only DC pulses and not AC. How would the core not saturate?

Here is my circuit:

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Old 08-14-2018, 08:11 PM
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Excellent !!!
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