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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 02-11-2018, 11:18 AM
TheVisitorV TheVisitorV is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
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Tesla 3 6 9 is the secret of power amplification. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!

Be aware, if you want to solve this puzzle alone then don't read this post, this is not speculation, it is the truth that was inspired by God and was given to me freely so freely i give to you.

There is no doubt in my mind this is the truth. I would also say that i'm no physicist nor do i care about the science called physics and it's laws. Since the moment they told me that this is against their laws, and i was a small child back then, they lost me as i knew in my heart that overunity, perpetual mobile, power amplification, energy creation...call it whatever you want, it's real. AND THEY ARE JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS. but that we know already.

i'm not sure if i will be able to explain it fully or correctly but i'll try.... but i warn you, it's alot...and the truth is that it's very simple really. I don't claim i have full knowledge or i understand fully all it's applications but i also know that some of you are quite inventive and alot smarter then me so i wish you good luck once this becomes clear.



ok so the first image are the angles and i kept everything in 0 45 90 degrees to make it simpler but it kind of resembles some of those occult symbols like this, lol.

Also the angles will be important depending on how do you want to extract this energy.

Anyway it's a pendulum and it's phases and while to some things might be obvious to others not so much. I've seen all kind of machinery replications for the 2 stage oscillator and all of them were doing as a form of input something like lets push the pendulum from one side or the other or below or something.

But that it's not what i was doing when i was a child paying in the swing. I was the pendulum and i was shifting my weight from front to back from back to front to gain bigger swings.

So what i'm telling you all is that the oscillator must be build into the pendulum. As you can see the pendulum is the big red ball and on top of him there are 3 more balls but those are actually phases.

I will also say that the pendulum has also 2 phases that flip automatically and 3 rest points. the 0s are the rest points the 2 phases are expansion and compression.

So how this works...If i understand correctly the "laws of physics" if you have a perfect engine that does 180 degrees from 6 to 12 of a weight and then the top of the weight comes down you get your energy back. Am i wrong about this? i might.

But if my understanding is wright and if you get back your energy then why the pendulum moves without actually putting any energy into it ass all the energy is in the engine and the work that performs has nothing to do with the pendulum itself.

So imagine that in the center of that ball there is small motor with it's main axe parallel to the ground and perpendicular on the screen. On the main axle there is at the end a 90 degree going downwards arm with a weight smaller then the pendulum.

I can't tell you the weights nor the full angles because they all depend on how small or big or powerful the system you want to build. There are formulas and probably you can find them around but i don't have them. I wish i did cause you can prove this mathematically as well but whatever. Makes no difference right now. the concept is valid.

Now while the pendulum rests in 6 oclock and the counter weight rests in 6 oclock as well the pendulum is perpendicular on the ground in it's main 0 state.

When the counter weight moves to 3 oclock (right) then the pendulum starts to move towards left as it tries to balance itself and also generates it's new 2 dynamic 0 rest points on each side while the 0 resting point perpendicular on the ground becomes it's main switching shaft. I might overly complicate things here with this explanation and i'm sorry. most of you will understand anyway.

Now you let the counter weight drop, no energy required and it goes back to 6 oclock. then you move it to 9 oclock energy required then you let it drop on 6 oclock no energy required and in the begining you do this fast so the pendulum starts to gain some speed or i think it's called amplitude.

Now it's all about timing. the 3 6 9 to work is about timing and those are just simple clock coordinates. Has nothing to do with the frequency HZ or some other bull**** that people speculated and over complicated things.

The timing is as follows. lets start from top right as it is easier to explain and understand.

The pendulum is at it's dynamic 0 in rest for a tiny amount of time with it's counterweight in it's previous 6 that now is it's new 4:30. when you move the counter weight to it's new 3oclock your adding energy to the pendulum, or to the oscillator. and lets call this a positive charge.

Now it comes down from it's expansion with it's new indirect energy input. And goes to it's 0 balancing point. Now here to things can happen.

First is nothing. And your weight since was a positive charge for the compression cycle once it goes pass the 0 balancing point it it becomes a negative charge for the expansion cycle to the right or you can simply call it dead weight.

Second you can drop the counterweight free of charge at it's original 6, regain some of the energy invested into lifting it or let it drop and impart some of it's kinetic energy by doing so to the pendulum that will be a positive charge for the expansion cycle the goes into the left.

Now the pendulum is not hindered by dead weight and it's been energized twice, once you paid for it, once was free, and it goes into it's expansion cycle.

When it reaches it's new dynamic 0 resting point on the left side your counterweight is at 7:30 so you get it to 9 oclock by paying with energy. then the weight falss you reset it at it's 0 balancing point

repeat repeat repeat the pendulum gains more energy and depending on how long the string is the frequency is faster or slower.


So this is testlas 3 6 9 explained on a pendulum.

I am not familiar with electro magnetic devices. to be hones none of the explanations i've seen so far make any sense to what electricity is and how it's produced and where is produced and so on. so i can't help you into putting the same knowledge into such a device. at least not for now.

But i would tell you this. If "gravity" is our 0 resting point then i would suggest to use the north south axis of the earth as the balancing 0 point instead of working against it. It can be you friend and not your enemy.

This is how real true power generating oscillation devices work. on this principles that i;ve shared with you via the pendulum.

And also i want to thank you all especially for not loosing hope.


PS: the reason i'm not building a model is simply because i barely have money to eat. 'm not asking for donations, you guys go out and build it, you got the tools and the experience and are far more then capable of doing so then i am at this moment.

how to extract energy from a pendulum WITHOUT KILLING IT!
one way of doing it.

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Old 02-11-2018, 11:42 AM
TheVisitorV TheVisitorV is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 89
or this:


anyway, both of them did no sync the movement correctly, or should i say for maximum efficiency, but it still works.
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Old 02-12-2018, 08:55 PM
TheVisitorV TheVisitorV is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 89
i'll add a better image to clarify some things.

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Old 02-12-2018, 09:58 PM
TheVisitorV TheVisitorV is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 89

interesting simulation, while it's about something a bit different it shows the importance of pendulum timing.
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