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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 07-10-2017, 02:50 AM
JasonVerbelli JasonVerbelli is offline
Join Date: Apr 2014
Posts: 42
What is the SEG Mockup - John Searl Update!

Lesson #1: What is the SEG Mock-Up?

Just put this Steemit Article together. Turned about 45 pages of text and still images on Microsoft Word into 10 pages of animated GIFs/ pics. With detailed explanations about the SEG Mockup, magnetic levitation, eddy currents, waveforms, etc.
Describing what it is you're looking at in the YouTube videos of the magnetic spinning device. Super easy to follow! Making sure each simple point is addressed. Clearing up misconceptions (again/still)

I figured it's probably super unreasonable for me to expect others to read through or even skim a 315 page PDF. Just to understand the basics of John Searl's claims. Attention spans are mere minutes now. So I'm trying to cram all that text and still images into moving visuals.

I was trying to verbally explain the motion and complex interactions of fields/ poles. Difficult to do. So now I can put together blogs and show moving GIFs literally worth 1000 words.

Combining Cymatics with Magnetization:

Coded Magnets/ Multipole vs. Magnetic Waveforms:

Fernando Morris and myself spent the last year building a 500kW distribution system for the magnetizer. We will be testing the imprinting of waveforms on a large ring later this year for the first time.
Something we haven't been able to do because of the amount of unreasonable power required for magnetization.
We have experimented on the small roller segments, but now we can finally go larger.

We have also acquired an atmospheric furnace to smelt our own rare-earth lanthanides and copper. To make our own parts. Not having to rely on outsourcing inferior work which costs 3 times as much as doing something correctly yourself (if you have the equipment)

We have been making major strides! Looking like a good year.

John Searl married his care-taker Judy a couple years ago and they live in San Diego, CA here. (15 minutes from the lab)
John Searl visits the lab at least once a week to oversee the project, give us direction, proprietary info and consult Fernando and myself.
John had heart surgery to remove a major blood clot in his heart back in 2014. Then had a stint and screen put in his heart.
He's had cataract surgery in both eyes and got his legs fixed up from the Frostbite he got back in 2009.
John Searl is now healthy, likes to go to airshows to see stunt planes and is happy with the awesome weather all the time in San Diego!

We reformatted the company which is now called SEG Magnetics, Inc.
It is now a registered 506(c) which allows for us to solicit the sale of shares.
Something we were prevented from doing before.

The project still needs to get over the financial hump. But everything we've done is on a shoestring budget at a snail's pace. Never stopping.. always moving forward and making progress regardless.

I also gave a 90 minute presentation in 2016 for the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement called "Our Inevitable and Limitless Future - A Magnetic Field of Dreams". Here is the last 30 minutes. Getting straight to the exotic magnet stuff:

And for even more context about magnetic waves... here is a video I put together to show detailed demonstrations and visuals:

--Jason Verbelli


Last edited by JasonVerbelli; 07-23-2017 at 02:17 AM.
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Old 07-25-2017, 02:30 AM
mikrovolt mikrovolt is offline
Silver Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 785
Thank you. That is a good report.

Setting aside the gate for now.

I have gathered basic imagery of the forming and migration of a cooper pairs
in the dielectric media.

cooper pair.JPG

In understanding BCS concept I found a basic video tutorial.
Does this video show how cooper pairs travel thru the dielectric
material in John Searl's system ?


Is there a proof of concept experiment that can be seen regarding the
function of the Searl stator ? An isolated test on the stator that sets the stage
for understanding the gate.

Feel free to correct any of my posts in order to convey the
correct understanding of the SEG.

Last edited by mikrovolt; 07-25-2017 at 04:40 AM.
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Old 07-26-2017, 04:33 PM
JasonVerbelli JasonVerbelli is offline
Join Date: Apr 2014
Posts: 42
Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
Does this video show how cooper pairs travel thru the dielectric
material in John Searl's system ?

Is there a proof of concept experiment that can be seen regarding the
function of the Searl stator ? An isolated test on the stator that sets the stage for understanding the gate. SEG.
Using the standard model of the atom... that is a simplification of how cooper pairs pass through a material.
But "electrons" are not little ball particles. So that visualization is flawed at its basis. The ball electron model was outdated by the 1950's and replaced with an "electron cloud" of probability instead. There are no ball electrons orbiting an atom. The energy present might be AS IF there are ball electrons orbiting. But that Neils Bohr model was incorrect ever since it was speculated.

So using a visualization of ball electrons passing through a lattice is severely misconceived.
But, alas... that's how the scientific community chooses to continue.. so we are forced to futilely attempt to use their language to communicate these ideas.

A cooper pair behaves like photons. "Electrons" are fermions. (incoherent)
Electrons travel in 3 planes. X Y and Z axis.
But bosons are coherent. Only travel on 1 axis. (2D sheet) "Planar".
They can only exist in a coherent state.

The BCS theory video is describing what happens to a superconducting system AFTER it has been forcibly brought to low temperatures using liquid nitrogen.
But John says that's the opposite of what the SEG does.

Mainstream theory says that superconductivity is a result of the cold.
But in the SEG, the cold is the result of superconductivity.

Pouring liquid nitrogen on things in an attempt to create coherence is like watching the white static on your TV in slow motion.
Slow motion chaos does not equal order.
Viewing a candle flame in slow motion doesn't make a laser beam.

Take a flashlight and turn it on.
Now block the light by putting a piece of paper in front of the bulb.
What happens? Light still gets through. As a glow.
Similar to how bosons behave.
They can pass through dielectric materials like how photons pass through a glass window or through solid materials. Fermions cannot.
This is why we require the funding! We are going to test the magnetization on a large ring later this year. Something we have never been able to experiment with before because of the amount of power required.
Our next goal is to magnetize the large ring and the small segments.
Then put them together and test for "electron emissions".
That is the final "proof-of-concept" and what all the big investors are waiting for.
But that's a 3 million dollar program.
Thus, why we need the funding to validate the electron emissions. Once we do... there are people waiting to fund 50 - 500 million dollars for mass production....
But those same people won't contribute 3 million to get there...
If we get there without them... all those people who have been waiting to help can get in line and wait as a customer like everyone else.

We are working on the isolated experiments for the stator which should happen later this year. Fernando and I are working our butts off!
Soooo much work to do.
Would help incredibly if we could get funding to pay for a few people to hire and expedite the program.
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Old 07-26-2017, 09:15 PM
spacecase0's Avatar
spacecase0 spacecase0 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2014
Posts: 335
I have an even harder time visualizing what electrons are after reading something like this
so are they are they a particle ?
or a cloud ? and if so, how would they eat a cloud ?
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Old 07-28-2017, 02:46 AM
JasonVerbelli JasonVerbelli is offline
Join Date: Apr 2014
Posts: 42
Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
how would they eat a cloud ?
It's about converting energy in a pure form.
When we eat food, our bodies convert that and break it down and down and down until we atomically absorb the electrons pretty much.
Everything is about conversion.
But converting what into what? The SEG converts the random motion of "electrons" into an ordered motion. The result is a drop in temperature.

The bacteria takes in (eats)/ absorbs 1 thing, and then converts it.

It's about kinetic energy. AS IF there was a particle.
I know what an electron is Not, moreso than I know what "it" Is.
I lean more towards Walter Russell's explanations. Electric rings of compression. Not "balls".

Or Ed Leedksalnin's perspective on "Electrons" from his booklet "Magnetic Current".

This is why I put the word "electrons" in quotes. Because I don't like using the word, but people look at you crazy if you try to explain electricity without using accepted terminology. The energy of "electrons" is surely where they measure it to be. But there's a bunch of speculations and assumptions made by mainstream scientists.
Because of the Michaelson Morlay experiments.
But I lean more towards the work of Dayton Miller and his Aether Drift experiments. Dayton Miller's work proves there are no electrons.
But Michaelson and Moraly saw the same results and said they were compromised. Miller said you can't get accurate results unless you have the lab open to the environment and in high altitudes.
But M&M said it needs to be closed, and that if it's open, then the results can't be considered accurate because of influence.

Was a bunch of infighting until the mainstream accepted view was based on electron balls and Michaleson Morlay. But it doesn't make any sense once you advance enough in the 21st century to test differently.
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