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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.

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Old 05-12-2017, 05:54 AM
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Vlad Utkins cap flipping scheme.

hi everyone. Out of all the free energy concepts out there, there's 1 scheme that i'm intuitively drawn to. It's Vlad Utkins capacitor polarity flipping circuit. Pic1.
I have tried a couple of circuits that put a transformer in series with the run cap c3. this allows for some power recovery, while at the same time the run cap peaks at elevated alternating voltages with a bit of overshoot. I think this is worth investigating because transformers can be 90% efficient or better and the bulk of the charge on the run cap after each transaction gets re-used on the next hit. i think with optimization these factors combined with low loss switching could yield a little bit of overunity. the way i see it, the circuit boosts the voltage for us, but we still pay for the resulting boost in current at the voltage dividing caps, with the 40v input, so if there is any margin to be found it could be slim.
pic2 ran unbalanced in the recovery cap voltages and was just a learning step.
with revised transistor switching, dual inductors and c3 reduced to less than 500nf, pic 3 runs well balanced and both inductors sound identical in the earphones. i place a pocket am radio near each inductor to listen to its coils motor boat tone. pic3 also has crossover in the recovery section, so the side that is resting gets the recovery every time, as the consensus is that you can't loop energy into the front caps at the same time that they are supplying energy to the same circuit your trying to loop. at this point the inductors are 2 identical dual wound chokes as found on S.M.P.S circuit boards, with about 3.2 ohms dcr. diodes are either 1n5819 or fr302's. and mini isolation transformers, rated at 3k:3k feed the signals that switch the tips. No doubt there are improvements to be made in component choices and circuit designs. higher rated switching devices, lower dcr inductors and more input voltage are possibilities. not sure if it's better to just recover energy from the expanding magnetic fields in a bid to give the contracting fields nowhere to go but into c3 overshoot, or to go with voltage doubling in the recovery as in pic3. still trying different ideas. ultimately it would be better if it was self switching somehow, but i guess using a mains trafo for the a.c signal is o.k for exploring the potential of the concept.
caps 4 and 7 peak around 32v and caps 5 and 6 peak at around 16v when i got the pic3 circuit unlooped like in pic2. they settle aroundv 12.6 and 7.3 in circuit and running. from my possibly limited knowledge i assume 4 and 7 charge up on the expanding field and 5 and 6 get some from the field contraction/collapse, some of which goes in to c3 overshoot as well. as c3 cycles through alternating discharge/reverse charge cycles, i'm pretty confident current only goes 1 way during each event/cycle. i got more assumptions than answers, so i think my next investment should be in a digital scope kit.there are some capable looking kits on ebay for under $30 au. half assembled with prebuilt smd circuit boards.

So has anyone out there played with this concept or got any comments or tips.

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