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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.

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Old 06-08-2017, 11:29 PM
Vinyasi Vinyasi is offline
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Join Date: May 2013
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Exclamation Is Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter a Replication of Global Resonant Lightning?

http://is.gd/global_lightning -- Loads into your browser and executes JavaScript to simulate a resonant oscillator of an overly simplified conceptualization of the entire planet's lightning as an electrical circuit making use of a very small constant pressure of merely three volts from a DC battery to nurture this simulation initiated by an even smaller supply of wattage through this simulator's aerial. The outcome is a constant supply of discharges to ground in two locations every half second but alternating in polarity between them. The amperage of the discharges are only two to three times greater than positive lightning and spot on for positive lightning's voltage. But the buildup of voltage within the area of the circuit with the highest voltage (in an inductor and resistor at the bottom) exhibits a million times more voltage than its discharges. This makes sense to me if the core of the circuit is satisfying Eric Dollard's description of his analog computer in LMD mode: that it is analogous to conventional Tesla coils, 'cuz they build up lots of voltage with huge sparks flying off of them. So, I'm simulating an alternative to a Tesla coil and supposing it to be a conceptualized view of planetary lightning.

My webpage on this at ...
A Global Model for Resonant Lightning Simulated as an Idealized Thundercloud

A short video excerpt of this simulation is ...

An animated GIF of this excerpt is nearly 50 Mb here ...

I'm getting a lot of flack for proposing that I have a simulation of natural forces at work - global wide - that other scientists are unaware of supporting the loophole within Conservation of Energy provided by Noether's Theorem that energy need not be conserved under variation in time such as time dependent potential energy embodied by the buildup of voltage within a thundercloud ...


Even Eric admits to the duo nature of reflection and refraction of electricity and its conjugation just like crystallography admits to the extension of the lifespan of a circuit running on a fixed input of energy -- what is normally called overunity (that dreaded word among scientists).

But I trudge onward knowing that obstinance comes readily whenever a new idea is put forward.😅

a YouTube video

I'm wowed by reviewing Aaron's post to YouTube of Eric's video from his earlier Borderlands days in the bush with Thomas Brown walking around the RCA facility while giving a talk on Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter.

Once Eric gets to the point in this video of describing the operating principles behind the TMT, I am blown away by his use of distinct terminology exactly what I've come to learn from standard scientific opinion regarding the phenomena associated with my study of my derivation of Eric's LMD noted herein. I'm flabbergasted to now assume that Nature's wonder -- the lightning strike -- could be a manifestation analogous to the TMT.
  • mass free energy of the dimensions: length cubed divided by time squared. This is precisely what I've been recently saying that we have to throw out mass and the speed of light squared whenever confronted by the immortality of energy and replace this convention with a far simpler relation in which energy equals time.
  • term: definition of a true oscillating Tesla coil.
  • ball lightning and two oscillating resonant Tesla coils 180 degrees out of phase with each other creating a field of dematerialization of energy between them. This is what my simulations have always been exhibiting: a phase relation between either the amperage versus the voltage of 180 degrees difference, or else in the recent case simulating global lightning one electrical discharge to ground is of the opposite electric charge versus the other while both are discharging at the same time, once each half second, and alternating discharge polarity with every other discharge.
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Old 09-21-2017, 11:21 AM
Vinyasi Vinyasi is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 321
Getting More from Less

Posted to...

Please accept this submission to this venerable webpage. I own a 2002 RAV4 EV. I'm its third owner. I have no money to drive it at the moment. But I also enjoy the challenge of hypothetically figuring out power supplies that are a little bit unconventional.

Take the notion that energy in has to equal energy out plus losses due to heat, etc.

This is not accurately true.

The truth is far stranger than this.

All energy is contained within the energy states of all the copper atoms in the coils of wire inside the motor coils (for example). And the limit to which those valence electrons may be excited is limited by the electronic bonds holding the atoms of the copper wire together.

So, short of vaporizing the materials of construction of a circuit, a circuit already has all the energy it needs locked up inside itself. And the command to unleash all of that energy does not come conveyed via energy. It comes conveyed via information through resonance between two atoms across empty space (similar to the mutual inductance between two magnetizable atoms of iron within the ferrite, or other, core material of a coil of wire, for instance).

Wave mechanics explains whether or not a circuit becomes more or less excited due to the structure and geometry of the circuit cloning more waves in which the byproduct of greater or lesser electrical excitation arises, because an electric wave is composed of ephemeral information traveling along a circuit's wires plus material energy excited - in place - within the valence shells of each copper atom, etc.

We all know how easy it is to clone information. We do this all the time by copying an MP3 file.

And we have probably all heard about the phenomenon of 'doing the wave' at half time in a stadium.

The wave traveling across the stadium is merely an image, or pattern, not composed of any substance traveling across the stadium, nor composed of energy arising from matter, but is composed of people standing up and raising their hands and sitting down at the right moment of time to continue the ripple of that wave around the stadium.

So, a wave is composed of immaterial information, in the case of people in the grandstand of a stadium, and this information is predicated on the correct timing among various people performing a coordinated activity to create a rippling wave of the semblance of material motion. or energetic motion, when in fact the motion is immaterial across the stadium and limited material motion of energized people staying in the vicinity of their seats standing up and sitting down. In other words, the energy - in this example - is moving up and down while the synchronicity of timing is moving across the stadium. This combination of intelligence and energy is called Chit and Sat resulting in a wave of Love, or Ananda, being shared among all of the participants who are making this possible.

This is why it's possible to seemingly clone energy in a circuit which has not yet died making more from less (not something from nothing). Because the collective activity of all of the copper atoms, and other substances in a circuit, due to its design, can give the appearance that we have somehow performed a magic feat not acceptable to the laws of physics.

This is not so.

Emmy Noether penned a theorem on the Law of Conservation of Energy over a hundred years ago which gives an exclusion to itself...

is.gd - Shortened URL

Conservation of energy - Wikipedia

And phase conjugation is a wave phenomenon not taught to electrical engineers, but vitally important to power production since I believe this explains how time can be manipulated resulting in the appearance of more energy when the equivalent statement is also true, that: the circuit has become relatively more immortal for its lifespan has become increased to a limited degree. So, we can say that the energy traveling into a circuit has had its energy exiting out, increased. But it might be more useful to say that its energy density per unit of time has become increased due to the lifespan of its aggregate waves has been increased. Since a wave is made up of both material energy and immaterial timing, this is the heart of the secret to so-called 'free energy'.

An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation

It makes retroreflectors on the backside of vehicles possible...

Retroreflector - Wikipedia

And may also explain why energy in does not have to equal energy out...

From LTSpice simulation...

For LTSpice...focus your measurements on the inductor by the AC source...

Photons do not exist as visible light (ask any high altitude balloonist at 30 miles up whether any stars are visible) and are not needed to justify the transference of electrical energy within a wire. And the time lag between any two atoms in a copper wire, or elsewhere, is governed - not just by their distance, but - by the responsiveness between those two atoms. And this responsiveness can be altered in a circuit, which in turn alters its energy density per unit of time, which in turn can give the erroneous appearance that more energy came out of nowhere (which we don't have to assume at all).

The information traveling down the wire from the power plant to my appliances is governed by my paying the bill, but is also governed by the orchestra conductor of the AC generator at the power plant whacking its sine wave baton on its podium of the grid's transmission wire to keep my appliances in step with the beat of the AC generator and to give my appliances permission to behave in a lively manner.

But I can also govern their liveliness by any intercepting circuit juxtaposed between the power company and my appliances.

Take a simple capacitor...

When placed in between the kilowatt meter and my inductive appliances/loads, the watts are taken up by the capacitor to a large enough extent to reduce the meter's reading of those appliances by recycling their spent energy to use that energy again and again being supplemented only enough to make up for losses due to heat, etc, but not by the motion of the motorized appliances. The energy used to energize the coils of a motor, so to speak, are recycled in-house rather than returned to the power grid. They are returned to the in-house capacitor, instead, hypothetically saving me lots of money. (I haven't tried this yet, since I'm just a renter, not a homeowner, playing with simulations).

That's a simple concept of free information resulting in more excitation of energy by way of lengthening the lifespan of that energy giving the misconception that more energy has been produced from a limited quantity of energy.

A more sophisticated concept is what I like to call a House of Mirrors since the capacitors in this next circuit face each other plus a bank of spark gaps behaving as if they are neon bulbs at one end of the circuit driving this circuit's gain to instantaneously explosive results ...


But here, I do my best to regulate this wild stallion by the use of a few switches which you, the viewer, must operate...


My favorite circuit simulation is akin to lightning. It self-oscillates...


It's only caveat is that you have to wait around fifteen minutes between discharges. But hey... I'm not complaining! It's all fun to imagine a better world using a simulator to idealize electrodynamic behavior...

Happy EVing...
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