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Renewable Energy Discussion on various alternative energy, renewable energy, & free energy technologies. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.


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Old 07-08-2012, 08:47 PM
7redorbs 7redorbs is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 58
The Perpetual Atomic Force & Batteries and more

This is a publication

I have discovered that perpetual motion exists.

Perpetual motion naturally only exists at the atomic level concerning the orbits of the atom and the polarity charges of north and south pole. I have discovered that it can exist unnaturally and in the perpetual motion without losing the north and south pole orbits of the atoms that the electrons are made out of in a chemical battery. This publication is for the specific purpose of recording my findings.

I have discovered that perpetual motion exists at the atomic level. I have discovered that perpetual motion can be extended to exist beyond the atomic level. Now I am going to explain to you how I reached that conclusion.

Every day millions of billions of watts of energy is inducted into the ocean. This is carried by an invisible force of transmission that is not readily visible to the human eye. The energy that is coming into the ocean from the invisible force is not the same each day and each day of each year , or of each hour of each year of each century. The motion of the sea is timeless, but if you were to take away the moon and all of the planets then the Sea would not have any running current in it.

The technology of today takes the currents of the ocean and creates an obstruction to the running current. A second obstruction exists between the damn wall. This obstruction is the dam's electrical generator. In order to generate the electricity from the running water, the generator must partially obstruct the current, enough for the current to continue running, but not so little that the running current will not drive it's machinery around.

We now know that an effective obstruction to any substance that has a running current is a wall.

To make simpler, men of today build machines that they claim derive their electricity from the ocean's waves and the rivers currents, but I know for a fact that the planets and the moon constructed and conveyed the energy to make them move.

So the biggest difference between me and the scientists and enginers of the 21st century is that they whilst they chase the wind to fly their kites and the ocean and rivers to power their cities, I am looking for what powered the wind and the sea.

I have noticed how the living organism mostly consists of obstructions, such as the great wall that exists outside of each cell. Importantly I have noted that all life forms consist of running currents, and obstructions to the running current. For instance the human heart shares a commonality with the dam wall, like any good vein or artery, lung, or bowel. One could previously argue that the greatest secrets of the Alchemist would be one of perception, not of invention. Today you will note I am able to factually support that.

As I have said, the sea and the wind do not come from themselves. The currents of the wind and the sea, they do not create themselves. The currents of the wind form only when from one moment of time at one angle the sun is able to warm more than the other area's. To the scientists , current runs from where there is heat. To the alchemist the heat is the current. To me I think it is clear that the heat current is a new type of current that was created by an old type of energy that is not the same. For if the sun and the moon transmissions that motivated the ocean and wind to move, were the same as the heat, then the vacuum of space would indeed be hot, and quite light. Space is not hot and nor is it light. The wind is formed by variations in the shadow's and temperature of the surface, or rather, the wind wind is a time variable transient phenomenon created by patterns of obstructions to the sun. The pattern of the obstruction determines the direction of current. The density of the obstruction determines the type of current, whether it be light, visible, audible. To test if weather, light, heat, and electricity is created by obstructions get 1 dam and attempt to make electricity without a wall, or alternatively get one electrical heather and try and generate the heat without an obstruction. Another great alternative is attempting to make light from a lightbulb without an obstruction to the running electrical current. As far as I know there is nothing that can produce light that does not operate on the principle of obstructions. If all energy is movement only as the physicists glory in, then obstructions or their diffraction gratings are the only thing that can make the energy, or convert the energy. This suggests that all atoms have orbiting currents around them that are determining the properties of the light it can create by the physical spacing and timining of the movement of it's inter-component parts and their interaction, in the same way the diffraction grate can create red shifted and blue shifted light by high rotational speed, each atom and it's divided orbits of current is capable of producing a different character of light.

For instance denser bulbs will produce a greater amount of light than low pressure ones in the same way that an electrical dam will produce less light from a low pressure than a high pressure, in the same wire a low pressure voltage wire will produce a dimmer bulb at the obstruction point in the light bulb. This is because there is less magnets to furnish the wire, and a smaller density atomically, and thus the difraction gratings do not lag in the conveyance of the physical rotational energy.

If you connect a very high voltage cable to a very large wire, if the voltage is high enough the wire can still vaporise.

If I was to design a single piece of metal which cast a thousand shadows on itself at different angles, or I was to set a hot light-bulb or electricity source to rotate around that metal, then the voltage potential electrically and the heat currents thermal-dynamically would be relative to both the motion of the sun and the motion of the earth, and the distinct angle's and rotation's of them, effecting the shadow. In the case of the sun, it has a limited amount of fuel for itself to live, but the earth has an unlimited amount of fuel, because the earth sits next to the sun and the thousand million trillion watts it releases per picosecond/per nanometer..

To prove to yourself for sure that obstructions do generate heat you can stand in front of the sun on a hot day or put your hand in the way of a high pressure valve. If you do not believe that high pressure valve's of air alone can create heat you have not worked with the atomic force, or with explosives. A gun for instance as a lethal weapon operates on the order of obstructing a radial wave and concentrating it into a single horizontal impulse, and, obstructing that horizontal impulse secondarily with a lead pellet or explosive payload for the means and intent of permanently ending the life of it's victim.

The amount of heat that can be created by the atomic force is unlimited. The atom has plenty of energy wrapped around it, but it does not have any to spare us in it's present form. Inside all batteries, the metals orbits move perpetually at the atomic level, and when the battery strips apart the atom's then it's orbits are released to turn our machinery.

The difference between the atoms, our electricity and our machinery is that the Atom itself supports it's orbiting bodies and their movement indefinitely, and our electricity and machinery do not. This is proof enough that perpetual motion does not exist at the macroscopic level, or at the very least when running in currents which are obstructed differently than is found at the atomic level.

So whilst the battery itself has perpetually moving orbits in it's metal, once the acid breaks the perpetual force away from the atom, it will no longer run around in the wire like it did before. This proves to us positively that we cannot keep our electricity orbiting like the low energy in the atom does, at least unless the orbits are obstructed from escaping as can be found in superconducting magnets.

So whilst the dam obstructs the water escaping with a wall, it has the generator at the lower pressure potential, and that is why the current flows towards the hydroelectric generator and creates electricity. The atom itself works this way. The atom obstructs it's own energy from leaving itself, or conducts energy to maintain itself indefinitely. We can say with certainty that the perpetually moving atomic orbits of all “electrons” in all mass are a result from unobstructed movement in the same way that the orbit of the planet earth and the moon's orbits are a result of unobstructed movement. At the atomic level unobstructed orbits are indefinite and permanent as alike with the planetary orbits. Unobstructed they are continuous and stable.

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Old 07-08-2012, 08:48 PM
7redorbs 7redorbs is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 58
As we have discussed, the battery itself can generate the electricity and voltage because of the atomic orbits that are find in both the metal anode, metal cathode, and acid. Whilst the orbits of the electrons in each of the metals, and in the acid of the battery are all in perpetual movement, the electrons that are created by the chemical reactions in the battery do not orbit perpetually. The physicists and scientists claim that energy is consumed, but energy cannot be lost it can only be conserved, and so, if there was a perpetual amount of energy to begin with causing a very weak perpetual orbit and movement to begin with in the atom, it was not present after the battery had begun operating.

This serves as proof that the battery is a transformer for the weak atomic perpetual force of metal and acid, into the stronger non-perpetual electron force orbit motion. I have been working on a way to run the weak atomic force perpetually in great numbers in a device that is much larger than the atom with the specific idea of channelling the weaker negative pole orbits into the correct paths, so that either know energy can leave the large-atom of my specific geometric and electrical design, or that energy itself is drawn in to maintain it's movement in the same way that the weak force electrons and atomic force is able to maintain itself perpetually.

Whilst physicists and the patent offices maintain that perpetual motion cannot exist. It appears to me that electricity cannot exist without the perpetually moving atomic orbits. The same orbits that are responsible for electrical power in a chemical battery. This proves that the scientists and the patent office are chasing their tails or intentionally setting up inventors to fail with delusive and incorrect assumptions. The assumption here being that perpetual motion cannot exist. The proof being that the limited electron orbit DC battery only worked because of the perpetually pre-existing atomic force orbits in the metals and the acid were derived inefficiently to deliver non perpetual power. For the amateur enthusiast this requires a certain amount of repetition. The DC Battery converts the perpetually moving weak magnetic force that moves endlessly around the atoms per time into an electrically derived form that is primitive to the perpetually moving weak magnetic force. The cost for the removal of the perpetual power was an increased energy output. The energy output from the battery is of course much higher because the negative energy runs against positive atomic energy, and we know this is true because that is how the Atom's electrons and the atom itself is supposed to be working, and in turn keeps it's movement going and it's so-called electrons bound.

On planet earth, In the shade you will notice that you are behind an obstruction. If you find yourself in shade there are several things that may be going on, but in each of them, the same thing is always going on – the shade, or the lack of heat, it is always caused by obstructions in between you and the primary force. All the secondary forces, like light, and electricity, they are caused by the secondary force. Or rather by obstructed atoms, or obstructing atoms resisting or colliding it's orbits with some other force. This means of course that all the light from the sun is not a force itself, but is a production that is more like that of the fluorescent tube. Whereby the electrostatic discharge of the sun itself, excites the atomic orbits on the boundaries of the air in the ionosphere and the atmosphere and produces the visible sun we see today.

This all of course meaning that the sun , and the light from it we see, is in fact secondary and this secondary light is produced by the atomic orbit density reaction of the atmosphere and the ionosphere with the as yet unknown primary wave leaving the stars, the sun, and the moon.

It is highly likely, since the electron is perpetually moving, that this movement, like all electrical and kinetic motion flywheels is being driven by the same force - The North and South Pole. As are the orbits of the earth and the sun. Perpetual as well, unless obstructed by another planet.

When planets obstruct the earth and other gravity planes, then there exists an uneven pull of the alternating current type.

Many millions of these alternating currents are impressing themselves on the geometry of conductors and dielectric surfaces as of this moment, they are all coming from the sun and the stars, and the moon in the same way that in large number they have the capacity of moving the ocean, and the rivers, and that is why the dams and windmilsl existed - because the moon is doing a lot of the hard work.

Whilst scientists and engineers play with their windmill's and boat's I am going to play with the thing that is driving their wind current and their ocean current. The moon current. Please do check before criticising this work. There is no doubts that the millions and billions of watts in the ocean, it is determined by where the moon is, and you can look that up in any book.

What you can't do is find the answer I've given you in any book. I have sacrificed my life to bring it to you for free.

A . R . Bull, 2012

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