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arKzeRo 08-03-2010 07:32 PM

Feeling Magnetic?
Hi guys

i have wanted to ask this question for a few weeks,ever since i first embarked on my OU journy! You could say im quite the energetic virgin ;)

Anyway i don't want any of you to think i am mad or anything but here goes...

Can any of you feel magnets? i don't mean the normal physical feedback associated with picking up an object and holding it. I mean i feel a dull pulse in my finger bones when i hold neos and lesser so with iron based magnets! the feeling can get quite intense and uncomfortable so that i want to put the magnets down.

I asked my doctor if this was possible and he said that he hadn't heard of anyone that could feel magnetism in this way but powerful magnetic fields most certainly can effect the human body! He said also that if it was bothering me then i should stop playing with magnets :rofl:

I also have recognized that i can feel currents in wires if i squeeze them or at least i imagine i can feel them :confused:

Do you think that it is possible that i might be sensitive to magnets and electrical energy or have i finally went of the deep end and should be sent to a sanitarium ;)

anyway what do you all think?

Sending Love + Light from Bonnie Scotland


TanTric 08-03-2010 07:46 PM

hello jay,

our human body is also magnetic in someway, so maybe you have somekind of "gift" or your other senses besides the 5 that we all know, are awakening in your mind and that reflects in your phisycal body!

all things arround us, interact with our vibrations, our feellings and our ways to express ourselfs!

you can take the example of water, there's a study that proofs that water particules interact with our voice, or music... if you yell or scream the particles will act performing irregular shapes! if you say sweet words, and in a soft tone, the particles will arrange in perfect crystal shapes!

and most part of our body is water, so you can take your own conclusions!

so shorely you r not having hallucinations or anything like that, in fact you waking up and revealing the powerful god inside you trough your extra senses!

we are all special, and we all have that kinds of gifts!


king regards from portugal

nvisser 08-03-2010 07:47 PM

Hey Iron man!!

gyula 08-03-2010 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by arKzeRo (Post 106188)
Hi guys


Do you think that it is possible that i might be sensitive to magnets and electrical energy


Hi Jay

Yes, there are persons more sensitive to magnetic fields than others.

Some reading for you:

Magnetic Healing

Magnetic Therapy FAQ

Take care,


arKzeRo 08-03-2010 10:55 PM

ah thanks for the replies guys :thumbsup:

Yes thanks for those links gyula these were very informative sites!

So it seems could be that i am feeling increased blood flow through my hands when i am holding magnets or placing them on or near other areas of the body!

One thing i tried was timing the pulses i feel from magnets and wires and my own heart pulses and they don't correspond with each other in speed or timing so,maybe not blood flow? could it be nerve endings being exited? lol i don't know much in the way of biology either so that's a pure guess

one thing i will say is there is a major difference in the sensation i get from wires carrying current,the pulses are way faster and shorter! if that makes any sense. and magnetic ones are slow,steady and feel longer and deeper

@TanTric thanks also to you for your reply! I am a qualified sound engineer and worked in the musical field for years before moving into mobile and cable communications. in my spare time i still work with young and upcoming bands in my local area and when in session i often use a glass of water during sound checks! the water never lies but the equipment and software does - often! I saw also on the net that with a laser and a bowl of water you can see interference from magnets! I will have to obtain a laser and give that a shot.

@nvisser yes indeed! you have unmasked me! ;) So i hope you have been of good behavior! Don't make me put the suit on and come over there! :p
I love those movies :thumbsup:

Sending Love & Light from Bonnie Scotland


Joit 08-03-2010 11:04 PM

Hi Jay,
I can feel them also, and sometimes they make me dizzy, ie,
when i hold HDD Magnets, they are not healthy when both Fields are next to eachother
and i prefer more Disks or Bars, what have opposite Fields. And anyhow, they can help also.
I prefer to let this Pole, what points to the geographically Northpol, inside my Hands also the Soles.
The other Pole is better for the back of the Hand and all backsides from you.
At my Solar Plexus i could even feel before a while, that the Northpole
(this is the one, what points to our geographically Northpol), pushes out,
and the magnetic S-Pole drags more in.
At this mess with the Poles i am still not sure anymore,
how to call which Pole what, because allways opposite Poles attract eachother.
At a Compass one pole is labeled "N", but a N cant point to our N-Earth Pole.
And it shows again, how serious or Science is.
And therefor, that i did see that they have different abillities,
i think i would call them anyway different.

Regarding gyulas Link, there are indeed a lot of Companys, what sell magnetic mats and saucers,
but i am not sure, if they are done right or not.
It is even used at the medicine, that you can get a magnetic therapy with a stronger Magnetic Field,
but only from trained Persons.
I think it is a old Sience from China and India, but seems since you cant really proove the Effects, it is not really a Science.

Nadda 11-09-2010 03:40 AM


I also have recognized that i can feel currents in wires if i squeeze them or at least i imagine i can feel them
Yeah, electrical wires produce EMF an electromagnetic field. Part of that field is magnetic. So, if you can feel itin regular magnets you should be able to feel it in wires too. Water itself is magnetic to a degree. So you very well could be hyper-sensitive to the magnetic fields.

I seen that scientists can make frogs float with a strong enough magnet under then. i believe they said it was water repeling the field.

sucahyo 11-09-2010 06:58 AM

@arKzeRo, if you have pancake coil, see if you can feel the same thing on pancake coil side.. If you do not have it yet, make it from insulated copper.

See if you can feel the same thing from a battery.

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