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Gauss 04-20-2009 02:14 PM

World´s most efficient water heater and No 1 group of free energy research etc...
WITTS - World Improvement Through the Spirit - anyone has seen it?


How about Keely´s work? Brilliant like nothing else I´d say..... OU of 6000 is not bad...

This group is the best one out there, no question about it in my opinion. This work is worthwhile donating to and spreading the word too. Seems like marketing is not their strong side since I never saw them mentioned here. I wish they could open source some stuff too.

Check out the interview with Tim Thrapp, the spokesman for Witts an organisation where Tesla and Faraday have been former spokesmen....

Timothy Thrapp Part 2 3/17/2009 - James A. Robey on Blog Talk Radio

jibbguy 04-20-2009 06:13 PM

"Knight of the Bath" ?
The extraordinary claims are growing.

Now Mr. Thrapp (Sir Timothy now?) is saying besides the generator we saw before they have a 100% water car, working anti-gravity vehicles, and that WITT has been inventing important stuff for over 200 years now (...like the computer??). Before the time frame given was "40 years" as i recall.

We have seen his videos from before, and many of us had heard their scheme for getting paid: You must make a donation of at least $200 to get any kind of proof or further information at all, and that is still at their whim.

Unfortunately Mr. Thrapp has been around a long time and his reputation for making large claims and never proving anything so far is rather well-known... And this is within the community, let alone with skeptics.

I would call on Mr. Thrapp (and i have last year via email) to Open Source some of their "products" and thus end this skepticism. If they have a portfolio this impressive, they could "spare" a device, such as the "900 Watt" model gen. They don't appear to be going the Patent route anyway.

Although the heater appears to be a valid concept, done by several others, too (...A second inner drum or sphere with oil in between, generating heat by simply rotating).

I am sorry for sounding negative but this model of using a not-for-profit religion for fund raising is not very good for the reputation of the genre, imo. If i were wealthy i would just spring for the $200 for the heck of it and see what he is offering in the way of proofs (..unless i soon found that it was only the first "pay-off" and more cash was required to see anything).

It's of course possible they do have something there with the generator or water car... We could help them get the devices out there if they were more forthcoming (... And thus actually get them much more money in the end). These markets we are talking about here are so huge, 200 factories could never produce enough devices.

Tim 04-21-2009 04:05 AM

WITTS Ministries is the real deal. I donated to the cause and was able to see many of the devices demonstrated.

I've been researching, developing and building "alternative" devices for 8 years or so. I know the difference between an amp and a volt. Sir Timothy blew my socks off! These minister/scientist/engineers are the most advanced in these technologies as I've ever come across.

In my opinion, their intention is absolutely to help restore the earth to a paradise. Most of their devices are much more advanced than meets the eye. They may look a little crude in the videos, but the principles they employ are very sophisticated and are not easily duplicated in a person's garage.

Don't confuse the ministry with other religious institutions. They are not becoming wealthy off the donations they receive. They truly want to help, but it won't happen within the fading paradigms of greed and corruption that seem to be everywhere. The capitalists are only interested in the money.
I hope I don't offend anyone on this forum, but I felt WITTS needs someone to speak for them since people sometimes have a difficult time with the manner in which the ministry communicates.

Again... I've seen it first hand. My life has not been the same since.
- Tim

Gauss 04-21-2009 07:39 AM

Tim, I agree with you too since I have had the chance to speak to Sir Timothy about very specific technical problems. If anyone has been through it all(Meyer(Thrapp sold consultancy services about 10 times to the Meyer twins), Gray(was working in the Witts lab), Stubblefield, Tesla, Keely, Hendershot etc, etc) it is him and his organization Witts. I got real answers to my questions and he knows technical details(AWG, turns, materials, electronics, physics etc etc) by heart.

Furthermore this group has landed on Keely which is the basis of all their advanced devices I believe, the tripolar/triunar energy and the balance between them is the key to success of all the best(and stable!) free energy devices in fact. And it is not easy to achieve(you need crystals and you need to cut them perfect to achieve dissonance etc) or understand and Keely is the ingenius(probably of all times) father figure of all our future technology. Read Universal laws and you will see what I mean.

Thrapp spent millions on his research for 20 years with his real estate company profits and he is not the most stupid guy on earth I can tell you...

That being said I still think they should open source some of their simpler techs and get more credibility and PR asap. He told me it was not until 1-2 years ago that the American government and UN told them they could work more freely on their technology and get public.

Now I suggest they run some demos and get out of the shades asap starting to raise money like the Orion project. Their factory idea is good but very fragile since it takes about one guy to ruin the whole factory like it has happened before to them. 11 times their lab was destroyed by government agencies.... That tells the whole story basically....

So their marketing and their production strategy is Witts weak spot. They want to do everything by themselves(Amish people is self sufficient) which hinders a quick start up of production. I believe they can and will change their strategy for the benefit of everyone including themselves. Or we risk status quo to continue until we all go down.

Anyway, support them(check for yourself and try the technical consultation in case you have questions) and spread the word to "normal" people, their is none who is better out there, for sure. Thanks.

jibbguy 04-21-2009 03:02 PM

Tim and Gauss, that is very interesting.

Could either of you provide us with some details on what you learned? Was there any independent test data that could be verified somehow; and did either of you see these devices working with your own eyes?

I am certainly willing to change my tune if there are proofs, but Mr. Thrapp has a bit of a hill to overcome with many people in this regard and what i said above is not just my opinion, it is fairly widespread... And we are not talking about the usual skeptic "coppertops" and knee-jerk deniers here, either... But peeps who would wish it to be all true, if they could only trust the information as accurate and not risk damaging the movement's general credibility by following those with absurd-sounding claims.

Also, i am curious about the "Amish" angle. I grew up near the "Middlefield" Amish community (probably about 12,000 Amish in that area of NE Ohio), and knew several Amish people, some of them becoming friends while working together... I've visited their farms and homes, helped them out by driving them to work or town, stuff like that. This is rather unusual behavior for what i would expect from Amish, who generally forsake technology. It's true they must Pasteurize the milk they make if they want to sell it; so they often have electricity in the barns (which was allowed years ago by their Councils), but the majority who do that still do not have power in their homes.

But i can testify that they do have vehicles that are powered by nothing but water and grains... They are called "Horse and Buggies" ;)

Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful way of living close to nature and i envy their serenity and their focus on the important things in life while not getting ensnared in consumerism and popular culture, which appears to be doing our society more harm than good. I've never seen any of them stressed.

But my point is that i would be surprised if the WITTS peeps can be called "Amish". A detailed and verifiable history of this group would be very interesting to see. Imo, they are certainly entitled to their anonymity up until they want us to believe their claims and send them money, then it is a different story... And the existence of this new website and amazing claims made there show us all that now is the time for disclosure; if they expect any sort of credibility.

Peter Lindemann 04-21-2009 03:51 PM

Pure Poppycock!!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but when it comes to Ed Gray, there is no one who knows more about his real history than my friend Mark McKay. Mark has shared most of this research with me in computer files and long conversations. Over the last 5 years, Mark has quietly interviewed every living member of Gray's family who had knowledge of the technology, and every living person who ever worked with Gray on his technology. The real story is quite different than the generally believed "public version" of the story published in newspaper articles from the 1970's, but I assure you, it does not include "working in the WITTS lab".

This one, absurd and provably FALSE statement, should cause EVERYONE to seriously doubt the rest of these outrageous claims by "Sir Timothy" and WITTS. Any person who entertains the idea that Tesla, Stubblefield, Keely, and Meyer all needed help from WITTS to accomplish their technologies is, in my personal opinion, delusional in the extreme.

I first met Tim at a friend's house in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid-1990s. He never made any claims like this then, but he was famous for pumping people for information and never telling anyone anything! This experience, of being pumped by Tim, eventually became known in the underground vernacular as having been "THRAPPED"! To describe the experience to others, I coined the term "intellectual diode", where information goes in, but nothing comes back out.

Tim is famous alright, but not for ever showing an enlightened attitude of sharing his knowledge or of actually helping his fellow man.

You can believe whatever you want, but I don't believe ONE WORD that comes out of WITTS, or the newly Knighted "Sir Timothy". Tim has NEVER shown anyone I know that these technologies actually work, and that includes all the major players in the FE community.

That's my two cents,


sigzidfit 04-21-2009 04:15 PM

Another unbeliever
I'm sure there are one or two low to no income people out there who could benefit from "The World's most efficient water heater". Releasing that info free and open source would be a great place to start building credibility.

I won't be holding my breath for it.

Michael John Nunnerley 04-21-2009 04:39 PM

Do not believe a word
@ Peter

I agree with you totally, in my book they are C A´s and make quite a good all be it legal living out of the believers. They are dangerous, be very careful with your money, there is no credibility in any of their claims, if there was we or I should say the whole world would know about it. As to marketing, if their claims are right, the technologies would sell themselves.


h20power 04-21-2009 05:34 PM

@ Michael John Nunnerley and Peter Lindemann

I agree with you both for the one thing I learned from the studying of Edward Bernays is how people go about fooling people. I anyone wants to see how the works of Edward Bernays makes it so you buy things you have no need for in action watch these videos:
The Century Of The Self - Part 1 of 4 - By Adam Curtis
The Century of the self 2 of 4
The Century of the Self 3 of 4
The Century of the self 4 of 4

Once you watch and learn what is going on in these videos you will never be effected by false propaganda again. I for one can't not be fooled by them, and/or anyone else using this form of brainwashing even before I learn of this. For when we went to war with Iraq the first time I saw just what they were doing to Sudam so that people would want him dead even without ever knowing anything about him. One bit of information kept from everyone is this; When the city got gased it was an accident, for they where are war with Iran and when the chemical bombs where set off the winds shifted and it blew the wrong way. Now knowing this think back to what you where told of the dead in that city, and to why they where dead, and know that you where lied to for political purposes.

In that site they first get at your feelings, your desires, and then make you feel as if you do not donate you will be doing the world more harm than good. Right out of the works of Edward Bernays cook book they follow it to the letter. Why? Because it works!


Gauss 04-21-2009 07:57 PM

Well, these comments were expected, as far as I understand it Tim joined the Witts organization in the 90s and he says there were 7 spokesmen before him, ie Faraday and Tesla. If they are Amish or not, I have no clue. And if all he says is true or not, I have no clue, what I do know is that he understands free energy technology better than anyone I talked to.

Specifically I know that he told me detailed stuff about the Meyer water ion engine and that the coils with SS-Cu wire is not stable and that Stan never got it stable nad he had help from Rick Schneider too I believe. The polar(dominant) energy will fry the coils at any given moment when there are too many neutrinos around, same trouble goes for all free energy devices. 10% is achieving OU and 90% is tuning it into stability. Then about the water heater it is composed of 3 neutrals(3 discs are neutral) and 3 energies(3 discs are harmonic, enharmonic and diatonic) as Keely practiced. This is imperative to achieve balance between the triunar energies(polar, dipolar and parapolar as Thrapp defines them).

I agree on the part that Witts haa not open sourced anything is far from optimal and seems like a very bad idea. But to say he is a scam, well...... Think again. Mainstream people will ALWAYS claim he is a scam just like they will proclaim Keely was a scam. Imagine someone is on a much higher level, they are always around and will always be.....

Who can replicate the water heater? Almost none I´d say. The effort would be titanic and demand crazy money, crazy time and an extremely talented and creative man.

theremart 04-21-2009 08:57 PM

%100 scam.
I agree with Peter.

Look at the info at PESwiki.

Also the info on EVgray on yahoo have this pegged as %100 scam.

Do your homework and save your $.


Tim 04-21-2009 09:29 PM

I've seen it with my own eyes.
I'm definitely not here attempting to create controversy but only wanted to share a little about my personal experience with WITTS.

I have seen, in person, the generator featured in the video lighting fifteen standard 100 watt bulbs and powering itself. I am very convinced there were no hidden wires and there was no power broadcasting/receiving going on. I examined the machine top, bottom, back and front as thoroughly as I wanted. The theory of operation explained to me seemed reasonable and would also go a long way to explaining many other FE anomalies. The device operates as presented in the video.

My conversations with Sir Timothy have always felt honest and forthright. You might disagree with the way they present themselves but none of us are walking in their shoes with their perspectives. There has been nothing I've seen or heard directly that indicates anything but an honest effort to bring technology out... even if it appears their method is imperfect.

I too hope they can bring some low-tech device out to help everyone who can operate a screwdriver and a wrench. They've indicated their desire to do this also and are working toward it. But don't look for the water heater or the larger generator as yet... they are not as simple as they appear... much more than wire, electronics, and switches.

Peter - I just want to let you know I read your book and watched your videos in the early 2000's. Thank you for being an inspiration and getting information out to people. You and your material contributed toward opening my eyes to a different world. I know you've influenced many out there. I appreciate it!

Also, I don't frequent this forum often but I do enjoy the overall respectfulness, intentions, and enthusiasm shared by many here. Very cool group.

- Tim

I did my homework... and it cost a few $. I got more than a bargain!

Mark 04-21-2009 09:45 PM

Hi Tim

Please explain more about the theory of operation explained to you that seemed reasonable and would also go a long way to explaining many other FE anomalies.

Raui 04-22-2009 02:03 AM

I browsed this thread last night, watched a few of their videos. Something didn't click right for me. I mean can they give some sort of substancial proof that Faraday and Tesla were spokespersons of WITTS? I mean huge claims like that require huge amounts of proof.

I also believe that the only way we are ever going to get technology out there is not through a company. It will take an individual who posts what they find on the internet and then its out there in the public domain. Then people will come along replicate it be astonished, tell their friends and so the fad spreads.

Anyway thats going slightly off topic. After what Peter Lindemann has shown has made me even more skeptical of WITTS. We Intend To Transmute Scams is how I see their organisation at this moment in time.

One last quick thing, the focus on god at their website reminded me somewhat of Dennis Lee (see: Directory: Dennis Lee) - PESWiki). Things like this top it off;

Please pray about this and ask God what he would have you do to help. Then make the donation according to the amount God leads.

Mavrick23 04-22-2009 03:23 AM

I don't see any problem, God isn't leading me to donate anything. So their suggestion ends it for me.

Gauss 04-22-2009 06:33 AM

This is really funny how some(who are you actually?!) writes them down without any subject arguing or knowledge about crystals, sympathetic vibrations and the extremely advanced science of Keely. That gives Witts alot of extra credit and power in my eyes(thanks to you whoever you represent), and my eyes are clearly different to most....

Let´s imagine the government destroyed their lab 11 times and that government agencies know they must be more "careful" not to show off since the political climate has radically changed in the last few years with deteriorating climate and environment. How are they going to stop him next time? By using their 5000 agents writing him down on the web stopping people from reading Keely etc and IF Witts gets money make sure their factory is taken down quickly after construction.

About Witts, spokesmen etc, etc, I agree all of it sounds funny but remember anything is possible and focus on the science, maybe Tesla and Faraday had a broad political insight of how things worked and they wanted to make sure good things were developed after they left this place. And imagine government was so-so happy about them being around, threatening and silencing them etc, etc.

Get the book "Universal laws never revealed" and think again. In the future we can all dump our tank circuits and go to a higher level of perfection with crystals. Read HANS VON LIEVEN - Hans Von Lieven is a clever man...

Anyway, there is no "guy" who can replicate the water heater or their quantum device simply because the challenge of cutting and tuning the crystals to balance would be an insurmountable mountain to any normal man with little time and money. Remember nano engineering, what is the cost and complexity of one such cutting machine??.... Different level, that is all. And Witts must change marketing strategy if they are going to get any sort of success.

This is the reason why you all believe this is a scam - "nobody" knows which kind of mountains Mr Keely and Witts climbed, start educating yourself is my advice. This is always the best medicine. How do you think Mr Moray achieved his results? Well, Keely(interpreted by crystal vibrations and modern electronics instead of acoustic sympathy which demands unhuman precision) here we go again.

Times are getting interesting, that is for sure. When there are more educated people(and they are growing quickly these days thanks to the web) we can finally end the miserable status quo. The story with NSA and Mylow gives us a clue of what is happening out there, still today.... And they are not advanced or strategic when they go after a truck driver with no means at all... :cheers:

Gauss 05-06-2009 07:14 PM

News from Witts:

Timothy Thrapp of WITTS and the 'dominant energy' field

Anyone ready to learn more?

dambit 05-07-2009 02:40 AM

The way these people (witts) go about promoting themselves does reek of a scam. Having said that, I am familiar with much of Keeley's work and the water heater they show does have a lot of similarities to many of Keeley's common design elements. This could be done on purpose to make people think it is Keeley inspired, or it could be because it works and that is just the way it looks.

Bottom line is this, the intellectual diode analogy seems to fit and unless they give something, they will always be labeled a scam.

Lets face it, if they had even one of these devices working they would not need donations. Case closed. :rofl:



ashtweth 05-07-2009 03:33 AM

Giving money to Thrapp

NO comment

Gauss 05-07-2009 07:32 AM

@Dambit; IF(Keely is far from easy) you are familiar with Keely you would know his original devices demand an unhuman mechanical precision to achieve stable resonance and balance between the tripolar energies by tones, geometries, rotation and (con)chords. That is why nobody has ever managed to copy his machines, they all have to use crystals and electronics. Keely is seen as a scam because he was truly beyond anyone.

Witts water heater crystals are cut by hand and tuned during several months by many people. Crystals are damned difficult to tune. And a machine to cut them with the right precision costs many many MUSD(nano cutting machines). In fact Witts once got money for the machine but the MIB destroyed the factory. If that happens again the next time, well, it is not unlikely.... But maybe by that time the headlines after that action will make it a real success for FE anyway... I assume Witts use crystals in most of their FE devices like their quantum device.

Just donate 20 USD and have a look at the stories from famous engineers and scientists. Those guys(pHDs, R&D bosses of Fortune 500 companies etc, etc) with names and contact data tell the whole story about Witts. This is for real and 20 USD is not a whole lot of money to risk anyway... Good that they come forward anyway and hopefully soon they will open source some stuff. That is when this gets really interesting.

sucahyo 05-12-2009 08:18 AM

Here is a book about Keely:
Internet Archive: Free Download: Keely and his discoveries; aerial navigation

The file is searchable, there is no mention about crystal in his device. It is mentioned about water and air or mercury inside his copper sphere.

For very efficient water heater, read Dr Robert George Adams work:
Aethmogen - March 2001 Information Release

There are also radiant energy OU generation.
Aethmogen - March 2001 Information Release

For any device utilizing frequency like what Keely does, I think learning Royal Rife work should be important, also John Hutchison effect. At ancient time there are even men that can cure people, stopping wind, teleportation and fly utilizing flute and vibration technology, King David and King Solomon and their scientist.

Gauss 05-12-2009 10:38 AM

@Sucayho: Well, somehow you got to interpret Keelys work.....

That is why you use crystals because no single man(without 10s of millions on his hands) on this planet would be able to build the devices he built with the kind of mechanical precision demanded to make it work, and still you would have to be a musical genius to get anything out of it. A crystal(ie Piezostrictor) can generate acoustic waves with good precision, that is the key.

Pls check HANS VON LIEVEN for more info. Keely is the highest level because he went the deepest inside the aether and life giving energies.

wrtner 05-12-2009 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 52487)
Get the book "Universal laws never revealed" and think again. In the future we can all dump our tank circuits and go to a higher level of perfection with crystals. Read HANS VON LIEVEN - Hans Von Lieven is a clever man...

That fascinating book is by Dale Pond.

Don't confuse Hans' site, HANS VON LIEVEN with the original Keely
site, KeelyNet 2009 - Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science - 01/01/09, i.e. KeelyNet 2009 - Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science - 01/01/09

Why would anyone create such a confusion?

Peter Lindemann 05-12-2009 04:12 PM

Trolling for Money

Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 53868)

Just donate 20 USD and have a look at the stories from famous engineers and scientists. Those guys(pHDs, R&D bosses of Fortune 500 companies etc, etc) with names and contact data tell the whole story about Witts. This is for real and 20 USD is not a whole lot of money to risk anyway...

Gauss, Tim, and other WITT supporters,

The dictionary defines "donation" as something "freely given, with nothing expected in return". But since the "donation" you are asking for is "REQUIRED" before you share, it is obviously NOT a donation at all, but a FEE. You say "$20 is not so much to risk", but its not a risk at all if the money is actually DONATED. Just the way you talk unmasks your silly game.

You hide behind your religious organization and the false history of WITTS, but no one here is fooled. You are here, just TROLLING FOR MONEY!

By contrast, this forum consists of the LARGEST GROUP of genuinely generous people in the entire FE movement. Dozens of people here routinely SHARE their ideas, insights, designs, schematics, and videos of their experiments running, so the rest of us can learn, grow, and replicate the work.

You people have shared nothing, shown nothing, and DONATED nothing to us. It's only right that we behave the same towards you! Don't think of it as "negativity". We are not the one's suppressing your work, YOU ARE!

I have a proposal for you. SHARE SOMETHING with us that is of actual value, that a few people here can replicate and report on as REAL. That will go a long way toward dissipating our skepticism. If you are unwilling to do that, then why don't you just go TROLL FOR MONEY somewhere else.

You must think you are the WITTS and we are the DIM WITTS, but I don't think so.:rofl:


Mark 05-12-2009 04:55 PM

Well stated Peter! Pay $20.00 and they'll give you some testimonials!

What a joke :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

sucahyo 05-18-2009 04:07 AM


Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 54269)
That is why you use crystals because no single man(without 10s of millions on his hands) on this planet would be able to build the devices he built with the kind of mechanical precision demanded to make it work, and still you would have to be a musical genius to get anything out of it. A crystal(ie Piezostrictor) can generate acoustic waves with good precision, that is the key.

I don't remember reading something about the need of precision to build Keely device, that only Keely can make it. Initially Keely even want to make his device replicable by anyone. At King David era the sound is hearable by human, at Keely era too, by Dale Pond too, some Royal Rife too.

A page at John Bedini website mention that the frequency is best to be in sine from. Since John Bedini already work with custom frequency generator for sometimes, we can expect John Bedini will publish a true device that work by Royal Rife principle. From the page I have conclusion that to make a device it's is not just crystal that need to be tuned to achieve the frequency, every component has to be selected carefully from a large batch.

If you can get contact to some copper musical instrument maker, you can ask for their help to tune for you. Most of the musical instrument in Indonesian Java's Gamelan are made from brass or copper, there are some maker that still make them. You can ask for their help to tune to what ever frequency that you need.

I somehow doubt that crystal tuning technology is superior than copper/brass mechanical tuning tradition. You need to hear it directly to know the quality. Maybe crystal can achieve that precision, but it would take a mastery to tune them. A single hammering at certain location in a brass "gong" can change how it's sound and the maker have difficult problem to make two equally sounded "gong". I can not imagine how a 3 dimensional crystal would be tuned? sawing? cutting? hammering? punching? with laser? if the dimension is the same, would two crystal will have exactly the same vibration?

For anyone interested in tuning brass musical percusion instrument, Kraton in Yogyakarta have the best gamelan, they has a tuner or you can ask where to find them.

Matthew Jones 05-18-2009 11:30 PM

They could solve all the delimas with one well documented open source project.

But they haven't and they don't look like they will anytime soon.

Its a shame to think they may be telling the truth and they may have some technology, but they maintain the secrecy, so you have to doubt.


elias 05-19-2009 04:43 AM

Reasons for Not Open Sourcing
Hi everyone,

There are only two reasons for not open sourcing:
1- Greed
2- Hoax

That's all, I cannot find a third category?! Maybe mistrust, which also belongs to "Greed" or Fear, which I doubt they have, otherwise, there was no website to promote their idea unless it is a hoax.

If they truly love humanity why are they gathering money from people? Instead they'd better open source the idea and share it among everyone as well as themselves.


WeThePeople 05-19-2009 05:59 AM

Can we continue now?
While trashing this (Alleged) buffoon seems to be playing out in great length at this point,
Am I going to get slammed if I suggest we get back to basic premis of this posts topic?
I mean was it supposed to mean "Lets rant about this guy claiming this instead"?

Soooo, in YOUR opinion,
what IS the "Most Efficient" one then?

Lemme offer the first move in a more informative direction.

What about "Cavitation" water heater ideas like:
Hydro-Sonic - James L. Griggs (HPump)

I mean, we've all seen this idea heating this Fire-Station, right?

General Griggs Info/;

Strobescope Freeze - Shows effect real-time/;
YouTube - SPR Cavitation

A sample company...:
Hydro Dynamics, Inc - The Solutions Company

I hope this induces informative influx of useful info (Instead).

The problem I've seen is that never has a smaller one been made that I can find by google to indicate that a central water-heater/enviroment-heater/slab-heater of a residential nature would be cost effective.

Correct me if wrong, and provide links please, TY.

(Oh, and what a wonderful forum. It is now my homepage, and I will try to read for a month or so before my second post. But this was clearly off the tracks and needed the "goodwill" bump.)

We The People

Gauss 05-19-2009 07:20 AM

Well, this is a bit disappointing...

Peter Lindemann I am disappointed with your tone, why are you so aggressive against Witts and Sir Timothy, are you afraid of them threatening your "FE community position" or is it something else that bothers you? Just tell us now please.

Your tone is below par, why this aggression? If you are that good that you can ridicule these guys show us some of your stuff Peter and become the king. It is good there are authors about FE but even more important are the builders of working devices and I don´t see them many places.. Eric Dollard and Bedini built stuff and they are/were your friends but I don´t see them attacking colleagues like you do here. And frankly speaking have you never been wrong about FE tech like Ed Gray´s engine? Maybe you are making a mistake, just consider it..

"How you know other people is how you are" - an old saying that tells us alot..

Peter since you are so active here why don´t you contact Sir Timothy for a personal demo so you can become friends again and check back with the rest of us here and tell the truth about Witts to everyone.. BECAUSE IF THEY ARE FOR REAL YOU WANT EVERYONE TO GET THIS TECH RIGHT? Or is your personal pride making you irrational?

I am sure Witts would like to show you some stuff, ie a working Mylow motor.:cheers: So go and visit them please!

Yes Witts should open source some stuff asap but they just came out of a cave 200 years old, give them some time to update their homepage...

I suggest we get some testimonies published here FOR FREE with Witts permission that I will now ask for... It is funny 20 USD upsets some people because if you run a scam and steal 20 USD from someone´s pocket the rumour will spread quickly in places like this one!

@Sucahyou, I have a different picture about nano tech than you have, I suggest you read about crystals and how you cut them and which types of machines are needed for which sizes and geometries. There are many excellent web sites. One thing is for sure, money is needed. And about Keely, Hans Von Lieven says it all, he spent 30 years studying Keely and he is a professional physicist and a clever guy. Keely spent like >1 billion USD(in today´s money value) in 10 years on perfecting his machines mechanically, he was a builder like noone else in my opinion... If you are familiar with organ builders working methods you might understand Keely better.

Time will tell who is doing good things and who is not. Look at other people in order to find their strengths, the weaknesses are there to be filled in by their friends.

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