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BroMikey 05-21-2017 05:22 AM

Prostate Enlargement Normal
Prostate collects poisons and is a protection. It stops you from
going pee if enlarged and when you have a bowel movement
it's swollen condition can hurt very badly. All men begin to get
an enlarging, however great or tiny starting normally at age 40 years.

No one in your family who is old will explain this to you because
either they don't understand what is happening to them or they are
to embarrassed to talk about growing old issues with the younger.

At age 50-60 years over half the population of men begin to
experience the reduced ability to urinate in the middle of the night,
rising as many as 4-6 times in a pattern of broken sleep.

In this condition you could died if you get passed a beer or two at
a party or family reunion. The hops in beer can cause a huge reaction
that turns off your urinary track completely. If you had a few and this
happens all of the toxic poisons that need to be relieved from your
system now recirculate through your entire body for days until
such time as your system may begin functioning.

This happened to me 1 month ago. I use to have a beer when I was
a kid 30 years ago but stopped. One night after all those years I drank
a glass 10oz or two of after dinner wine like I had done 10-20 times
over the past 30 years with no troubles. Then I had 1 glass of beer.

My mind went completely out on me as if I were having a poison
dream at night. Suddenly I went from feeling fine to completely
paralyzed with toxic waste that I could no longer expel from my
body. I was in a terrible unclean state of mind and body for 5 days
until I was rushed to the ER.

My emotions were out of control, my mind was in a state of blacking
out for hours and while people around me knew something was wrong
they had no idea what. I cried for 8 days trying and hoping my body
would begin to work right as I stood over the stool every 15 minutes
for 5 days of exhaustion.

I will continue this soon. If you are unaware that males begin this
enlargement process at age 40 year, BEWARE, be educated and
be safe. No one will warn you.

You could died from it and no one would understand why.

Here is an example of why it may hurt to use the bathroom as
you get older. Follow the instruction in the link if you want to
be protected. GMO foods are the worst offenders and in my opinion
are a bio-weapon used to damage healthy function.

Even the beer now is GMO. Be careful and don't let one ignorant
moment claim your life.

Look at the chart men. Bladder and prostate.




BroMikey 05-21-2017 05:43 AM

Fixing the problem
A few things that work. The enlarging is caused by it's protective
action of collecting toxins so cleansing can be done.



saw palmetto,




zinc in pumpkin seeds

amino acids


Silver water

Magnetic pulsing

blood electrification

Maca root

GREEN TEA to replace water


Aaron 05-21-2017 06:42 AM

prostate remedy
You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication or healing device program. Statements about products and health conditions here have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If you have a health concern of any kind consult with your health care professional. Information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice of a doctor or other medical professional. Energetic Forum does not make any medical claims or warranties regarding the use of methods described.

My mentor, Roger Estes, was a natural healer, brilliant artist and genius inventor.

One of his inventions is the #1 most effective prostatitis and BPH treatment that has ever been invented.

Here's the story...

He had bad hemorrhoids and knew that warm sitz baths helped. One day at his sister's apartment in the middle of winter, he hear some ruckus down the street, opened the window and sat on the hot radiator heater to poke his head out to see what was happening.

Instantly that heat relieved his pain.

Not too long after that, he had a prototype heating element in a .30-06 bullet casing connected to a switch and battery. He inserted it rectally and flipped on the switch. When it got too hot, he turned off the switch until it cooled down then turn it on and repeat.

Soon after, it cured his hemorrhoids.

Follow me here - it's relevant... lol

Not too long after, he got this patent: https://www.google.ca/patents/US4142529

It was only cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hemorrhoids and they limited the temp to 113F.

It looked like this:



Many of the clinicals were done right here in Spokane at Sacred Heart Hospital. It blew away anything that had ever been developed for hemorrhoid treatment.

50% of women get reoccurring hemorrhoids after childbirth from all the pushing. In a study in Japan, 100% of the women who used this machine before giving birth never developed hemorrhoids!

There is a long list of success.

After a while, Roger and Dr. Charles T. McGee received a letter from the Chinese government, in Chinese so they took it to a local Chinese restaurant to see if someone would translate it.

The letter said it worked great for all their hemorrhoid tests, but there were unexpected results. Those with rectal, prostate and bladder cancers were getting cured. They wanted McGee and Roger to come to China to talk business.

Not long after that, Roger was given the royal treatment, became good friends of the son of the last Emperor of China, etc...

The heat after 1 hour increases the core body temperature by 1 degree. It creates an artificial fever that cranks up the interferon and leukocytes to go fight infections, etc... For hemorrhoids, it heats up the area tricking the body into fighting against a non-existent burn and that is what heals it so quick. Those are the thinnest veins in the body right in the rectal area but then all that immune response gets pumped up to the heat and distributed through the rest of the body giving remote benefits to all kinds of things.

The prostate is close enough that the heat warms the prostate and combined with the immune response, shrinks the prostate.

Countless men who used it that woke up many times per night could take ONE single treatment for 30 min to 1 hour before bed and they slept through the night without waking up once!!!

Years after Roger's patent expired, the Russians, Koreans and Swiss copied his unit. Being the kind of person he was, Roger was ecstatic! He thought - GREAT - that way more people will have access to it.

The Swiss unit was the best and Roger even liked it more than his own. Around 2000-2001, Roger and McGee formed Chee Energy and we sold this unit with our light blankets and some other items.

The Swiss unit looked like this:


The Swiss unit was H + P meaning hemorrhoid and prostate. The hemorrhoid probe was about the size of a pinky and the prostate probe was about the size of a middle finger to come in contact with the prostate.

However, that was not necessary. The small hemorrhoid probe was enough to heat the prostate effectively for all the benefits.

This localized heat is very important. In the 1930's maybe, McGee found at John Hopkins that there was an "Elliot Treatment Regulator." It was a bladder inserted vaginally into women with pelvic infections. Hot water was run through it, hotter than 113F, but what the benefit was is that the immune response was so incredible that the infections went away with no re-occurrence. It could knock out gonorrhea, etc... just by heating the area.

The Swiss unit is isn't available nor are Roger's units. However, anyone can sit for 30 min to 1 hour on a heater - the oil kind like this:


Straddle it with as hot as one can stand for that time and it will also heat the area. 30 min to 1 hour per day every day for about 1-2 weeks, then cut down to every other day for 1-2 weeks, then as needed.

Healing Energies of Heat and Light by Dr. McGee documents the uses of the Thermotherapy device: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/09...SIN=096369796X

Also, get a copy of Plant Paradox to see how to eliminate foods that cause inflammation in the body - this goes way beyond just gluten free - it goes to the source! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/00...SIN=006242713X

BroMikey 05-21-2017 09:15 AM

Thanks Aaron
You have cataloged many health related information. Thanks
to you I can try this simple tool that was invented in the 1930's
I suffer daily and work full time. It has been murder.

The ER sent me home said nothing was wrong, meaning I wasn't
ready for a casket. The Doctor said the same thing, go home
and try a pill once a day.

It cost me $1500 to get nothing.

Here it is thanks to you. Dime a dozen used around the world.

You can sit right in front of a PC USB port and treat your pains.
I am ordering

http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-48-C-HEAT-THERAPY-MASSAGE-USB-POWERED-FOR-CHRONIC-PROSTATITIS-TREATMENT14082-/141216047157?hash=item20e121e035:g:swcAAOxyUI1TG4o N



Aaron 05-21-2017 10:02 AM

WOW! I never saw that one before.

48C is a bit hot - I wonder if it is adjustable up to that max temp.

45C max would be exactly what the tested max should be but obviously it will work.

The high temp is a bit uncomfortable for some people.

Roger's unit came with little latex sleeves that went over them - that did cut the temp but he didn't like them much because of that. But if they do get too hot, I guess finger cots could reduce the temp some.

I wonder if there is an app or something to regulate the voltage to the unit to control temp. That's really a great idea and inexpensive too!

The normal units were a few hundred dollars each so this could be a game changer.

Thanks for sharing that - I know a lot of people that have been wanting one.

I'm sure Roger would be thrilled to see this low cost solution if he was still around.

BroMikey 05-21-2017 10:55 AM

My pleasure thank you.

hey I was convinced by your chat and got in a burning hot tub
what a relief I never got so far. I am in heaven plus I found this
old heater of mine.

113F to 117f is the thermal target. let her rip.

With all this cold clammy weather I am ready for the heat.


aljhoa 05-21-2017 03:08 PM


Look at what the functions of the prostate gland tell us. The prostate provides about 20% of the volume of seminal fluid, that fluid which is ejaculated by the male at sexual climax. The function of the prostate is to secrete fluid into the semen - in fact, prostatic fluid forms about 20% of the ejaculate. Since it wraps itself around the urethra, it is ideally suited to help regulate the flow of urine, by contracting its muscle fibers. This is probably why the α2 blockers (saw palmetto, Hytrin, etc) are effective in reducing symptoms of enlargement of the prostate (BPH, or benign prostatic hypertrophy).

The prostate also contains large numbers of receptors for thyroid hormone. We know that a woman's breasts also contain large numbers of these same thyroid hormone receptors. The woman's breasts and the man's prostate are the two largest accessory sexual organs of their bodies. It is not unreasonable to suspect that thyroid hormone plays some role in their function.

We know that iodine deficiency is linked with fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer. When a woman with fibrocystic breasts is treated with iodine, the fibrocystic breasts soften and turn into normal breasts. It would not be unreasonable to conclude that the same thing could happen when men with enlarged prostates are treated with iodine. Nature tends to be fairly conservative, and does not invent new processes when the old ones are perfectly adequate to the task. Iodine deficiency is associated with increased risk of three different cancers, including breast, thyroid and stomach, all of which have thyroid hormone receptors.2

The prostate also contains thyroid hormone receptors.3 Thyroid hormone requires iodine for its synthesis. Therefore the prostate must also require iodine, since it has the receptors for thyroid hormone, and nature really does not create useless redundancies. This could explain why therapy with iodine or iodide could help to shrink the size of the prostate. It is known that iodine deficiency in adolescents results in enlargement of the testes, just as it results in enlargement of the thyroid gland without concomitant production of androgenic hormones and virilization.

Prostate - The Most Troublesome Gland... -



Aaron 05-21-2017 08:14 PM

heat as prostate treatment

An interesting fact that most people are unaware of is that every woman has a prostate too - it's called the Skene's Gland and produces the same prostate fluid. It can get inflamed and is called Skenitis and the same therapy can help shrink it and even kill off infection if it is infected.


I found a unit that is adjustable - still don't know if that small one is or not.

Adjustable Prostate Heater

The Chinese seem to be obsessed with the prostate "massage" because they don't know the true effective nature of simple heat. Prostate massages seem to be a thing of the past but were a regular part of a man's health regimen to keep it supple.

All these probes are way larger than need be - they only have to be about 2 1/4" long and maybe 3/8"-1/4" diameter with a small bulb at the top to help it stay in. That heat warms the entire area and shrinks the prostate just fine without coming in contact with it.

The Swiss unit had the prostate and hemorrhoid probe but the larger prostate probe was never necessary. That Swiss unit even had a V probe for women but over the years that Roger's unit was manufactured, the small hemorrhoid probe was all that women used and it worked perfect.

Here is a unit you can sit on for those who might be squeamish about the probe:

Heated Seat for Prostate

If Roger only knew what he started!

Here are a couple short articles by Dr. McGee who I worked with:

Hot Cure for Prostate Problems

Integrated Healthcare
Written by Charles T. McGee, MD
TAC, Volume 27, Issue 1
Published: 12/30/2004

Heat As A Cure

Heat has been known for its healing properties throughout history. Heat increases circulation of the blood, white cell counts, oxygen availability and the immune response. The body, itself, uses an elevation of temperature to fight infections.

The Elliot Treatment

In 1930, Dr. Charles Robert Elliot developed the “Elliot Treatment Regulator” as a novel way to treat pelvic infections (before antibiotics). A rubber bag was inserted into the vagina through which warm water was pumped filling the bag to the size of a baby’s head. A series of one-hour daily treatments were given in which the water was heated to 130° F. This level of heat was tolerated without mucosal injury. Insulated tubes prevented injury to the skin.

Several studies using the device were published in major medical journals in the 1930’s. The most dramatic responses were in women with severe pelvic infections who had abscesses that filled the pelvis and lower abdomen. In almost all cases, the abscesses shrank and surgery was avoided. Pain generally was relieved as soon as warm water began to flow through the device.

In 1936, the Journal of Urology published a study using the device to treat prostatitis. Eighty percent of cases of chronic prostatitis were improved using the Elliot device rectally, a far better success rate than with today’s antibiotics. Regardless of these successes, the device fell into disuse in the mid 1940’s, when antibiotics appeared on the scene.


Pelvic Heat Treatment Rediscovered

In 1977, an inventor named Rodger Estes had a bad case of hemorrhoids and backed into a hot radiator. Being tipsy, he stayed on the radiator long enough to experience relief. This led to the development of a heated anal probe device for hemorrhoids that gained FDA approval. In clinical trials, symptoms of hemorrhoids improved in 98% of users, an unusually high success rate.

However, during the clinicals and afterward, improvements in several other conditions were reported, some far removed from the anus. For example, symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) and prostatitis improved in about 80% of cases. Then, the Chinese reported the device significantly helped two people with rectal cancer.

Suspecting an immune stimulation mechanism, Estes tried the device in anything warm blooded that would hold still long enough. Users reported relief of head colds (if used in the anus very early in the cold), relieving post herpetic pain, and reducing blood loss during surgery (when used a few hours before an operation). Three horses with chronic giant hives were treated just one time and hives disappeared permanently in all three. Estes’ 18-year-old dog went into a coma with terminal kidney failure (BUN 304), but came back to normal function following one anal heater treatment. The dog was alert and active the next day with an improving BUN.

Mechanism of Action

How anal/rectal heat can produce distant effects in the body is not clear. Estes showed the device to several energy healers from China (qigong masters) and asked what they thought it might be good for. Each qigong master, independently, produced the complete list of conditions it took 17 years to build through observation. They were using theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine stating that the treatment stimulates nearby Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel meridians, and all the tissues through which they run. This appears to be the best theory to date. Along the same line, I showed the device to a “Medicine Man” from Ghana, who predicted the device would have great potential for healing, because we are “sticking a hot poker into Chakra number one.”

The currently available Swiss-made device comes with 2-1/4 inch, 3-1/4 inch and 5-1/2 inch probes for the anus and prostate respectively. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that generally provides three to four 20-minute treatments. Users can adjust probe temperature from 98º to a safe maximum of 113º F.

The application of anal heat may sound comical, at first; but people who have been helped by the device hold it in high regard.

Aaron 05-21-2017 08:33 PM

Testimonials for Thermotherapy
Here are some testimonials from various distributors of the Thermotherapy for both prostate and hemorrhoids:

“Thanks to The Home Medic.Com and the amazing Delwa-Star H&P eco designed for prostate treatment my prostate gland has returned to normal size and I have no more urination or prostate problems.”
Ron F. – Albany, NY

“Self-treatment with the Delwa-Star H&P eco thermo-therapy device shrank my prostate with three (3) treatments and saved me money and the embarrassment of visiting my doctor!”
George T. – Cincinnati, OH

“Thanks you Home Medic.Com for having this product available for prostate health. This is the same type of treatment I had previously gotten from my doctor. Now I can treat myself whenever my prostate symptoms arise!”
Taylor D. – Boulder, CO

While searching online for prostate treatment devices my wife discovered this product at The Home Medic.Com and decided to buy it for me. Wow! No more swollen prostate, no more impotency associated with a problem prostate and my sexual function has returned to almost normal for my age. By self-treating I should be like a young man again in no time!”
Roberto V. – Lordsburg, NM

“After getting over my initial homophobia, I decided to give the Delwa-Star H&P eco a try, and believe me, this device is well worth every penny then some. No longer do I have to visit the doctor for a prostate massage and the embarrassment that goes with it. Now when I have urination problems I self-treat in privacy and my functions return to normal soon thereafter. Thank you Home Medic!”
Arthur J. – Anniston, AL

Hemorrhoids Relief Testimonials

Here are some comments about the Delwa-Star H&P eco from some of our customers that have purchased this product.
“Since I’ve been using the Delwa-Star H&P eco my hemorrhoids have shrank both internally and externally, and no more pain and itching. Talk about a cure for hemorrhoids, these great improvements came within about three weeks!”
Ramon G. – Miami, FL

“The hemorrhoids that came after the birth of my daughter were excruciatingly painful. While searching for a home remedy for hemorrhoids relief product online I found the H&P eco at The Home Medic.Com and thought I would give it a try. Now thanks to The Home Medic.Com, my hemorrhoids are completely gone!”
Kimberly W. – London, KY

“My hemorrhoids disappeared after the fourth treatment with the Delwa-Star H&P eco thermo-therapy treatment device. I now use it at least once a week for maintenance purposes. Thanks you Home Medic for providing me this great product that actually works!”
Walter M. – Seattle, WA

“I suffered almost all of my adult life with the piles. I have used all of the suppositories available, had extremely painful blood clots lanced, and had the banding procedures done as well, only to have the piles return. After using this wonderful product my son bought for me on the internet, my piles have shrank as never before and there is no more pain, burning or itching!”
Nadine R. – Dallas, TX

“Since I finally bought this device from your web site, after a week of twice daily treatments I find that I no longer have to ‘stuff myself back in’ after bowel movements. Thanks Home Medic, my hemorrhoids have now shrank like never before!”
Eddie M. – West Hills, CA

I use an anal heater in my medical office for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids almost routinely shrink and stop bleeding. Frequently all symptoms disappear after only two applications with the anal probe.
MK Medical Doctor, Lawrence, Long Island, NY

My doctor enrolled me in the first study evaluating the anal heater for hemorrhoids in 1981. The first night I used the probe my hemorrhoids felt better. The surprise was what happened to my prostate symptoms. I had been getting up to urinate about six times a night. That night I slept through for the first time in years. After a week the study nurse came to take my heater away but I had 2,000 acres of wheat to cut. When they refused my generous offer to buy the device I told her I would shoot anyone who tried to take "my" heater away.
TC Farmer, Ritzville, WA

I prescribed the anal heater in my medical practice for eight years before I retired. Its effect on all forms of hemorrhoids was dramatic, but what happened with prostate symptoms was outstanding. After sending a man with prostate symptoms home with the device I learned to expect a phone call the next morning telling me how he slept through the night and what a wonderful little machine this was. This seemed to be the pattern about 80% of the time.

CM Medical Doctor, Coeur d'Alene, ID

I avoided hemorrhoid surgery in 1995 by using the anal heater. I began to use it once a week hoping to prevent prostate problems. I can't tell if it is helping my prostate or not but I have noticed I don't seem to get many colds or the flu any more so I think it must be helping my immune system.
ED Big Valley, AB, Canada

A patient of mine suffered symptoms of chronic prostatitis for many years living with pelvic pain and getting up about eight times at night to urinate. He was so sleep deprived he almost lost his job. I gave him a 30 minute treatment with the anal heater and he went to the bathroom only twice that night. With continued use he improved even more. Four months after the first treatment all symptoms were gone. He bought his own unit for home use and now, eight years later, continues to do well. This is highly unusual because antibiotics usually fail to help men with chronic prostatitis because antibiotics have a hard time getting into the prostate.

TT Medical Doctor, Edmonton, AB, Canada

BroMikey 05-21-2017 09:39 PM

Aaron I have not ordered yet, waiting til after the banks open.
I can't see the link on ADJUSTABLE THERM O-THERAPTHY.

Last night the heat worked miracles just as prescribed. I felt the heat
begin to releave the pain as circulation increased. I became so relaxed
each 10 minute interval that I needed to get up and go.

I slept 2-3hours at a shot instead of 1.5hours before rising in my
pattern of broken rest. It is making a huge difference. Ouch! This
thing hurts like someone kicked me right in the you know what.

I used the heater anywhere I wanted worked great. I could put that heater
on any part of my lower body down there and felt the pain go bye bye.

I read where people just use a heating pad.

Still the adjustable unit would be nice. Probes often have built in
thermo-safety sensors that are the upper limit while the control box
would give a digital readout complete with adjustable power supply.

It is a good tool to have around just like a heating pad.

If you can find an adjustable one let me know.:):D
Maybe throw a resistor switch to lower the current?:D

aljhoa 05-22-2017 03:56 AM

Japanese health statistics linked to high seaweed intake
The Japanese are considered one of the world's longest living people, with an extraordinarily low rate of certain types of cancer. A major dietary difference that sets Japan apart from other countries is high iodine intake, with seaweeds the most common source. Here are some astonishing Japanese health statistics, which are possibly related to their high seaweed consumption and iodine intake:

-Japanese average life expectancy (83 years) is five years longer than US average life expectancy (78 years) [41].

-In 1999 the age-adjusted breast cancer mortality rate was three times higher in the US than in Japan [42].

-Ten years after arriving in the US (in 1991), the breast cancer incidence rate of immigrants from Japan increased from 20 per 100,000 to 30 per 100,000 [43].

-In 2002 the age-adjusted rate of prostate cancer in Japan was 12.6 per 100,000, while the US rate was almost ten times as high

Japanese iodine intake from seaweed is linked to health benefits not seen in cultures with dissimilar diets. Knowing how much iodine the Japanese consume daily is beneficial for people who wish to consume equivalent amounts of iodine or seaweed supplements while avoiding excessive amounts that may adversely affect health.


Protective effect
Researchers think that the activity has a protective effect because the prostate secretes the bulk of the fluid in semen, and sexual activity may flush out cancer-causing chemicals.
Another theory is that it reduces the development of calcifications in the gland that has been linked with cancer.

Sex staves off prostate cancer | Daily Mail Online

NEW ORLEANS — Good news, men: you may be able to decrease your risk for prostate cancer by ejaculating — frequently, according to research presented here at American Urological Association 2015 Annual Meeting.
Medscape: Medscape Access


quantumfanatic 05-22-2017 04:25 AM

Hello Mike/Aaron

Thank you very much for this usefull information,I have the same problem and has been to hospital on various occasions and taking medication that does not really solve the problem.

I would like to oredr one of these units but they do not ship to Africa,how can I get a hold of one,any suggestions?



BroMikey 05-22-2017 05:40 AM

BTW you guys I just took my iodide and am looking for units now.
Also Saw palmetto, maca root, goldenseal....................

Here is an example of how long this stuff has been around and how
the medical branch stonewalls any tech that works. Plugged right into
the wall and had a rheostat. Archaic .......Yikes!!!

A patient cured is a customer lost.




BroMikey 05-22-2017 05:53 AM

Here is a guy runs his at 130 f says it's better than the best
for $1800 and $180 per month order now.


Prostate Shrinker

The Prostatherm device combines PEMF, Pulsed Light, Heat and Physical Vibration in one applicator, applied externally through clothing.



BroMikey 05-22-2017 05:58 AM

Another Jim dandy relic back in the day.:)

Turning on any lights?:D


aljhoa 05-22-2017 04:11 PM

aloe-vera leaf inner fillet suppository

Aloe Vera for the treatment of Anal Fissures | Treatments, Tips & Tricks To Get Rid Of Rectal Fissures Fast

Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids with Aloe Vera

Experts cool concerns over FDA Aloe vera carcinogenicity study


BroMikey 05-22-2017 07:58 PM

Okay my verdict is in. Yesterday I went all out on heat therapy.
I turned up the tub heat and stayed for 30 minutes or so in extra hot
water. Next decided to take Sunday off. Then I laid around watching
movies off my dvd player on my computer that a TV out card sends
to my set. I have been doing that for 20 years.

I also used my heater in bed that can also vibrate. It can get too hot so
I put a sock over it. You see two days before I did not have a bowel
movement properly for me because I have one twice a day working
and this is normal for me.

Eating the salt free pumpkin seeds have messed me up. They plug you
up if you get to many but I did not do that, all I eat is about 20 seeds
per day and this is the minimum natural zinc I need.

Still those little seeds mess with the tightness on your stool so after 2 days
of not going I knew I was in for an azz whipping. Sure enough with all of the
stress and eating lots of bananas it hurt to go. Not as bad as sometimes
when this first happened so I am getting better.

Thanks to everyone I talked to my state of recovery is excellent.

The green tea works great but it has caffeine that regulates the hormones
but also adds to trouble going number 2. But it helps number 1 super.

So I went half the day hangin out watching the tube sitting on the heat
you know where. After enough hours of that I sat up in my office chair
that I placed a small sofa pillow on to easy my condition.

First one side then the other I had to keep moving all over to get
comfortable but no where could I move. I leaned forward that help if
off to one side so I stayed there for a few minutes. For 30-40 minutes
I had to keep moving because it hurt to sit. So I got up and went out
to the shop for awhile.

All day I had to just hope for an easing.

It seems I heated the area so much that my prostate swelled up to the
point that unlike any other time I could feel it. Sitting was out so i went
on working for a while and then laid down when I wanted to rest.

So the heat therapy can be work. I think what it does is to force the
issue by expanding the tissue and making the circulation flow normal.

It is the next day and the pain is all gone. I do not feel like I am sitting
on a golf ball either, completely normal. Big shock, normal.:thumbsup:

So if you do heat therapy expect to suffer up front but the end results
are great.

BroMikey 05-22-2017 08:11 PM

Here is another glance at what was terms QUACK-MEDICINE back
in the early 1900's. The control is easier to see.


BroMikey 05-22-2017 08:15 PM

Here is the original documentation or write up in technical terms.

They called it a false treatment.

The Bransford-Lewis heaters. 1936


aljhoa 05-23-2017 04:28 AM


Originally Posted by BroMikey (Post 301618)
Here is the original documentation or write up in technical terms.

They called it a false treatment.

The Bransford-Lewis heaters. 1936


What prostate changes should you
be aware of?

Growing older raises your risk of prostate problems. The three
most common prostate problems are:
I I I I Inflammation (prostatitis)
I I I I Enlarged prostate (BPH, or benign prostatic
I I I I Prostate cancer
One change does not lead to another. For example, having
prostatitis or an enlarged prostate does not increase your risk of
prostate cancer. It is also possible for you to have more than one
condition at the same time

Prostate biopsy
Like other cancers,
prostate cancer can be diagnosed
only by looking at tissue under a microscope.
Most men who have biopsies
after prostate cancer screening exams
do not have cancer.



Aaron 05-23-2017 06:22 AM

That's an interesting old prostate device with an adjustable control. Never saw that before.

The quack references were pushed hard because these devices were at odds with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.

The cancer remedy is directly related to heat.

It's not widely known but McGee found the references way back. In areas where malaria was common, there was almost no incidences of cancer. As soon as they eradicated malaria, cancer went through the roof.

Evidently, the fevers everyone was spiking was keeping the cancer from occuring by the massive immune response from the fever. Heat by itself has been known to kill cancer cells and that is what we observed from Roger's Thermotherapy and the entire regimen used including an infrared sauna.

In Germany and other places, Thermal Therapy - placing localized heat on the body over cancerous areas shrank tumors, etc... and there are many other related therapies with the same results.

The immune system all by itself is very powerful when stimulated.

The Thermotherapy, although intended for hemhorrhoids, cured many men of prostatitis, bph and prostate cancer.

Combined with a few other modalities, liver cancer and other cancers were eliminated because of the remote effects. People with serious allergies had these eliminated by using the Thermotherapy. Much is documented in McGee's book that I referenced earlier.

The references to "quack" treatments and studies claiming heating the prostate doesn't work is pure misinformation.

Roger made one unit that was larger than a curling iron. Was used on some horses with hives. After ONE treatment, the next day, all the hives disappeared.

Roger's own dog was dying of kidney failure. After ONE treatment with the thermotherapy, the BUN levels normalized and Scamper lived for months in pretty good health and good spirits because of the overall general stimulation to the immune system and energy system.

In TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Thermotherapy stimulates the Du and Ren meridian which runs right up through the Thymus.

aljhoa 05-23-2017 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Aaron (Post 301634)
The Thermotherapy, although intended for hemhorrhoids, cured many men of prostatitis, bph and prostate cancer.

Absolutely no alternative cancer treatment will work without a proper “cancer diet.”
There are many vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. that actually contain nutrients that kill cancer cells,
stop the spread of cancer, and do other things that treat cancer.

On the other hand, there are other foods that FEED the cancer cells or FEED the microbes inside the cancer cells,
such as processed sugar, processed grains, dairy products, etc. It is critical, for any cancer diet
that the patient understand perfectly that what you don't eat is just as important as what you do eat.



Aaron 05-23-2017 08:10 PM

changing diet

Originally Posted by aljhoa (Post 301648)
Absolutely no alternative cancer treatment will work without a proper “cancer diet.”
There are many vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. that actually contain nutrients that kill cancer cells,
stop the spread of cancer, and do other things that treat cancer.

On the other hand, there are other foods that FEED the cancer cells or FEED the microbes inside the cancer cells,
such as processed sugar, processed grains, dairy products, etc. It is critical, for any cancer diet
that the patient understand perfectly that what you don't eat is just as important as what you do eat.



I'm all for implementing the right diet, but I have seen many alternative cancer therapies work and the people did not change their diet. Those therapies include the heat method here. That is what is so shocking is that despite eating sugars, etc... the cancer still disappeared.

Dr. McGee has all the before and after cat scans and a massive amount of other documentation. That is how powerful these treatments are.

McGee and Roger both personally knew Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron so we've very aware of how nutrients affect the tissues. McGee was one of the pioneers of orthomolecular medicine and was considered the first "alternative" obgyn in the country.

The most effective nutritional regimen implemented was C/Niacin/Ribose.
Niacin dilated everything to get the nutrients into places with bad circulation plus niacin is necessary to create an enzyme involved in DNA repair. The C stimulated the production of healthy collagen, built up the so called "ground substance" that choked off the tumors by encapsulating them. And the ribose is the building block for rna/dna and boosted atp production thru the roof thereby stimulating the production of massive amounts of redox signaling molecules.

Many vegetables, fruits, etc... that you mention actually cause inflammation in the body and most naturopaths, etc... are unaware of why. That is why I recommend the book by Gundry up above because it shows how to deal with those fruits/veggies to reduce the lectin content. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/00...SIN=006242713X

Besides Weston Price's study on processed foods, that Gundry book should be absolutely foundational to anyone's understanding of the healthy way to eat and it blows a lot of common misconceptions out of the water regarding healthy food.

IF someone is willing to change their lifestyle, which includes changing how they eat, then I agree that sugar should be one of the first things to go since it is junk food for the anaerobic cancer cells. Also oxygenating the body (Warburg and Budwig) - if not through supplementation then at least with some Qigong or Yoga breathing methods.

BroMikey 05-23-2017 08:23 PM

Hormones are a beast. I have never ever had any trouble with
going to the stool in my whole life and now when I need things to go
smoothly the spool is so hard that you could take a jackhammer to it.

Right then it kills me so I am eating raisins, oranges and taking coconut
oil (RAW) by the tsp. 1 tsp in morning and 1 tsp at dinner. These crazy
hormones are evidently responsible for so much. My balance was way

On another note.

I had a brainstorm and pulled out my soldering iron, powered it up with
my variable SSSG that tops out at over 100v pulse DC. The target temp
was 115f and I reach that at around 100ma at 34v for anyone interested.

It was just an experiment and I won't tell you the rest.:thumbsup::D

Don't tell anyone I took the vinyl off the handle of a pair of pliers and cut
it down to fit perfect over the soldering iron element. Of course I
removed the point. It fit so tight I can not get it off.

The entire element is 2 plus inches long and taking my digital probe
found the temp 115f. Next I put the probe on the tender part of my
forearm skin and ran the device 15 minutes. It works fine.:suprise:

Needless to say I am waiting for my store bought probe, I think?:thumbsup:

Someone said "BROTHER MIKEY where is your shame?"

I donno but I know where my pain is.

BTW I feel like a million bucks today in the wake of this heat therapy.
Going to work at reduced speeds but never the less.

aljhoa 05-24-2017 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by BroMikey (Post 301669)

I had a brainstorm and pulled out my soldering iron, powered it up with
my variable SSSG that tops out at over 100v pulse DC. The target temp
was 115f and I reach that at around 100ma at 34v for anyone interested.

Stainless Steel Sheath Cartridge Heaters



A biopsy is a procedure that removes a sample of tissue from a tumor to see if it is cancer.
The piece of tissue is looked at under a microscope and, some other tests may be done on the sample as well.
A physical exam or imaging test may suggest that a tumor is a sarcoma,
but a biopsy is the only way to be certain that it is a sarcoma and not another type of cancer or a benign disease.


BroMikey 05-24-2017 11:07 PM

Good cartridge heater post. Some have sensors built right in for a
couple of bucks.

I slept 2.5hrs twice yesterday and today I got up had slept 4 hrs
straight, best I slept in 4 yrs without having to get up.

I guess I didn't realize what was happening to me years ago.

The heat works miracles.

Last night I was so relaxed before bed that I can't put it into words.
For years this problem have been inching up on me and it messes with
your hormones and nervous system.

My herbs are helping also. I am slowly returning to normal. I see now
that when the crazy hormones kick in the wrong direction all kinds of
weird feelings appear. Almost like a bad dream.

If you are ever at a party where you have a few and your system fails
like mine did, you could die unless you can get the toxins out of your
body another way. These poisons will build up in your system from day to
day also, so be smart.:thumbsup:

Aaron 05-24-2017 11:46 PM

heat treatment
I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to make a home made heater probe unit because of the obvious risk of burning one's self.

That inexpensive one from ebay is a heck of a deal and the adjustable one I listed is still fairly inexpensive.



Glad to hear you're getting results!

The regimen from the past was daily for about a week then start skipping days. The immune system can get numb to the effect and was always the most effective when skipping days because it tricked it.

At first, daily is useful to get it kicked in.

Obviously this isn't medical advice as I posted my disclaimer in my first post. I'm just sharing what worked for others in the past.

Aaron 05-24-2017 11:58 PM

safety consideration
As a safety consideration, if anyone gets any of these devices like the usb port powered one, it is safest to use with a battery pack. The reason that Roger's thermo and the Swiss one were battery operated is so that the treatment time is finite.

It is not safe to fall asleep and have it running for hours and hours so with a usb portable battery pack, it will be the safest.

If it is one that plugs into a wall, use a lamp timer to shut it off after the desired time.

BroMikey 05-25-2017 12:57 AM

Absolutely Aaron all good considerations. I have not used anything
homemade like this get, I am referring only to super hot water and my
external heating device that is hot enough to burn my skin does
take away pain.

In terms of running a homemade element and getting burned I agree
because unless you have a regulated supply and a variable knob you are
going to get burned.

Someone tells 105 f is all that is needed.

I am undecided, however for those suffering in other countries who can
not get any help with materials they now can get an idea what is needed.
Do not use an unregulated, non adjustable heater that you can not
measure the temps. And that goes for the cheap one sold for $16
that connects to a USB on a pc.

They are advertised for prostate but I wouldn't trust it, even they are
not liable in anyway so beware that your prostate can be injured.

Aaron I did not see your cheap version, when I clicked on the link you sent
it did not work. I let you know that day but you must have missed that
I told you that your link did not work.

Please post a link that works for a cheap adjustable heater again for
the rest of us. Unless my PC is acting up again I can't see your post.

Anyway we are talking very low power at maybe 3watts to where like
Aaron pointed out could be run off batteries. In any case be careful.

If anyone can find an adjustable unit for under $360 let us know.

Thanks Aaron for filling in the blanks, I needed to say that as well.

BroMikey 05-25-2017 01:11 AM

Even this element as advertised as prostate heating is not adjustable
so I do not recommend this either. Do not use this heater and if you
do you are at your own risk.

This unit might be illegal. In any case it is rated at 117 f and that is to
high. Beware that you need an adjuster in the line, this one does
not have one. However at least this one is engineered to work off
of a regulated supply. 5v UBS powered.

Do not use. It will burn you. Now I read where these are used
for sex toys. As advertised.


Price: US $15.99

http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-48-C-HEAT-THERAPY-MASSAGE-USB-POWERED-FOR-CHRONIC-PROSTATITIS-TREATMENT14082-/141216047157?hash=item20e121e035:g:swcAAOxyUI1TG4o N


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