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LuckyCharM 10-20-2016 11:54 AM

Canada Quantum Scio Biofeedback device for sale!
Selling affordable Scio biofeedback device! Msg me! Today is March 28, 2017!

This is a newer version of Scio USB, made in 2013. Mint condition gently used, works like new! Has a few cosmetic scratches but this does not affect the performance! The device package will include:
brand new/ unused headharness, 4limb straps, Scio USB cable! Eductor64 official software(formally known as Clasp32), Scio device!

All you need to get started is your own laptop/notebook computer / with Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 / 8.1. or 10.

We will activate the software for you !
This is a huge savings of 450 EUR / approximately $500 USD or $650 CAD per activation! You will be responsible for future activations!

Huge savings if you compare to other packages for sale which are selling a much older version of Scio.

Prices range for brand new 10 000-15000 EURO SCIO/INDIGO and
18 000 EURO OR $22,000 USD+ for Eductor machine

or 12 OOO -$ 17 000 plus activation for used scio. I am selling 2013 like new device including software, open to reasonable offer! <------------

I am located in Ontraio, Canada, so I prefer this to go to someone in the same country. Will consider shipping to Europe! Sorry unable to send to the US :)
FYI, the people that say this device does not work, just need to be trained and simply lack proper education and experience with the device. I use Scio on myself and my family with wonderful results. I would also like to add that this device is not banned in Canada, many practitioners and Drs use it every day. It is used worldwide with great success. Only restriction applies to US buyer for importation . Yet, its is legal to use without restriction for the purpose its ment to be used, which is stress and relaxation . Please educate yourself about energy and natural medicine before jumping to conclusions. Email me with any questions, I encourage the buyer to ask questions as I want you to be confident about your purchase! Thank you! :)

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