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Aaron 08-05-2013 08:49 PM

Eric Dollard - False Allegations by Techzombie Ray Savant "Muhamed"

The Ray Savant (Techzombie) thread is closed to prevent people from changing their story. This thread will be open for discussion of these events as there are many people that have questions. Any false allegations in this thread will be deleted and users will be banned. All the proof that Techzombie's videos are nothing but disinformation are already proven with indisputable facts.

Here is a basic chronology of events, but first understand that Techzombie is Ray Savant and he goes by "Muhamed"

1. Techz registers ericdollard.com without Eric's permission and makes claims on that site that can get Eric in trouble.

2. Eric gets Techz to come to where he is at so he can get Techz to knock off the false claims and Techz agrees. Techz films some Lone Pine videos to help promote some fund raising efforts for Eric non-profit. Around this time, Techz asks for my help to promote the Indegogo campaign and I do. The traffic from my promotions make the traffic accelerate more than it ever has and the money started to come fast. Techz makes a false claim that the campaign went viral, when in fact, it didn't go viral at all - it was my promotions. So, Techz was trying to take credit for something that I did and Webster even agreed it was from my promotions.

3. Techz starts to make a bunch of misleading and false claims online again that can get Eric in trouble - (the list goes on and on and all of Eric's closest associates - a man that does the actual work for Eric and someone else that is on the board of directors are all in agreement with Eric that Techz needs to get out of Eric's life because he is a troublemaker).

4. Eric gets into some altercations with Techz and Techz personally threatens Eric to his face. There was also an altercation with another individual who claims it was a misunderstanding, but behind Eric's back, these people reveal to one of Eric's closest associates their plan is to kick Eric out of his own organization later so that John Polakowski can do the work. John Polakowski was not told this to his face so he actually had no knowledge of this plan until later on.

5. I invite Eric Dollard so be a speaker at my conference and he comes to Spokane. I help him get some new tires for his car, wheels aligned, etc. and I help him build a powerpoint with about 150 slides, which he is to use for his talk. I also connect him with a friend of mine that has several warehouses of old rare electrical parts and Eric was free to choose what he wanted to take to the lab. There were thousands of pounds of equipment worth many thousands of dollars that were set in a corner for Eric to have shipped down to this lab by the "Glommeister" who is on the board of directors of the non-profit that nobody ever talks about. He goes back down to the bush to use the printed out powerpoint to write his notes.

6. While Eric was working on his notes, he expresses to me the trouble and trust issues that exist with Techz and others. Originally, I was going to make payment to Eric for the presentation sales to his lab as a fund raiser, but after hearing what Eric had to say and a few others that Eric put me in touch with, it was very clear that Techz and others had their own agenda.

7. I could not in good conscious send money to the non-profit. So I contacted David Webster and made it very clear that all money from Eric's involvement with the conference must only go to his personal donations account (the account that Webster managed). Webster agreed. When money goes to that account, then Eric can decide what money can go to the lab's operating expenses. Webster asked if he could come to the conference just so that Eric could have a familiar face there and John Polakowski asked the same - so I gave them both free guest passes as guests of a speaker.

8. About 3 days before the conference, Eric came back up to Spokane and stayed with me so we could finalize the powerpoint for the presentation and get a new brake caliper and other parts for his car. On the first day of the conference (Friday, June 28th) Eric follows me out there with his car and stays with me 2 nights in a hotel nearby.

9. Eric gives his presentation as the final talk on Sunday afternoon. At the end of the conference, Webster ask for donations for the lab - going against what we discussed but I actually didn't learn that he did ask for lab money until a few days later. I heard Webster say something about taking credit cards on his phone and I told people or if they had cash, they can just give it directly to Eric. I forgot to ask Peter to mention donations during the introduction to Eric's talk and when I heard Webster mention credit cards, that reminded me. You can hear this on this 30 second video and when I ask for cash donations for Eric, Webster says, "That works too!"
YouTube Also, anyone with any kind of common sense can see that Eric is clearly not using Meth.

10. Two days after the conference, I get an email attack from Webster accusing me of sabotaging his efforts to raise funds for the lab when in actuality, he was one one that was out of line because it was made very clear to him, and he agreed, that all money from the conference was to go directly to Eric's personal donations account. That was to the the case until the non-profit was set straight and Eric could trust everyone that was involved. Remember - it isn't just Eric that has these issues with these people like Ray, etc. it is two of Eric's closest associates and one of them is even on the board of directors! So everyone saying this is Eric just being hard to work with are narrow minded and are only focusing on a fraction of the facts and don't even know what actually was happening behind the scenes.

11. The day after the email attack from both him and Techz, which were completely disrespectful, out of line and were going against what Webster had agreed to, I got a message to Eric where he was staying at this time, which was a bit out of town. Eric called Webster and was told that all the donations that he received were not supposed to be his money but the lab's. Webster told me originally he agreed that money from the conference would go to Eric's personal account, but behind the scenes, he is trying to take the money from Eric and put it into the lab's account. Eric isn't against the lab getting money since it does need operating capital, but until the NPO (non profit organization) is set straight with only people Eric and his other associates trust, the money cannot go into the NPO's hands.

12. During this time after the conference, a friend and I help Eric go through more parts at the warehouse and I even personally sorted through THOUSANDS of old rare tubes with Eric's guidance of what to look for. And about 4 days after the email attack from Webster and Techz, I do this interview with Eric: Eric Dollard Interview July 6, 2013 - YouTube (audio with pictures) or Eric Dollard Video Interview - YouTube (video) - again, anyone with any kind of common sense can clearly see that Eric is not on Meth. AND, you hear me speak highly of Webster and Polakowski and I even promote the Aether FARCE website despite the attacks from Webster and Techz several days before. I have done nothing but help support Eric and the lab and have zero motive to want to sabotage anything. It is most beneficial for everyone to have a strong alliance (my publishing business and the non-profit) because if the non-profit promoted Eric's talk from the conference, that would raise money for them. I have less effort to produce the same results. I do not currently have nor have I ever had any desire to be a part of the non-profit because it makes no sense - it is easier for me to simply promote their fund raising campaigns and publish some of Eric's work, which can be used as a fund raiser for the lab. It is no more complicated than that.

FYI - look at a few of these videos - WARNING - these are not pretty so do not watch these if you are sensitive. These vids are what people actually do act like when they're on meth:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NSRzfZ1Wc skip to half way

I think you all get the point. Anyone that believes Eric has been on meth while he was at the lab, while he was with me in Spokane, at the conference or even afterward has to be on meth themselves. Go look at that clip at the end of the conference, Eric is completely straight, cognizant and in good humor and he is calm and collected during my interview of him under the trees. He is acting completely normal, relaxed and very mentally sharp. And you see this same pattern of completely normal drug free behavior in the later interviews with Peter Lindemann and Gary Hendershot (Smart Scarecrow show) and one further interview yet to be released with someone else.

Aaron 08-05-2013 08:49 PM

Eric Dollard - answer to false allegations 2
13. While Eric was here finishing up with getting the final car parts he needs to keep his car in good running shape, finishing going thru the parts at the warehouses, etc., he finds out that Techz is selling his Lone Pine book without permission and doesn't want Techz to have anything to do with it. And he is also told over the phone that Ray Savant (Techz) was going to be put on the board of directors whether he liked it or not. That was their response to Eric wanting one of his closest associates on the board. That way, they retain majority vote and Eric has no say-so in his own organization. That was the last straw and Eric's last course of action to get Ray out of his life once and for all is to publicly denounce him. All the private attempts failed and were only met with retaliation by Ray and others. I decide to back Eric because of several incidents with Techz showed me that he is a troublemaker behind the scenes and will only lead to the downfall of Eric Dollard. All that transpired here: http://www.energeticforum.com/renewa...e-exposed.html

Look at the last 20-30 posts in that thread - I closed this thread so nobody can change or edit posts anymore. However, I do post new items in there as new evidence is discovered about certain individuals.

Anyway, Ray attacks me in that thread as being up here manipulating Eric and that is why Eric is posting that his lab is being hi-jacked when anyone that actually is paying attention can clearly see that it has been an issue way before I ever personally met Eric.

14. In response to Techz's bogus allegations against me, Eric denounces Techzombie on a phone interview I had with him: Eric Dollard Interview EXPOSING RAY SAVANT "Techzombie" - YouTube

15. Techz then posts a video claiming I'm sabotaging Eric and am getting him hooked on meth and that is why he is denouncing Techz. At this point, anyone that believes that load of garbage is incapable of rational thought. Techz posts some testimonials against by me a few past members who are jaded because I banned them.

15.5 Here is my response to one of them -they are the real liars and disinformation agents - I don't just make claims I prove it.
Edward Mitchel - Disinformation Agent Exposed - H20power H2opower - YouTube
Edward Mitchell Part 2 - EXPOSED - misinformation agent - YouTube
You can see I'm the one really trying to get the real info out and the people giving testimonials are the ones that actually are suppressing the real info with their lies.

16. Eric wanted his material off of Techz's site and I told Eric I knew how to get his book removed from Techz's site so he asked me to do it. I submitted DMCA takedown notices to get copyrighted material of Eric's removed and a picture of me from a copyrighted interview.

17. Techz takes his own site down to hide his Adolf Hitler and other nazi books and uses the DMCA takedown notices as an excuse to take it down and hide this. He is a pro-Hitler radical that wants to weaponize Tesla technology to destroy Israel. Yes, literally - that won't happen in our lifetime, but you can see the unstable pathology we're dealing with here - he is a liar, nothing more nothing less. He then puts his site back up posting the DMCA takedown notices as being bogus. He is committed many misdemeanors and multiple felonies.

18. To address Techz's bogus copyright issues, I do another phone interview with Eric do debunk the lies: Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube

19. The list goes on and Techz and his Aether FARCE posts another video making more false allegations against myself and Eric by creatively editing video out of context to brainwash people who are stupid enough to fall for his lies. He is guilty of impersonating Eric on the original Aether Farce Facebook page and illegally posts Eric's most recent presentation from the conference in an attempt to sabotage Eric's ability to raise funds.

20. Watch these two more recent interviews of Eric with Peter Lindemann and with Gary Hendershot.

July 30, 2013 - Eric Dollard Live Interview by Peter Lindemann - YouTube
August 1, 2013 - Eric Dollard interviewed by Gary Hendershot Smart Scarecrow show - YouTube

You can listen to Eric discuss the recent allegations and fraud committed by Techz towards the ends of the interviews.

I have since been contacted by many people that tried to donate money or help Eric in other ways and Techz returns the favor by also attacking and slandering them.

more to come...

This thread is open to comment, but again, accusations based on Techz's lies will be deleted and users banned. If you cannot go look at the FACTS that are documented in all references given, you are obviously not looking for the truth and are here to cause trouble.

To anyone that has sincere questions about this, feel free to post them and they will be answered.

Techzombie has lost big on this one. He has a big mouth and is just making noise right now attracting people that are naive and gullible to his lies. When they see that Techz is the one that has actually been behind the plan to sabotage Eric and kick him out of his own organization, I believe they will rally together to support Eric and will denounce Techz as the liar and fraud that he is.

Support Eric by spreading his official homepage: Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage

Thank you all for the support that you have shown Eric and I during this most disruptive time. We both appreciate it greatly! :notworthy:

jwpotts 08-05-2013 10:32 PM

Somethings Rotten In Denmark!!
Having watched the accusations from EPD Labs(etal.) and finding almost every category of speculation expressed from each individual, who has posted here concerning, Mr. Dollard and EPD Labs(etal.) an almost palpable sense of frustration one way or another. It should not be a surprise that a number of followers have chosen to opt-out of the thread/forum.

However, if you don't like loose ends, an≈≈d, something just doesn't smell rite to you, like myself, may I suggest a different approach/way of evaluating the information before us. Stepping back and taking a breath is a good start. For me, a three part question, (Who-What-Why) amounts to a fresh and simple paradigm. Someone else might choose a different paradigm(s) depending on how they see it. My goal, is clearer insight, by-passing all polarizing rhetoric.

To answer the first part of the question- ( Who ), I need to determine who to look AT. Should I include everyone, no-one, certain individuals, those piling on, those checking out, etc,..., and so on? Or could it be as simple as who's essential. Mr. Dollard in my estimation is the only one that fits the bill here; "End of Story," "Drop The Curtain," "The Fat Lady Has Sung." If anyone harbors the illusion that anything is salvageable of the present situation; well enough said, at this point; polarizing comments offer nothing to me. As this post reflects my personal attempt to frame for my own thought what has transpired, any other conclusion I would view as not being truthful here.

Alienation/complete break between Mr. Dollard and EPD Labs(etal.) answers the second part of my question ( What ). Easy enough!

And now the most delicate part of this knot...... But on second thought I'll end this post here. Preferring to view cogent, rational, and coherent input; only relevant(ie.; new perspective/paradigm shift) to the third part of my question ( Why ).

Kytsun 08-06-2013 02:12 AM

I would just like to briefly mention, for the sake of Eric's wellbeing, that this sort of distraction is a favorite tactic of those trying to discredit someone. They get them all tangled up in rumors, false accusations, and other attacks that force the target on the defensive, and sometimes even tangle them in legal battles. This wastes all their time defending themselves that could otherwise be used to promote or develop their ideas. I hope this can be concluded as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

garrettm4 08-06-2013 08:18 AM

Why Keep This Farcical "Dog and Pony Show" Going?

Give it a rest! You merely make yourself look more pathetic by each new forum post you feverishly squeeze out. (seems like you've been drinking too much of your own Kool-Aid--ASEA anyone?) I can only see yourself being motivated by money--why else would you go on a pointless crusade to break up EPD Labs. You even attacked Tom Brown of all people, why? Yeah, there might have been some minor problems with the EPD Labs arrangement--though you figuratively blow them out of proportion like "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. If Eric would address his own problems he wouldn't have needed you as a Cheerleader running a Cheertatorship, vicariously handing out his judgment from a keyboard rooftop. You seem vehemently opposed to a Cheerocracy, where problems could have been resolved peacefully, without bloodshed or mudslinging. The Cheeronciquences of your actions have netted nearly nothing good--though you claim all is well. Maybe for your business, but not for everyone else.

It's plain to see, for those that have "eyes to see", what your intent is. This will be my final ado with the nonsense that keeps on coming from your mouth. Though not on amicable terms, which is regrettable, I bid thee a good and welcome farewell.

Aaron 08-06-2013 09:26 AM

Garrett M
For the record, "Garrett M" was the first one to launch attacks after I mentioned in a post about "nefarious elements". That was even before Techz started with his false allegations, which is very suspicious as to why he was even here.

Garrett M has a history of deleting his posts every time he throws a hissy fit and is one of the reasons one of the past Eric Dollard threads was locked for preservation. I have fought very hard to make sure the information stays intact and original and it is people like Garrett M who goes around editing and changing things to throw people off.

Because of his support of Ray Savant / Techzombie, he will be removed from this forum and will not be able to re-post as Garrett M.

Raui 08-06-2013 12:38 PM

I know I wasn't going to come back here but Aaron I really had to laugh at your reply to Garrett. I have been waiting to see more of this situation pan out to tell it how I see it an I believe I have seen enough. I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt after my initial post, listening to more of what you had to say. I've now seen enough.

You're saying others are accusing you of things but here you are throwing accusations like Garrett being some kinda of disinfo agent trying to mislead people, what a load of garbage. He is not any form of moderator so the only posts he could remove are his own and unless you claim some sort of ownership over what he writes my word he should be able to delete what he wants, he is the author. We both know that Garrett deleted his posts because he wasn't confident he was correct in some of his assumptions. He was actually doing the opposite of what you claim. I'm sure a reason you're really locking the threads is because you'd hate for the T-Rex posts to disappear but now you've got your finger in the mix you've turned on Dave Webster who was the one that had access to Eric's account, now effectively you have it so you have taken control of T-Rex posts which I think is probably the motivating factor behind your actions in this saga.

It seems that Eric only gets profits if the video is bought through the ericpdollard domain, this again shows your intentions. On this youtube video, hosted on your youtube, it can be seen that in the video description the following can be found:

Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage - 100% of the proceeds from the sales from that page go to Eric's work at his lab.
Found here: http://www.energeticforum.com/renewa...tml#post235889

I also note that you have mentioned at other times that he gets either 60 or 70%, so which is it? I am aware of the way businessmen talk, they are very careful with their wording. So on what other pages can people buy this video/book Aaron? I know of at least one, fourquadranttheory.com How much does Eric get from these other links and how much do you make? Please state this publically. Dave Webster worked out of his own good will. His actions made his intentions clear, he needed no words. Your actions are speaking louder than your words an your intentions are crystal clear and I am sure Eric will come to realize, if he hasn't already.

Anyone who has disagreed with you in any way you have tried to destory, that is your biggest flaw Aaron. Everything you say must be oh so correct but really alot of what you're doing is twisting truths. Sure there might have been a problem with the EPD lab crew but sure seems to me like you've made a mountain out of a molehill. You're very much a part in how high this escalated and if you are upset at the harrasment please get it through your head that this has a lot to do with how you handle situations, this does applies to both parties.

You will ban me and you will say that I support TechZombie just like you've claimed Garrett done, which you know is an absolute lie btw since he stated his feelings in a post:

Aaron I will say this quite clearly, I do not like you. Furthermore, I absolutely do not approve of the way you handled the various situations surrounding Eric P Dollard. Likewise, the same sentiment applies to Ray with regards to the "video" he recently made available.
Mud slinging is all I see here, and you are the King of the mud fight, with Ray coming in second.
Clearly he is not siding with Ray as you claim and you replied to it so clearly you must have seen it and you say others are lying? I see right through what you're doing. You're trying to smear as much **** on Ray as you can and then try and throw everyone that could fault what you're doing in the cage you threw Ray in to try and destroy them by association. I do not condone many things Ray has done in this saga including the severity of the attack upon yourself which did just worsen things but again I will say you bring a lot of this on yourself by the way you handle things and I certainly don't agree with the way you've attacked Ray either. You're both adults, start acting like it for God's sake.

To think this started with an 'abusive email'. Mate honestly if that is the most abusive email you get from someone then I'd be happy. Maybe Dave shouldn't have sent the email but you are honestly jumping up and down crying like a little girl over spilt milk. We both know this is just for show though don't we.

I also wonder what Eric would think of you saying things about Garrett like that. I have heard people mention on many occasions that Eric has said having Garrett on the forum is a great assett to the topic so you're nearly saying that Eric is trying to mislead people without even knowning it, I think Eric is more an authority on these topics than yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, Garrett deleted posts because he was worried they would mislead people if his assumptions weren't correct. Twisted truths are apparent here too.

Goodbye to the people on here at the energeticforum who I have enjoyed very much collaborating with.


logos 08-06-2013 03:39 PM

i've NEVER launched an attack aaron, and i'm telling you, no, i'm pleading with you; please stop these counter-productive threads...

Aaron 08-06-2013 06:52 PM

Raui Searle
Garrett attacked me in the other thread and made the same claims against me that Ray did. Then instead of apologizing after learning the facts, he covers up his post like a weasel.

All you're proving is that you are incapable of comprehending anything about this situation. All started with an email attack from Webster and Ray? Even after that, I still promoted the Aether FARCE site and spoke highly of Webster in the interview with Eric. It was when they told Eric they were going to put Ray on the board of directors whether Eric liked it or not that caused Eric to decide FOR HIMSELF that he wanted to make it public. I said I would support him in that because I had witnessed these actions against Eric, Webster forcing Eric to fork over half of his donations, several of Eric's associates revealing much more about Ray, etc... For you to mislead everyone here about this all starting because of an "email attack" is not only pathetic, it reveals the levels you will stoop to in order to misinform everyone as to what the facts actually are.

Obviously, the only posts Garrett removed are his own and for you to even try to suggest I'm making him look like a moderator that is covering up other posts is yet another weasel attempt by you to misinform people about what I am writing and why.

I am getting swarmed with emails from people all over the world wondering what the hell is going on. I'm tired of answering them so I started this thread, with the actual chronology of events that anyone can read and respond to since the other Ray Savant exposed thread is closed for preservation. People are owed an explanations and they should be able to ask questions here. I shouldn't have to answer the same thing over and over and over, so kindly take your uninformed opinions elsewhere.

I didn't turn on David Webster - you're completely blind. He turned on me AND Eric in all of this by colluding with Ray Savant behind the scenes. He attacked me after the conference. I did nothing but support Webster and for helping Eric get donations at my own conference, Webster stabs me in the back. For you to spin this around 180 degrees is REALLY looking like you truly are intentionally spreading disinformation here. The facts speak for themselves - you ought to go read what they are.

The other Dollard thread was locked to prevent Garrett from deleting all his posts. You should keep your pathetic allegations to yourself about what I do and why.

We already know you're colluding with Ray Savant - look at your testimonial in the video he produced.

Not that it is any of your damn business, but Eric gets royalties no matter who sells the video. Borderlands never gave him a penny and Eric never got a single penny from all the sales of Lone Pine Writings. He has ALREADY earned more from this one single presentation that he has earned from ALL of his writings collectively in his entire life. He is now in a position to continue to earn from his hard work on an ongoing basis and that will simply grow with each additional published work.

What have you personally done for him?

It is BOTH 60% and 70%, which shows that you are clueless as to how this all works. Your little weasel-like insinuations only prove that you are a snake. Eric gets 60% from sales from his own affiliate link, which was setup for him PLUS 10% royalty on his own sales, which equals 70%. He gets 10% royalties from all other sales and there are quite a few associates that are selling it.

So, seeing that you are so altruistic and only have Eric's best interests at heart, how many people have you shared ericpdollard.com with?

There are some people that actually see that nothing like this has ever been set up for Eric before and they are promoting Eric's own affiliate link to sell the presentation instead of taking the commission themselves.

Go look at one of Adam Bull's sites: Solomon Books That banner is using Eric's affiliate link instead of his own! Way to go Adam! :notworthy:

See the T-Rex Speaks banner at the top of this forum? That drives a LOT of traffic to EricPDollard.com and people are joining Eric's list AND are buying the presentation from that page!

All you do is talk and gripe while I'm actually generating funds for the lab.


I could care less what Webster does - he has a job that earns him income. This IS how I earn my income because I walked away from my "normal" job, which was a health food store I used to own.

After credit card fees and affiliate commissions are paid, I personally receive about 10% and I have to do 100% of ALL customer service from now until the end of time. Eric does the talk once and continues to get paid. My job never ends and Eric continues to earn from it.


Yes, my actions do speak louder than my words. There has never been one single person in all of Eric's life that has put Eric in a position to earn thousands of dollars from his participation in one single conference! And that is exactly what has happened.


More weasel words from the snake - you have no idea what my intentions are and you keep spewing your disinformation from your mouth - it's sickening.

What my intentions were was to have Ray and the rest promote Eric's conference talk through Aether FARCE as a fund raiser to earn the lab 60% of all sales and Eric would get personal royalties from that. All I wanted was a strategic alliance with them. With some good cross promotions, it would have been a win-win for everyone. You have to be jacked out of your mind on meth yourself if you think I actually want or need way more work to get the same results.

You obviously don't have enough common sense to put two and two together. By my involvement with Eric right now, I don't earn anything extra! Are you too blind to see that? If Aether FARCE was doing all the promotions for Eric, I could earn a little more FOR WAY LESS EFFORT ON MY PART!!! :wall:

I'm still not going to be part of the non-profit. I don't have time and I don't have qualifications in the EE department to contribute to anything. I could run the organization as the CEO, but I'm too busy with my own projects. I'd be happy being on an advisory board to help them with web promotions, etc... You are skewing this 180 degrees out of phase as Eric would say to suit your own agenda of spreading your lies and disinformation about me. You have virtually EVERYTHING WRONG in your analysis.


I have NOT tried to destroy everyone that disagrees with me. More proof you are a snake. Go look through all the threads that I contributed a lot to. There are countless disagreements - look it up and get the facts straight and stop the lies - it's pathetic.

Edward Mitchell - BANNED for threatening my life. Look it up, I gave the FACTS - you're just talking garbage. He disagreed and insulted us DOZENS of times throughout all the discussions about Meyer and nitrogen. Did I ban him because of that? NO! He called us idiots because we didn't agree with him. Did I ban him because of that? NO! He made counter claims against what we were saying and proving with references. Did I ban him because of that? NO! He threatened my life - did I ban him because of that? YES!

Jerry Volland - BANNED for continuing to make accusations that I plagiarized his work and he would not stop his lies. Look it up - Gray Tube Replication thread - it is all in there. I was tolerant of him for a long time and then he went off the deep end. If he is going to continue to attack me and accuse me of stealing his circuits, which were actually based on circuits I publicly posted a year before he ever set foot in that thread, he needs to be banned!

There have been people banned for racial comments, etc...

Who am I trying to destroy? I banned Edward Mitchell and left it alone. He gave false testimony to ray in his video a couple years after he threatened my life? That is why I made two videos exposing him as the real disinformation agent. If I go out of my way to expose someone, it is because I can PROVE it with facts and not with words like you and ray.

Mountain out of a molehill? You are only showing that you are a complete idiot. They went overboard with their attacks. They WERE trying to sabotage Eric by trying to force Ray on the board when he was very problematic, threatened many people who tried to donate money and help Eric behind the scenes, etc... That is just a molehill to you? He makes a video claiming I'm some suppression agent getting Eric on meth to brainwash him? That is molehill? Those are serious allegations and will be dealt with as such. To make light of this situation shows EXACTLY what kind of amoral values you are operating with!

Eric is perfectly aware of the fact that Garrett attacked me and made false allegations against me before he ever heard Eric's side of the story.

Thank you for showing everyone exactly how you are willing to distort the FACTS to suit your own agenda to misinform others about me and what actually happened.


Aaron 08-06-2013 07:00 PM

purpose of this thread

Originally Posted by logos (Post 237118)
i've NEVER launched an attack aaron, and i'm telling you, no, i'm pleading with you; please stop these counter-productive threads...

Many people donated $36000 or so to Eric's campaign. They deserve not only answers but a way to ask questions because it all needs to be accountable. It was done under false pretenses that Eric was going to rebuild WardenClyffe, the money was going to build a CIG, etc... when in fact, most of that money went to repairing the building and it still doesn't even have electrical outlets in it. Ray made claims that Eric would give a hand written letter to anyone donating $100 and the first time Eric ever heard of this was in the last 1 week.

Anytime I get an email with someone asking me what is going on, I'm going to give them a link to this thread so they can ask the question publicly and once something is answered, I don't have to answer it anymore.

So far, the only posts here have been the opposite of what the stated purpose of this thread is.

People have a right to ask questions so this thread will remain open.

dR-Green 08-06-2013 09:29 PM

Thanks to Aaron I had the opportunity to speak to Eric myself, so some of the accusations of him being a suppression agent don't impress me for a start (I'm referring to what "the others" are saying). I can confirm that something was revealed to someone who Eric trusted, and when Eric got to hear about it he was NOT happy about it at all. It would appear that this has been planned and someone has been digging up all the dirt they can find and they've put quite an effort into it. It goes beyond a simple misunderstanding.

That is not to imply that any long term participants here were a part of the whole thing from the beginning, things were going along fine until new people turned up.

As for "the others", they have clearly gone off the rails. What is the purpose of putting out videos accusing Eric of being a meth addict? A simple disagreement? They claim they want to help Eric (still) - they publish his new presentation in a torrent and post it over facebook for everyone to download for free so Eric doesn't get anything from it? Because they think "it belongs to everyone".

Eric was also filmed without his knowledge, and they are now using that footage against him by taking whatever sections of it they like out of context. Like Eric says, literally, while their lips flap "we're trying to help Eric". The most optimistic conclusion is that they are delusional at best.

Then there's "Aaron the suppression agent" which they are quite happily promoting. The pied piper sure knows what tune the conspiracy theorists like to hear. "Take down the suppressors, free energy for everyone." WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH FREE ENERGY?

These mindless "enlightened ones" who believe they are not "sheeple" but in fact are more doomed than the unaware masses would respond in the same way if they were told that it was the Rockefellers or Bilderbergs behind it, they think it's on that kind of level. They are serious accusations with serious consequences when told to the "right" audience.

The whole thing would seem to be planned, but it all fell apart at a stage they didn't expect. Now their method of "damage control" is to disrupt whatever progress or effort there is to pick up the pieces and get back on track. Aaron is currently the centre of any productive effort in terms of funding Eric or publishing his (new) work, and so he is the logical target.

Damn, I should be a conspiracy theorist :rolleyes: But unfortunately I know too much of the real story.

dR-Green 08-06-2013 10:08 PM

This is presented merely to connect two different points in virtual space and to bring both into awareness at the same time, because long term participants would know whether or not this was "Eric's mission".


There are three things you can do right now to help Eric P Dollard and his mission.

1. Believe in abundance, believe that energy for all humanity at no cost is as natural as a seed in the ground producing fruit. This is the hardest thing but it only takes a second.

2. Send this article to your friends and spread the word about The Mission of Eric P Dollard.


He hopes that someone can continue the work in his place but imagine if we could give Eric the chance to finish his mission.

Imagine if we all came together and shone a spotlight on this selfless and brilliant scientist.
Imagine if Eric could once again have his own lab, which no one could take away from him and the support of millions.
Imagine if the powers that be,a hundred and twenty years after they shut down Nikola Tesla, were defeated by his student and his army of believers.
Imagine a world where dreams and the will of the people ruled.

Please support The IndieGogo Campaign for Eric Dollard.
Tesla Round 2, The Case of Eric Dollard

I'm not entirely convinced that Eric would declare himself as a threat to the powers that be. And so on.

Raui 08-07-2013 12:17 AM

I have repeatedly stated I do not support my comments being put on those videos, you know this, I know this. I even removed my comments in protest of them being used in the video. Garrett did the same. I even asked that my quote be take off the video as I didn't support it, this is documented in my 2nd last post. In fact I haven't even spoken to TechZ since asking to get my quotes taken off the video. This was actually an action that defened you and Eric, twisted truths prevail.

Also I wasn't insituating that you were making out Garrett was a mod here all I was saying is that since he isn't he could only delete his own posts which he is within his rights to do so. You were the one insituating that he done so with nefarious intention which I know to be false. Not misleading anyone here.

As for what I am doing to support Eric. We are all in different positions to be able to help Eric and being a uni student on uni student wages doesn't make it easy to help Eric on any grand scale. That said I purchased Eric's new lecture and actually have given people at my university the ericpdollard.com link with suggestion they take a look at it. I discuss Eric's work on a near weekly basis with technical professionals in order to get his work out there. I am currently building a Tesla Transformer to demonstrate basic things to these technical professionals. I also help others out with their builds. I am also part of a team who is currently in the process of translating a paper from the turn of the century which in all likelihood is probably the most important paper written by the turn of the century writers for its similarity to Eric's four quadrant theory which a few of us feel will greatly assist understanding of Eric's work. We are also going to send Eric a copy of this paper which I am sure he will thouroughly enjoy. While I might not be bringing in big coin for Eric I am spreading awareness of his work to people who actually might be able to go somewhere with it which in turn helps Eric and I think for the resources I have I am doing a decent job.

Also for the record I, like dR-Green, don't support the torrents out there with Eric's new video in them because I am very for Eric making money from his vidoes, like I said I purchased Eric's video, on the day it came out in fact. Nor do I think you are a surpression agent. I don't think there would even be a torrent of them up right now if it weren't for how both parties have acted. Let me repeat, I support neither one of the two warring parties. There are others that feel the same way, in fact from what I can tell quite a few others. Do you not realize you started the public attacks. The molehill comment regarding the fact that this was behind closed doors and could have been solved there. Now it's spilled out on into the public and look at the mess that has ensued. I was not making out like the video was a molehill, which I thought was incredibly wrong on many levels which I have repeatedly stated.

Maybe one day you will see that your actions have enflamed this situation beyond what was necessary, not saying that you are entirely at fault here by any means either but it takes a true man to admit fault, no matter how significant it is. You were the one who brought this out into public domain in the way you did and it seems a motivating factor of this was David's email. No misleading here. I have no agenda other than to defend certain individuals who I think have been wrongly persecuted. My conscience is clean and on that note I bid you farewell.

Tenaus 08-10-2013 02:22 AM

You know, there was an exploit on keychests which allowed people to download the lone pine writings (or any file on the site, really), without paying for it.

All you had to do was try to download the individual file, rather than the aether FARCE 'packs'.

I'm just pointing this out, because they may have been copies of the book which were not paid for, and therefor, the money which 'should' have gotten to the Lab did not.

So is this a good thing or a bad thing? xD

Tenaus 08-10-2013 02:45 AM

One more thing, I'll give my two cents, and then I'll be done posting about this topic unless I see a mistake that I feel the need to point out.

I came back to the party rather late. Although I did see Rays original campaign with all the videos with Eric speaking his mind, etc, then I left. When I came back, I first saw a comment about Aaron manipulating Eric, etc. So I went over and skimmed Techz's few-hour video on the subject. At the start, I was in full support in Techz for these reasons:

First, Techz seemed to help Eric greatly, so I didn't think he would turn around like this.

Next, Eric's attitude on life and people seems to show a kind of psychology in which he is very paranoid, which could be a possible explanation for all the times his work has been suppressed.

After I skimmed the video for a few seconds, I went and looked at Aaron's side to the story and read some of the previous thread. I noticed immediately a huge difference in the way Aaron argues his point, to the way the Ray argues his: Aaron's posts seem to be a list of facts, many with proof as well, while Ray only ever insults and says that Aaron is lying, without proof of any kind. It is easy to see who is correct here. Common sense and intelligence will show you who is the real person here, and who is the fake. If you look at the attitude of Aaron in his interviews, you notice he does not attempt at manipulation, otherwise he would ask 'leading' questions (you'll know what I mean if you understand psychology).

On the other side, notice how every time Ray or his contemporaries argue, they spout that Aaron and others are 'misinformation agents' and they lie. This is a extremely common catch-phrase, and indicates that Ray knows so little he does not know what else to say. Aaron uses the term as well, however, rather than continue to say they are misinformation agents, he goes into the facts of the matter to establish HOW they are as such.

To the people who don't like Aaron because he "is in a slugfest", calm down and stop acting childish. Yes, CHILDISH. There are always both sides to a war, and both of these sides always do damage. Can you sit on the sidelines and say they are all bad because they are firing bullets at people? Such is a black-white mentality which tends to manifest itself with young people in general, and although I am not saying it is bad to be childish, my point here is that simply because you see them calling each other names doesn't mean they are both wrong.

Anyway, I will end by paraphrasing Eric:

Those who believe this garbage have some sort of mental disorder.

Aaron 08-10-2013 05:15 PM

Ray Savant Techzombie is a Pathological Liar
Techzombie Ray "Muhamed" Savant continues to lose in his phony Aether FARCE battle against the truth.

The Facebook account where he was posting in Eric Dollard's name has been removed: https://www.facebook.com/theaetherforce If you went to this site and saw posts coming from "Eric Dollard" - that was NOT Eric, that was Ray Savant posting in Eric's name making it look like it was not him.

The Indiegogo campaign has been over, but Ray Savant was using the comment portion of the site to slander Eric and I with his lies and videos - the entire campaign page has been removed: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/te...lard/x/2343214 Ray was caught violating about 6 different terms and conditions.


Here is Ray's most recent disinformation campaign - my comments in red.

  • AetherForce.com taken down for a single hour because of baseless DCMA copyright complains of us blogging about Eric's articles, which were available freely over the net. A picture of Eric Dollard that we took ourselves was also cited as an "infringement". Aaron claims to "own" everything pertaining to Eric Dollard but offers no proof. Eric wants the Lone Pine Writings removed from Aether FARCE, it is his copyrighted material. Nothing else was requested to be removed, but it is Eric's desire that all of his material be removed from Ray's websites. I never claimed to own any of this material. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Keychests.com taken down for one day because of claims of massive copyright infringement We made all the books of Eric Dollard available free there. Aaron Murakami filed several copyright complaints against the host of the site. Ray Savant was illegally giving away our paid presentations from the conference - that is what was requested to be removed - Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Eric Dollard\s books begin to disappear off scrib.com and Aaron Murakami gives himself away by leaving the heading of his DCMa copyright letters with To SCRIBD.com - I used a scribd template - the only thing scribd was asked to remove was the Lone Pine Writings. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Eric' Dollard's lectures begin to disappear on Youtube and Vimeo. :rofl: I never submitted a video takedown request at youtube or vimeo. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Aaron Murakami gets Facebook to take down the News Post of us reporting his suppression. The post had a link to an illegal download owned by A & P Electronic Media. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Aaron Murakami files against Facebook to take down a post of the NEWS OF THE NEWS of his own suppression - The post had a link to an illegal download owned by A & P Electronic Media. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Aaron Murakami petitions Facebook and they ban us for 3 days.
    The IMPOSTER site Ray setup was removed because of violating federal law for false impersonation and for copyright violations. Ray is a pathological liar.
  • Aaron Murakami petitions our email provider MailChimp to ban us for sending emails containing no media what so ever. Can there be a more blatant case of suppression than this? :rofl: I never heard of Mailchimp. Ray is a pathological liar.

Aaron 08-10-2013 05:51 PM

Ray Savant - pathological liar

Originally Posted by Aaron (Post 237396)
  • Eric' Dollard's lectures begin to disappear on Youtube and Vimeo. :rofl: I never submitted a video takedown request at youtube or vimeo. Ray is a pathological liar.

I just found this on Aether Farce:

"Sorry, “The Electric Comet | Full Documentary” was deleted at 2:54:06 Mon Aug 5, 2013. Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Ass’n of Universities for Research in Astronomy claiming that this material is infringing: The Electric Comet | Full Documentary.”

That is the video that was removed from Vimeo - and here is Ray Savant Techzombie admitting who requested it to be removed! Yet he finds it in his heart to send out an email blaming it on me! :rofl:

Aaron 08-10-2013 06:13 PM

PROOF of fake youtube accounts supporting Ray Savant Techzombie
"Pitch-black Poet" or Daniel Poet has multiple youtube accounts and is acting like multiple people. He got caught red handed posting as "Dog Lapp" but forgot he was in the wrong account! :rofl:

Techzombie's "army" is a handful of people posing as multiple people. That is the only way for him to gain support for his dog and pony show.


Turion 08-11-2013 05:52 PM

When FOUR of the first SIX threads on the forum are filled with rants and hateful comments, it makes it very difficult to remain neutral and even consider being associated with this forum. This is SUPPOSED to be about the research, development and sharing of ideas on free energy, not a laundromat where we spread out our poop stained undies for all to see. This has gone on and on and on, and this isn't the place for it. Perhaps a courtroom or a really bad late night talk show, but not a place that is SUPPOSED to be dedicated to working together for the good of all. PLEASE STOP!!

Dave Bowling

citfta 08-11-2013 11:06 PM

Totally agree with Dave
Guys this has gone on long enough to give this whole forum a really bad look and atmosphere. Please take your bickering off the forum or at least restrict it to one thread. When the first several threads are stickies that have nothing to do with research of Alternative Energy it sure looks bad to anyone that has just joined.

Respectfully, Carroll

Aaron 08-12-2013 01:50 AM

threads are moved
Everything related to Eric Dollard has been moved to its own forum and they are no longer stickies. It has already been posted in the Eric Dollard thread. Because of the continuous attacks with lies and other false allegations by Aether FARCE, this thread will remain open with any new information and documentation showing their fraud.

Unless anyone has anything to contribute to the TOPIC of this thread, please do not post.

ZPDM 08-13-2013 07:48 AM

A Suggestion
I just stumbled on this morass, won't say I've done more then skim a part of it but I will offer a suggestion for a way forward.

Mr. Dollard needs his own Paypal account. All that needs to happen for this is for Mr. Dollar to go to a public library set-up an e-mail account, maybe with Google, and then register with Paypal. As I do suspect both Aaron and those involved with trying to set up a lab for Mr. Dollard are at heart very concerned about both Mr. Dollard's well-being and furthering his work I feel certain they will both go out of their way to publicize this paypal donation direct to Mr. Dollards account, while once the email account (be it whatever, say kjgakdhgahgjag@google.com) is known on these forums anyone with a paypal account can contribute directly to Mr. Dollard without worrying about any potentially meddlesome discussions or politicking. As both parties are very invested in their support of Mr. Dollard I can't imagine this wouldn't be something all couldn't get behind 100 percent. Will you prove me wrong?

Aaron 08-13-2013 09:48 PM

Dollard's personal donations account

Originally Posted by ZPDM (Post 237515)
I just stumbled on this morass, won't say I've done more then skim a part of it but I will offer a suggestion for a way forward.

Mr. Dollard needs his own Paypal account. All that needs to happen for this is for Mr. Dollar to go to a public library set-up an e-mail account, maybe with Google, and then register with Paypal. As I do suspect both Aaron and those involved with trying to set up a lab for Mr. Dollard are at heart very concerned about both Mr. Dollard's well-being and furthering his work I feel certain they will both go out of their way to publicize this paypal donation direct to Mr. Dollards account, while once the email account (be it whatever, say kjgakdhgahgjag@google.com) is known on these forums anyone with a paypal account can contribute directly to Mr. Dollard without worrying about any potentially meddlesome discussions or politicking. As both parties are very invested in their support of Mr. Dollard I can't imagine this wouldn't be something all couldn't get behind 100 percent. Will you prove me wrong?

David Webster has the old personal donations account and should give Eric the login info as well as the login info for the associated email account. It's the right thing to do. Then a new bank account can be associated with it, etc...

Aaron 08-14-2013 05:43 AM

Ray Savant - Level 99 Dungeon Master Wants You To Call Her
ATTN: Ray Savant - Techzombie - Muhamed (If you are in contact with Ray Savant - show him this message).

Your "big sister" the "Level 99 Dungeon Master" as you nicknamed her wants you to call. She has been looking for you for a long time.

You also need to read the letter her attorneys sent you so you can see exactly how many state and federal laws you are breaking and encouraging others to break. You are facing 7 figures in fines and damages in addition to mandatory federal prison time.

Every single person you are encouraging to knowingly break the law with copyrighted material owned by my company or anyone else is liable for $150,000 in civil damages PER INCIDENT and that doesn't even include federal fines. Why? Because it is being done WILLFULLY. You are effectively destroying people by having them play along with your charade and they do not even know they are taking on these liabilities. Every single one of their names are documented as are their actions and posts where they are joining in on the pirating of copyrighted presentations.

Many owners of many torrent sites are my friends and they have been removing the torrents when they learned what you are doing without DMCA's needed. Contrary to popular misconception, most do NOT want illegal material on their sites and if they are only a link/search directory, they do NOT want links to illegal material. This is not like the old days where it is hard to do anything about pirated material on torrents, they are virtually all forced to comply with international copyright laws now and they can no longer hide on some foreign server like they used to.

Anyway, she is willing to let you stay in her condo there in the LA area and will even send you a first class ticket and have someone pick you up at the airport. She cares about you a lot since you're like family to her and she just wants to see you get well.

You obviously do not need to respond to me directly - just give her a call - S _ _ _ _ _ T desperately wants you to speak to you right away. I also have photographs from her, of you that nobody has seen, if I need to show them as proof that she is indeed who I say she is.

I have been contacted by others in your past including business partners, co-actors, etc... and they also want to see you get well.

Aaron 08-14-2013 04:11 PM

Ray Savant's reponse to Indiegogo removing the Eric Dollard campaign
Name: Danae Ringelmann Attn: DMCA Notice
Company: Indiegogo, Inc.
Address: 301 8th Street, Suite 225
San Francisco, CA 94103
Telephone & Fax: 866-641-4646
Email: copyright@indiegogo.com

AugustO10, 2013

RE: Mistaken Removal

Dear Name: Danae Ringelmann Attn: DMCA Notice ;

Please find attached to this letter a list of material removed by you pursuant to 17
U.S.C. Section 512. I have a good faith belief that this material was removed or disabled in error as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material. I declare that this is true and accurate under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of

For the purposes of this matter, I consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District
Court for the judicial district in which I reside. I also consent to service of process
by the person providing notification under Section 512(c)(1)(C) or that person’s agent.
However, by this letter, I do not waive any other rights, including the ability to pursue an action for the removal or disabling of access to this material, if wrongful.

Having complied with the requirements of Section 512(g)(3), I remind you that you must now replace the blocked or removed material and cease disabling access to it within fourteen business days of your receipt of this notice. Please notify me when this has been done.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions about this notice, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ray Savant
646 709 1295
463 west 49th st apt 4b
ny ny 10019


In regards to the copyright claims of Lone Pine Writings, that does not exist on any of the links mentioned. They were removed long ago.

In regards to the Theory of anti Relativity hosted on youtube. Youtube is the avenue for action and youtube rejected all his claims.

We would like to see documentation that Eric P Dollard does indeed own the copyrights to the lecture and to LonePine writings as it was transcirbed and published by others. Also the lecrure was record by others.

We also request documentation that Aaron Murakami is Eric P Dollard's offical legal representative as Eric Dollard has no internet access.

We would like to remind the filer of 17 USC § 512
Baseless claims can open the door to liability.

subsection ii
The video in question where defemation is claimed uses video footage of Eric Dollard himself.

subsection vi
No mention of Aetherforce is present in that video, hence the claim of self promotion is also baseless.


False allegations that I am harassing "them" have been removed because the only people harassing anyone in all of this is Ray Savant and a small handful of people are sending harassing emails, etc... We do not engage is such actions and have only sent DMCA Takedown Notices for copyrighted material, including conference videos that we own the rights to and Ray Savant is in complete open violation of Federal Copyright laws.


Original complaint

subsection ii

- Promoting terrorism, abuse, libel, hate, personal injury, property damage, violence, racial intolerance or financial exploitation The
latest video posted on the homepage and updates, this video is a phony propaganda video to defame me and my associate Aaron Murakami. It is labeling me as a drug addict and is claiming that Aaron is sabotaging everything. This is extremely libelous and is causing injury to our reputation. This entire campaign was supposedly to support my work and the website is used in a character assassination campaign. Look at this post on the updates page - telling everyone to harass someone that has some of my past presentations:

4. The Suppression agent George Gadboury is squirming like a worm on a hook. We have all made a real difference here with our calls and he is
under some real heat. He has contacted us with more and more excuses and claimed to have given the tapes to an editor trying to buy himself some time. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. The tapes do not need
editing and they certainly do not need 5 years of editing. Lets keep the pressure on until he finally cracks. Only when these agents of
suppression fear WE the people more than they LOVE the money they get from their handlers will we have the truth free for all.

1. Call George Gadboury, president of Tesla Society ( 415-286-6576 ) 50 points for voice mail, 200 points for a live call
2. Email George Gadboury ( sftesla@hotmail.com ) 10 points
3. Crash Next Meeting 1000 points Sunday, March 10, 2013 1 – 5 p.m. at the TechShop – San Francisco
926 Howard Street (near 5th Street) San Francisco, CA 94103

subsection iii

-Causing risk of or actual personal injury or tangible or intangible property damage - This has caused us to receive death threats and other harassment.
subsection iv

- Defaming an individual or entity The video and statements are specifically designed to DEFAME both of us. Look at these posts: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tesla-round-2-the-mission-of-eric-dollard?c=comments Techzombie (Ray Savant) is simply using this as a defamation of
character website.

subsection vi

-Unauthorized self-promotion Ray Savant (techzombie) is using the video to also promote Aether Force, which is a fraud organization that is distributing pirated presentations, pages dedicated to defamation of character against us, etc... This campaign was supposedly setup to
promote my lab (EPD Laboratories) now it is slandering it while
promoting Aether Force (owned by Ray Savant), which is the actual person and organization that is sabotaging my non-profit organization.
section C

vi Impersonate another person or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, conduct fraud, hide or attempt to
hide your identity On the campaign homepage, he lists many sites where he is impersonating me such as the Facebook page. He is using the facebook page to slander me and my partners. All links to the other
sites need to be removed as they are impersonating me as well. subsection vii

-Make any false or misleading Post (such as false or misleading information in the Campaign, in your Campaign Profile (such as misrepresenting the Beneficiary or Campaign purpose) or in a comment) There has many many misrepresentations to everyone that donated money regarding what the money was going to be used for, it claims I will
write a hand written letter to someone if they give a $100 donation (46 people donated $100 expecting a letter from me, but Techzombie made these promises without my knowledge or consent, etc...)

Attn: Copyright Agent, Indegogo
Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A), this communication serves as a statement that:

1. I have rights to my own presentation Theory of Anti-Relativity Theory and am the exclusive rights holder for the Lone Pine Writings book, many files pirated on his keychests.com website listed, Misconceptions of Electricity presentation, Tesla's Longitudinal presentation, .
2. These exclusive rights are being violated by material available upon your site at the following URL(s):
3. I have a good faith belief that the use of this material in such a fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyright holder's agent, or the law;
4. Under penalty of perjury in a United States court of law, I state that the information contained in this notification is accurate, and that I am authorized to act on the behalf of the exclusive rights holder for the material in question;
5. I may be contacted by the following methods (include all): Eric P. Dollard, General Delivery, Lone Pine CA, 93545

I hereby request that you remove or disable access to this material as
it appears on your service in as expedient a fashion as possible. Thank you.

Eric P. Dollard

Aaron 08-14-2013 05:23 PM

Ray Savant fraud
Now Ray Savant is trying to claim that Eric Dollard does not even own the copyrights to his own work! :rofl:

Here are his claims summarized:

In regards to the copyright claims of Lone Pine Writings, that does not exist on any of the links mentioned. They were removed long ago.

In regards to the Theory of anti Relativity hosted on youtube. Youtube is the avenue for action and youtube rejected all his claims.

We would like to see documentation that Eric P Dollard does indeed own the copyrights to the lecture and to LonePine writings as it was transcirbed and published by others. Also the lecrure was record by others.

We also request documentation that Aaron Murakami is Eric P Dollard's offical legal representative as Eric Dollard has no internet access.

subsection ii
The video in question where defemation is claimed uses video footage of Eric Dollard himself.

subsection vi
No mention of Aetherforce is present in that video, hence the claim of self promotion is also baseless.


Indiegogo removed the campaign because of multiple violations of their own terms and conditions in addition to posting Eric's copyrighted material that Eric does not want Ray doing anything with.

Ray Savant perjures himself under penalty of perjury that Youtube has rejected all claims to remove Eric's copyrighted material.

Here are two examples:

Theory of Anti-Relativity - YouTube

Origin of Energy Synthesis - YouTube

So Ray Savant is caught lying about Youtube rejecting all claims to remove Eric's copyrighted material.

Here is what his youtube account looked like a few days ago:


Here is what it looks like now:


Now Ray Savant wants to see documentation that Eric Dollard is the copyright owner to his own work? :rofl:

Here is what the law states about who owns the copyright: "Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright."

The Lone Pine Writings were posted right here in the forum originally and as soon as they were posted, Eric Dollard became a copyright owner since he created the work. The same applies to his Theory of Anti-Relativity. Ray Savant has never derived any rights to any of these works from Eric Dollard and he cannot show any contract proving that he did. The very fact that Eric is the author of these works is prima facie evidence that he is the copyright owner.

Ray Savant is obviously becoming more and more desperate by the day. When he has to as for documentation that Eric is the copyright owner to his own works, I don't know how much lower he can stoop.

David Webster volunteered to organize Eric's posts into a book form. That does not confer any copyright ownership to David or to anyone else. David has professed many times how he has simply volunteered to help Eric and that was it. All copyrights to these writings and lectures still remain with Eric unless a separate agreement exists extending copyrights to another individual or entity. This is all Copyright 101 that anyone can read right on the Federal Govt's Copyright Office website.

I am not a "legal representative" for Eric Dollard. Eric has simply stated repeatedly in audio and video interviews that he asked me to have his copyrighted material removed from Ray Savant's websites. This all started the moment Eric found out that Ray was selling Lone Pine Writings without his knowledge or consent. And as soon as it was requested to be removed (when Ray was selling it for $50 and Eric never received a penny), Ray started to give it away for free in completely open violation of the DMCA Takedown Notice.

Anyone can listen to these:
Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube
July 30, 2013 - Eric Dollard Live Interview by Peter Lindemann - YouTube
August 1, 2013 - Eric Dollard interviewed by Gary Hendershot Smart Scarecrow show - YouTube

And, Eric does want us to publish some of his copyrighted works so they can be used to raise funds for the lab. A & P Electronic Media therefore has publisher's copyrights and we can also enforce DMCA Takedown Notices for Eric's copyrighted material as well.

As far as violating subsection ii of Indiegogo's terms and conditions - Ray Savant is lying. Eric's statement about drugs is taken out of context by Ray and is used to make it look like Eric is a drug addict when he is not. That is defamation of character perpetrated by Ray and is NOT coming from Eric's own words.

For subsection vi of Indiegogo's terms and conditions - Ray Savant is lying. His false allegations propaganda videos promote Aether Farce.

Aaron 08-14-2013 05:39 PM

Eric Dollard Triumphs over failed Sabotage Attempt
Ray Savant is now buying video views for his youtube videos as well as likes and he is purchasing dislikes for some of my videos. :rofl: It is a sad, sad existence to dedicate ones existence to being a pathological liar and psychopath.

We are very productive in getting all the speakers lectures out from the conference as well as doing our best to keep these live interviews coming. We are also productive in stopping a lot of Ray Savant's fraud such as his impersonation of Eric Dollard on Facebook, etc...

Ray Savant is in this for himself and always has been. He even admitted he is not doing this for Eric, he is doing it for "truth" and we all know what his "truth" is - his illegal pirated material website keychests.com has the banned books of "truth" which had Adolf Hitler books (that he removed but it is still in google cache), etc... he has been pushing and his goal from the beginning, as ridiculous as it sounds, was to weaponize Tesla technology to wipe Israel from the map. :whistle: It should be more than obvious who has psychological problems here.

If anyone wants to see who Ray Savant is and what happened to him - watch this movie: Mazes and Monsters (1982) (TV) - Plot Summary

Tom Hanks is a RPG (Role Playing Game) junkie who gets so wrapped up in the fantasy he can no longer distinguish the game from reality. He basically goes off the deep end. After talking to multiple people from Ray's past, this is basically what happened to Ray.

He is trapped in a RPG game where everything in his life revolves around hit points, "Level 99" this and that, etc... it is not just his theme - he is literally trapped in that world and his only solace is to continually feed his fantasies, which he is acting out by accusing me of suppressing information (which I actually own copyrights to) and accusing Eric of being on drugs, which anyone with any commons sense can see is not true.

Eric's announcement list is growing fast at Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage and Eric's conference presentation has done very well for him! :yahoo:Thank you to everyone that is sharing Eric's personal homepage - it is working very well. I see it is showing up and is being discussed in various other forums now so the word is spreading fast.

dR-Green 08-15-2013 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Aaron (Post 237597)
Ray Savant is now buying video views for his youtube videos as well as likes and he is purchasing dislikes for some of my videos.

Apparently this is true. A lot of people coincidentally posted comments at exactly the same time. A look at their profile reveals that they are ALL commenting on the same videos.

Shredded Messiah - To Save the Work of Eric Dollard - YouTube

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Aether 08-15-2013 03:43 PM

Yea, apparently this is true, I just clicked on a bunch of the people commenting, and they all were registered on May 9th 2013, it really is pathetic and I hope people really don't fall for this ****.

Aaron 08-16-2013 04:54 AM

Eric Dollard
In response to Ray Savant - Techzombie's degenerate spamming attempts here at spreading misinformation - here is an example of the truth:


That is a small screenshot of the sales that are coming into Eric's EPDOLLARD clickbank affiliate campaign.

Here is an example of Ray Savant's pathological lies:


:rolleyes: Aaron promises a 60% commission to affiliates.

Aaron promises to give the author 80% of sales and he takes 17% minus some taxes fees etc..

What crooked pathological liar Aaron Murakami does not tell you is that... HE ALWAYS COUNTS HIMSELF AS AN AFFILIATE ON EVERY SALE
so he always gets at least 80% and Eric is lucky to get 17%


First of all, you can already see that he has never taken elementary school math and doesn't know how to corroborate his lies so that he has a rational story. If 60% commissions are given to affiliates (after fees) - that leaves 40% to be given to the publisher and author so there can never be 80% of the sales gives to the author if we give 60% commission to the affiliates. Not only is Ray Savant concocting ridiculous lies, he doesn't understand math that a 6 year old is capable of.

What you see in that screenshot is the affiliate is EPDOLLARD for all those sales. There are way more sales than that, but the last few are enough to illustrate an example of how Eric actually is supported through this.

Eric's presentation is Product ID# 48 and it sales for $27. After Clickbank takes their $1 plus 7.5% fee, whatever is left - the affiliate (Eric as EPDOLLARD) gets 60% as I have said all along and exactly like thousands of affiliates around the world get every time they refer a sales. Every product we have we offer 60% of the sale - it is a known fact.

If you take $1 and 7.5% away from $27, you are left with the 60% commission, which is $14.xx plus or minus a few cents depending on currency exchange, etc..., which is exactly what you see in the screenshot.

Every single time, exactly like I have stated, that anyone purchases Eric's presentation from his website (http://ericpdollard.com), Eric receives (personally or to the lab - it is his call) 60% of the sale.

IN ADDITION to that, he gets an extra royalty on top of that for every presentation that everyone purchases REGARDLESS of who sells it, which means he gets a royalty on EVERY presentation sold by EVERY affiliate around the world.

That screenshot is of the most recent presentations that people got and here is what is exciting for Eric... :yahoo:

See those other product ID #'s? 31 in this example (and there are others) - that means Eric's affiliate ID (NOT MINE) is "cookied" in people's browsers so when they go to purchase another product from us, NOT just Eric's presentation, Eric is also receiving 60% of those purchases as well since their browser remembers that Eric's affiliate account was the original referring account!!! :fingerdance:

And, we didn't even advertise those other presentations to Eric's announcement list! Those people took it upon themselves to go seek out the other presentation or found out in whatever way etc. I can't just advertise other presentations on Eric's announcement list unless he gives me permission to. He might not believe in it what is being promoted and it would be unethical. But if someone purchases Eric's presentation from his link and goes to seek out another presentation and Eric gets the 60% then this is something that has never happened for Eric before and this CAN happen add up to quite a significant income for the lab over time.

So in summary, for Ray Savant to claim that I insert my own affiliate ID into "every sale" is not just a lie, it is a complete abomination of the truth that is so pathetic it is beyond words.

I put my own affiliate ID into some links through this forum, through my own newsletter mailing lists because it is my own newsletters, etc... but 100% of every single thing that I am doing on Eric's behalf on his own list, his own website and his own links that I have built for him, it is HIS own affiliate ID, it is earning him EXACTLY what I said it would an I have the documentation to prove it and you are seeing a sample of it here.

My publishing business has been around for quite a while because the only way I believe it should be run is with honest and ethical business practices and that will never change.

The best way to support Eric is to share Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage with everyone you know and tell them to purchase his presentation from his website and to join his list! There are already other website that are promoting Eric's website so the word is spreading fast.

Please do not be fooled by Ray Savant (Techzombie's) lies and misinformation. The only progress he is making is by purchasing phony youtube dislikes and negative comments for some of my videos and spreading lies. His bark is bigger than his bite and he is producing nothing useful for the entire "free energy" field.

He has convinced a few naive people that the best way to support Eric is by giving all of Eric's info away for free, which simply takes away Eric's ability to raise funds for his lab. Ray's method of support is to give someone a hug while putting a knife in their back at the same time. This is not a metaphor - it is exactly what he has been doing and IS doing to Eric at this very moment and everyone can see this in Ray's videos. Fortunately, it is only a very small percentage of people that are gullible to believe that benefits Eric and contrary to their high noise to signal ratio, things are moving along in the right direction.

So if you do believe in Eric's work and truly do want to support him, please encourage people to visit http://ericpdollard and sign up on Eric's announcement list. :thanks:

More of Eric's work that people haven't seen before will be released in the near future and it will be announced on Eric's list!

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