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petar113507 03-23-2012 10:23 PM

MonsiuerM's water Heater
MonsiuerM, I have hoped to be the person writing this post. I hope to illustrate that what you share, is indeed listened to -- and is being investigated. If for no other reason, the sheer quantity of interconnected information you have shared represents a vast time investment, demands a bit of regonition and respect, even from community "lurkers".

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petar113507 03-23-2012 10:36 PM

With that said -- I would like to bring up some relevant information about the water heater.

Felix Ehrenhaft: Magnetic Current --- 9 articles


Instead, he uses the iron rods as pole pieces, or North and South ends of a magnet --- either an electromagnet or a permanent magnet. Bubbles of gas rise through the twin columns of acidulated water, to be collected and analyzed. As might be expected, nearly all of the gas is hydrogen, liberated by a commonplace chemical interaction between the iron rods and sulfuric acid, one percent by volume, in the water. But the phenomenal part of the experiment is that oxygen also turns up, Dr Ehrenhaft recently told the American Physical Society. To be specific, it is found in clearly measurable proportions ranging from 2 to 12% of the total volume of gases. When the gases obtained with a permanent magnet are separated, the larger proportion of oxygen is found above the north pole of the magnet. After rigorous precautions that seem to rule out all other explanations --- including short-circuiting the magnet poles with wire, so that the poles will be at the same electric potential --- Dr Ehrenhaft concludes that there is only one place the oxygen can come from. And that is from the water decomposed with a magnet! Without a magnet, pure hydrogen is evolved.

There is an interesting sidelight to this experiment. A strong permanent magnet of the Alnico type suffers a marked loss of strength --- say, 10% in 24 hours --- after being used to decompose water, Dr Ehrenhaft observes. In fact, makers of the magnets, which are supposed to last for years without material change, have viewed what happens to them with astonishment and dismay. But no fault lies with their products. Energy from an electric battery is used up in decomposing water, and it would be only reasonable to expect energy stored in up in a permanent magnet to be drained likewise.
What gives the utmost significance to the reported feat of breaking up water with a magnet is the fresh evidence it offers for the existence of "magnetic current", or a flow of magnetically charged particles, which has been suspected by noted pioneers and which Dr Ehrenhaft now maintains he has proved. Confirmation of this amazing discovery would point to a possible future rival of electric current, perhaps capable of being harnesses in undreamed-of ways.

Now, just as traveling electric ions form an electric current, why shouldn’t traveling magnetic ions form a magnetic current? See for yourself another of Dr Ehrenhaft’s startling experiments, and draw your own conclusions.

This time the heart of the apparatus will be a small glass cell, fitted as before with pole pieces of pure iron that dip into water containing one percent of sulfuric acid. An electromagnet, turned on or off at will, energizes the poles. From a projector, a powerful beam of light converges upon the narrow gap between the pole pieces, and a low-power microscope, mounted horizontally, reveals that happens there. Adding a camera provides a permanent record.

I find this particularly "coincidental", with the recent interest on these forums in the electric feild, in the action when magnetic poles become voided (n/s) each in their respective opposite. This thread is dedicated towards uncovering more about the effect of producing hydrogen gas through magnetic voidance of electromagnets, or permernant magnets (leaving an air gap between the n/s poles in attraction mode).

First, a few "failures" :thumbsup:


Plugged directly into the wall, tripped a circuit breaker. Small bubbles formed around the wires at the moment of the spark -- but the current was not sustained. In the below picture you can see the small bubbles -- but I have no before picture to compare it with.


Tested with citric acid, and acetic acid (vinegar) in about 1-2% solution (estimated concentration from percentages on the bottles, plus a calculated ammount of water to make it within this range).

Same mobius cadeseus coil, different power source -- not directly attached to the socket. I ripped apart a small DC transformer -- essentially shorting out the the secondary coils. At the time, I did not realize that the transformer core would get hot instead of actually pushing any current through secondary coils. 9V @ 300 Milli-amps DC output


Bigger transformer -- 24V AC, 1000 milli-amp output


Even with the larger transformer, and putting the load in series instead of as a direct short -- and the 20-gauge wire red/white cadeseus coil -- not a huge ammount happened. Key point, I could tell that the flux was fighting the strongest where the two wires were wrapped around each other (highest surface area being exposed to the opposite polarity).

Here is my Guitar amp signal generator -- took the output leads that would normally connect to the speaker and hooked them up to various coils. This output signal is useful because I have a freeware frequency generator on my computer, and can also synthesize any signal of any hear-able frequency on a program like audacity.

Audacity: Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder


My only complaint is that this power signal from the 30-watt amplifier does not produce a very strong magnetic field, and needs many winds on a thin gauge coil to produce a use-able field of a small size. The same goes with the larger gauge wire -- my future tests will be using a longer length of coil to produce a stronger flux feild for the same signal input.

petar113507 03-23-2012 10:37 PM

Most of these experiments did not produce much a result -- I showed these non-results to show you the tools I have been working with. These non-results are not what I wish to call to your attention with this thread.

The result, The cadeseus coil did not heat up when I played a song through it as a speaker. The sound was very faint that was emitted from it. I want to stress that there is no heat from the coils if a sound is played from it, without any opposite polarity magnetic field interefering with the signal from the coil.


When I put a stack of neo-magnets inside the cadeseus coil, it worked just like a rodin coil speaker.


Sound was louder with a full stack in the dead center -- and loudest when I seperated a N/S pole with a graphite pencil. When the area which was seperated but still attracting each other was placed in the cancelling zone -- the sound quality was better, and louder than before.


Pulling the magnets in and out of the coil produced a varying sound signal. This effect was novel, until I noticed that the coil heated up when the magnets were inside the single cadeseus, whereas it did not heat up before. I would not have noticed this, if the water on the inside of the coil did not turn to steam. (see small condensing droplets in this below picture, and steam on the "rodin coil speaker" picture, second pic above)


This water that turned into steam was remaining from being dipped in water, a very diluted muriatic acid (HCL) (approx 2%). Noting the steam, I dunked the coil back into a 1 liter mass of water, and left it in for approx 2-3 minutes. Dipping the small coil into a large water mass did not heat up the water as rapidly as I had hoped -- but it did make it lukewarm to the touch. :cheers:


While noting that the cancelling region is wrapped around a ferrite core (or neo magnet core), even loosely coupled -- it created heat -- this reminds me (Reversed) of what a microwave magnetron looks like (coil inside the magnetic field for magnetron, and coil outside magnetic feild in this experiment) -- and similarly how it might heat up water.



I suspect that with more winds on the coil or the denser the magnetic field, the stronger the heating effect. My next tests will be working towards verifying this suspicion, and towards increasing the surface area of the coil that is cancelling, by winding variations of the mobius cadeseus coils.
I am not claiming to say microwaves are the resulting reason that the water heats up -- I do not have the equipment to test for that radiation, and thus cannot say. But, if anyone were to follow along, and also try winding a few novel coils to see if they can heat up water with different acidulated water types -- muriatic acid (cleaning agent, sold in 33% concentrations in hardware stores), or sulfuric acid (replacement battery acid from auto shops) -- then we might get somewhere with understanding, not only Felix Erenhaft's Magnetolysis, but perhaps uncovering the missing link between MonisuerM's water heater, and the sonic boiler.

I Hope that it is not too late,

MonsieurM 03-23-2012 11:14 PM

Thank you Petar , old friend :heartbeat: for all that you have said .... You deserve as much Credit if not more for exploring and experiencing along ... I have merely shared the results of our discussion to inspire you ... you taken it upon yourself to go the extra mile ...Thank you and know that I'm deeply touched by yours posts :notworthy:

could u do me a favor and test a Mobius Caduceus ...the surface of contact is multiplied when the Mobius form is used


like the first pic but with the magnets this time around


as it resembles closely the dna coil (second pic )


ps: the caduceus you tested with magnets is of the same form as :



may she shine her light on you :heartbeat: :sun: :angel:

ps: 8 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 37 = HM 1 ....the Magician :whistle:

HairBear 03-24-2012 02:18 PM

Thank you for sharing your experiments! Your work is closely related to my own which gives me inspiration. I had come across a link you may find helpful in explaining the effects you are seeing. Good luck!

Polarization and Non-Inductive Coils Revisited | Electromagetic Publication

petar113507 04-12-2012 09:16 AM

The small single cadeseus coil functions as a "heater", in part due to the current flowing through the wire. I am not so sure, because the coil still does not heat up much after it "shorts out" my frequency generator for five minutes... But with the neo magnets in the center, it heats up quite quickly.

Again I will say, it is not the copper wires which produce the heat with the Neo magnets in the center.

The larger wires I have tried since, have not produced as distinct an effect...


It heated it, but to a lesser degree. I heated the transformer core running the larger coil faster than I heated the water. The water in the large "bierstein" was between 600 ML and 800 ML.

It heated faster when the neo magnets are in the center, than when it was just "shorting" out a "class 2 transformer" (why they had to put a "class" to a 36V, 1 A transformer, I dunno..... :rolleyes: )

The transformer heated faster when the magnets were in the center of the coil. :confused:

This is with muriatic acid in the water solution.

I have been timid to use Sulphuric acid, until I had a large enough bucket to store the dilluted acid in so that I do not have any spills and can contain the "waste" if this experimentation doesnt lead anywhere... :)

Good news, the bucket arrived. :thumbsup:

Which got me testing a second coil, with muriatic acid again.


And it made me see that again, the effect was not as distinct at the first, at vaporising the water.

This got me to thinking about why the water would heat up when a neo magnet was in the center of a copper cadeseus coil...

Well, chemical composition of neo magnets....

A neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnet), the most widely-used type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure
So, Copper and Iron, being opposites -- might void each other to conduct the "extra energy" that is missing from the rodin coil.


Looks like there might have been a reason that was not clear, at first when you presented this MonsieurM.

Perhaps the acidic water, and alkane water balanced each other out, instead of the iron and copper balancing each other out....

Sometimes, Nature winks at you with a flash of inspiration ;)

Thank you for your guidance during this long ride :inlove:

petar113507 04-12-2012 10:15 AM

Which makes me think about this video....
I wondered how Ed Leedskalinin made his magnets...

It appears MonsieurM and Rodin showed us how...
Marko Rodin Permanent Monopole Magent (biased Poles) - YouTube

This makes me think -- the cadeseus coil makes many "dead centers" where the magnetic fields void each other, and "cancel out"... :suprise:

If he is making a "Monopole" north; when according to russell North is the gravative half of the magnet.... :thinking:

What would happen if you put that genero-active, compressing gravity center around a few dis-similar di-electrics? :suprise:

And what if you were to encase that infa-red, or X-ray receiver in that di-electric...?

Free Energy 24hrs/day Radiant Energy Receiver

The desire to understand what Powerme was discussing a year back, just pinged back to me about the tourmaline crystals for a pyroelectric battery -- or, if I understood how to grow lead sulphide crystals -- that I could attach the same highly sensitive high frequency antennas to a di-electric; using the same focal gravity center that is present in rodin's coil, and the cadeseus coil.

It's funny how almost all of the "supressed" research, and our modern theories dodge around this simple principal of voidance of opposites -- and how the dis-association, and recombination of many (dis-association of water, comes to mind) "OU" devices. The mayans thought that the Zero was highly significant, instead of being a blank "nothing"....

I now understand what must be done, and that because I understand it, I must worthily make myself an example for all to see.

Thank you, my friend :notworthy:
I will share what I now understand :angel:
I am only sorry that it has taken so long to reach this point of understanding. :wall:

petar113507 04-12-2012 10:19 AM

Unification Coil Ozone Generator!! Tesla Science!! - YouTube

Ozone generator....
Ozone, instead of regular Oxygen...
O2, converted into O3... :rofl:

Sounds like the ozone generator works by cancelling the fields out, to make a gravity center, so that oxygen bumps and fuses to other oxygen molecules.... :suprise:


4/11/12 = 4+1+1+1+2 = HM 9 :thumbsup: :)
I am only a slower (lower frequency) antenna, than you :thumbsup:

petar113507 04-12-2012 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by petar113507 (Post 188150)

4/11/12 = 4+1+1+1+2 = HM 9 :thumbsup: :)
I am only a slower (lower frequency) antenna, than you :thumbsup:

I do not mean that to be limiting....
But right now, it is 4/12/12...
4+1+2+1+2 = 10 = HM 1
It is the start of a new understanding for me :cheers:

Practical Method for Production of Water Fuel with Piezoelectric


Atomized water is a fine molecule measuring 1 micro meter or less, it takes very little energy to liberate HHO at such small size compared to regular water with molecular bond. The difference is just like grinding fine sand into powder versus 1 inch gravels.

I have been labelled with various names of which that does not bother me. From the very begining of our discussion, I had asked everyone numerous times, DO NOT LOOK up to me, I am no difference. You have your own intelligence that resides within you, my goal is to help you liberate your own natural conscious.

Everything is whole, you can not learn Natural Conscious from reading a book as it is only self taught. You can not theorize Conscious as that is pure speculation. When you understand Natural Conscious, you learn to let go, your EGO is the barrier that seperates you from your higherself.

I apologize for ranting continously but you have to understand, the only way to knowing the Truth of Nature is by becoming One with Nature, you do not need a Teacher, [U]you are the Teacher[U]. You do not need me as you are very capable on your own, but I am only here to lend a hand, to show you the first steps.

Nature is abundant with everything that anyone will ever need. When you understand, you will see the many many things that is wrong with this world, and [/B]together we will all make a Change[/B].

I am not holding anything back, I have simplified the process by utilizing common elements inplace of Chemicals that is restricted from Public Access, there by allowing you to see How Nature truly works, how transmutation occurs, how any different elements can be fused together to achieve the same property. There is no Law in Nature, you are the Creator.

I thank you all for your trouble and efforts in helping me distribute this knowledge, Together, we will make a Change.
And so, we might combine this North monopole / simple high voltage generator, with atomized water, or steam -- to acheive the dis-association that I sought to find, long ago....

I say this, because an Ozone generator, can be combined with water steam, or finely atomized water droplets to induce a gaseous state -- the water fuel that "powerme" was trying to share with us all.

MonsieurM, your water heater is very fractal. :suprise: :cheers: :suprise: :suprise: :suprise::suprise::suprise:

It seems, you were always a step ahead in your knowing

petar113507 04-12-2012 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by MonsieurM (Post 187896)
You may not immediately see it ... but the following vid is a beautiful metaphor to our entire discussion and its purpose .... It is the same Process .... be like a Humming Bird chase after the Nectar of the Gods :angel:

you are the Teacher / Initiate .... the Humming Bird / Flower .... a Telesti


The beauty of pollination - YouTube
from: Gnostic.Org: The Kybalion

ie: share your knowledge...open source :cool:

so we can all undergo metamorphosis and take off :heartbeat:



I apologize for ranting continously but you have to understand, the only way to knowing the Truth of Nature is by becoming One with Nature, you do not need a Teacher, [U]you are the Teacher[U]. You do not need me as you are very capable on your own, but I am only here to lend a hand, to show you the first steps.

:suprise: :suprise: :suprise: :thinking: :thinking: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Just got my first standard electrolyzer to work. HHO torch is functional :thumbsup:

Now that I have the gas to play with, I will experiment with ozonating the HHO, the steam, and refining various metals as I had intended to last year.

More to come... :thumbsup:

MonsieurM 04-12-2012 01:41 PM

Glad to see the muses shining their light on you :D :angel:


The desire to understand what Powerme was discussing a year back, just pinged back to me about the tourmaline crystals for a pyroelectric battery
ps: now you are glimpsing the truth that nothing is at random ;)

Now that you have your HHO torch .... you can use it to heat the crystal batteries as they are doing in http://www.energeticforum.com/renewa...light-118.html .... Not all Flames are the Same

ps: Magnetite ;)

It is much Appreciated to have a discussion with like minded people .... thank you :notworthy:

MonsieurM 04-12-2012 02:31 PM

One more detail , wanted to mention:

if we are to consider a Crystal Battery to work properly ... you may also need as a last step to Shock it into Life

in other words short it

Frankenstein Style :suprise:


love the movie Frankenstein Junior - Wikipédia :heartbeat:


thus creating an inner fractal Antenna ;)

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