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Old 06-12-2018, 02:26 PM
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Innovation: abstraction and reality: plogiston and Ideal gas.

Innovation: abstraction and reality: plogiston and Ideal gas.
Quote by Albert Einstein about the value of Innovation:
“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
There are two ways of innovation.
a) to solve a problem with one absolutely new idea
( like Planck's quantum of action)
b) to solve a problem looking it from another point of view
( like was solved problem that '' heat is not a phlogiston substance,
but a dynamical form of mechanical effect'' that* slowly* evolved
into the new science of* ''thermodynamics'')
The ''phlogiston theory'' was accepted for more than 100 years.
Today, in my opinion, there is another kind of ''phlogiston theory''.
We know this a new* kind of ''phlogiston theory''.from about 1800
by the very old name* ''the theory of ideal gas.
More than 300 years we accept ''an ideal gas'' as an abstract theory.
What is an ideal gas ?
a) Ideal gas has the temperature T=0K* ( −273.15 °C)
b). Ideal gas molecules do not attract or repel each other.
c) Ideal gas molecules themselves take up no volume.
We usually remember the first things we learn.
The second thing it seems not so important and
the brain refuses* to pay attention on this subject.
For example.
At first in the school we were taught that
''ideal gas''(with temperature T=0K) is an abstract model,
Later we were taught that vacuum is not ''empty, dead place ''
because some kinds of ''quantum virtual particles'' exist there .
As result, the brain refuses to tie ''an abstract ideal gas'' with vacuum.
For me it sound strange.
If the vacuum was accepted as a some real substance
(book :* '‘Dreams of a final theory'’
'‘ It is true . . . there is such a thing as absolute zero''
by Steven Weinberg. Page 138.)
then why the ''ideal gas'' is still* an abstract model?
The thermodynamics was created from ''an ideal gas''
In ideal gas molecules /* particles don't interact each other.
But thermodynamics / heat is result of interaction between* particles.
Then i can suggest - small quantum's changes allow ideal particles
create thermodynamic effect.
In my opinion ''ideal gas'' is not an abstract model.
It is possible to apply all laws of ''ideal gas'' to zero vacuum
because they both have equal temperature: T=0K and then
the potential characteristic of vacuum's ''virtual particles''
will be clearly known.
Later using* Quantum theory and Lorentz / Einstein SRT
it is possible to understand how the potential characteristic of
''virtual particles''* change / transform* into Planck's dynamic
quantum particles of action.
The changes / transformations between potential and active
states of quantum particles are going according to
'' The Law of conservation and transformation energy/ mass''.
This law dictates that quantum particles off energy/mass cannot die,
they can only change / transform* their faces / images.
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