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Old 04-25-2018, 07:43 AM
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Black hole is zero Vacuum: T=0K

Black hole is zero Vacuum: T=0K
A black hole has a temperature within a few
millionths of a degree above absolute zero: T=0K
/ Oxford. Dictionary./
A stellar black hole of one solar mass has a Hawking
temperature of about 100 nanokelvins. This is far less
than the 2.7 K temperature of the cosmic microwave background
Black hole - Wikipedia
Previous Picture of the Day articles about black holes suggested that
the terminology used to describe “gravitational point sources”
is highly speculative: space/time, singularities, and infinite density
are abstract concepts, precluding a realistic investigation into
the nature of the Universe.
/ Black hole theory contradicts itself, by Stephen Smith. Oct 12, 2011 /
Book: ''' Stephan Hawking, A life in science,''
/ by Michael White and John Gribbin./
''Together with Brandon Carter and Jim Bardeen, Hawking
wrote a paper, published in Communications in Mathematical
Physics , pointing out . . . . . the team commented,
'' In fact the effective temperature of a black hole is
absolute zero . . . . No radiation could be emitted from the hole.''
/ page 156./
But later (!) , . . using concept of entropy and
Heisenberg uncertainty principle and quantum fluctuations (!)
Hawking changed his mind and wrote that black hole can emit
( Hawking radiation )
So, in the beginning (according to calculations) the ''black hole'' had absolute
zero temperature T=0K but . . . thanks to entropy, HUP and quantum
fluctuations Hawking radiations was arisen.
In others words:
''black holes'' are local micro- scheme of absolute zero vacuum: T=0K
''black hole'' is only another name of ''true vacuum'' : T=0K
Homogeneous zero Vacuum is an absolute ''spacetime'' between Galaxies.
Somehow different kinds of radiations, particles, heat can arise from T=0K.
“Now we know that the vacuum can have all sorts of wonderful effects
over an enormous range of scales, from the microscopic to the cosmic”,
said Peter Milonni
from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
Therefore only Vacuum can* be the real basic structure of Nature and Physics.
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