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Old 08-05-2010, 02:42 AM
stivep stivep is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 90
Free Energy Device from New York

I have got heavily involved in Free Energy Device development based on scientific approach.
I was working in number of scientific projects in the past including government sponsored programs mostly as Principal Investigator.The chief of team and/or scientist.
Just about 3 month ago I decided to create laboratory of my own, and proceed hunt for free energy.The findings of my activity are at the fallowing links.

The last four are in English.You may need to be familiar with project of Kapanadze in order to understand what I'm working with.

YouTube - ‪stivep1's Channel‬‎ (entertaining video)

YouTube - ‪stivep1's Channel‬‎ (one of the tests)

YouTube - ‪stivep1's Channel‬‎ (main channel)
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Old 08-06-2010, 04:43 AM
ewizard's Avatar
ewizard ewizard is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Very nice bunch of lab equipment you have there! I assume that you are working with something based on the Kapanazde device? I watched 2 of the 3 video's and at least the ones I saw looked like a Kapanazde coil. The Kapanazde device, the Tesla switch and the Toroidal Power Unit as originally made by Steven Mark have been the focus of my interest for a while. Unfortunately I don't have such an extensive lab setup or even understanding as well as you probably do. There are many here and some other forums that seem to be getting close to some new ways of generating energy. I'm sure some people here in the 'Renewable Energy' sub-forum will like to see your work and lab in the video's as well as any info you may share here. Good luck in your experiments.
There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine
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Old 05-14-2014, 02:19 AM
stivep stivep is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 90
Selfrunning Free Energy devices up to 5 KW from Tariel Kapanadze

I have made translation of part nr 1 but I can not post it as That russian side was banning others for using their video.
I will write letter to them .

This is extremely valuable material

lets start from this one:

this one was already posted by me does not give you much.
Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking As Science Is Being Re-Written | Collective-Evolution

Чудеса свободной энергии. Часть 1

shows device
2 transformers one working as transformer and another as choke

120V from transformer connected to power cord and from power cord to motor,
Bank of capacitors where only one of them is connected as 3rd phase angle simulator.
Rest of them are connected in parallel or in series to three legs of wingdings
He mentioned three-angle connetion but in video #2 he shows schematic in star configuration.

Чудеса свободной энергии. Часть 2

schematic, how to play with windings and capacitors
by series and parallel capacitor connection

Чудеса свободной энергии. Часть 3

Very much about how to play with windings

Чудеса свободной энергии. Часть 4 2
как просто, не имея достаточных знаний, построить мощный генератор - двигатель на магнитах. Автор А. Седой. чудеса свободной энергии часть 4 2 продолжение - YouTube

Magnetic motor

Чудеса свободной энергии часть 5 строим двигатель
как просто и быстро построить двигатель на магнитах.
А.Седой Чудеса свободной энергии часть 5 строим двигатель - YouTube

Magnetic motor

TK started from HHO than motor than electrostatic generator than hydroelectric geherator Презентация 2005
A Siedoj started from HHO than motor than magnetic motor
Stanley Mayer started from HHO

Palladium Magnetic Generator by Platinum Invests, May 20142 motor / magnetic motor

Final note:
This set of videos was created somewhere about 2011 posted at 2012.
Now we have number of russian and other nations showing us some of their devices with 2 motors.

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