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Old 10-09-2017, 03:06 PM
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Buddhafollower Buddhafollower is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 91
I am new here

Good day to you all,
I'am a new member, today your administrator accepted me after ''secular fights that lasted for thirty years'' as a famous classic from 19 century Romania would say.
I will not waste your time introducing myself to the forum, I will let my posts show who I'am, in time.
Now, we all know about dear Doctor Tesla's ''System of transmission of electrical energy'' through the Natural Media or the Aether. Here it is:
Dr. Tesla talked about how he powered up the transmitting transformer using an electromechanical oscillator such as this one here:
Such oscillators are good up to a certain frequency, after that they do not work.
They have a great, great advantage: the power levels can be enormous.
Up to what frequency they can go I do not remember. What I remember is Dr. Tesla saying that he powered his transmitter with such a machine that worked at 50.000V and a frequency of 230-250 kcycles/second. The frequency was adjustable.
I think we all have seen professor Konstantine Meyl doing a similar experiment only that he used a function generator and a power amplifier. He was transmitting about 2 volts and receiving two volts on the other side.
My question is: if I want to transmit 115 or 230V with such transformers how can I do this using nowadays technology so that I will have a power amplifier and an oscillator stage? For example I want to transmit 230V with an intensity of 10 amps to power a refrigerator or lights. Do you happen to have a schematic for that? As a power amplifier I think I can use three or four MOSFET transistors, N Channel type, 500V 100A such as FDL100N50F with proper heatsinks, right?

I esteem you,
Do svidanyia

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Old 01-25-2018, 03:02 PM
Buddhafollower's Avatar
Buddhafollower Buddhafollower is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 91
Good day,
I thought that people on this forum will be smart and learned and somewhat noble and will answer quite quickly to a simple question such as mine. Months have passed since i posted the above text and thousands have seen it but no answer yet....
Very disappointing..... to say the least.
I wonder if there are any people here except prof. Dollard who really think.
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Old 01-29-2018, 09:30 PM
mikrovolt mikrovolt is offline
Silver Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Hello I discovered your post today.
The reason for no response is that regular members doing energy projects
go directly to renewable energy.

I have reworded your question:

Where can I find a wireless project that gives mains voltage at 5 amps or more ?

address this question here:
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Old 04-25-2018, 04:35 AM
KI7DJL KI7DJL is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2016
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How are you all?
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