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Old 07-28-2016, 12:07 AM
Join Date: Jun 2016
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Greetings All - Off the Grid 11 plus years!!!!!!!!

Hello my name is Andre and i have been living off the grid since may2006 and prior to that a thorn in BC Hydro because I hardly used any hydro for 17 years so they didnt make much money on me My hydro bill was typically $15 to $35 every 2 months.That was when i was living in Surrey BC .Now i live in a Ghost Town near Harrison Lake owned by a mining firm.for awhile i was on a pelton wheel turbine and have a lot of experience on that when water gets low and the output isnt there then there are things u can do to boost the power or conserve in the right areas.I have a lot of experience in using waste vegetable oil to run diesel engines,even using veggie oil on a gas engine.I have lots of time spent on gensets of various types gas and diesel single and multi cylinder.and i have a lot of time and experience with lead acid batteries and solar panels,charging and refurbishing batteries with new and used acid.I am now experimenting with NiCad aircraft batteries and doing the usual free energy research as well as building a free energy unit unlike anything out there.My biggest problem always has been and probably always will be getting enough money to work with.I have virtually no income so i have to become very resourceful at what I do
On the metaphysical side I have studied many of the subjects since high school.I can walk into a room of psychics and others with abilities and i can pick out the shysters fairly quickly.But I also know who is for real.I have a bit of RVing experience and most of that was self taught.I have a unique ability to find the skeletons in peoples closets and with this it gives me a good understanding of why people do what they do.I will go and dig way beyond what the majority of the people will do to find the truth.I can also notice patterns others dont see and can think in simple terms under the right conditions.so anyone with similar interests id like to chat.Ill try to make posts when i can but i have barely dented this site in the last month for reading and research and i am limited on a satellite system.Thanks
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Old 07-28-2016, 02:32 AM
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Welcome to the jungle.

When swinging from vine to destination, wear a rubber suit.
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experience, hydro, batteries, lot, people, grid, years, research, energy, free, oil, diesel, gas, time, find, living, make, money, abilities, psychics, fairly, quickly.but, room, pick, shysters

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