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  1. JohnStone
    11-06-2017 04:48 PM
    BTW: In case You have these diodes already there they might be too slow. Standard rectifier diodes are quite lazy as they were made for 50/60 Hz mains frequency. I feel the cole circuit was never operated at hese high frequencies. So we might onserve its limits.
  2. JohnStone
    11-06-2017 04:44 PM
    Now if we look at the H-bridge in the cole circuit we can see if one pair of transistor is being switched on the other one is switched off. Once you switch off the active pair it is possible that the voltage transitions / disturbance from the coil gets high enough in order to open the transistors that were NOT used in last cycle
    (along parasitic collector diode).
    Please observe in pic below how they add some diodes in order to protect form strange behavior.
    I would recommend to add these diodes for test and obseve if they make any difference.

    Drawback might be they kill the "Bedini" spike that we might be after. If - yes - there are other cures in order to get transitors tamed.

    So please check and find out if I'm wrong.

    Warm regards
  3. JohnStone
    11-06-2017 04:43 PM
    Widely unknown is the fact that the collector is comprised of such a (parasitic) diode as well (same direction like emitter) but will never be drawn in schematics. Therefore even electronic engineers seem to miss this fact.
    Having said this we are able to control the transistor "valve" by collector as well. We can operate a transistor by interchanging emitter and collector. The amplification factor will be very low but the losses in this transistor might be considerably lower. In old times analog sages used this parasitic effect to do some miracles in electronics. BTW: Electronic components own a lot of genuine but not documented "parasitic" functions and as far I know John Bedini was on master of making use of them.

    To be continued in next post ....
  4. JohnStone
    11-06-2017 04:43 PM
    Hey Yaro,
    just purchased the ZFM package and am very impressed by your simple yet very impressive lecture.
    I'd like to leave you a hint regarding your strange observations you mentioned in your lecture. I might be wrong but 50% I might be right. Please check my hint from across the frog pond (Germany).

    I assume we deal with some less known properties of transitors. The schematic symbol of a transistor includes this little arrow showing the emitter and indicating the flow direction of teh base current (PNP vs. NPN). Current betweeen base and emitter opens the "valve".

    To be continued in next post ....

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