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Old 10-06-2015, 12:13 AM
Ruphus Ruphus is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2013
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No religion is righteous.

I found this to be VERY interesting and the most in line with what I have been struggling to find.

"We are the fallen angels. We are from another world. We were cast out for our rebellion. The time has been fulfilled. This is the end time wherein the prophecy of the restoration of Jesus' teachings has been foretold, and herein we are shown the way back home.

This is the original teaching kept secret since this world began: the way to eternal Life; revealed unto Jesus by the Living God, our Father who art in Heaven, corrupted by the devil, and restored once again for the fallen angels so we can find our way back home.

Why is it that reading the scriptures we can neither see what is written therein, nor understand? We search the scriptures and hundreds of other books trying to find the secret to eternal Life, but we cannot find the way because the god of this world uses our prior learning to confounded and confused the way to eternal Life from our understanding. Our hearts have been waxed closed by religious and spiritual teachings. In vain we do worship an unknown God, in an unknown place, teaching for doctrine the stories of men.

Jesus teachings have nothing to do with religion. All religions, spiritual teachings, mystery teachings, organizations, ectetera are of men, created through the imagination of the god of this world. ....."

The rest for you to read is here:

Jesus Teachings - Original Teaching of Jesus
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Old 10-06-2015, 05:57 AM
MagnaMoRo's Avatar
MagnaMoRo MagnaMoRo is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: I live on Earth with some 7 Billion others of my kind.
Posts: 66
Originally Posted by Ruphus View Post
I found this to be VERY interesting and the most in line with what I have been struggling to find.
The first step to finding the true God is by first praying sincerely, earnestly, and humbly for him to reveal himself to you. You must be respectful, recognizing that he is the creator (The Most High) of the universe, including that which we can see, and that which we cannot see. (The King of Kings!)

Yet, he is not unapproachable.

The Most High God has created not only the lifeforms that we see existent on the earth, but a vast realm of heavenly creatures as well. And he loves all of them.

God's first creation (before all other things) was a spirit creature, referred to as "the Son of God" and as "the Word of God" (Because, when he speaks, he speaks not of his own originality, but perfectly expresses the will of his Father).

The rebellion of one spirit creature (the one called Satan, Devil and Father of the lie), led to the rebellion of many spirit creatures. And to the first woman being deceived and to the rebellion of her husband, the first man (Adam).

Adam sinned by his rebellion and so became a slave to this position. He thus became ineligible to receive life everlasting from his creator. Adam's sons and daughters and all of their offspring were also born into this slave position. The wages sin pays is death. Death is the opposite of life. The dead have no thoughts. They have no existence, neither as a place in heaven nor in a fiery torment.

Two things are needed by an offspring of Adam to regain eligibility for everlasting life.

1. A stance against the rebellion of Adam (repentance)
2. Payment of the price of freedom (a ransom of sufficient value)

The "Son of God" is the one who's life was transfused to the womb of Mary, to become he whom we know as Christ Jesus. Because he was perfect, just as Adam was perfect before rebelling, the value of Jesus perfect life was of sufficient value to buy out any of Adam's offspring willing to take a stance against Adam's rebellion. Jesus allowed himself to be used as the symbolic (but more perfect) "sacrificial lamb".

Do not pray to Jesus or any other creation! Approach to the Almighty creator in prayer is made through the acknowledgement of the ransom value of Jesus life. But unlike Satan who desires acts of worship be misdirected either to himself or to sacred poles of false worship (carved images like the cross), Jesus desires that his Father properly receives all pure worship in spirit and in truth.
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Old 10-06-2015, 08:01 AM
BroMikey's Avatar
BroMikey BroMikey is offline
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Hi Guys here is an article you might like too.

" Religions are about money. Can't serve God and mammon. Whenever
I have been unsure about which religious god I should follow and the
leaders I learned this. Follow the money, after all Jesus did say that
we can't serve God and money. Then I found out the tithing is a
command at all of the local churches.

Jesus sent them out two by two telling them not to take money,
only what they needed on their journey. Someone sited a verse that
the money should go to GOD and many actual beg for money when they
can't scare followers into it. Yup I learned that money tells all.

Tithing is not a New Testament doctrine because Tithing was started
to feed one of the tribes of Israel and the Tithing was given in the form
of food, never money.

So remember that the next time the subject of money comes up. God
owns everything and has no need to beg for assistance. Not only does
God not back the churches today He wants us to come out of the pagan
practices in our lands around the world. For instance men should look and
act like men and never wear a dress. Girls should wear a dress and never
marry another lady. Easter is the honor of the EGG the fertility EGG as
we see with the symbol of the BUNNY and the EGG.

XMAS is a day the pagans have honored Mithra and other deity for
thousands of years. St. Patties day, more of the same such as Valentines
Day, or Halloween.

Come out from the false system, starting with the church nearest you."

Sign Yours truly, Mikey
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Old 07-25-2017, 05:54 AM
BroMikey's Avatar
BroMikey BroMikey is offline
Platinum Member
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 5,891
In many cases the ecumenical wooden cHurches are nothing
more than money changers.

P.H.D breakdown for all you brainy-acts, no slight of hand, no religious
spell casting from Russ. He has been legally blind for decades and this
is all he has to give us before his departure.

Shallow thinking not permitted

Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine



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Old 07-27-2017, 09:46 AM
Rakarskiy Rakarskiy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Ukraine. Kiev
Posts: 131

No one will come and do it for you! You, this you can do it yourself...
In childhood we all naturally perceived life as an eternal youth, infinite in duration, and the old people seemed to us some kind of broken machines, unnaturally early leaving life. And so, as we grow older, we observe more and more deaths and the aging program creeps like a viper into our hearts and we begin to slowly grow old and in time we come to terms ...For some reason, we break our pure perception of life. By whose ill will? To please whom do we do it?
And suddenly someone tells us: do you want to be young again?And we start to think: maybe, really, all ingenious is simple? And we are just for an old good, ingrained habit in us, like to complicate everything?
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Old 04-02-2018, 05:49 AM
BroMikey's Avatar
BroMikey BroMikey is offline
Platinum Member
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 5,891
Happy Easter Bunny and eggs day?

Take it Lionel, hypocrites will love this.


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