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Old 12-12-2017, 02:47 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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You are correct. Like any islamic country , using faith to guide a State is always a disaster.
The Indonesian mindset, Naked Canadian tourists, other foreigners blamed for earthquake on Mount Kinabalu | CTV News
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Old 12-12-2017, 03:10 PM
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Indonesia has often been praised for its moderate, inclusive brand of Islam,
and the constitution guarantees freedom of worship for six religions.
However the archipelago’s sizeable religious minorities — mainly Christians and
Muslim Shiites and Ahmadis — have been increasingly targeted as more conservative forms of Islam grow in popularity.

Following Suharto’s downfall in 1998 and Indonesia’s transition to democracy, more conservative forms of Islam —
often influenced by harsher brands of Middle Eastern Islam — have had space to flourish.
The new freedoms have allowed the growth of hard-line groups,
such as the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), and successive governments
have been criticized for failing to tackle the radicals for fear of being accused of attacking Islam.
“Post-Suharto, there has been quite a significant ‘Islamization’ of society,”
said Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy head of Indonesian rights group Setara Institute.
“As long at it is to enhance people’s and society’s obedience to God, that’s okay,
but we are now seeing a different phenomenon — the rise of radicalism.”

Why is religious intolerance on the rise in Indonesia? | Arab News

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Old 12-24-2017, 09:28 PM
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Radicalized Leftist Planned Christmas Terror Attack


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Old 12-25-2017, 12:12 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Aligators to the left,,, crocodiles to the right

Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) has managed to combine the ruthlessness of islam with the stupidity of arabs.
Saudi General Reportedly Tortured To Death After Refusing To Fork Over His Fortune
Not being content with making enemies of the rich and powerful Saudis, he is now trying to make enemies of the rank & file Saudis.
MBS Urges Palestinians To Accept US Peace Plan
MBS Asks Abbas To Accept US 'Copy Of Netanyahu Vision'

MbS has aligned himself with Bibi the butcher. What do the israelis think of Bibi the moron?
Israelis Ashamed Of Bibi Corruption, Protests In 4th Week
Thousands Join Anti Bibi Rallies Across Israel - Vid

It is no surprise that MbS has both feet in do-do. He was the brilliant originator of the war on Yemen. What can he claim for that?
37 Saudi-Led Aircraft, 1,200 Tanks Destroyed
By Yemeni Army In Saudi War On Yemen To Date

Trump has gone along with the desires of the ring-wraiths (congress) and declared that America will move it's embassy to Jerusalem. This has served to focus a lot of hatred against Bibi, far more than against Trump.
The move was a centerpiece of jewish demands. The U.N. has clearly spoken that this plan is unworkable. Rather than fighting against jewish hirelings in congress, Trump tossed the whole problem right in their lap.
For their part, the israelis have come to the conclusion that they will lose any war that they start.
Israeli Military Capabilities - Scenarios For The Third Lebanon War | Zero Hedge
The comments are very good.
In just 8 years, the value of the world's main energy companies has been cut in half. This news comes from The Economist,,, the mouthpiece of the very richest.
Bibi and MbS may both be destroyed by wind $ solar.
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Old 12-25-2017, 12:30 AM
bistander bistander is online now
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Hi Danny B,

Who is Bibi?

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Old 12-25-2017, 02:03 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Benjamin (Bibi)

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Old 12-31-2017, 02:31 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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NO, they're not rapists or troublemakers

"BERLIN (AP) — A German police union boss has criticized organizers of Berlin's annual open-air New Year's Eve party for designating a special "safety area" for women, saying it suggests they aren't safe from assault elsewhere."
"Wendt told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung daily in an interview published Saturday that establishing such a safe zone sends a "devastating message."

"By doing so one is saying there are safe zones and unsafe zones" for women"
"could result in "the end of equality, freedom of movement and self-determination" NO KIDDING.
"The number of rapes and sexual assaults recorded in Germany last year rose 12.8 percent compared to 2015, to 7,919 cases, an increase blamed on an influx of asylum-seekers, many young and male. Statistics for 2017 aren't yet available.

Experts note that migrants in general aren't more likely to commit crimes than German citizens" NO, of course not.
WaPo, "Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve"

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Old 01-16-2018, 04:28 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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A letter from mail

American Airlines Pilot’s response to a Muslim doctor's complaint!

Read to the bottom, there also are a Canadian, British and Australian response.
To me, it makes a lot of sense, and would provide for a better understanding between the different faiths.

Pleaseshare with your Muslim friends!

There is no hatred, no political agenda.


A newspaper printed that a Muslim doctor is saying we are profiling him because he has been checked three times while getting on airplanes. The following is a response letter from a pilot. This well-spoken man, who is a pilot with American Airlines, says beautifully what is in his heart.

By Captain John
Maniscalco, American Airlines Pilot

I've been trying to say this since 911 – you worry me, and I wish you didn't. I wish when I walked down the streets of this country that I love, that your color and culture still blended with the beautiful human landscape we enjoy in this country. But you don't blend in anymore. I notice you, and it worries me.

I notice you because I can't help it anymore. People from your homelands,
professing to be Muslims, have been attacking and killing my fellow citizens and our friends for more than 20 years now.

I don't fully understand their grievances and hate, but I know that nothing can justify the inhumanity of their attacks.

On September 11,
ARAB-MUSLIMS hijacked four jetliners in my country. They cut the throats of women in front of children and brutally stabbed to death others, hacking their necks, over and over, with box cutters. They took control of those planes and crashed them into buildings, killing thousands of proud fathers, loving sons, wise grandparents, elegant daughters, best friends, favorite coaches, fearless public servants and children's mothers.

The Palestinians celebrated, the Iraqis were overjoyed, as was most of the Arab world. So, I notice you now. I don't want to be worried.

I don't want to be consumed by the same rage, hate and prejudice that has destroyed the soul of these terrorists. But I need your help. As a
rational American, trying to protect my country and family in an irrational and unsafe world, I must know how to tell the difference between you and the Arab/Muslim terror How do I differentiate between the true Arab/Muslim Americans and the Arab/Muslim terrorists in our communities who are attending ourschools, enjoying our parks, and living in OUR communities under the
protection of OUR constitution, while they plot the next attack that
will slaughter MORE of the same good neighbors and children?

The events of September 11 changed the answer. It is not MY responsibility to determine which of you embraces our great country, with ALL of its religions, with ALL of its different citizens, with all of its faults. It is time for every Arab/Muslim in this country to determine it for me.

I want to know, I DEMAND to know and I have a right to know, whether or not you love America..... Do you pledge allegiance to its flag? Do you proudly display it in front of your house, or on your car?
Do you pray in your many daily prayers that Allah will bless this nation – that He will protect it and let it prosper? Or do you pray that Allah will destroy it in one of your Jihads? Are you thankful for the freedom that this nation affords? A freedom that was paid for by the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots who have, throughout our history, given their lives for this country? Are you willing to preserve this freedom by alsopaying the ultimate sacrifice? Do you love America? If this is your commitment, then I need YOU to start letting ME know about it.

Your Muslim leaders in this nation should be flooding the media at this time with hard facts on your faith, and what hard actions YOU are taking as a community and as a religion to protect the United States of America. Please, no more benign overtures of regret for the death of the innocent, because I worry about who you regard as innocent. No more benign overtures of condemnation for the unprovoked attacks, because I worry about what is unprovoked to you. I am not interested in any more sympathy – I am interested only in action. What will you do for America – our great country – at this time of continuing crisis, at this time of war?

I want to see Arab-Muslims waving the AMERICAN flag in the streets. I want to hear you chanting 'Allah Bless America'. I want to seeyoung Arab/Muslim men enlisting in the military. I want to see a commitment of money, time and emotion to the victims of this butchering and to our returning wounded and to this nation as a whole.

The FBI has had a long list of people they’ve wanted to interact with regarding the threats that they believe to be ongoing. Many of these people live and socialize right now in Muslim communities. You know them. You know where they are. Give the FBI a heads up as to where they may be. Better yet, hand them over to us – NOW! But I have seen little even approaching this sort of action. Instead I have seen an already closed and secretive community close even tighter. You have disappeared from the streets. You have posted armed security guards at your facilities. You have threatened lawsuits. You have screamed for protection from reprisals.

The very few Arab/Muslim representatives, like CARE, that HAVE appeared in the media were defensive and equivocating. They seemed more concerned with making sure that the United States apologize and take responsibility for actions defending our own people. They
seemed more concerned with protecting their fellow Muslims from violence directed towards them in the United States and abroad than they did with supporting our country and denouncing 'leaders' like the late Khadafi, the late Hussein, Farrakhan, and the late Arafat.

If the true teachings of Islam proclaim tolerance and peace, and love for all people, then I want chapter and verse from the Koran and statements
from popular Muslim leaders to back it up. What good is it if the teachings in the Koran are good, pure, and true, when your 'leaders' ARE teaching fanatical interpretations, terrorism and intolerance? It matters little how good Islam SHOULD BE if huge numbers of the world's Muslims interpret the teachings of Mohammed incorrectly and adhere to a degenerative form of the religion. A form that has been demonstrated to us over and over again. A form whose structure is built upon a foundation of violence, death and suicide. A form whose members are recruited from the prisons around the world.

A form whose members (some as young as five years old) are seen day after day, week in and week out, year after year, marching in the streets
around the world, burning effigies of our presidents, burning the American flag, shooting weapons into the air. A form whose members convert from a peaceful religion, only to take up arms against the great United States of America, the country of their birth. A form whose rules are so twisted, that their travelling members refuse to show their faces at airport security checkpoints, in the name of Islam.

We will NEVER allow the attacks ofSeptember 11, or
any others for that matter, to take away that which is so precious to us – our rights under the greatest Constitution in the world. I want to know where every Arab Muslim in this country stands and I think it is my right and the right of every true citizen of this country to DEMAND it. A right paid for by the blood of thousands of my brothers and sisters who died protecting the very Constitution that is protecting you and your family.

I am pleading with you to let me know. I want you here as my brother, my
neighbor, my friend, as a fellow American...... But there can be no gray areas or ambivalence regarding your allegiance – and it is up to YOU to show ME where YOU stand. Until then, "YOU WORRY ME!"


I totally agree with this sentiment. I hope you will forget all about the
'political correctness' mandate we've had rammed down our throats by so many on the left, and see if this doesn't ring true in your heart and mind. For Canada, with all the multiculturalism we've been told is so important.... why should we not, as Canadians, expect that the millions of new people immigrating to our country show their love for our country, their allegiance to our country, their willingness to obey the laws of our country, and acceptance that we are a Christian country?
Just because they are able to enjoy exercising their own religion, they should NOT expect us to be ashamed of ours. They knew Canada was a Christian country when they came here. Why are we erasing Christianity because
immigrants who are unwilling to adopt our way of life expect us to? There is just too much insanity in the world, and we have to start taking a stand.

I hope you will forward this, so that others will feel they are not alone if they are starting to feel the same.


At last, a clear non-racist example of the concerns that the vast majority of our Nations’ populations probably share. The pilot's letter encapsulates all that is fair and just about national pride and protection of one's national culture. I fear it may be too late here in UK, BUT we too want our country back in the form that attracted all these different cultures to come here in the first place!! In all our conversations, with a wide range of friends and acquaintances, we have not met one hat disagrees with our own views.

If only we all had the courage of our convictions to pass this on, it is a statement that should be accepted as the heart-felt feelings of someone with honest, commendable national pride.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists to date have been Muslims. Stand up and be counted!


Best email I have had in years – it needs to be in every paper every day until we get some answers. We need all be very concerned. Note the pattern in Australia is the same as for the other countries above. Where are the believers of Islam in our beloved country standing up and being counted on all these issues?

I have not seen
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Old 01-16-2018, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
Where are the believers of Islam in our beloved country standing up and being counted on all these issues?

I have not seen

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Old 02-07-2018, 03:28 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Ruin your country,,,, run away

This is the story about a German woman who was fiercely supportive of islamic immigrants. As time went by, she realized that many of them are incorrigible.. She decries that fact that Germany is destroyed. Her solution is; move to Poland where they don't have near the infestation of garbage.
I don't see any mention of feelings of guilt for her part in destroying Germany.
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Old 03-08-2018, 02:06 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Unending conquest of the West

Different mindset
Erdogan of Turkey is in deep trouble at home. As usual, he is trying to stir people up in a different direction to deflect attention.
Side note, Netanyahoo is doing exactly the same thing. Malema of South Africa is calling for the extermination of all whites in S.A. On May 11, the water to Cape town, S.A. will be shut off to 4 million residents. He is going to have to do more than killing off the whites to fix the country.

Back to Erdogan. It was in 1071 Battle of Manzikert, during which Muslim Turkic jihadists from Central Asia defeated Christian Greek Byzantine forces. Ever since then, it has been constant persecution and murder of non-islamic peoples. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/1...-greek-islands

"Fundamentalist Muslims in Turkey -- and elsewhere -- do not see jihad, forced conversions or other forms of persecution against non-Muslims as criminal. On the contrary, their religious scriptures openly command them "to chop off heads and fingers, and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding," among many other openly violent teachings.

Hence, what the rest of the world would describe as "genocide," "massacre," "terrorism," or "ethnic cleansing" is viewed by radical Muslims as a "righteous" way of spreading Islam and of liberating kafir (infidel) lands. Erdogan is clearly such a radical, which is why he takes pride in his country's criminal history"
"The cities in today's Turkey -- most of which are in Anatolia (Asia Minor) and the Armenian highlands -- were actually built by Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians; "
"Turkic jihadists from Central Asia invaded and conquered the Christian Byzantine Empire in the eleventh century, thereby paving the way for the gradual Turkification and Islamization of Anatolia and Armenia. The Ottoman invasion of Constantinople (Istanbul) in the fifteenth century brought about the complete destruction of the Byzantine Empire."

"The dhimmi paid heavy taxes, could not testify in court, hold a position of authority over Muslims and was humiliated by social rules. A dhimmi had to step aside for the Muslim, offer him his seat, could not carry a weapon and defer to a Muslim in every way. In all matters of society the dhimmi had to yield to the Muslim."
"in 1942, a Wealth Tax was imposed to eliminate Christians and Jews from the economy; in 1955, there was an anti-Greek pogrom in Istanbul; and in 1964, Greeks were forcefully expelled from Turkey. All of the above contributed to the previous ethnic cleansing of Turkish Christians and Jews."
"Hence, what the rest of the world would describe as "genocide," "massacre," "persecution," or "ethnic cleansing" is viewed by radical Muslims as a "righteous" way of spreading Islam and of liberating kafir (infidel) lands. Erdogan is clearly such a radical, which is why he takes pride in his country's criminal history, while chastising and rewriting that of other states, such as Israel."

The waves if islamic conquest have gone on for a 1,000 years. "Islam has killed about 270 million people: 120 million Africans*, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, etc." Excellent vid.

With high islamic birth rates, they are displacing Europeans.
It isn't projected to end well with for whites, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HTSwUig2-0
Besides the gross crimes of Merkel, there is the insanely stupid GOV of Sweden doing their best to destroy that country too.
STUPID Westerners more or less believe in "live and let life". Islam has no such hindrance holding back conquest.
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Old 03-15-2018, 04:01 AM
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Some people are standing up to the insanity of islam

Muslims are rioting in Melbourne
So, GOV is starting a campaign to protest violence against them.
They have a plan for OZ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTCDp77Cbvo
The Aussies are not taking this llying down, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUhDHu1NdTg

They aren't doing much rioting in Poland,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7adUFyFSCk
They aren't having much luck in Russia, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVFYtUMzqQY

The Iranians are trying to distance themselves from the real idiots, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_beTQCH0qE&t=102s
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Old 03-17-2018, 02:24 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Suicidal Britain

British "leaders" seem absolutely bound and determined to destroy Britain. Paul Joseph Watson has a painful video on the subject.

39,417 likes and 262 dislikes
British "leaders" seem to have other problems to.
Black Pigeon, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmdlP4LWBnE
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Old 03-19-2018, 04:23 AM
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Historical perspective to the India-Pakistan rivalry

"in August 1947, the British decided to end their 200-year long rule in the Indian subcontinent and to divide it into two separate nations, Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India.
In July 1947, about five weeks before the British were scheduled to depart the Indian subcontinent, Sir Cyril Radcliffe, a British lawyer, was commissioned to draw the borders that would divide British India into two countries - Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India.
This was Radcliffe's first-ever trip to India.
The Radcliffe Line was officially announced on August 17, 1947, a few days after the independence of India and Pakistan. The newly demarcated borders resulted into one of the biggest human migrations in modern history, with roughly 14 million people displaced. More than one million people were killed.
In Punjab and Bengal—provinces abutting India's borders with West and East Pakistan, respectively—the carnage was especially intense, with massacres, arson, forced conversions, mass abductions, and savage sexual violence. Some seventy-five thousand women were raped."

Nobody was really happy with the division. Pakistan is full of nut-case muslims and India has tried to keep them at arm's length. Won't work with muslims.

"terrorist groups armed and trained by Islamabad, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, can engage in acts of terror that create mayhem not only in Indian-administered Kashmir but also in other parts of India. The fear of escalating a conflict with Pakistan to the nuclear level has prevented India from retaliating to these provocations with the massive use of its superior conventional force.

India desisted from retaliating against terrorist bases or Pakistani military installations even when a massive terrorist operation launched from Pakistan targeted India’s financial capital, Mumbai, in November 2008. This attack lasted for more than sixty hours and left at least 174 people dead."
"However, it seems that the logic of this deterrence is fast eroding. Attacks such as the one in Mumbai, and subsequent assaults on Indian military installations in Kashmir and elsewhere, have also provided justification for India’s hard-line Hindu nationalists to heighten anti-Pakistan rhetoric, and putting pressure on the Indian government to intensify its military response. In the past few months, Indian retaliatory attacks have targeted not only terrorist bases but also Pakistani military facilities, causing significant casualties among Pakistani forces."

"A major terrorist attack on the Uri camp in Jammu and Kashmir in September 2016, which left seventeen military personnel dead, motivated the Indian government to reassess its strategy for responding to such attacks. On September 29, 2016, India launched its first publicly acknowledged “surgical strike” against terrorist bases in Pakistan."

"Since the partition of British India in 1947 and creation of modern states of India and Pakistan, the two South Asian countries have been involved in four wars, including one undeclared war, and many border skirmishes and military stand-offs."
“India would hardly risk giving Pakistan the chance to carry out a massive nuclear strike after the Indian response to Pakistan using tactical nuclear weapons. In other words, Pakistani tactical nuclear weapon use would effectively free India to undertake a comprehensive first strike against Pakistan.”
“India would hardly risk giving Pakistan the chance to carry out a massive nuclear strike after the Indian response to Pakistan using tactical nuclear weapons. In other words, Pakistani tactical nuclear weapon use would effectively free India to undertake a comprehensive first strike against Pakistan.”

Keep in mind that million of Indians were killed in the muslim conquest of India.
"medieval bloodbath that was India during Muslim rule, when he declared that over 400 million Hindus got slaughtered during Muslim invasion and occupation of India. Survivors got enslaved and castrated. India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion. By the mid 1500’s the Hindu population was 200 million."
"The genocide suffered by the Hindus and Sikhs of India at the hands of Arab, Turkish, Mughal and Afghan occupying forces for a period of 800 years is as yet formally unrecognised by the World."
"it continued for 800 years, till the brutal regimes were effectively overpowered in a life and death struggle by the Sikhs in the Punjab and the Hindu Maratha armies in other parts of India in the late 1700’s."

The Sikhs and Punjabis are good fighters. The hindus are more likely to roll over. I went up to Jammu and Kashmir on my way to Kathmandu, several years ago. That IDIOT, Indira Gandhi attacked the Golden Temple in Amritsar and destroyed it. That temple is very holy to the Sikhs. Her personal body guards were Sikhs. They snuffed her. BAD planning.
Kashmir has always been a hotbed of muslim strife. NONE of this is new. It took India 800 years to expel the muslims. Do you think that Indians will forget this.
Both of them have hundreds of nukes.
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Old 04-09-2018, 03:50 AM
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Dying for "good' headlines,,, killing for "bad" headlines

Post WW II, the israelis set up their homestead in Judea. It was 7% jewish at the time. They got off to a bad start by initiating ethnic cleansing. The world has changed and genocide just isn't as acceptable as it used to be. The israelis had the guns and the Palestinian leaders made sure that they used them. Cannon fodder to get headlines. The Palestinians were a political football. The West just doesn't have the stomach to ignore the killings any longer.
Israel just lost American Jews, by Philip Weiss - The Unz Review
The Palestinians are reproducing 33% faster than the israelis.
Israel admitted that they started the 6 day war without any provocation. Now, they are slowly being buried by the muslim fertility rate.
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Old 04-09-2018, 04:35 AM
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Many other passages talk about this old hatred in one form or another.
Read it for yourselves and realize this has not yet been completed.

The Prophet Ezekiel speaking of a time to come thousands of years ago.

The numbers correspond to verses in the KJV ancient text

Ammon worshiped BAAL a god that required human sacrifices similar
to what we see in other cultures today. Other references state that
as the Jews came out of Egypt into the desert saw that they were
weak and vulnerable took advantage killing as many as possible.

The key term is despiteful, the notion of forgiveness is not instilled in
the minds of children of other religions. Survival of the fittest instead.

Now you know all of the words related in the mind of
THE SELF EXISTENT ONE or as Moses called HIM "the UNKNOWN god.
Of course afterward was not unknown. Also remember that the word
here (at the end) "Philistines" = Palestinians

A Prophecy against Ammon

1The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 2Son of man, set thy face against the Ammonites, and prophesy against them; 3And say unto the Ammonites, Hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou saidst, Aha, against my sanctuary, when it was profaned; and against the land of Israel, when it was desolate; and against the house of Judah, when they went into captivity; 4Behold, therefore I will deliver thee to the men of the east for a possession, and they shall set their palaces in thee, and make their dwellings in thee: they shall eat thy fruit, and they shall drink thy milk. 5And I will make Rabbah a stable for camels, and the Ammonites a couchingplace for flocks: and ye shall know that I am the LORD. 6For thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast clapped thine hands, and stamped with the feet, and rejoiced in heart with all thy despite against the land of Israel; 7Behold, therefore I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and will deliver thee for a spoil to the heathen; and I will cut thee off from the people, and I will cause thee to perish out of the countries: I will destroy thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD.

A Prophecy against Moab

8Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Moab and Seir do say, Behold, the house of Judah is like unto all the heathen; 9Therefore, behold, I will open the side of Moab from the cities, from his cities which are on his frontiers, the glory of the country, Bethjeshimoth, Baalmeon, and Kiriathaim, 10Unto the men of the east with the Ammonites, and will give them in possession, that the Ammonites may not be remembered among the nations. 11And I will execute judgments upon Moab; and they shall know that I am the LORD.

A Prophecy against Edom

12Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them; 13Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword. 14And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD.

A Prophecy against the Philistines

15Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge, and have taken vengeance with a despiteful heart, to destroy it for the old hatred; 16Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethims, and destroy the remnant of the sea coast. 17And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.

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Old 06-20-2018, 02:48 PM
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Fulford, acting on the invasion

Here are a couple of excerpts from an article by Benjamin Fulford. He has some spectacular misses at time and, you wonder what he is smoking / snorting. Just the same, he has some great "hits"
"This is not just a random occurrence, either. The “refugees” are being handed false papers; for example, Afghan and Pakistani men are being given travel expenses and allowances, as well as fake Syrian passports by the P2 Freemason self-appointed social engineers who are behind this crisis."

"Then we have the government of Austria kicking out imams and mobilizing its border police as a wave of 80,000 migrants approaches its border.
It gets ever-more interesting;
The situation is expected to come to a head at the NATO Summit meeting scheduled for July 11 and 12, 2018.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be meeting U.S. President Donald Trump around that time, according to Russian government sources. This is definitely connected to the meeting in Finland on June 10th between top U.S. General Joseph Dunford and Russia’s Chief of the military’s General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, where they discussed “European security issues,” “Syria [Israel],” and other matters.
In spite of all the accusations about Russian Meddling, Dunford is meeting Gerasimov.

Very interesting article with supporting links. The Kalergi Plan calls for Europe to be subsumed by a wave of brown immigration.

"so-called refugee crisis is actually a Muslim invasion. This is no exaggeration, since over 60% of the roughly five million refugees who have arrived in Europe since 2013 are men. Put another way, an army of three million military-age Muslim men has invaded Europe by stealth means. These statistics come from Eurostat via Wikipedia.
Macron seems to be at the center of muslim acceptance in France. The Swedish, Germans and Austrians have woken up. The Hungarians, Poles and Slovakians have woken up.
Did the Anglo-American hegemon bomb the snot out of the M.E. just to produce a big crop of refugees?
Putin is a smart cookie. The Russians want him to continue to lead the country in spite of term limits. One poll shows Trump at a peak in popularity. Xi has been voted leader for life.
Keep in mind that the chosenites have been hard at work for centuries to destroy all monarchies. The King doesn't have to run for re-election so it is much more difficult to corrupt him. If the king and his prince automatically hand off power, how can non-royalty insert themselves.
You saw what happened to the Romanovs.

Then, there was Louis XVI,
Will the muslims be used as a tool to destroy the West? It remains to be seen.
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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
Will the muslims be used as a tool to destroy the West? It remains to be seen.
Can a good Muslim be a good American?

This question was forwarded to a friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.

The following is his reply:

Theologically – no. . . . Because his allegiance is to Allah, The moon god of Arabia.
Religiously – no. . . . Because no other religion is accepted by His Allah except Islam (Quran, 2:256) (Koran)

Scripturally – no. . . . Because his allegiance is to the five Pillars of Islam and the Quran (Koran).
Geographically – no. . . . Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.
Socially – no. . . . Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.
Politically – no. . . . Because he must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, the great Satan.
Domestically – no. . . . Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34)
Intellectually – no. . . . Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.
Philosophically – no. . . . Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist.
Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.
Spiritually – no. . . . Because when we declare ‘one nation under God,’ the Christian’s God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as Heavenly father,
nor is he ever called love in The Quran’s 99 excellent names.

Therefore after much study and deliberation … perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot be both ‘good’ Muslims and ‘good’ Americans.

Call it what you wish . . . it’s still the truth.

You had better believe it.

The more who understand this, the better it will be for our country and our future. The religious war is bigger than we know or understand …B



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Sic NATO on the muslims

"They" want to cut the net way back. NO exposition of anything that could be considered a "Meme".
Did the European Union Ban Memes? | Inverse
https://www.inverse.com › Culture › Memes
2 days ago - That means no more memes of Kim Kardashian, Rick and Morty, Drake, ... It's a dark day for the open web,

Copyright Law Could Put End To Net Memes - Slashdot

One could easily project that "they" don't want you saying anything bad about muslims.
Italy has the pedal-to-the-metal on saying bad things about muslims.

"On migrants, Salvini confirmed:
"We can’t take even one more, actually we want to hand over a couple," adding that...
he is aware his stand on migrants could lead to fall of Chancellor Angela Merkel "
"President Trump may rescue Italy from the migrant crisis in order to further divide Europe."
"“I am in favor of NATO, but we are under attack. We will ask NATO to defend us. There are many concerns about terrorist infiltrations. Italy is under attack from the south, not from the east.”
"The US’ Sixth Fleet is based in Naples and has responsibility for all of the Mediterranean, and with Trump being on the same ideological wavelength as Salvini, it’s possible that the Pentagon could take the lead in this mission. "
"Salvini’s invocation of NATO assistance in breaking up human smuggling rings might therefore actually provide the US with an opportunity to further break European unity as part of its multipronged asymmetrical offensive against the EU."
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Italians revolt

The miracle of the internet. The PTB previously depended on the "lag" between the time that they took an action to screw the people and, the time that the people figured it out. Here is a good vid talking about how 25,000 Italians left Italy last year to look for work AND how 630,000 migrants came into Italy.
They bring nothing but chaos.
Here is another vid about what Italy is doing.
We have to wait and see how this all comes out.
There just wasn't (hopefully) enough lag time to get the migrants stuck in place.
Unlike France, Italy figured this out pretty quick.
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Just try to escape islam

Here is a well known youtuber who left Islam and created a firestorm for saying that islamists are “I left Islam because of racism and cruelty in the hearts of people who are supposed to believe in God but in fact, they are a bunch of insincere hypocrites,”


The Pakistani gov. is out to prove that Islam is nothing but a violent cult.
"Pakistani court wants names, ages & family info of those who left Islam "
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If you want to be an Iman, just say that you are an Iman. There is no requirement for training or qualifications. Islam is an operating system loaded with contradictions and lies and fantasy. It appeals to the UN-educated so, the Imans try to focus on "religious" programming and ignore any actual practical teaching. Here is a vid from an educated muslim claiming that arabic countries haven't accomplished anything of note.

Another Arab who is very articulate about their problems,

Many muslims complain about persecution in non-muslim countries.
Here is the answer.

While the arab muslim countries are pretty screwed up, Pakistan, Indonesia and Afghanistan are definitely basket cases.
"Christians are MOST persecuted religion in the world - reveals new ...
https://www.express.co.uk › News › World
"215 Million Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims :: Middle ...

Jan 21, 2018 - "215 million Christians experience high levels of persecution" around the world, according to Open Doors, a human rights organization.
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Destroying Europe ASAP

"France also has the largest Muslim population in Europe, and all available data show that birth rates are far higher in Muslim families. The population of most European countries is decreasing. Italy is losing 250,000 inhabitants a year, equivalent to almost the population of Venice. Germany decided to welcome millions of immigrants to stop its population decline; today, 12% of German citizens are foreign-born. The massive influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants in 2015 was a societal disaster. Integration did not occur. Most of the newcomers are still jobless and rely on welfare to survive. In addition, sexual assault cases increased."

"Anti-Semitic attacks have also increased. The situation has now grown so toxic that Felix Klein, the Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism, recently urged Jews not to wear skullcaps in public. Chancellor Merkel said that, "there is to this day not a single synagogue, not a single day care centre for Jewish children, not a single school for Jewish children that does not need to be guarded by German policemen." Although investigations so far show that most anti-Semitic attacks come from Muslim immigrants, she preferred to speak of the "specters of the past."

Frau Merkel is single handedly responsible for almost all of this.
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Post # 27 - Q Occult Series. Q114 US Military = Savior of Mankind. You first NEED to know this! Part1.5

Guys, I apologize for the length of this post but the issues addressed here are of the utmost importance for those who would like to benefit from the future episodes of the Q Occult Series.

I was about to post part 2 today but I have received many messages asking me various questions that led me to believe some clarification was needed before successfully continuing our journey. This is why we have a part 1.5.

The main issue that has been raised is about me quoting the Quran and reaching out to those I call “real Muslims” (not radical Muslims and not the House of Saud I have already spoken about). I have seen messages and comments essentially saying: SB2, we love you but stop quoting the Quran, it is a satanic book, it is against what we believe in etc… Well, here is my first response: Satan has infiltrated all religions. You already heard me about the House of Saud, the Vatican, and this (sniffers). You therefore have to make the effort to distinguish real Jews, real Christians and real Muslims from manufactured infiltrators. Second response: as you may already know, all three revealed monotheistic religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all coming from the House of Abraham. Abraham’s two sons Isaac (he had with his wife) and Ishmael (he had with his servant) are respectively the ancestors of all Prophets of Israel and of the Prophet of Islam.

Our Bible teaches us the following:

Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.

Genesis 17:19-20

This verse shows clearly the covenant was granted to the descendants of Isaac, explaining why Israel was given the immense divine privilege of having a Prophet at every single generation until the arrival of Christ. Now think about it: do you realize all the spiritual literature we are missing from Isaac to Christ? Do you realize how much knowledge coming from these numerous Prophets the Vatican has concealed to keep us in the dark?! And who are they to decide a book is apocryphal or not? Who are they?! Why are they hiding books from the public in underground facilities, libraries and digital vaults?! Which moral authority do they have, let alone a spiritual one to decide which book should contribute to your faith or not? We all know today the quality of their moral authority. But that is a question for another day.

This verse also shows Abraham made a prayer for his other son Ishmael (the Lord says: I heard you) and God promised him He would bless him, make a great nation from his seed and give him twelve rulers. So there you have it: God Himself gave to the Muslims what He gave them. He gave them a Prophet and a Book. Ignoring it is a possible choice but I believe denying it is a dangerous one… Who can claim to serve a Master and not accept joyfully what He has chosen to do in the Mystery of His wisdom? This is the very mistake Lucifer made and it caused him to lose all his spiritual privileges…

I am aware after this post I may lose many readers and be slandered in the comment section. But the Truth needs to be said and I am not wearing a mask. I am offering you the Truth, nothing less, nothing more. And one unavoidable component of the Truth is the re-unification of the House of Abraham. Why? Because that is where all Good started. Satan knows it, this is why he attacked it and divided it. Once that puzzle is solved and the scattered pieces are correctly re-united, the Truth will become obvious to everyone.

Now, realize I am posting on a sub on Reddit. Notice I have no monetized Youtube channel or a similar platform, no patreon, nothing like that. I am blessed enough by God to not need those. I am not motivated by money, I am not motivated by fame:

the stupidest person in my opinion would be an anonymous writer looking for fame.

Those who find their peace insulting me in the comment section should think perhaps they are joyfully saying hello to me in the elevator every morning or thankfully taking my tips at the restaurant… Seriously, I have just one motivation: raise enough questions in the minds of intellectually honest people to make them THINK, find a way out of the prison of falsehood and enter the House of Truth. I can’t walk for them, I can only show them. I am not a teacher. Jesus is THE Teacher. My motivation is to put some light on the path that leads to him and that has been blurred by centuries of Luciferian spiritual warfare against mankind.

I can hear from here those saying: we’ve already found Christ, we did not have to wait for you. Well, my response to them would then be: so why is the world so sick? Why aren’t you able to give a sound answer to the simple question: are we coming from monkeys, yes or no? I personally know Ivy League investment bankers who are unable to give you a correct definition of money and who do not even know the Federal Reserve is a private company. Is this normal? Why is the international banking system based on the very usury Christ denounced when fighting the money changers and nobody cares? Do you remember Satan tried 3 times to deceive Jesus Christ? He even used Scriptures to that end. Don’t you think he may have tried 3 million times with you and used the very Bible you are reading?! So you think you found Christ? Do you think Satan is not going to try 3 million times to deceive you about him? Adam himself who spoke directly to God and who was surrounded by mighty Archangels was deceived by Satan. And you think you figured it out?! Just because you go to church on sun-days and have a Bible app in your phone? Once again, who won WW2?! Why is the world so sick?! Where is Christ?! Where is he?!


I’ll tell you where he is: he is in our heart we inherited from Judas. We claim we are from Christ but we betrayed him and crucified him. For a few coins. Gold, silver, interest accounts, bitcoins or diplomas contradicting the Bible. To please Rome. Our NWO controllers. We stayed away from his original teachings and listened to those who claimed to have known him while their only motivation was to build the Prostitute described in the Book of Revelation. Did you know Paul never, ever, ever, met Christ? And yet, the Catholic Church owes him its dogma. Blindly and purposely.

We let Lucifer attack the House of our Father Abraham and divide us and put confusion in our hearts, our minds, our Book and our holy rituals. Do you know the purpose of this division? Listen to the well-known French rabbi Rav Ron Chayain in this video, (sorry in French) he is explaining the geopolitical strategy consisting of pushing Christians and Muslims to fight against each other in WW3 so that the non- implicated Jews would be victorious. And he compares it to chicken fights… Let that sink in for a minute…

Their own words.

They are not even hiding!

Satan’s biggest fear is to see Christians and Muslims build an alliance against him and his armies of demons and humans… Despite their plot, that will happen. I know it.

When that happens, recall there was a lunatic called SerialBrain2 on Reddit who predicted it…It has already started, but you did not catch it:

Q134 One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).

Read this episode (archivers note: Part 1 and Part 2 ) to understand.

They also pick Freemasons to translate our Books, and they change prayers Jesus Christ himself used to recite. Before that, some random king decided the very Sabbath Jesus Christ was assiduously celebrating needed to be moved to the day of the sun they have been worshiping since their ancestor Pharaoh… And when the Church was asked why, they said: “it is the mark of our authority”. So you thought that to be enforced, the Mark of the Beast had to wait for computer chips?

We are not even able to think straight.

Like parrots, we repeat the Muslims are our enemies but we forget they believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ and that he is indeed the Messiah to return and that one of their main religious obligations is to fight under his command against the Antichrist. We are made to think we are closer to the Jews and we forget the way they plotted against Jesus, we forget the horrible things they said and still say about Mary, the purest of all women, to deny Christ’s miraculous birth. We forget they do not believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah , and we forget they have they own Messiah!

Now let me ask you this: if the Jews have their own Messiah and the Muslims believe in the same Messiah we believe in, where do you think the Antichrist is more likely to come from?

What happened to you mankind?!!!

What happened to you???!!!

Don’t you see it???!!!

You are the victims of the biggest and most sophisticated psy-op ever perpetrated against humans and Q is desperately trying to wake you up!


We went too deep.

Attempted a pullback.

Not ready. Q

Now look at this picture from Q547 and THINK.


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


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YHWH the only good religion is a dead religion.
I follow the even path, not upward climbs or slippery slopes.
So many forget this and stop walking behind the Saviour.
Just as I am without one plea,...
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