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Old 05-19-2017, 02:43 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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The unwinding of the dollar monster and world domination

Various Central Bankers bought U.S. debt to support the dying dollar. It was hoped that the system would keep going until the Euro reached maturity as a contender. The Euro had a floating gold backing and it was hoped that this was enough to retain confidence. Super Mario Draghi (GS) printed Euros with wild abandon. Goldman Sachs poisoned the Euro right from the start. It was hoped that the Euro would allow/force the dollar to be dethroned. But, Pax Americana continued to use the reserve credit card to go on a spree of world domination/destruction.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." Alleged quote by Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres (October 3, 2001)

Congress was bought and sold and the wars for the Ashkenazi went on unabated. Wars are good business for the bankers. Saddam Hussein was led to believe that America would turn a blind eye if he invaded Kuwait. Kuwait was undercutting OPEC and he was stupid to believe that America would allow it to be absorbed by Hussein.
So, he invade Kuwait and America valiantly defended them. The destruction to Kuwait was figured at $ 600 billion. Pox Americana went in and rebuilt the place and charged a pretty penny.
It was quite a successful and profitable operation.

As America neuters the Euro, our war credit card keeps working and we blow up any State that is in the way of a greater israel.
The Euro is no longer a viable contender to the dollar. The Yuan, even less so. Same for the Rouble. It takes a long time for a currency to mature and be accepted around the world. Gold is another story. It has about 5,000 years of history as a store ov value.
The world is going to continue to have currencies but, it will go back to the barbaric relic as a store of value. Pox Americana continues with the wars for as long as it can. The Chinese and Russians do NOT want to be included in the list of States that have been trashed by Tel Aviv on the Potomac.
China allowed their financial system to go into hyperdrive knowing that it would blow up.

5/19 Chinese insurer warns of mass defaults, social unrest Zero Hedge
5/19 China creates own insurance monster Bloomberg
5/19 Chinese phone giant: unprecedented degree of falsified revenue Zero Hedge

Pox Americana created NUMEROUS weapons that have now been turned back on America.

The world has had quite enough of empire building by the demented Ashkenazi warlords. The Anglo-American empire is coming to an end. The British empire ended when it became too expensive to maintain control. The American empire would have ended decades ago it it weren't for our reserve-currency credit card. This is coming to an end in spite of the machinations of GS.
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Old 05-19-2017, 03:30 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: L.A. Ca.
Posts: 3,105
Unwinding the welfare state

The reserve-currency credit card not only allowed expensive wars, it allowed expensive social support. LBJ started it with the war on poverty. It would have been better to have a war on stupidity and laziness but, that didn't happen. Voters wouldn't like to be held responsible for their own actions. This ongoing war on poverty has cost $ 25 trillion by most accounts.
Times have changed and wages are no longer a viable means of distributing the national wealth.
It has been proposed that the FED deposit $ 80,000 into everybody's account. We would all stop working and pursue our hobbies,,, or just veg-out in front of the screen.
It has been proposed that all debts be cancelled. The people who are owed money would become instantly poor.
As an alternative, it has been proposed that everybody be given a basic income. This would still allow a LOT of people to kick back and do nothing. Then, there is the problem of human nature.
Here is a page on the universal basic income.

It lists the pros and cons. FDR very clearly lists one of the major cons.
"The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is in violation of the traditions of America. Work must be found for able-bodied but destitute workers.
Work can NO LONGER be found for these people.

" Martin Luther King Jr, a supporter of the basic income, who stated that: "I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income."
The Fears and Hopes of Universal Basic Income | Big Think

Sending support to unemployable people just leads to them creating more little people who will most likely be unemployable. Socialism always leads to a crash because it destroys motivation. It creates a "lethargy of spirit". Can a world operate with all the machines doing all the work and all the people just lying about?
Collectivism has a long, sad history. Can it be made to work in an automated world? Can man change his very nature?
The Escape from Collectivism | SWP Cayman Gold Storage

Nigeria receives most of it's income from sales of oil. This has fostered LOTS of procreation. BUT, the standard-of-living is the GDP divided by the population. In spite of all the oil, 80% of Nigerians live in slums. In the more responsible populations, procreation is tempered by lower wages. In the less responsible populations, procreation carries on regardless of available financial resources.
The coming reset is going to lower the standard of living for everybody. Those already on the bottom will slip down to death. The PTB have gone to great lengths to reduce the food supply in Africa in anticipation of the great crash.

When the Great Depression one hit America, 5.4 million starved to death even though 44% of Americans lived on the farm. This time will be more dramatic.
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Old 05-20-2017, 12:42 AM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: L.A. Ca.
Posts: 3,105
Shut off the money,,, start the riots.

When the family income goes down, we cut back on expenses. When the State income goes down, any attempt to cut back brings howls of rage. This recently happened in Saudi Arabia where a huge % of people work for GOV and do almost nothing. GOV tried to cut back and created a feces storm.
Venezuela recently experienced a sharp reduction in income. Unfortunately, a LOT of Venezuelans NEED that missing money to survive. They are trying to boot out the government to keep the money flowing. The money just isn't there so, it is never going to flow as it did previously. They need to accept reality and find other means to survive.

Brazil also depends a LOT on oil. Brazil is also going down FAST; Brazilian Bloodbath: Currency Halted, Futures Crash, Bonds Tumble Most On Record | Zero Hedge
Protesting and rioting won't bring in foreign money needed for food imports.

Greece didn't have oil but, Berlin is gutting the country to save the banks. It won't be long now before they reach nationwide anarchy.
Meanwhile... In Greece | Zero Hedge

Puerto Rico has melted down.
Illinois is not far behind, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/artic...-amid-fighting

Socialism; from each as to his abilities,,, to each as to her needs.
As long as you claim that you need something, it must be provided. Of course, you don't have to actually work for it. What kind of mentality does that create?
Schools in one area of Baltimore have a 50% graduation rate BUT, " 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests"
"It's Absurd" - 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests | Zero Hedge
socialism just doesn't demand ANYTHING from anybody. Why exert yourself?

Moving on to the western bastion of socialism.
"Cali Governor Jerry Brown Slams "Free-Loading" Taxpayers For Opposing Higher Taxes"
The proponents of socialism must turn a blind eye to human nature.

The State figured that; if they printed enough dollars, EVERYTHING would get funded. We would have a socialist paradise.
Armstrong said that California will crash going into 2018. Just as the people of Brazil and Venezuela are rioting when the cash stops, the Californians will do the same. You can see that this is a fairly slow-motion wreck and there will be time to move out of the way if you have mobility. If the banks close, you exit window will just be a few days.
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Old 05-20-2017, 02:27 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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Posts: 3,105
Blinded by fear and hate,,, running to the edge of the cliff

The economy is just a faade that can't stand up to close examination, let alone an attack. The controlled media works to ensure that it is not examined. The entrenched deep state has a lot of power and wants to keep it that way. Tel Aviv on the Potomac has had many decades of plunder and control AND, wants the status quo. Trump came along and threatens that status quo. The neocons and demopubs have joined together to fight Trump. The very serious problem is ; they believe their own BS in MSM. They believe that the economy is fine.

We are in an all out civil war in the newspapers and TV to get rid of Trump to protect the status quo.
"Trump is clueless that he is hated by the Deep State, Democrats, and the elite Republicans. All of them like everything as is thank you very much"
Democrats want to shut down government until they get a special prosecutor.

"The perpetual dollar bears cannot see the light. Just how is the world economy going to crack with a lower dollar? They look at the dollar as if it is a SHARE PRICE up is bullish and down is bearish for America. Currency is the opposite of share prices. The higher the currency, the greater the deflation and the lower the economic growth. They never heard of competitive devaluations or currency wars. Every crisis has come with a rising dollar. The solution was a dollar devaluation as Roosevelt did in 1934. They look at everything backwards and thats why the lose a fortune consistently buying highs."

" Only a rise in the dollar will break the system and end the dollar as the reserve currency. "
"Only a total idiot forecasts the long-term by one month worth of price action. We need these fools to make the trends. Somebody has to buy the high and sell the low. This entire political-geopolitical mess us starting to bubble up. Why are two Republicans, McCain and Graham, acting as Trumps worst enemy trying to destroy the Republican Agenda? They are being paid by their lobbyists to protect the corrupt establishment. They are against their own Party and should just join Hillary on vacation. Oh thats right. They have the same backers. Grahams number one contributors are law firms really on behalf of their clients to hide the source of the money I believe."

"With the stock market crash into 2009, this was the PERFECT storm, which was a FALSE MOVE. Even Barrons as last of 2011 ran a story saying tongue in cheek how I was forecasting new highs. They thought it was a joke. Thats because these people have never been traders or students of the market. The chart patterns are always the same regardless of the instrument because you are plotting human emotion not really that instrument."
Academia and MSM lost in the woods and telling all of us what is going to happen.

No limits to hacking; "The entire world will become vulnerable and they use to counterfeit an adversarys currency to undermine their economy. Today, if we keep this nonsense up, they will hack into the entire thing and shut it down.
The idea of moving to a cashless society is just insane."
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Old 05-20-2017, 02:51 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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Posts: 3,105
TAE and the Great Collateral Grab

The Automatic Earth (TAE) has existed for almost ten years now. That is nearly ten years of exploring and describing the biggest possible big picture of our present predicament. The intention of this post is to gather all of our most fundamental articles in one place, so that readers can access our worldview in its most comprehensive form.
We are reaching limits to growth in so many ways at the same time, but it is not enough to understand which are the limiting factors, but also what time frame each particular subset of reality operates over, and therefore which is the key driver at what time.
When the operating system crashes, nothing much will work until the system is rebooted. The next few years will see that crash and reboot. As financial contraction is set to occur first, finance will be the primary driver to the downside for the next several years. After that, we will be dealing with energy crisis, other resource limits, limitations of carrying capacity and increasing geopolitical ramifications.

The ensuing Great Collateral Grab will reveal just how historically under-collateralized our supposed prosperity has become. Very few of the myriad claims to underlying real wealth can actually be met, leaving the excess claims to be exposed as empty promises. These are destined to be rapidly and messily extinguished in a deflationary implosion."

First, we get the Default Cascade, then, we get the Great Collateral Grab

5/19 Australian economy among walking dead of debt News.com.au
5/19 China puts financial stability ahead of debt control AFR
So, how do you have financial stability if debt is out of control?
5/19 Taleb sees worse tail risks than in 2007 Bloomberg That is a LOT of tail
5/19 US shale roars back at OPEC Bloomberg So, the oil glut gets worse and prices stay low enough to crash more and more States and corporations.
5/19 ECB tapering may trigger disorderly restructuring of Italian debt Wolf Street No doubt about it. BUT, when the Italian banks go down, this takes down the German banks.
5/19 Some euro zone banks in denial about bad loans: ECBs Nouy Reuters
5/19 China is using the yuan to combat risk of a market meltdown Bloomberg YEP, more credit will fix everything.
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Old 05-20-2017, 10:48 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: L.A. Ca.
Posts: 3,105
Failed petro-States

" You see, Saudi Arabia is the worlds lowest-cost oil producer. Its oil companies can turn a profit at as low as $10 per barrel. Thats one-fifth of what oil trades for today.
So whats the problem?
The problem is that Saudi Arabia is one giant welfare state."
"Not only that, about 70% of Saudi nationals work for the government. These public servants earn 1.7 times more than their counterparts in the private sector."
" This is creating big problems for the Saudi kingdom. In 2015, the Saudis posted a record $98 billion deficit. That was equal to about 15% of the countrys annual economic output.
Last year, it ran another $79 billion deficit."

" According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Saudi Arabia needs oil to trade north of $86 a barrel to balance its budget."

" The Saudis are begging Trump to stop pumping so much oil."
" Instead of cutting output, theyve (U.S.)rapidly increased production."

You can see this in the chart below. U.S. oil production has jumped 10% since last July."
" Unless this changes soon, Saudi Arabia is doomed.
After all, the country is already in a race against time. According to the IMF, Saudi Arabia is on pace to burn through all of its cash within five years."
This Giant Welfare State Is Running Out of Time | Casey Research

Do not worry, the house of Saud is tackling the problem.
"In his first overseas trip as president, Donald Trump sealed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $350 billion "

Venezuela had it's best economy when it was run by dictators and generals. Democracy ALWAYS morphs into socialism and Venezuela was no exception.
"In the 1950s, General Marcos Prez Jimnez would continue Gmezs legacy. At this juncture, Venezuela was at its peak, with a fourth place ranking in terms of per capita GDP worldwide."
"As mentioned earlier, Venezuela was at the height of its prosperity during the military dictator Marcos Prez Jimnezs regime." DISCIPLINE
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Old 05-21-2017, 06:17 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2012
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Posts: 3,105
Great treasure here and there,,, why work?

It's a quiet day and you may be bored. I have some reading for you. Not just any reading. This is a story of great treasures.
EVERY GOV agency reports that it has buckets of money in various accounts. JUST the Californian University system reports that it has over $ 90 billion. If you add up every GOV agency with a big stash, it comes to ?$80 trillion. ALL of this money is reported annually.
CAFR1 Home Page

Then, there is the story of Leo Wanta who is reportedly custodian for a LOT of American wealth.
The Story Of Leo Wanta 'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'
Lee Wanta, American Hero | Veterans Today
So, yes or no?

Moving on. There is an interesting tidbit from wikileaks. This concerns global capital accounts. It is a fascinating story brought to us by Waking Times. This is the same group that published an account of the Attack on Tianjin by an American space weapon. The story postulates that there is enormous wealth just waiting for Americans to claim it.
Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard? - Waking Times Media
Why is all this presumed wealth hidden away? Why is every agency of the GOV stashing away $trillions that could make our lives easier. Actually, why did they take it in the first place?

The first answer that comes to mind is; when FED GOV finally goes bankrupt, the $ 80 trillion won't be subject to confiscation because it is held by minor GOV entities. We go bankrupt but, still get to keep the house and car.
The other answer that comes to mind is related to John Maynard Keynes.
Keynes said that the industrial revolution would be so productive that eventually, we could all stop working. There would be so much physical wealth in the world that, there would be plenty for everybody. We've pursued a lot of wars to destroy a lot of wealth but, it just keeps rolling off the production lines. Almost 100 million Americans of working age are unemployed but, production just keeps going.
The lower loop of the economy is frozen fast because of a lack of money. The original plan was to keep the masses relatively poor so that they would continue to work. There has been a plan floated to just credit everyone's bank account with $80,000 to get consumption moving again.

The problem appears; how do "they" move sufficient liquidity into the lower loop of the economy AND still keep people working? And still, the problem remains; wages are inadequate to distribute national wealth.
Automated productivity is humming along nicely but, consumption is crashing.

"They" have always tried to keep us poor enough to force us to work. We are definitely poor but, the market and demand for labor is continuously shrinking. Globalization has moved the shrinking demand for labor to just a few locales. The State tries to make up the difference in the drop in demand for labor. Here is the result;

Earth could have one-world globalism but, it would demand the destruction of all capital markets. That would demand State control of all facets of the economy. The dis-incentives of communism would soon destroy EVERYTHING.
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Old 05-21-2017, 07:24 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Mother nature bats last

Socialism ALWAYS goes bankrupt. Socialism is the firewall between Darwinian pressures and Mother Nature's second-tier offspring. A State survives and thrives based on the productivity of it's people. It also survives based on it's internal cohesiveness. Education is an absolute necessity for productivity.

"At West Baltimore's Frederick Douglass High, one of five high schools and one middle school where not one student scored a four or a five on the state test, only one out of 185 students who took the test last year scored a three, while 165 students scored a one, the lowest possible score. "
"It's Absurd" - 6 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Proficient In State Math, English Tests | Zero Hedge
OK, so these "students" plan to be wards of the State.
The bottom tenth quantile has seen no wage gains since 1967.

Income is broadly connected to education. Income is dropping for even the more educated.

"The biggest differentiator appears to be education: the Fed reported that 82% of adults with a bachelors degree or more in education said last year they were living comfortably or doing okay, up from 80% the year before, as well as 69% of those with some college or an associate degree, up from 66%. Furthermore, 79% of those with at least a bachelors degree said they would still be able to pay all of their other bills in full if hit with a $400 charge. Just 52% of those with no more than a high school diploma said the same."

"the survey findings remind us that many American households are struggling financially, including fully 40 percent of those with a high school diploma or less. More broadly, 44 percent of all respondents could not cover an unexpected $400 emergency expense or would rely on borrowing or selling something to do so. The survey also shows that many adults have no savings for retirement."
A Quarter Of American Adults Can't Pay All Their Monthly Bills; 44% Have Less Than $400 In Cash | Zero Hedge

LBJ started the "Great Society" BS to hand out money for votes... a common practice. This allowed a LOT of people to slack off because Uncle Sam would take care of them. Lacking internal motivation, they could get by well on handouts originally created for those in dire need. The nirvana dreams of social security meant that they could spend every last cent and save nothing for retirement.

The State destroyed the familial transfer of wealth along genetic lines. The majority of people would no longer pass their wealth to their children. They would hand the money to the State and the State would hand the money to someone elses children. The more-productive people would subsidise the procreation of the less-productive people.

Armstrong says that the FED GOV is going to bankrupt and insolvent. So, what happens to all the people who can't survive without the continual support of the State?
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Old 05-21-2017, 09:09 PM
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With a finger on the "kill switch"

"Organizations like the IMF have been talking excitedly for the past few years about something they call the great global economic reset. The details behind this reset are rather vague, but the general notion is that the economic systems of today are going to evolve in a painful way and that certain elements of our fiscal structure could be wiped clean altogether. In order for such a reset to take place, some kind of crisis event would be needed or would happen inevitably as a consequence.

In order for a new economic system to be entrenched, the old system has to be dismantled; but how can banking moguls and globalist interests succeed in doing this without taking the blame for the ultimate social and geopolitical suffering and carnage that would result? Well, they would need scapegoats.

Some of these scapegoats will be political in origin. For example, the mainstream media has been pumping out non-stop rhetoric suggesting that the next global crisis will be a direct result of the rise of populism and nationalism within Western societies. "

The NSA and other organizations have handcrafted global networks to fail, and not just fail, but fail spectacularly leaving maximum destruction in their wake. I do not think this was done without foresight. Events like Ransomware might only be the beginning. Watch this trend carefully, and be extra vigilant if cyber attacks begin to target financial institutions and systems. If this does happen, the great economic reset may not be far away."
Brandon Smith Warns: 'All Global Banking Systems And Stock Exchanges Are Open To Attack With These Same NSA Exploits'
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Old 05-22-2017, 03:05 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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The baton of power is slipping away

Of course the people dont want war. But after all, its the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and its always a simple matter to drag the people along whether its a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.
Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

The English Central Bank was created specifically to finance wars. They sold bonds,,,, created a credit line... started a war. If they were on a gold standard, they had to abandon it before the war could be lit off. The English sequestered support from wherever they could squeeze it out.

The War of 1812 [co-incidentally?] began right after the US Congress refused to renew the charter of the Bank of the US in 1812.. The "war" happened to end right after the US Congress renewed that Bank of US Charter( they were for 20 yrs then).. In 1836 the Bank came up for renewal [and having learned], Congress renewed it. Pres Andy Jackson vetoed the bill (remember.."you're a den of vipers and by God I will roust you out"). The Brits (Lord Rothschild) got really mad at this and voila' pulled their money out..ergo Panic of 1837. A few yrs later Lincoln refused to go hat-in-hand to Rothschild to borrow money to fight the Civil War....you may remember the results.

So, regardless of how the common man may feel, he gets robbed of his silver and is forced to march off to war for the bankers and other psychopaths.

America was in a VERY good position post WW II. The treasury held 24,500 tons of gold. We were the manufacturer for the free world. BUT, power attracts the corrupt. Reportedly, 6 million of the chosenites were killed in the war. It isn't mentioned that most were killed by allied bombing. The B-24 Mitchell bomber was specifically designed as an anti-personnel weapon. It isn't mentioned that Germany reached their highest wartime production right before they fell. We didn't want to bomb all the good stuff that we intended to carry off.

The chosenites were attracted to the new power center. The British had handed off the baton of empire to America. They could no longer afford to rule the world. It could have been a huge, peaceful trading empire. Corruption and a craving for world domination prevented that from coming to pass.

Eventually, Pox Americana used their reserve-currency credit card to blow up much of the world. Once again, the dominant power has gone broke trying to control a world that has grown up, and powerful, all around it. Like the Romans, Dutch, Spanish, French, English, et al, the outer lands had become too expensive to control. As more and more States experienced their own industrial revolution, they gained the capacity for industrialized warfare.

Recognising that warfare had become too dangerous for the planet, Most States are banding together under the Chinese banner. They want to see a trading empire take over. They must necessarily squeeze Pox Americana out of the position of control. They are hard at work doing just that.
World Leaders Gather in Beijing While the US Sinks into Irrelevancy

The U.S.S.R. failed and Russia promised to go quietly if NATO promised NOT to expand Eastward. It remains to be seen if Pox Americana will slip away without a world war or not. We assume that we have the upper ground as far as space warfare.
The C.I.A has not loaded even one tanker with oil. The R.O.W. can afford to cut off our oil and there isn't much we can do about it.
The key weakness is long-distance truck transport. The R.O.W. may very well plan to cut us off at the knees as the only way to stop planetary destruction.
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Old 05-22-2017, 06:51 PM
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The undoing of Trump dollar by dollar...Crouching Tiger

1836, the Brits pulled all their money out of the banks and started a panic,,, and then, a crash.
Any credit airplane must have a continuous supply of air moving over the wings.
"After we first showed in early March the steep drop in bank loan creation for both Commercial and Industrial, auto and total loans Goldman, who in late March "explained" that there was nothing ominous about the crash in loan creation...
Two months later we can confirm that not only was Goldman wrong, but so are all the Pollyannas who assert there is nothing troubling about the ongoing collapse in loan creation.
According to the latest Fed data, the all-important C&I loan growth contraction has not only continued, but over the past two months, another 50% has been chopped off, and what in early March was a 4.0% annual growth is now barely positive, down to just 2.0%, and set to turn negative in just a few weeks. This was the lowest growth rate since May 2011, right around the time the Fed was about to launch QE2. "
Just coincidence that loan contraction occurs on Trump's watch.
We Now Know "Who Hit The Brakes" As Loan Creation Crashes To Six Year Low | Zero Hedge

OK, so the private credit airplane is being sucked into the vortex. The public debt has historically been jacked up to make up the difference. We'll just get QE 7 or, whatever number it is at.

Reportedly, the FED is going to do the opposite. It is doubtful that Trump can arm-twist the FED fast enough when the debt ceiling battle heats up.

Apparently, BOTH the public and private banking industry are going to yank the rug out from under Trump to destroy him. They will destroy the entire economy at the same time.

Charles Hugh Smith weighs in on the idea of free money. oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: TINA's Legacy: Free Money, Bread and Circuses and Collapse
If the FED is going to do quantitative tightening rather than QE, there isn't going to be any free money.

Meanwhile, in the Middle Kingdom, the Chinese are making lots of plans for us. BIG plans. VERY conspicuously, they NEVER mention gold even though they are accumulating it as fast as they possibly can.
This Is Exactly How China Plans To Send The Price Of Gold Skyrocketing | King World News
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Old 05-23-2017, 12:38 PM
Rakarskiy Rakarskiy is offline
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Russia is ahead, suppression and development, free energy technologies!

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 13, 2017 No. 208
"On the Strategy of Economic Security of the Russian Federation for the Period to 2030"
Section II "Challenges and threats to economic security"
12. The main challenges and threats to economic security
6) the change in the structure of global demand for energy resources and
The structure of their consumption, the development of energy-saving technologies and
Reduction of material consumption, development of "green technologies";

Указ Президента *оссийской Федерации от 13.05.2017 г. № 208 • Президент *оссии
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Old 05-23-2017, 03:12 PM
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Evapoprating confidence followed by evaporating power

The chosenites are specialists in creating blackmail material on any politician within reach. Philosophically, one would expect this to be done to advance their plan of world domination AND preservation of their little colony in Judea.
If you look at the endless propaganda emanating from their controlled mouthpieces, it is amazingly virulent and hateful. The anti-Trumpers are embracing an amazing level of hatred.
Hate and fear go hand in hand. They are marching forward with a blind hatred that knows no limits. The upper levels of GOV seem to be permeated with paedophiles and Satanists. They are most certainly susceptible to blackmail. They don't have the control over Trump that they require to feel safe. Their fear is their source of their hate.

These are the same people who are running the country. Their approval rating is absurdly low.
Armstrong's main model is a confidence model. Congress is (deservedly) hated by the majority of people. Our system can't rightfully be called a "democracy" if most people do not approve of what the legislature is doing.

We are saddled with a 3-ring circus of fools as we approach critical negotiations on the budget and debt-ceiling. What does that imply about confidence in the outcome?
"What is taking place in the United States at this moment indeed exposes the fallacy of democracy. The move to overthrow Trump is the belief that democracy is not fair when one side loses. They refuse to accept anything that Trump promised, and we have women being removed from airplanes for beating up a fellow passenger because he voted for Trump. They really expect that removing Trump will not further divide the country and send it into serious civil unrest. We are witnessing the end of any pretended democratic process."

Armstrong reports that all of these developments put us ON TRACK for the collapse of the sovereign debt market. Add to that; the FED wants to do Quantitative tightening to bring Trump down. The private banking system is on-board also. Just imagine; a blind engineer running the train faster and faster.
Somewhere down the traintrack is an Asian monster who plans to disintegrate the entire train. Short-sighted thinking and blind hatred and mad power-lust are driving our train. Confidence flows out of our system like blood leaking from a corpse. Not wanting to be in the same boat, the Chinese will substitute gold for waning confidence.

Oregon has raised the fine for littering to $ 6250.
Greece is going to go after all your riches, Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown | Zero Hedge
The Spaniards are rolling out local currencies and the Central Bank does NOT like that, the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Could banksters' worst nightmare eventually help Greece to escape the euro-prison?
"Albertas carbon tax is expected to fill the provincial coffers to the tune of $6,000,000,000.00 dollars"
"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told the provinces they'd have until 2018 to implement a price on carbon or have Ottawa do it for them."
Very, very good article, Ahead of The Herd - Saving Us From Us

5/23 Asias largest commodity trader halted after crash Zero Hedge Unravelling, AS PLANNED.
5/23 DC insider: complete panic at highest levels of DNC Zero Hedge They can't find any straight people to get in front of the camera. EVERYBODY is a criminal and/or pedophile.
5/23 We could install 3,000GW of solar power by 2035 Greentech Media
5/22 Offshore wind won a German power auction without subsidies Think Progress

Think of all the States that desperately need the price of oil to rise.

The chosenites have shot themselves in the foot,,,, and Crippled America at the same time. World domination is just too expensive when most of the States have become industrialized.
"To date, the United States of America has just under 200,000 troops deployed in over 170 countries around the world and spends more than $611 billion dollars per year on defense"
The R.O.W. is tired of our "defense" of the world. They are very tired of all the opium we spread around. The are tired of D.U. everywhere. They are tired of being threatened by space-based weapons. They are trying to band together to stop us economically rather than militarily.
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Well depletion=cash depletion... sales crashing

The petro industry has crashed. Gas prices are low because the oil majors have a gun to their collective heads. When gas prices were much higher, the economy went into a stall. It threatened to crash to earth. The oil majors are losing tons of money. To make matters worse, oil production is crashing,,, especially in the Permian Basin.
"Heinrich explains that the huge increase in the legacy decline (how much production is being lost) is seriously eating into the cash flows of the companies drilling these shale oil and gas wells. Thus, the higher the legacy decline rate, the more negatively it impacts the companys cash flows"

"Ouch. Oil companies lose whopping $67 billion - CNNMoney
Apr 26, 2016 - The losses surpassed $1 billion each from struggling oil companies like,,,,

Desperation is starting to set in.
"According to Trumps budget plan, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve will start to be sold from October 2018, which would generate $500 million, according to the documents."
Our Trade deficit is $1.5 billion a day. An extra $1/2 billion is chump-change.

Kunstler; "a life worth living on a planet worth caring about." Read all of it.
Do You, Mr. Jones...? - KUNSTLER
Trump proposes drilling in ANWR. There is LOTS of oil there and well proven.
Gull Island buzz: 200 years of oil from Alaskas North Slope? - July 13, 2008 - Petroleum News
BUT, the old ALYESKA pipeline is worn out from sandy oil.
The oil barons are not about to pump oil to subsidise runaway GOV.

5/23 Trumps $3.6 trillion budget cuts hit his own supporters hard Bloomberg There is going to be a $hitstorm of a fight over the budget and debt ceiling. Suppose that GOV cuts WAY back on spending. That, in itself, is highly deflationary.
Manufacturing has crashed, Soft Data Collapse Continues - Richmond Fed Crashes | Zero Hedge
5/23 New home sales in April tank -11.4% MoM Anthony B. Sanders The can is coming near the end of the road and can't be kicked much farther.
5/23 Auto lender Santander checked income on just 8% in subprime ABS Bloomberg How very strange. Now they have a huge wave of defaults on auto loans. That can isn't going to be kicked any further now that banks have cut WAY back on lending.
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Evolving operating systems

Socialism always breaks the bank. Democracy is socialism-lite. It lasts, on average, 150 years.
In Greece, about 57% of the people worked for the GOV and were paid 1.7 times the wages of the private sector. Wolfgang Schuble is trying to unwind this.
Venezuela and many other States have seen their best economic performance under a dictator and/or strongman. The construct that we call the Eurozone is an invention of the technocrats. The finance sector wants to do away with democracy because it leads to socialism and defaults in the bond markets.
The average benevolent dictator runs a country very efficiently. It depends if he is looking for personal riches OR prosperity of his countrymen.

The Eurozone could possibly be run efficiently by the unelected bureaucrats BUT, that is not the way that they are doing it. Rather than creating an efficient technocratic machine, the EU was created as a sinecure for millions of bureaucrats. They get paid handsomely to sit in nice offices and regulate the smallest detail of everyday life. They get gold-plated pensions. The bureaucratic overlay of the EU on top of the already burdensome national bureaucracies subtracted 20% from the GDP of the European States.

The technocrats wanted to avoid the messiness of having a European democracy. In the end, they created a runaway bureaucratic juggernaut that is impoverishing the economy just as "efficiently" as runaway communism might have.

The Chinese have taken a good look at the various systems. They have tried to create a hybrid economy. They loosen control in areas that are necessary for entrepreneurs to create profitable enterprise. They maintain tight control in areas where human nature could cause problems. They try to maintain State control without the economic curse of communism.
Time will tell.
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Bureaucrats, Keynes, credit... Taxes&fines... fire or ice

Socialism is the firewall between non-producers and Darwinian pressures. The average bureaucrat who is employed by the State knows very well that he is of no particular use to the productive sector. An economy that is focused on profit-making has little use for State bureaucrats. When John Keynes came along with an operating system that was hugely benevolent to the bureaucrats, they all jumped on-board.
"2. The dominant economic theory for the past 80 years is Keynesianism, i.e. the notion that the state and central bank must aggressively manage private-sector consumption (demand) and lending via centrally planned and funded fiscal and monetary stimulus during downturns (recessions/depressions). "

"The greatest single invention of all time in the Keynesian universe is credit, because credit enables people to borrow from their future earnings to consume more in the present. Credit thus expands aggregate demand for more goods and services, which is the whole purpose of existence in this world-view: buy more stuff."
"In the Keynesian universe, this self-reinforcing contraction of imprudent credit and widespread losses of speculative wealth are Bad Things. Very Bad Things. Important, Powerful People tend to own issuers of credit (banks), and losses are not something they signed up for.

If all the Little People stop borrowing more money, the Powerful Owners of the credit-issuing machines (banks) can no longer reap enormous profits from issuing more credit, and that is a Very Bad Thing."
"The Keynesian answer is simple: the government should borrow and spend lots of money to replace all the money that the private sector is no longer borrowing and spending"
Of Two Minds - The Keynesian Cult Has Failed: "Emergency" Stimulus Is Now Permanent

Millions of bureaucrats worldwide lament the advent of the computer that promises to erase what little justification previously existed for their jobs. They implement V.A.T. taxes and carbon taxes and every other tax they can dream up. They pass a million new laws so that they can impose a million new fines. They salivate like a dog at the prospect of the new taxes generated by the legalization of marijuana. They use asset seizure to steal more than all the burglars.
Like the highwayman of old, they pull you over and demand to see your cash. If you have any, it MUST be the proceeds of criminal activity. No matter that most of the people they shake down like this have less than $200. There is no tax or fine that embarrass them.
Democrats Have Found A Way To Directly Tax "White Privilege" And They Are About To Implement It In Seattle

The socialists and communists have had plenty of economic crashes to their credit. It looks like the technocrats and bureaucrats must be given credit for the next crash.
What form will it take? The reserve-currency status allowed us to inflate like crazy over the years.
" The Federal Reserve was designed to create an endless spiral of government debt, and since the day it was created the U.S. national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger and the value of the U.S. dollar has declined by about 98 percent."
Over The Last 10 Years The U.S. Economy Has Grown At EXACTLY The Same Rate As It Did During The 1930s

There are endless claims of coming hyperinflation. Keep in mind that we have had long-running inflation. GOV can print but, can it actually inject more fresh money into the economy? It easily injected lots of liquidity into the upper loop. if it did the same to the lower loop, we would all stop working.
The Automatic Earth and many other writers are celling for enormous deflation. Smith writes about the 2 possibilities.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Does the World End in Fire or Ice? Thoughts on Japan and the Inflation/Deflation Debate
Armstrong said that hyperinflation is for peripheral economies, not central economies. Everything runs on credit. Paper money is only 4/10s of a percent the entire money supply. What happens to credit when confidence disappears? If nobody advances credit, what happens to spending?
I believe that TAE is correct in calling for a total deflationary collapse. Armstrong said that we would have both inflation and deflation.
It will most likely appear as a rise in prices of necessities and a drop in prices of non-necessities.
They key is China and our trade deficit.

5/24 Moodys downgrades China rating to A1 from Aa3 CNBC
5/24 Chinese banks are in big trouble Zero Hedge
5/24 The day Chinas version of the Lehman crisis explodes Japan Times

The Chinese are long-term planners,,, as opposed to the West. They let their shadow-banking system run wild knowing that it would blow up. They will fine-tune the meltdown depending on what the West does. They have avoided ALL mention of gold because they don't want the price to rise until they have all of it.
While the West is totally absorbed with protecting it's pedophiles, rackets, and criminals, China is busy building the new Silk Road.

5/24 A look at JPMorgan Chases 20 years of watching Madoff commit crimes Forbes Yep, 20 years of laundering mob money for dirty banks.
5/24 India cancels plans for huge coal power stations Independent
5/24 AZ utility signs game-changing deal halving solar power prices ThinkProgress

It took a long time but, once wind and solar got a foothold, carbon energy is fast declining.
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Stocks won't crash until the sheeple are in the pen,,, maybe

Historically, the CB and finance industry execute Pump & Dump on the stock market to yank the rug out from the small investors. The current rationale is; we can't be in a bubble because the small investor isn't in the market yet.
"The reluctance of retail investors to buy stocks as the Dow hits new highs suggests that the rally has further to run. Just be ready to grab your coat once Mom and Pop show up at the party. Thats a sure sign its time to go."
"One reason we remain cyclically positive on the broad market is that retail investors still have not participated It is doubtful that the equity market would cyclically peak before the retail-investor enthusiasm for stocks had reached a more fevered pitch."
"They bear date of July 23, 2007 just 2 months before the global financial crisis began."

"Worry not, they say. The stock market is not yet a bubble. Fear remains the dominant note. Mom and Pop remain sidelined with their cash and their Treasuries."
"Maybe the bubble bursts before euphoria takes hold and before mom and pop investors return.

Maybe pessimism has ironically lulled Mr. and Mrs. Contrarian into a false security."

So, the FED and treasury are pumping up the bubble. Are they doing it specifically to rob the little guy?
" the governments "plunge protection team" is the only thing propping up the current market rally"
"Weve noted in the past that there appears to be a rule against mentioning the team on CNBC with guests routinely getting Schiffd for doing so."
Legendary Investor Asher Edelman Says "I Have No Doubt" PPT Behind Market Rally | Zero Hedge
5/23 Trumps $3.6 trillion budget cuts hit his own supporters hard Bloomberg
So, don't mention that the PPT is holding up everything waiting for the small fry to jump into the frying pan. How soon is the heat going to start under the frying pan?
The private banks have cut WAY back on lending. The FED is getting ready for a rate hike. Both of these are deflationary. Just how much deflation can the stock market ignore?
It appears that the finance industry plans to crash the system with deflation to fight Trump.
Since the FED is always incorrect in their projections, we can assume that they won't survive the default cascade.

Europe is even worse than America when it comes to GOV stealing money.
"tickets for everything in Europe where speeding tickets are fined a proportion of your net worth. "
Trump's budget cuts will be deflationary. A hike by the FED will be deflationary.
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Unstable bubble dynamics... debt collection

The financial pundits claim that we can't possibly be in a bubble because the fish haven't jumped into the frying pan yet. Never mind that stock prices, "But todays CAPE ratio is 182% of the median ratio of the past 137-years."
"With the likelihood of a bubble clear, we can now turn to bubble dynamics. The analysis begins with the fact that there are two distinct types of bubbles.
Some bubbles are driven by narrative, and others by cheap credit. "
"The credit-driven bubble has a different dynamic than a narrative-bubble. If professional investors and brokers can borrow money at 3%, invest in stocks earning 5%, and leverage 3-to-1, they can earn 6% returns on equity plus healthy capital gains that can boost the total return to 10% or higher. "
Notice that no new wealth has been created by all this shuffling.

"A credit bubble bursts when the credit dries up. The Fed wont raise interest rates just to pop a bubble " They might raise interest rates to stop Trump.
"The other leading cause of bursting credit bubbles is rising credit losses. Higher credit losses can emerge in junk bonds (1989), emerging markets (1998), or commercial real estate (2008)."
The current default rate is rising fast.

"Savings backed 100% of U.S. credit needs until about 1973"
" Forty-five years later, America saves scarcely 20% as much as it issues in new credit.
The other 80% is funny money credit created out of nowhere by the Fed, by banks"
" The Bank of Japan already owns 40% of outstanding Japanese government debt. It apparently sees no barrier to buying all of it * financing Japans deficits with make-believe money.

This is not going to happen. Readers will be quick to remember why. Our little secret: Unlike the real-money system that prevailed until 1971, this system with its heavy reliance on credit is, surprise, surprise, extremely vulnerable to the credit cycle.

This is the doomsday bug buried in the worlds money system.
When the credit cycle turns when people begin to notice that the whole system is FUBAR and become reluctant to lend the worlds money disappears"
Free money seems like a good idea BUT, it makes the "credit cycle" far more volatile and always blows up.
"In the U.S., $2.5 trillion in new credit is required every year just to stay in about the same place." " But total savings in the U.S. amount to only about $500 billion."
Fed Will Blink | Casey Research

Here is a very interesting article from Economica. His contention is that; our money supply has far outgrown our population. It has even far outgrown the world population. What he doesn't see or mention is that; the reserve-currency status has caused enormous amounts of liquidity to flow to America.
By the Bretton Woods agreement, a State can NOT print unlimited amounts of national currency. They have to save U.S. dollars and THEN , they can print more national currency. They effectively have to sell us stuff on credit to get enough dollars to print more national currency.

China; "Total outstanding credit grew to around 260 percent of GDP at the end of last year, from 160 percent in 2008 -- one of the biggest and fastest expansions ever. "
"Chinese leaders might be able to keep the final bill down if they take steps now to eradicate zombie firms, strengthen bank balance sheets and allow the market more say in the allocation of capital. Moody's, however, was dubious: We do not think that the reform effort will have sufficient impact, "
Debt collection to Western Banks is normally enforced by the U.S. military. With the one-belt, one-road program, Asia and the East are turning away from the West. The R.O.W. has seen the enormous flows of capital into America far beyond our productivity. Bretton Woods and the petro-dollar brought enormous riches to America.

5/25 U.S. warship challenges Beijings claims in South China Sea Reuters It is highly doubtful that the U.S. military can enforce debt collection in Asia. We can rattle sabers but, neither Russia, nor China are going to back down. Russia has their new jamming system that (currently) can stop all Western systems. Russia has their long-range cruise missiles that can bypass any ABM system.

America is currently linked up with Saudi Arabia. Saudi is on fire with hatred of Iran. This matched nicely with Tel Aviv's new-found fear of Iran. Tel Aviv has a long-standing hatred of Russia because of their competition in the pipeline wars to send gas to Europe.
5/25 Iran says it has built third underground ballistic missile factory Reuters
Tel Aviv can't directly attack Iran. Even if the U.S. military was enlisted to attack Iran, Tel Aviv would still be a field of cinders. Military sources there claim that they will receive 11,000 missiles a minute. THAT is an old number.
Pox Americana can't realistically attack, Iran, Russia, nor China. This will all come into play when it is debt-collection time.
If the U.S military gets too aggressive in the South China Sea, China can EASILY pull the rug out from the financial system. The resulting chaos WILL end most East-West trade.

Trump only has a limited amount of control. Events will dictate the outcomes.
Trump appeared at the wailing wall (The Wailing Wall is actually the remains of a Roman fortress called Fort Antonia built north of the actual Temple) but, that doesn't mean that he will acquiesce to every demand from Tel Aviv. Time will tell.
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More confiscation,,, more rate hikes

Markets are quiet waiting for the muppets to be drawn in. The fact that the "CAPE ratio is 182% of the median ratio of the past 137-years" has kept quite a few investors from moving in. The PPT just keeps pumping it up. Who knows how far they can pump it before it just implodes on it's own?
The various funds desperately need interest-income to survive.
Armstrong almost died in prison,,, was in a coma after a severe beating in his cell. A guard showed up with some big guy and let him in the cell to do the dirty work. He somehow survived. Armstrong was the center character in the movie, The forecaster. He recounts that every other principle character pictured in the movie is dead. You can imagine that he is somewhat circumspect in what he writes. Keep that in mind.

"The Pension Crisis is serious and is the catalyst that will bring everything down. Nearly 600 State & Local governments are now in the hole and has reached nearly $1.2 trillion of unfunded pension liabilities in FY 2014. This reflects total pension liabilities of $4.798 trillion"
"Government pensions are what destroyed the Roman Empire and history is going to repeat.

I have stated before that there are people on Capitol Hill who support confiscating all private 401K plans in the country and replacing them with an allotment monthly. We know what will happen to that one, so you better have something else besides cash. "
"Minutes from the Feds May policy meeting showed board members thought that if jobs growth remains healthy with a rebound in investment and consumer spending then rates could rise soon, which many took to mean June"
The Onion weighs in on the situation, Financial Advisor Recommends Keeping One Bullet In Chamber Just In Case - The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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Blowing up China

As I've previously written, I believe that Armstrong advised the Chinese in 2007, that they should crash their own economy to defuse the upturn in the war cycle.
"The money supply (M1) raced from a mild 10% annual growth rate to 25% year-over-year."
"Just between 2007-2014, its debt exploded from $7 trillion to $28 trillion (simply incomprehensible numbers)."
" Chinas economy has exploded thanks to trillions of debt and other means of fiscal stimulus. Theyre doing their best to keep the trillions in bad loans from spiraling out of control. "
China?s Lehman Moment Is Coming! | Andrew Zatlin | FINANCIAL SENSE

The Chinese money multiplier has hit an all time high, https://assets.bwbx.io/images/users/...v2/1000x-1.png

China has created/allowed "annual growth rate to 25% year-over-year." of the money supply. I believe that this is intentional. The Chinese are long-term planners. They would never allow credit creation to hit 25% a year believing that it was healthy or sustainable. They allowed this for another reason.

5/25 U.S. warship challenges Beijings claims in South China Sea Reuters
5/25 Chinese banks dominate ranking of worlds biggest public companies Independent
China Accuses US Warship Of 'Trespassing' In Disputed Waters

Beijing Crackdown Cuts Chinese Investments In US Assets

The capital markets are global. Much of the West depends on liquidity from China flowing into markets. China can cut off internal liquidity and create fallout in global markets. The West is sleepwalking into all of this.
Ore prices have collapsed and other commodities will follow.

The Chinese can easily take out the gold market and the FOREX. There is about 4,500--5,000 tons of gold traded daily. There is a daily turnover in the FOREX of $5.1 trillion a day. If China suddenly offered to buy any and all gold for 20% over yesterday's Yuan price, they would crash both markets.
Meanwhile, Tel Aviv on the Potomac continues to shoot America in the foot.
US To Review Boeing, Airbus Sales To Iran And Will Impose Addition Sanctions
Iran is undercutting Saudi oil so, we attack Iran. They will buy their airplanes from somebody else. This will make our trade deficit that much worse. Oil is down under $50 and is killing the oil majors, bankers and saudis.
But, there is a difference between poking a stick in a rattlesnake's nest and poking your finger in a rattlesnake's nest. No anti-ballistic missile system can intercept 300,000 missiles from Iran. Iran will continue to trade East rather than West.
We continue to HELP the East build their new Silk Road system that will displace the corrupt West. Western leaders continue to protect their rackets no matter how bad the consequences.
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Crypto currencies will completely change the financial system,,,,

Until they get a bullet in the brain
Well Eurasia had their big economic pow wow and America was a no-show. When the G7 have a big pow wow, they exclude China and Russia. Even the EU is barely represented.
G7 Summit Excludes Russia and China
Pox Americana is doomed because the leaders look inward and ignore the R.O.W. Trump came out and said that he was going to put a 35% tax on German cars. Their profit margin is 4% so, I don't see this working out well.

The interesting news unfolding now is the huge climb in Bitcoin. I believe that as soon as it hides away too much wealth from the tax man, the GOV will just jump in and take it all. Here is an excellent article on Bitcoin. It also has a LOT of info on "Initial Coin Offerings. So what are ICOs?"
There is a whole zoo of crypto currencies and tokens being introduced. When the pot gets REALLY big, GOV will come in and scoop it up.

TC: Is there a concern that U.S. regulators will crack down on these ICOs?
SM: Lawyers are relying on case law that defines what a security is. The most well-known case is the Howey Test, created by the Supreme Court for determining whether certain transactions qualify as investment contracts. If they do, then those transactions are considered securities and are subject to certain disclosure and registration requirements. When tokens are structured basically as the sale of a service or product, theyre designed to make sure the various prongs of the test are not triggered."
A New Financial System Is Being Born | Zero Hedge

So, all these "crypto" savers are depending on one Supreme Court decision. The article talks about completely doing away with the current financial system. If there are backdoors into every system,,,, and even the NSA got hacked, what makes these people think TOR and the blockchain are safe? GOV is expected to eventually grab all the private retirement funds. They certainly aren't going to leave crypto currenices alone.

5/26 Heres how blindingly fast bitcoin has been surging MarketWatch
5/26 Fred Wilson throws cold water on bitcoin enthusiasts CNBC
5/25 All digital currencies are up as boom times arrive CryptoCoins News

The welfare society is getting more and more expensive, Handout Nation: Combined Enrollment In America?s 4 Largest Safety Net Programs Hits A Record High Of 236 Million
5/26 Chinas reforms not enough to arrest mounting debt Reuters The news is going to full of 2 things; the budget & debt-ceiling battle AND the implosion of China.
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The slow death of the oil industry

There is SO MUCH information readily available that there is NO excuse for being ignorant. Apparently, the Sauds don't read. They have a "30-year-old Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the second in line to the King, who has emerged as one of the most powerful figures in the Saudi government." He says that they are going to completely change the Saudi economy away from it's dependence on oil. The Sauds just can't understand why the price of oil won't rise. OPEC is going to have a 9 month extension on the production cutbacks.

There is an economic pecking order in the world that is governed by; when did your country enter and embrace the industrial revolution? The Saudis don't have a prayer of diversifying. This new royal technocrat hasn't got a clue.
Saudi Arabia Releases Ambitious Plan To Diversify Economy | OilPrice.com

Apparently, the OPECers can't read the writing on the wall. Carbon is a fuel,,, solar & wind are a technology. The banking industry has come to the conclusion that the oil business is a dead end.
Wall Street Throws Up On OPEC: Barclays Sees "No Light At The End Of The Tunnel"; MS Cuts WTI Price Target | Zero Hedge
Here is the graph that shows that OPEC is dead-in-the-water, Soaring growth of solar power demonstrated in one chart

5/27 Solar power breaks UK records thanks to sunny weather Guardian
5/27 Coal countrys power plants are turning away from coal NY Times
5/27 Abu Dhabi awards contract for largest solar power plant in the world Utilities-Me

Carbon energy did everything it could to avoid being undercut by ZPE. It ignored wind & solar because it was SO expensive. The U.S. oil majors are spending 86% of profits on debt service. They believed in Hubbert's Peak. They have enormous sunk costs that are probably losses.

The Saudis will go down in flames because they are stupid. They let their blind hatred of Iran guide them into siding with israel and AGAINST Russia. They fired their most experienced ministers and put in dreamers.
Abu Dhabi can see the writing on the wall but, not the stupid Wahabbis.
Every solar panel and wind generator is another cut. They will perish from 1,000 cuts.
"My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel" Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum
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Self-perpetuation of the banking industry

A couple notes on Canada.
"The great depression devastated Canada for much of the 1930s. At this time, hundreds of American banks had failed, yet none of the Canadian banks had failed during this time."
"Among them was Canadas 10th prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King who amended the Bank of Canada Act in 1938 which led to the nationalization of the Bank of Canada."
"It was Mackenzie King himself who had once said,

Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile."
"For many decades since 1938, the Bank of Canada provided near interest free loans to the Canadian government.

As a result of these loans, Canada had increasingly become prosperous and developed quite substantially"
"The effects of Kings decision would last all the way until 1974, when the Trudeau government made the decision to halt the borrowing of money from the Bank of Canada, and instead, choosing to borrow from the private banks at compounded interest."
"The Bank of Canada used to be a government lending institution, creating near interest free loans that built much of Canadas infrastructure during the 50s and 60s. In 1974 at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland, Trudeau Sr. was convinced by fellow Bilderberg attendees to dismantle this crucial function of the Bank of Canada,"

The stagflation of the 70s was caused by the oil shock BUT, blamed on the lack of a Central bank.

"the government borrowed from private banks based on the recommendations of the Basel Committee."
Here is a graph of before & after Canada was bestowed with a Central bank.
Yikes!, the url seems to be hundreds of lines long. Here is a link to the page, Prudent Press | The History of the Bank of Canada

The private banks couldn't possibly compete with a CB that passed out near interest-free loans to GOV. After GOV started borrowing from the private banks at compound interest, Canadian debt rose at 20%. Not only that, GOV bailed out the banks after they went too wild with bad loans. The private banks turned around and loaned the SAME money back to the GOV at interest.
Canada's Central Bank Scam
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Trum torpedos carbon credits

A very large part of the State is an enormous horde of bureaucrats that reach ever-deeper into private wealth to pay their salaries. Their latest cause celebre seems to be global warming and carbon taxes. Dilbert weighs in on global warming,
"About those economic models Nobel Laureate and Economist Hayek pointed out that adopting the trappings and mathematical methodology of the physical sciences did not imbue chaotic economic studies with any more certitude than a probabilistic coin-toss."
So, we blithely sail on in our Keynesian flagship using charts (economic models) that are faux science and have never worked.

The Trump submarine just fired a torpedo into the Keynesian Navy, Merkel Furious With Trump After "Unprecedented" G-7 Failure To Reach Consensus On Climate Change | Zero Hedge
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The future of Germany??

The Canadians got thoroughly screwed when their system was changed to rely on credit-money. Adolph Hitler instituted an economic system in Germany that was focused on labor and property as the backbone of the economic system. Germany became the most prosperous State in Europe in a very short time. This was such a glaring bad example that he was promptly handed a war.

"Germany is too strong. We must destroy her."- Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.
""The war was not just a matter of the elimination of Fascism in Germany, but rather of obtaining German sales markets." - Winston Churchill. March, 1946."
"I felt sorry for the German people. We were planning - and we had the force to carry out our plans - to obliterate a once mighty nation." - Admiral Daniel Leahy; U.S Ambassador
The Myth Of German Culpability

Germany now has about a 1 trillion dollar trade surplus.
There is much talk of Germany joining the Eurasian trade group. Germany is a $ trillion ahead of the game and the rest of Europe is about a $trillion in debt. Will Germany be forced to pay for the deficits in Europe? Merkel comes up for election in September. Will Germany hold on to it's trillion?
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Shortage of dollars,,, avoiding the reset

There has been talk for years about a new worldwide economic system. Pox Americana likes the old system very much,,, thank you any way.
Part of the reason for Germany's huge economic success before the war was; it could undercut the prices of States that had a central bank. Churchill made it clear that the war was just for the bankers.
The Bretton Woods agreement was an attempt to forestall currency wars and the often-resulting, kinetic wars. Bretton Woods made the U.S. dollar the reserve currency. This might have seemed like a good idea at the time but, it wasn't thought through thoroughly. The entire Western world was going to use the dollar as a reserve currency but, the dollar supply could only grow at the rate that America grew.
Europe, America, and the rest of the States that used the dollar for a reserve had FAR too much economic growth for all of it to be denominated in just dollars. If the dollar supply could only grow at the rate that the U.S. supply of gold grew, the R.O.W. would be starved for dollars.

As nations re-industrialized after the war, they had no medium to use to store surplus wealth. This was slightly alleviated by the over-printing for the welfare-warfare State. This came to an end a few years later, when the dollar lost value and various States demanded gold. It was leaving the treasury at the rate of 100 tons a week in the summer of '71.

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Paer 2

The closing of the gold window was very fortuitous for America. The worldwide clamoring for dollars did not come to an end just because of the closing of gold-convertibility. We offered the Saudis a deal that they couldn't (safely) refuse. The petro-dollar was born and dollar demand took flight.
The high demand for dollars continued and everybody wanted to sell us stuff to bring back dollars. We ran/run a huge trade deficit so that they can slurp up all our dollars.

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Had to break it up more.
All this inflow of capital has made America a high-cost and high-wage economy. But, globalism has destroyed the wage base.
The huge trade imbalances with America, Germany, Japan and China must be carried forever OR, the debt much be liquidated or defaulted.

Pox Americana has been actively avoiding the great reset. As the dollar goes up, it becomes more and more wobbly.
The whole trade imbalance in Europe is causing problems that the eurocrate NEVER envisioned, https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/i...te-from-spain/
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Untouchable budget,,,oil mjaors to defrault

"Theres a famous story in which the Comptroller-General of Finances summoned all the government ministers to make deep budget cuts.
But no one could come up with anything substantial.
The overseas colonies were too important to cut.
And they couldnt cut public hospitals because too many people were now relying on them. Similarly they couldnt cut veteran pensions either.
At the end of the session they could hardly find anything to cut that would make a meaningful difference.
All of their fancy programs and benefits had become too ingrained in society at that point; and any cut would have proven politically disastrous."

"The budget slashes $3.6 trillion in spending through 2028 while proposing zero cuts to Defense, Social Security, and Medicare.

And thats the entire point: just between those three programs, plus paying interest on the debt, the US government already spends MORE than it collects in tax revenue."
"The US government has $20+ trillion in obligations to its creditors, and tens of trillions more in obligations to its citizens.
Simply put, the government has too many obligations. And their only way out is to walk away from some of them.

This means default."

"According to the data by Bloomberg, the amount of bonds below investment grade the U.S. energy companies need to pay back each year will surge to approximately $70 billion in 2017, up from $30 billion in 2016."
"As we can see, the outstanding debt (in bonds) will jump to $110 billion in 2018, $155 billion in 2019, and then skyrocket to $230 billion in 2020."
"However, according to the Bloomberg data, these companies would need to pay back $110 billion in debt (bonds) in 2018. If they would use all their free cash flow profits to pay back this debt, they would still owe $92 billion."

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Academic echo chamber... Albert Edwards

In the "old" economic system, one had to actually be productive,,,, or at least, good at stealing. The economy just got too distorted by too many bankers and investors all trying to make a living off too few actual workers/producers. Finance is now 40% of the GDP even though it produces nothing. How did we reach this point?
The FED spends a LOT of money on academia. They are especially generous to "scholars" who publish anything that reinforces the Keynesian mandate. The CBs demand and justify a 2% inflation rate as being critically necessary. There is truth in this belief. Without a yearly 2% growth in the money supply, there would be very little money for the bankers to suck up.
Academia has built a cult/construct that absolutely validates the necessity for monetary inflation.

"What stands out is the failure of economics, as an intellectual discipline, to come to grips with the real world. This was obvious at the time of the global financial crisis of 2007-09. Since then, academic economists have worked on the assumption that their lamentable performance when it came to warning of impending troubles has been forgotten"

"The sadness is that central bankers, in moving to an almost exclusively macro-economic focus in conducting monetary policy, have paid increasing attention to the prescriptions of these self-styled scientists of the economy. Virtually all central banks now subscribe to the frankly weird view that economies cannot grow satisfactorily unless they maintain a 2% rate of arbitrarily- defined consumer price inflation. This is despite the evidence in this and earlier ages that economies can grow quite well in the absence of such inflationary price behaviour "
The economy can grow but, the bankers can't.

"A more precise statement of the underlying relationship is that inflation occurs when central banks accommodate inflationary forces that usually arise from non-monetary economic and social factors."
Yeah, the demands of welfare and warfare.

"It is telling that the theory on which central bank policies are now based should have assimilated the behaviour of all economic agents to that of the financial markets. This has been part of the move away from output and employment as the goals of economic activity towards the generation of financial returns within a short-term perspective."
"This was the lesson of the 2007-09 financial turmoil but it is a lesson that, by and large, has not been heeded. The post-2008 growth in global credit massively raises the risk of a future crisis"

" The free marketeers focus on Smiths work The Wealth of Nations without paying heed to the ethical presuppositions underlying that analysis. His assumptions were derived from Hutchesons moral philosophy and are set out in his earlier publication, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, a work that is usually ignored or denigrated by Smiths modern-day adherents. To be sure, his view of human nature, as there set out, is rather benign. He makes no allowance for the cheating and exploitation that characterise behaviour in actual market situations. His failure to understand, or at least to recognise, the moral failings of his fellow-men diminishes the value of his economic analysis as a guide to action."
All societies that undergo a moral collapse eventually collapse financially.

"At the same time, in the advanced economies, there has been a growing sense among the many that a few are making off with the fruits of economic progress."
"The positive function of the nation-state is to maintain equity between the social classes. The nation-state is the largest unit that can feasibly fulfill this function."
What does that imply for One-World GOV?
" But Mrs May and her advisers seem to understand the crucial importance of the nation-state in preserving social justice. "
After 47 Years, Stephen Lewis Calls It Quits In A Scathing Critique Of Modern Markets | Zero Hedge

The main problem with academia is that it soon becomes and "echo chamber". Everybody in academia is in agreement on the facts & figures. It is too much trouble to go out and actually collect information. After all, they have BRILLIANT models.

Here is an article by and about a brilliant investor who spent too much time with models.
"When Albert Edwards predicted in late 2016 that a surge in wage inflation was imminent, we were confused by this prediction from the world's pre-eminent deflationist"
"Which is why we have to give Edwards credit: some 6 months after his initial call, he had the courage to do what is never easy and admit he was wrong, and that contrary to his expectations wages are not going up after all.

Talking about wrong, I have to put my hands up. I have been expecting US wage inflation to roar ahead over the past three months to well above 3%, yet every data release has surprised on the downside"
Albert Edwards: "What On Earth Is Going On With US Wages" | Zero Hedge
This is what happens when you do not have a global view. Cheap, containerized shipping allowed our wage competitors to undercut our jobs. Edwards just didn't take into account something that was glaringly obvious.
There is a CONTINUAL vomit of information telling us that unemployment is only 4%. This will contribute to the speed of the final unwinding. All the bad news has been swept under the rug,,, until it blows up.

5/29 Officials grapple with rising pension costs, debt Simi Valley Acorn
5/29 Growing retirement costs are hitting new state budget hard Sac Bee

Just wait a bit longer and you won't be "grappling" any more.
5/29 China risks another downgrade if debt bubble not fixed Guardian They increased their money supply by 25% last year. How do you fix that?
5/29 Europe has no bubbles to fear for now Bloomberg The ECB is soon to run out of eligible bonds to buy. They are buying up assets like crazy BUT, they have no bubbles.

5/29 Why bitcoin just dropped 30% Fortune
5/29 Soaring bitcoin demand & $600 premiums Crypto Coins News

It's not a currency. It's a speculative instrument.
5/27 Bitcoin market cap passes Deutsche Banks amid loss reversal Coin Telegraph Just give it time.
5/29 New home prices are over 50% higher in Canada than the US Better Dwelling Tar sand is crashing but, hot Chinese money comes to the rescue.

5/29 Solar energys potential $2.8 trillion prize Motley Fool So, what does that mean for it's competitors?
5/29 Nuclear industry prices itself out of power market Think Progress
5/28 Coal doesnt even make that much sense anymore Think Progress

Wait! What about all those sunk-costs that the utilities have in nuke and carbon?
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