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Old 11-10-2019, 04:43 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Monetary inflation and,,,, a shortage of liquidity,,, melt-up

Bro Mikey
Zero Hedge;
Riding The Type 3 Mega Market Melt Up Train
"...while additional monetary stimulus won’t stimulate the economy, it will stimulate additional stock price distortions and asset price bubbles... we fear you ain’t seen nothing yet."
"Maybe The Rich See The Writing On The Wall": CEOs Stepping Down At Highest Levels Since 2008
Daimler To Slash 10% Of Management Amid Global Auto Industry Bust
China Auto Sales Fall 6% In October As Global Auto Recession Shows No Signs Of Slowing
Exposing The Plan For A Global Dystopia

"Global policy planners intend to deliver replacements for both dollar hegemony and fossil fuels. Plans may appear uncoordinated and in their early stages, but these issues are becoming increasingly linked."
Pentagon Official Warns China Exporting Killer AI Drones To Middle East
America would never do something like that.

China loaned bazillions of yuan to other countries. Now, these other countries are having trouble paying it back.
Mapping China's Global Debt-Serfdom-ification
"...there are seven countries in the world whose external loan debt to China surpasses 25% of their GDP..."

The U.S. mentality is slowly turning against the endless wars.
California's Housing Nightmare Is Only Getting Worse
There's no shortage of housing. You just have to know where to look.
53 Million Americans Drowning In Cycle Of Low-Wage Work
"The US is at the 11th hour, one hour till midnight, as the wealth inequality imbalance will correct itself by the eruption of protests on the streets of... "

California Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train To Nowhere
Yep, that is just what California needs.
America's Richest 1% Now Own As Much Wealth As The Middle And Lower Classes Combined
11/09 U.S. debt jumps $1 trillion in 3 months – what now? – Birch Gold
The Shanghai Composite is up 18.9% y-t-d, the CSI 300 32.0% and the ChiNext index 36.8%, despite economic deterioration and heightened risk. Chinese apartment prices continue to inflate at double-digit rates, as ongoing rapid Credit growth increasingly feeds asset inflation as the real economy struggles.

"The global financial system is self-destructing. Reckless monetary policies have inflamed late-cycle excess. I believe the scope of speculative leverage is much greater these days – on a global basis. The Fed in 2007 (and into ’08) extended a dangerous mortgage finance Bubble. Central bankers these days are prolonging catastrophic global financial and economic Bubbles. The global economy is much more fragile today, with a faltering Chinese Bubble posing an Extraordinary risk. Highly synchronized global financial Bubbles are a risk much beyond 2008."
"Stocks are fired up at the prospect of a year-end melt-up"
"M2 (narrow) "money" supply jumped $39.6bn last week to a record $15.245 TN. "Narrow money" gained $981bn, or 6.9%, over the past year. For the week, Currency increased $5.2bn. "

"M2 money supply has increased $796 billion y-t-d to $15.245 TN. With two months to go, 2019 M2 growth is on track to easily exceed 2016’s record $854 billion expansion. Recent M2 growth is nothing short of spectacular. M2 has jumped $329 billion in ten weeks, about an 11.5% annualized pace"
"Money Market Fund Assets (MMFA) have similarly exploded this year. Total MMFA have increased $517 billion year-to-date (to $3.555 TN), an almost 20% annualized rate. Like M2, six-month growth in MMFA has been extraordinary: expansion of $472 billion, or 35% annualized. "
"After ending April 2006 at $2.031 TN, money fund assets began growing rapidly, ending 2006 at $2.382 TN. And after expanding $154 billion, or 13% annualized, during 2007’s first-half, things went a little haywire. MMFA proceeded to surge $1.000 TN, or 53% annualized, "
"With the enormous growth of M2 and MMFA during 2007 and into 2008, how was it possible for markets to turn disastrously illiquid in the fall of 2008? Because the monetary expansion was being fuelled by a precarious expansion of the “repo” market and speculative securities finance more generally. "
Credit Bubble Bulletin : Weekly Commentary: Extraordinary Monetary Disorder

11/09 “Clients with guns” are demanding deposits from crisis-stricken Lebanese banks – ZH
After the banks re-opened clients beat up managers and tellers if they couldn't take out all their money. The tellers union threatened to go on strike,,,, and close the banks once again.
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Old 11-10-2019, 08:39 AM
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BroMikey BroMikey is offline
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No belly up ECO

Same Ole Mask, different day, eco's been dead

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Old 11-10-2019, 08:33 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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broken up

During the period of time that America was on a gold standard, there was great success and wealth in the lower loop. This is ONLY true if the paper currency is convertible to gold,,, and vice-versa. The bankers wanted flexible currency so that they could create currency inflation to enrichen themselves. The State (or maybe the bankers) wanted a flexible currency so that they could finance wars with the public credit card. The CB tells us that they must have flexibility in currency control & creation to manage the economy. Right, finance for the welfare-warfare state. The gold standard had to go. The creation of the welfare-warfare State came first. The severance of the gold link came as a result.
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Old 11-10-2019, 08:35 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Apparently, I can only post this topic one paragraph at a time. I've tried to post if for 4 days now.
At the same time, all States recognised that intra-State debts would just be paid off by printing sovereign currency. The BIS mandates that intra-State debts be paid in gold to avoid this scenario. So, while the people are saddled with a flexible currency, the States accept ONLY gold for settlement. The result of all this; as Pox Americana runs up ever-greater deficits, it must find ever-more gold to pay for certain things. So, while Bernanke may refer to gold as a barbaric relic, the State is deadly serious about stealing gold from wherever it can.
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Old 11-10-2019, 08:36 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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"Trouble is, most of the third world and Non-Aligned Movement – with the exception of Iran, Lebanon, and Venezuela – have already turned over their gold to the West. So, there is little physical gold for Washington to cajole, appropriate, or steal from destabilized sovereign entities or failed states Washington creates."
"Also consider that the United States has been on the oil standard since ditching gold in 1971, because oil is traded in dollars like real money once was (gold). Where oil is fungible, portable, a unit of account and divisible, durable, rare… but most importantly has real intrinsic value — unlike paper currency."

"1. The ratio of gamed gold, ie paper-derivative Wall Street gold to real gold, is at least one thousand-to-one. Meaning that gold would be about $10K USD per ounce if valued in a free market, which concurs to an extent with the overall daily trading volume. Then if we look at trilateral derivative products overall (US/UK/Japan) as being at least 1.2 quadrillion USD in outstanding derivative debt (ie 1,200 trillion but the total is far higher on a global basis) then the gold price per ounce would exceed $40K if the USD were backed by gold"
"2. Now we see a dollar world turned on its head. We know that the USD system is inherently unstable, and structurally unsound. Like an old brick building waiting for an earthquake to happen, the building is standing for now, but any substantial tremor will bring it down. "
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Old 11-10-2019, 08:38 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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This is an excellent article but, has a couple of flaws. Germany lost all of it's gold as a result of WW I. But, under the programs created by Adolph Hitler, it had a VERY strong currency. How could that be? The strength of a currency is related to the productivity of the host country, not to gold reserves
"real intrinsic value — unlike paper currency."
A currency does not have to be pegged to anything tangible. The value of the currency is controlled by how well it is accepted. Along with the productivity of the state sponsor of the currency.
"fungible, portable, a unit of account and divisible, durable, rare" THAT is the reason that diamonds are falling out of favor. They vary in intrinsic value and, are not divisible.

The dollar has the best history of not being cancelled. The poor Euro was flawed from the beginning. It is going down in flames. The U.S. dollar is an instrument of the U.S. government. The Euro is an instrument of who knows who.
Armstrong writes that the euro is crashing because of NIRP. It isn't that simple.
"Their greatest hope will be for the Monetary Crisis Cycle to undermine the dollar in the year (singular)ahead. That combined with the neo-cons trying to weaponize the dollar will be the ultimate means to dethrone the dollar."
Dethroning the dollar will cause huge dislocations in all markets. When nobody knows the value of a currency, those who can will demand trade settlement in gold. The most traded commodity is oil. Speculation,,, the dollar will be accepted for oil up until the time that U.S. sovereign debt crashes. We pay for oil with U.S. GOV debt notes, not dollars. If / When the time comes that we can't just print more GOV debt to pay for oil, we will have to pay in gold. It has ALWAYS been the unit of account for intra-state debts.

EDIT I have no idea of what is so threatening about this post. I tried cutting it in half and, taking out the links. I just got a header and a blank page.

Last edited by Danny B; 11-10-2019 at 08:41 PM. Reason: info
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Old 11-10-2019, 09:28 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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headlines and progress

Here is an excellent article on the Eurodollar market.
"In 1963 the Eurodollar market was worth around $148 million. By 1982 it was worth $2 trillion."
"The ability of corporations and the wealthy to hide their billions in the euro markets is a chronic problem for both the US Treasury and its Third World counterparts. In 1950 US corporations footed 26% of the total US tax bill. By 1990 they were covering only 9%, contributing to massive budget deficits and a $2.4 trillion US debt. "
" The great African revolutionary leader and Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere wondered, “Should we let our people starve so that we can repay our debts?

The international bankers’ answer was an unequivocal “yes”. Their Club of Rome arm, over caviar and pate, advocated depopulation of the world’s undesirable poor. "
I imagine that the Club of Rome can do quite a bit to reduce world population.
11/10 Yield curve improvement bodes well for economy – Seeking Alpha
It means absolutely ZERO.
11/10 53 million Americans drowning in cycle of low-wage work – Zero Hedge
How about the ones with NO work?
11/10 America is facing a pension crisis. Retirees will pay the price – CNN With their lives.

GPT-2 can write whole books of fake news, etc
11/10 Book by “Anonymous” is said to paint “chilling” portrait of Trump – CBS

Iran Finds New Oil Field With Over 50 Billion Barrels: Rouhani
Edward Griffin and the Red Pill expo.
Broke Bond Markets Mounting: Italy Surpasses Greece As Europe's Riskiest Sovereign
".. central-planners' incessant meddling with global markets has sparked another WTF-moment in capital market history.

Fannie Mae Accidentally Spills The Beans On The Impending Housing Market Crash
Moodys Downgrades UK Outlook To Negative On 'Brexit Paralysis'

Big Pharma's Dangerous Drugs Are Now Killing More People Than Guns Or Automobile Accidents
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Old 11-10-2019, 11:51 PM
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Fear is how the people are manipulated like pawns. OMG the world
system is going to die and you with it. Take this drug or yer gonna die.

Buy gold or yer gonna go broke. Buy survival can goods or yer gonna
starve. Get yer damm vaccines or yer a bad person. Fear.

Fear thru lies spewed ppl gulp down as gospel coming off of the news
station you pay for when the cable vision bill comes. Fear of losing your
health happiness, home so better do what we say right? Pawns no more.
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Old 11-11-2019, 03:57 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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An unfolding, possible solution

I've repeatedly stated that a dollar bill was a powerful instrument. It is a bearer bond of zero maturity. It is more fungible and accepted than gold coin. Traditionally, a transactional currency can't serve as a store-of-value, but, for the time being, the U.S. dollar is doing just that. Especially outside of America. Paper money is more likely to be shunned because of a lack of confidence in the issuing government than to be shunned by over-printing.
Armstrong did a vid on how the U.S. GOV can extricate itself from the collapse of sovereign debt. We are 37 days away from the projected collapse of the world economy.

I'm quite sure that EVERYBODY in GOV is looking for some kind of solution that does NOT include revolution and / or mass starvation. With Armstrong's history and, his super computer program, I suspect that everybody in State will be examining and entertaining his ideas.
I have reviewed your Solution video. Could the government ease into such a solution in stages? For example, the government could place a moratorium on issuing debt and pay the year’s budget which included a reduction in principle on outstanding bond debt, and meeting current interest expense, by printing actual currency.
ANSWER: Yes. I believe we would have to do this in three stages. The point of the exercise is that markets trade on ANTICIPATION. Once it is realized that we are actually making a fundamental change, the markets will begin to move to reflect the long-term expectations.
Currency created like this does NOT incur an interest charge. This would sideline the entire sovereign bond market. It would inflate the currency supply without inflating the interest burden. 51% of Americans depend on a check from GOV. Suppose that they received cash instead.
Remember that U.S. GOV flew planeloads of cash into Iraq to pay contractors.
During Great Depression one, all the means of productivity were there. It was just that nobody had any money.
This action of the GOV paying cash directly to people in the lower loop would definitely re-capitalize the lower loop. It would also remove or block much of the interest charges on Federal debt.

National debt is rising faster than exponentially.
Peter Schiff says US will default on its national debt
Previously, America did a soft default when it revalued gold UP.
The bond market is starting to show signs of great stress.
"They" are trotting out MMT and UBI as a solution. This "version" of using cash is a novel idea. GOV has a LOT of dependents. If federal debt crashes without some kind of backup plan, <160> million people will be cut loose. Even the private sector will continue to crash.
The last thing that the State wants to do is to make government more efficient.
Rage against the (bureaucratic) machine: Putin says AI could ease Russia’s red tape woes
Yep, AI could empty out a LOT of government offices.

11/11 Bitcoin prices surged close to 4% in under 10 minutes – Forbes
11/11 Is bitcoin a good investment and how Is it valued? – Interesting Engineering
11/11 Could Google’s qauntum computer mine 3 million bitcoin in 2 seconds? – Crypto Globe

Uhh, just buy gold if you want something under your control.
11/11 With 97% of companies using non-GAAP (generally accepted accounting practices) metrics, is everything fake? – ZH
I duuno,, what do you think?

11/11 Central banker: “I would have never imagined this would be our destination” – ZH
Spoken by somebody who has never studied history.
11/11 How bad is China’s debt? A city hospital is asking nurses for loans – NY Times
Now comes the official denial so, you know that it is true.
Deutsche Bank Denies Bankruptcy Rumors ... - YouTube
https://www.youtube.com › watch
5 days ago -

edit Big Bad Bald Ben Bernanke said that he could have prevented Great Depression One He said that the FED just didn't provide enough liquidity.
So, he was given the chance to prevent Great Depression Two. The FED pumped in about $27 trillion in loans and loan guarantees. Didn't change anything in the long run. The FED pumped liquidity into the upper loop where it wouldn't be spent on wages or consumption. Now, that this bold new plan has crabbed out, everybody is searching for a solution.
Most "money" is created as new debt. The FED can create new money that is not debt money,,, called, base money. If there is no debt load, nobody makes any gains / interest on it. The Bernanke money was offered to the lower loop as loans. The lower loop was already debt saturated. The only people who borrowed were people who couldn't realistically repay the money. This was first seen in the NINJA loans during the housing bust. Now, we see this in student debt, auto loans, corporate bonds,,, and a few other places. The huge cascade of default is waiting in the wings to make an entrance.

It was clearly proven that hyper inflating the upper loop to rescue the money-renters did not rescue the general economy. "they" have to re-capitalize the lower loop or, it is game over.

Last edited by Danny B; 11-11-2019 at 08:53 PM. Reason: duhh,,, mo info
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Old 11-11-2019, 10:16 PM
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The End is Near

The eggs are going up, clear sign,time to hunker down.

Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
I've repeatedly stated that a dollar bill was a powerful instrument.

During Great Depression...........

We are 37 days away from the projected collapse
of the world economy.


Last edited by BroMikey; 11-11-2019 at 10:33 PM.
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Old 11-12-2019, 05:09 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Expensive stocks,,, Achilles heel of bitcoin,,,flawed strategy of China

Zero Hedge;
Manhattan's Retail Industry Is Imploding Before The Holiday Season
"...facing a retail vacancy epidemic."
VIXtermination & Megadeath
"VIX short positioning has taken on record proportions, exceeding even the previous record short right at the January 2018 highs right before holders of the doomed XIV product got massacred."
As Insider-Sales Hit Record Highs, Travis Kalanick Dumps 20% Of Uber Stake After Lockup
"Kalanick is dumping stock like every other insider on Wall Street..."
Ron Paul Asks: Is The "Mother Of All Bubbles" About To Pop?
You can see that there is quite a lot of pessimism about the stock market. BUT
11/11 Blain: “When there is too much cash the market will remain irrational for longer” – ZH

Bank Of America: Stocks Are The Most Expensive Since The Jan 2018 Meltup "But There Is No Alternative"
India's Factory Output And Electricity Demand Plunge To Decade Lows Amid Economic Downturn

I found 2 interesting articles with glaring omissions. The first is on bitcoin. It is very thought provoking.
"That’s why every single system in the history of the world has distributed the money in one way:
From the top down.
Because it maximizes the advantage of the kings and mobs at the top.
Unfortunately, that means most of the money never really leaves the top. It stays right there

"For example, we could pass a law, like a Universal Basic Income (UBI). That would give everyone a stream of money, pushing it out across the entire playing field and giving more people a chance to participate in the system.'
The problem with all of the plans before now, from UBI to socialism (high taxes on the rich to spread the wealth across the game) is that to redistribute the money after it’s already been distributed is nearly impossible. The people with that money rightfully resist its redistribution.
But what if the money is NOT already distributed?
What if we don’t have to take it from anyone at all?

"That’s the missed opportunity of all of today’s cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are creating new money. And unlike credit markets, which only pretend to expand the money supply, by lending it out 10x with fractional reserve lending, cryptocurrencies are literally printing money. And they aren’t loaning it to people, they’re giving it to them for their service to the network."

I'll reserve judgement on that one.
As Naval said: “Society gives you money for giving society what it wants, blockchains give you coins for giving the network what it wants.”
So, we can all stop working at what society wants.

I outlined one way in the an article about the Cicada project, How We Deliver a Universal Basic Income Right Now and Save Ourselves from the Robots.
Not really.
In other words, we missed the real power of Satoshi’s creation: the distribution of money.
The article is quite thorough but, it never mentions that 10% of crypto gets stolen.
It never mentions that the economy can't function if nobody shows up for work.

The second article is on the rise of China.
"The rest of the world—most of Asia, Africa, and Latin America—essentially didn’t matter, economically or militarily. It was the site of occasional proxy conflicts between the superpowers (Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc) and in some cases, produced vital commodities like Middle Eastern oil, but they were mostly an economic non-factor. We called it the “Third World.” In practice, it was a bipolar world."
Oil is definitely a critical FACTOR.
"Leaders in Beijing may have admired our accomplishments, but not enough to abandon Communism. They merely adapted and rebranded it. We perceived a bigger change than there actually was. Today’s Chinese communists are nowhere near Mao’s kind of communism. Xi calls it “Socialism with a Chinese character.” It appears to be a dynamic capitalistic market, but is also a totalitarian, top-down structure with rigid rules and social restrictions."

"Another good resource is Michael Pillsbury’s The Hundred-Year Marathon. He marshals a lot of evidence showing the Chinese government has a detailed strategy to overtake the US as the world’s dominant power. They want to do this by 2049, the centennial of China’s Communist revolution.

The strategy has been well documented in Chinese literature, published and sanctioned by organizations of the People’s Liberation Army, for well over 50 years. "
"Xi’s vision of the Chinese Communist Party controlling the state and eventually influencing and even controlling the rest of the world is clear. These are not merely words for the consumption of the masses. They are instructions to party members."

"Pillsbury is a recognized scholar of all things Chinese, particularly their military philosophy. He contends China will employ unconventional military tactics, “The Assassin’s Mace,” in any potential confrontation with the United States. Where we see strengths, they see weaknesses. His account of participating in US military wargames is worth the price of his book. Summarizing quickly the section on the first game:

It was three hours before the war game ended, but when the final move was made, the map on the floor was like a chessboard showing checkmate, with the American king trapped and defenseless. For the first time in the history of Pentagon-sanctioned military simulations, the United States had lost a war game. To win, I had employed tactics derived from my evolving understanding of Chinese strategy. The weapons and military strategy that guided my tactics had their roots in ancient Chinese warfare, and their modern incarnations are…"
It's a long, interesting article detailing about how China is using non-conventional warfare against America.

How did African swine fever get from Africa to Russia to China?
"The FAO also reported that within the last month, ASF has spread to new locations in Vietnam, North and South Korea, Lao PDR, Cambodia and The Philippines. "
How did Hong Kong just spontaneously decide to revolt?
Trump is quite open about attacking China financially.
China moved about 400 million self-sufficient peasants to the cities. China has run out of things for them to work on. They continue to build more cities and infrastructure that just wastes capital BUT, keeps the Chines busy. The State-owned-enterprises and shadow banking system financed & built everything. Trump is trying to precipitate a crash of the shadow banking system. Some banks have already failed. There is over $1 trillion a year of capital flight. China has to print more just to stay in one place.

The Chinese could have created some kind of safety net for it's people. Instead, it created it's "social credit" system where everybody is closely monitored, evaluated and punished. All stick and NO carrot

The world is taking a stand against China, freedom's enemy ... https://thehill
The US and China are the closest of enemies | European .
Trump, China and Europe: one enemy at a time please | South ...
https://www.scmp.com › This Week in Asia
Steve Hilton Says: China is our enemy, not our 'partner' - YouTube

Bad sign for trade talks: Trump calls China President Xi 'enemy'
How China Went From a Business Opportunity to Enemy No. 1 ...

Trump is leveraging the communist ideology against China. The Orwellian lockdown of the Chinese people won't be effective when the credit default cascade wipes out the shadow banking system and, everything else with it.

Price deflation
Sex robots give boot to human prostitutes at Swiss brothel, charging half the price
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Old 11-13-2019, 03:56 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Psychopaths high and low

Organized crime has always been a facet of our world. Government has always been a facet of our world. There has always been a fraction of the population that were psychopaths. Various policies by the State & banks have destroyed the nuclear family. The resulting insecurities have provided the world with a far larger supply of psychopaths.
Since power corrupts AND, attracts the already corrupted, we can be assured that the the halls of power are well populated with psychopaths.

"The collection of all electronic communications by Americans by all-powerful, unaccountable Deep State psychopaths is worse than anything conceived by Orwell in 1984."

Charles Huge Smith writes about the proliferation of psychopaths in all fields.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Now That We've Incentivized Sociopaths--Guess What Happens Next

Unfortunately, having a total lack of integrity gives a person a great advantage over one's competitors who are afflicted with morality.
Douglas MacArthur made it very clear that all societies that lack morality go into a complete collapse. Trump's war is a war on organized crime. According to the israeli newspapers, organized crime is based in Tel Aviv / israel.

Israel says that it is facing imminent invasion / attack from Iran. This is preposterous, of course. There is nothing in israel that Iran wants. The great danger is that some pretext for war will be found.
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Old 11-14-2019, 05:46 AM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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MMT & lies,,,Money for them,,, rocks for you

The CBs "printed up " 247 $trillion in new liquidity / debt.
Nothing will save us from collapse. Last time that this happened, "they" got a war fired up to pull us out of Great Depression One. It is what comes after the collapse that really matters. Will we have 20 years of stagnation? MMT and UBI have definite possibilities for managing poverty and destitution. The bankers, of course, don't want the lower loop to get re-capitalized. $247 trillion for them is OK. UBI for us is INFLATIONARY !
You're going to hear that argument for a long time. Here is another instalment.
The arguments are a big steaming pile of crab.

11/14 U.S. government posts $134 billion deficit in October – Reuters
11/14 The U.S. shale industry hit a brick wall in 2019 – SRSrocco Report
11/14 What happens to the global economy if oil collapses below $40 – part I – TT
11/14 Doug Casey on how the homeless crisis could soon become an epidemic – IM

11/13 NY Fed accepts $77.09 bln in overnight repo bids – Reuters
Just imagine that you emptied your house out and, had a garage sale.
11/13 Moody’s cuts global sovereign rating outlook to “negative” for 2020 – Reuters
Armstrong is very clear. Europe will crash before America.
11/13 Blackstone Group warns of “mother of all bubbles” – Investopedia
Sooner or later, the father of all pricks is going to come along.
11/13 Entitlement liabilities are a graver threat than climate change – FEE
Only for the immediate present.
11/13 Trump gripes that foreigners have negative rates and he doesn’t – CNBC
Don't complain. NIRP chases capital here.

11/12 Gold price falls on selling of gold futures equal to 3 million ounces in 30 minutes – GC
It has been manipulated for decades. If / When this ends, gold will be unobtainable..
11/14 Bitcoin hailed as ‘success’ by China in dramatic shift in attitude – Independent
Roughly $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in the first half of 2018

11/11 Young first-time buyers are vanishing from US housing market – Zero Hedge
The Fem-Nazis have destroyed marriage. It is MEN who buy houses. The women have gotten too screetchy, too mercenary, too demanding.
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Old 11-14-2019, 03:55 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Lithium,,,The new NINJA problem

Some countries are cursed with oil and, never see peace. Bolivia is a different story.
After Evo, The Lithium Question Looms Large In Bolivia
'We freed ourselves of IMF & had big plans on exports' Exiled Bolivian pres Morales blasts coup, hints at US role

Opposition senator declares herself 'interim president' of Bolivia without quorum or vote
US recognizes Anez as interim president of Bolivia

Sounds kinda like Venezuela.
Over 30 Bolivian Regional Election Commission Members Arrested - Reports
They must NOT have gotten the memo on how to vote "correctly"
Bolivia's Self-Declared-Unelected Coup d'Etat President
Yes, of course, it was the CIA.

The CIA most definitely won't abandon Venezuelan oil.
Guaido supporters invade Venezuelan embassy in Brazil & announce new 'ambassador' - Vid
Ex-Venezuelan Intel Chief Reportedly Goes Missingin Spain Ahead of Extradition to US

Climate Change Can 'Make Russia Great Again' Israeli Media Salivates Over Moscow's Arctic Wealth

11/14 What happens to the global economy if oil collapses below $40 – part I – TT
Well, just cut back oil production to get prices back up.

China's gold-backed crypto looming as 'Pearl Harbor type event' for US dollar in 2020 - Keiser Report
You can't have a gold-backed currency unless there is absolute trust in the economy and government. Same for crypto. Without confidence in GOV and the economy, people take delivery of the gold and, abandon the paper. The Chinese do not trust the government. $1 trillion a year in capital flight to America proves this. Forget the fact that <10%> of crypto has been stolen.
Lacalle: Why A "Crypto-Yuan" Won't Threaten The Dollar
A state-owned cryptocurrency is, in itself, a contradiction in terms...

Eventually, the world will settle into gold backed bonds. They are a store of value, NOT a transactional instrument.
'NATO will be soiling its pants' – Ukrainian tycoon seen as power behind president calls for 'new Warsaw Pact' with Moscow
ABSOLUTELY,, we must get the cold war fired up into high gear. A LOT of arms dealers depend on this.

New Jersey is broke and, needs money.
New Jersey Hits Uber With $650 Million Tax Bill; Stock Slides
The "Oh, $hit!" Moment For Subprime Auto Loans Arrives; Serious Delinquencies Blow Out

NINJA car loans are going to blow up just like NINJA home loans did.
'OK, Boomer' Stop Buying Stocks, Fidelity Warns
President Xi Warns "Stopping The Storm And Restoring Order" In Hong Kong Is China's Top Priority
What about the meltdown of the shadow banking industry?
Global Supply Chains Imploding As Quarter Of German Firms Plan To Leave China
Trade Wars Slam Chinese Retail Sales, Investment Growth Weakest In 21 Years
Retail sales growth plunged to its lowest since 2003 and fixed-asset-investment is growing at its weakest since 1998...
MAGA baby

Chinese Think Tank Becomes First Official Body To Predict 2020 GDP Will Drop Below 6%
WAY below
Fed Will Not Disclose Which Banks Are Receiving Repo Cash For At Least Two Years
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Old 11-15-2019, 03:57 PM
Danny B Danny B is online now
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Trump & euthanasia,,, default & delinquencies

"The concept of “usury” has a long historical life, throughout most of which it has been understood to refer to the practice of charging financial interest in excess of the principle amount of a loan, although in some instances and more especially in more recent times, it has been interpreted as interest above the legal or socially acceptable rate[i]. Accepting this broad definition for the moment, the practice of usury can be traced back approximately four thousand years (Jain, 1929), and during its subsequent history it has been repeatedly condemned, prohibited, scorned and restricted, mainly on moral, ethical, religious and legal grounds. Among its most visible and vocal critics have been the religious institutions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. To this list may be added ancient Western philosophers and politicians, as well as various modern socio-economic reformers. "

"Among the oldest known references to usury are to be found in ancient Indian religious manuscripts and Jain (1929) provides an excellent summary of these in his work on Indigenous Banking in India. The earliest such record derives from the Vedic texts of Ancient India (2,000-1,400 BC) in which the “usurer” (kusidin) is mentioned several times and interpreted as any lender at interest. More frequent and detailed references to interest payment are to be found in the later Sutra texts (700-100 BC), as well as the Buddhist Jatakas (600-400 BC). It is during this latter period that the first sentiments of contempt for usury are expressed. For example, Vasishtha, a well known Hindu law-maker of that time, made a special law which forbade the higher castes of Brahmanas (priests) and Kshatriyas (warriors) from being usurers or lenders at interest. "

The Euthanasia of the Rentier - The New York Times
https://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com › 2014/01/22 › the-euthanasia-of-the-r...

Jan 22, 2014 - What Keynes didn't say, but now seems obvious, is that the rentiers are unlikely to accept their euthanasia gracefully.
Negative yields, the euthanasia of the rentier & political economy
https://medium.com › negative-yields-the-euthanasia-of-the-rentier-politica...

So, just what is Trump up to? Why are his enemies so strident?

Pelosi Says Dems Will 'Shut It All Down' If They Don't Get Their Way On Impeachment
Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Shut It All Down’ If They Don’t Get Their Way On Impeachment – America News Today

If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?
If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?

Negative-yielding debt in the world balloons to $15 trillion https://www.cnbc.com
Nobody liked that S.O.B. Obama but, nobody went ballistic at his election and re-election.
With Trump, everybody has been whipped up into a FRENZY.
Armstrong proposed that U.S. GOV just print currency to pay it's bills.
As of June 2019, federal debt held by the public was $16.17 trillion
Total public debt outstanding, 23,004,857,754,547.26 https://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/debt/current
You can imagine that this debt makes a LOT of money in interest payments to the note holders. What happens if FED GOV were to just print currency to pay everything off? (Armstrong)
U.S. GOV is flat broke and, public debt is rising faster than exponentially. Just imagine what would happen if the treasury were to pay everybody off. The 10 year note is the reference for all other interest rates. What happens to all other interest rates?

Zero Hedge;
One Bank Finally Admits The Fed's "NOT QE" Is Indeed QE... And Could Lead To Financial Collapse
Hong Kong Shocked Into First Annual Recession Since Global Financial Crisis

Just wait til the Chinese army goes in there and kicks a$$
Blain: There Is Too Much Money Pushing up Prices, And It All Ends With A Guillotine
Import/Export Prices Plunge Most In 3 Years - So Much For Trump Tariff Inflation Terror

"..on a year-over-year basis, the deflationary impulses continue with both import and export prices plunging at their fastest pace in over 3 years..."
Remember, finance is terrified of deflation.

US Industrial Production Plunges Most Since March 2009
We don't need no stinkin production,,, we got no money for consumption.

In Shock To $3.5 Trillion Healthcare Industry, Trump Admin Will Force Hospitals To Disclose "Secret" Insurance Rates
"There are a ton of vested interests who will oppose this. We expect to get sued. We’re really goring people’s oxes."
NOOOOO The medical industry business & profits are sacrosanct.
The Bank of Canada’s Crafty $640 Billion “Poloz Tax” – Confiscation Targets Seniors and Pensioners
11/15 Recession warning: freight volumes negative YoY for 11th straight month – Mish
Obviously, some kind of mistake or tiny glitch.
11/15 Household debt climbs to record high, delinquencies rise – Mish
They never should have gotten rid of debtor's prisons.
11/14 The holy-cow moment for subprime auto loans; serious delinquencies blow out – WS
11/15 Global debt surges to $250 trillion as US and China lead the way – Bloomberg
THAT is going to leave a bruise on somebody's face.

11/15 South Korea slaughters 380,000 pigs after China’s pig ebola crosses border – ZH
They had no way to rapidly dispose of the carcasses,,, in little sealed plastic coffins. They sat there in trucks until the bled out. The blood flowed into local rivers. MANY diseases have crossed from animals to humans.
11/14 Interest rates: Powell tells congress federal debt is ‘unsustainable’ – USA Today
Powell is in on the euthanasia plot.

China is crashing badly, “We must resort to deepened supply-side structural reform "
What a bunch of idiots. Wages everywhere are flat and falling. It is the consumption side that needs reform. China and India initiated the global mean wage and, now, they are stuck with it. The slowdown has just started.
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Danny B Danny B is online now
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Musical chairs for counter-parties

My sparkling, witty post from this morning got zapped. I have to give the refried version.
In America, eggs are sold and recorded on the ECI system. If you buy a load of eggs, you must take delivery. If you don't, you pay a 10% penalty. Pretty much everything else is bought up by speculators and then, sold to you at mark-up. Obviously, these speculators don't want to get caught holding something that they bought solely for speculation. This is also true for financial instruments. NOBODY will hold a negative-interest bond to maturity.

Question for Armstrong;
"1) Could the pledging of negative-yielding bonds as collateral be causing the liquidity problems? As a private lender myself, how can a central bank (or anyone) lend against its par value (even overnight) when held to maturity you receive less than par?
2) What Brokers can protect against a Corzine / MF Global invasion of segregated accounts?"

"There is about $17 trillion in outstanding negative-yielding bonds. It is far too complicated to go into great detail on a mere blog post. Suffice to say that the negative-yielding bonds are going to crash like something not witnessed since 1931. While a complete default is not likely prior to 2025/2026, we are going to witness the start of the collapse in 2020. These bonds have been bought by PUNTERS who are just trading them back and forth like a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, a lot of people will get caught holding these new 2.0 versions of financial debt bombs. Nobody is buying these things to actually hold. It is more akin to trading commodities where people are not actually interested in taking deliveries of lumber, hogs, silos of wheat or bars of silver. "


1) Could the pledging of negative-yielding bonds as collateral be causing the liquidity problems? As a private lender myself, how can a central bank (or anyone) lend against its par value (even overnight) when held to maturity you receive less than par?
2) What Brokers can protect against a Corzine / MF Global invasion of segregated accounts?
I strongly urge people to write to the White House and demand LEGAL REFORM in New York City. The entire fate of both the world economy and the domestic economy rests on the integrity of the rule of law which no longer exists. President Trump has the power to address this problem. He could clean house in the SEC and CFTC who will ALWAYS protect the bankers, as is the case in the Department of Justice. The banks have blown up the entire world economy."
"Judge Martin Glenn presided on M.F. Global bankruptcy and created the first BAIL-IN without Congressional Authority. He was the first one to engage in FORCED LOANS by abandoning the rule of law to help the bankers and protect Corzine from losses by taking client accounts to cover M.F. Global’s losses."

"What Judge Martin Glenn’s ruling warns is you should NOT trust any company based in New York City. No other circuit would uphold what Glenn did to protect Corzine. While Glenn could not prosecute Corzine, the Department of Justice closed its eyes as did the SEC and CFTC. We lack legal integrity and that leaves a COUNTRY RISK that we would have to warn a client about if we were dealing with a third-world country. This is part of the reason China is still lagging behind. There MUST BE a straight forward Rule of Law or capital that cannot invest if there are no definitive rules."

It IS in America's best interest that GOV prosecutes crooked bankers. Nobody wants to invest in a jurisdiction where the courts ignore the rule of law. China put a million muslims in camps and, they are coming down hard on Hong Kong. NONE of this inspires confidence in international capital.

11/18 US-China trade deal mood is pessimistic in Beijing – CNBC
Trump is playing yo-yo with them.
11/18 China cuts interest rates as economy slows – Bloomberg
THAT does absolutely nothing for the main body of people
11/18 5-Star’s crisis threatens Italian government’s survival – Reuters
The Euro's $2.7 Trillion Italy Problem - Bloomberg
Italy is TOAST.

Vatican Financial Regulator 'Resigns' in Wake of Probe into an 'Opaque' Holy See Investment Venture
Probably another gay bath house.
"ECB Member Hints Central Bank Will Buy Stocks When Situation Gets 'Really Bad'[/B]
Swiss Nat bank already bought $89 billion.
"Likewise, I see precious little coverage of the fact that the IIF report global debt just hit a new record high of USD250 trillion as of H1 2019, and there is no sign that this is going to slow. It increased USD7.5 trillion from January to June 2019, even as global growth showed a synchronised slowdown."

Gerald Celente has the same doomer news.
How to crush a banker's dictatorship.
The crisis banking business.
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Danny B Danny B is online now
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Armstrong and, the total lack of any workable economic plan

America has a post-industrial economy. Sorry, that just won't work. Manufacturing is the primary value-added industry. Western productivity is just humming along even though 96 million Americans of working age are not in the labor force. It is consumption that is falling. Aggregate American wages are shrinking. Speculators benefit from QE. Wages do not. The Central Bank is the central mechanism to always keep price inflation rising faster than wage inflation. Everyone wonders why we are so poor and, where the money went.
We spent it.
True, we spent much of it on luxuries. The credit bubble MUST grow. Since we cut back on spending, The credit bubble is artificially expanded with speculation rather than consumption. Our economic system just can't survive any kind of deflation.
Our whole economic playbook was conceived for a time when there was a consumer for every producer. NOBODY has a playbook for current conditions.

Armstrong writes about the complete lack of any kind of workable economic plan.
"ANSWER: Of course, they will call this Quantitative Easing and Modern Monetary Theory. They are biased and in favor of gold, which makes them incapable of being real analysts. First, you must establish a base method of inquiry which cannot begin with a predetermined conclusion that all paper money is evil and gold is the only real money. Because they begin with this PRESUMPTION, they only look at things to support that predetermined outcome."

Gold is a slippery slope. It has never been used as a day-to-day instrument for commerce on the street. Gold is more of a secondary instrument that is used for stable value / payment at upper levels of economic activity. It is used as a benchmark to avoid the sins of over-printing. Paper money isn't necessarily evil. The people who print paper money are unable to resist greed and corruption. We don't actually have that much paper money. Everything is electronic transfer.
The main attribute of barter is; there is an immediacy of transfer of value. Many years ago, everyone who accepted credit cards had a huge book of bad credit card numbers. You had to check this huge book to see if a patron's credit card was good.
When somebody wrote you a check, you knew that it would take 3--5 days to clear.
Modern electronic credit transfers are extremely fast. This eliminates most of the problems of trust. Neither barter, nor gold will make a comeback for street level transactions.

Back to Armstrong
"The Fed is NOT engaging in QE nor is it engaging in MMT. The Fed is standing in the middle because banks do not trust banks. The crisis is by NO MEANS in the United States. They also fail to grasp why the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, the hoarding of dollars globally, or what this crisis is even about. They interpret any increase in the quantity of money as inflationary. We have had more than 10 years of QE in Japan and Europe with no inflation, which proves their theory is WRONG. They will never address that reality and instead constantly argue gold will rally with QE."

Wooley thinking. The banks are dumping State debt to raise cash. The FED is printing up tons of liquidity to pay off failing derivatives from Deutsche bank. Just like in the previous LIBOR crisis, the banks don't trust each other.

"The banks won’t talk to each other and the central banks are living in absolute terror that the truth will come out and the world will just go nuts."
"I always seem to be in the middle of every crisis. Not sure how this happens. I get calls asking me what have I heard because nobody will talk among themselves but somehow they come to me to ask what I have heard. I am writing the report now because it just seems imperative to explain the real cause that the press will never print. Nobody will talk and the central banks cannot dare utter a single word about the source of the crisis for fear of creating a political crisis. Even the heads of states are being left in the dark. Trump has called for negative interest rates because he does not understand the crisis because nobody is talking."
Notice that he didn't mention word about derivatives.

"The central banks are keenly aware that they cannot stimulate economic growth, although they will not state that publicly. The wheel of fortune has completed its revolution. The central bankers are quietly lobbying the political side of the aisle to swing back to Keynesian fiscal policy and reverse austerity."
"Keynesian fiscal policy" calls for stimulus in a downturn. The FED, PPT and ESF are pumping in at least $400 billion a week. The feces-for-brains seem to believe that; pumping money into stocks will somehow provide a living wage for hundreds of millions in poverty.

"What I was hearing 2 years ago behind the curtain was starting to leak out. The Eurozone’s faltering economy was creating a huge divergence in ideas with Draghi. This resulted in a serious clash when it came time to the ECB’s rate-setting committee with departing President Mario Draghi’s negative interest rates and never-ending QE. If such policies were to work, it should have done so quickly within a year or two, and not 5 years of negative rates and 11 years of QE."

The feces-for-brains politicians STILL believe that; pumping hundreds of billions of Euros into the bond markets will help the man on the street.

" She knew that the ECB could not win the fight to support the economy by itself. Publicly, Lagarde implied she would follow Draghi’s path and keep monetary policy ultra-loose to lift euro-area inflation."
YES, of course,,, raise prices to help people.
"Nevertheless, she is aware Draghi’s policy has been a failure but the ECB is trapped. Monetary policy at the ECB is doomed despite the fact she has said that the tools to tackle a downturn are available to the ECB and they must be ready to use them if needed."
Yep, they have to tools to temporarily save the bankers,,, screw the punters.
" time of rising challenges for central bankers when the economy is turning downward despite all the stimulus and inflation remains subdued. At the same time, interest rates remain artificially low and there are questions over what policymakers have that could do anything to combat a more serious downturn"

The overlay of the EU bureaucracy over existing State bureaucracies reduced the GDP of Europe by 20%. If La Garde wants to help Europe, she should vaporize the entire EU structure. NOPE, the bureaucrats must get their pensions and salaries no matter how much it impoverishes the people.
"Lagarde has begun lobbying governments and arguing they need to step in with fiscal stimulus to fill the gap. Central bankers have lost their ability to control inflation or steer the economy while politicians are anything but united in the face of rising political separations and unrest."
UNREST, you haven't seen anything.
"Lagarde realizes the economy faces downside risks with inflation in a deflationary position."
This (price) inflation has reduced the birth rate because nobody can afford to have kids. To reverse the deflation of population, "they" bring in tons of immigrants who live solely on the dole.

"While she pretends that the ECB can cut interest rates further despite already being at a record-low -0.4%, she also realizes it is causing massive problems. It has become a deterrent for the euro to be considered a reserve currency. There have been other side effects from keeping rates well below zero for too long, such as promoting a pension crisis nobody wishes to address publicly for fear of creating a panic. She acknowledged these problems stating that the “ECB has hit the effective lower bound on policy rates, it is clear that low rates have implications for the banking sector and financial stability more generally.”
NOBODY has any kind of a plan that is workable with a shrinking workforce,,, shrinking wages,,, shrinking consumption. NO plan is compatible with the demands of a credit bubble that must grow.
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Danny B Danny B is online now
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More reality

11/19 70% of Americans say they are struggling financially – CBS
11/19 ‘We can’t take it anymore’: as Lebanon economy skids, jobs in firing line – Reuters
11/19 In Netherlands millions of retirees face pensions cuts thanks to the ECB – Zero Hedge

DO NOT WORRY, the Bureaucrats are doing fine.
Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Lebanon, Iran, France, As more and more States blow up, theinternet informs the people , often accurately, who to blame. The pitchforks come out and NO amount of concessions will stop the tide. Macron gave concessions to the French. This did NOT stop the protests.

11/18 Trump, Powell discussed “negative rates” in unscheduled Monday meeting – ZH
At some point, all those NIRP bonds will be abandoned. European financial markets will experience financial rigor mortise.

11/19 Bob Moriarty: the cure for dishonest money is honest money – Energy and Gold
What about honest politicians? What a novel concept?
Kunstler weighs in on the upcoming prosecutions.
I called him and complemented him on sticking with his convictions, rather that his affiliations. He's a lifelong democrat.

Germany is a crabby place to build solar power. Not much sunlight. But, Germany has a big problem with latent volcanoes.
Japan has GREAT possibilities for solar but, America demanded that they build carbon and nuke plants.
11/18 Fukushima installing 11 solar power plants & 10 wind power plants – Clean Technica
They finally get to break into wind & solar.
11/16 Do the world’s energy policies make sense? – Finite World
They do to the oil companies.

11/16 Cyberattacks pose an evolving threat to retirement accounts – Birch Gold
Do not worry, crypto currency and the blockchain will fix all of the problems.
11/18 What is stopping us from creating the families – NYT paywall.
Well, lets see.
The sperm count is down 50%
Industrial chemicals are creating havoc with our endocrine system
Poverty is fast rising.
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