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Old 10-21-2019, 04:03 AM
Danny B Danny B is offline
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Desperate U.N,,,, anti anti war hysteria

ZH, Civil Unrest Is Erupting All Over The World, But Just Wait Until America Joins The Party...
I've got my remote BOB.
Central Banks Are Out Of Ammo - UN Head Demands Immediate Fiscal Stimulus To Save World From Crisis
Don't hold your breath. This is all part of planned population reduction.
Goldman: The Fed Was The Main Driver Of Markets In 2019
There is an election coming

Democrats Have No Answer For Trump's Anti-War Posture
"Russian Asset" Is A Meaningless Noise War-Pigs Make With Their Face-Holes

It has been firmly established beyond any doubt that it is now literally impossible for an American political figure to vocally oppose US warmongering without being labeled a Russian asset...
Winners & Losers In The Failed American Project For A 'New Middle East'
The winners would be Americans, Syrians, Iranians and Putin. The main loser would be Netanayahoo.

"Toe The Line Or Be Destroyed": Tulsi Gabbard Dismantles Establishment 'Hit-Job' In Viral Video
"If you stand up to the rich and powerful elite and the war machine, they will destroy you and discredit your message..."
10/21 Trump’s anti-war stance is the real target of the latest impeachment push – HL

10/21 Hong Kong police fire water cannon with blue dye as crowds defy ban – Guardian
The new Blue man group.
10/21 Japan’s September exports slip for 10th month, pressuring BOJ to ease – Reuters
Yes, absolutely. Easing has failed for 20+ years. Keep doing it.
Entrenched congressional corruption.
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Old 10-21-2019, 03:26 PM
Danny B Danny B is offline
Platinum Member
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: L.A. Ca.
Posts: 4,799
Responsibility and validation for men in the future

Here is a vid Of George Jetson. He gets up at 11:00 to go to work. He works 2 days a week for 1 hour a day.
Sheep dogs are genetically suited to herd sheep and, only happy when they are doing this. Race horses are only happy when running.
Man is a social creature who is programmed to support the family and clan.
Jordan Peterson argues convincingly that; the meaning of life for men is; seeking and, bearing responsibility. (crosspost)

He also argues that "weak men can't be virtuous."
Moreover, he argues that; young men (especially) feel lost in today's culture because there is no call for them to shoulder responsibility as it was many years ago.

Statistics seem to bear this out. 80% of college students are women. As we perfect ever-more labor saving devices, there are fewer niches that are a good fit for men.
Peterson calls this a crisis. Drug addiction and suicide rates seem to prove him correct.
Militant feminism has alienated him from traditional relationships.
Women seem to believe that men lack enough confidence to approach and, date women.

Women have just become too mercenary.
As women alienate men, the men are thwarted in their natural roles.

How will this play out in the future?
What does George Jetson DO all day?
What is the future of automation.?
Humans are extremely social. What happens when women can't find mates.
What happens when men can find no validation or fulfilment in life?

In Japan, only 42% of couples have sex in a given month. The men have just lost all interest,,, especially in the crowded cities. The Japanese girls are all looking for a "farm boy". The population is shrinking rapidly.
Our natural tendency is to; take on responsibility to support the family and clan.

The antithesis of this is corruption.
As most people know, Aspartame is a neuro-toxin that produces formaldehyde in the body. It's a poison, plain and simple.
Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle and, when he went to work for the State, he demanded that the FDA approve aspartame. He is responsible for the early death of millions.

Most corruption is simply a question of putting personal gain ahead of the good of the clan. Some of the corruption is a case of putting the interests one clan far above the general good. Theocracies seem to be pretty bad about this. Israel and Saudi being good examples. Erdogan in Turkey is moving in this direction. Turkey is 98% muslim so, it's no surprise.

Automation has brought on a crisis where very few men have a necessary niche in society. The women are floundering because they can't connect with men. They are finding that there are ever-fewer men who will listen to their demands. Much of society is dis-integrating because of these problems.
The coming financial crash will be that much worse because the left-right dynamic will prevent the State from working cohesively.
The banker-caused destruction of the nuclear family will mean that family support will be that much more unlikely. The gender wars mean that supportive men will be mostly unavailable to women.
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Old Today, 04:16 AM
Danny B Danny B is offline
Platinum Member
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: L.A. Ca.
Posts: 4,799
Chaos in every quarter

Pervasive lies. Armstrong is a trader and investor. The current regime of Central Banks is specifically tailored to enrichen the investor at the expense of the actual producer. Naturally, Armstrong is going to support the investors (gamblers) with MY money, no less.
QUESTION: You commented that the central banks had a difficult position when they were on the gold standard compared to post-1971

"ANSWER: The United States created the Federal Reserve in 1913. Prior to World War I, central banks were long-established in Europe like the Bank of England in 1694. What you have to understand is that BEFORE World War I, the central banks of Europe were faced with two duties because there was the gold standard.

1.) The first was to defend their currency’s parity with gold and thereby the entire edifice of the international gold standard. This required raising interest rates and keeping the total volume of money and credit under control, often with contractionary effects."

Back then, we had small "contractionary effects"
CNBC “If you look at the market historically, we have had, on average, a crash about every eight to 10 years"
Abandoning the gold standard has brought big crashes as opposed to small contractions.
The crashes serve to skin the small investors and allow the banks to buy up everything at fire-sale prices.

Armstrong, "2.) The second responsibility was to act as a lender of last resort for their banking system by supplying emergency liquidity. This necessitated an expansion of credit and a lowering of interest rates. "
The original charter of the FED allowed it to do OVERNIGHT loans for good collateral at punitive rates. The FED created the overnight liquidity and then, destroyed it upon repayment. It kept the interest.
Armstrong, "Post-1971, the central banks were no longer required to intervene to maintain the exchange rate relative to the gold standard"
OK, so, the presses went into overdrive to supply liquidity to ALL the speculators.

"Paul Volcker raised interest rates insanely into 1981 to stop inflation, but he ignored the consequences that would have on the value of the dollar on world markets. "
NO MENTION of where this inflation came from. "Ignoring the consequences" came first. Inflation came later.`

As a general rule, A State would go off the gold standard every time that it wanted to get a war going. The Bretton Woods agreement tied the U.S. dollar to gold. And, it tied all currencies to the dollar. The Korean war was small potatoes. Pox Americana had to destroy the Bretton Woods agreement to get the Viet Nam war rolling.
The bankers absolutely hate the idea of a gold standard because it would put most of them out of business.
Trump threatens to put the war industries out of business. The war mongers threaten to get rid of Trump for such effrontery.

China has 10 times the steel producing capacity as America. At one time, the excess steel capacity in china was equal to the total steel capacity in America and Europe.
"China, the world’s No 1 steel producer, has said it would lay off millions of workers in the coal and steel sectors in a bid to reduce industrial overcapacity. However, coal mining and steel making were among the heavy industries that contributed to about 40 per cent of the Chinese economy in 2018."
So, China is going to spend billions producing more steel for more infrastructure.
NOPE, can't have layoffs.

"In the first quarter of 2019, global debt hit $246.5 trillion.
The first-quarter spending spree brought the debt pile to 318% of global GDP,
According to the World Bank, countries whose debt-to-GDP ratios are above 77% for long periods experience significant slowdowns in economic growth. Every percentage point above 77% knocks 1.7% off GDP, according to the study, via Investopedia. The United States’ current debt-to-GDP ratio is 106.5%.
In other words, the country is accumulating about the same amount of debt – currently $22 trillion – as its annual economic output. Each year another trillion dollars gets added to the national debt."

"As the graphics below show, every couple of hundred years there has been a change in the world currency, dating all the way back to the denarius of ancient Rome.
"“Gold is... the trust anchor for the financial system. If the whole system collapses, the gold stock provides a collateral to start over. Gold gives confidence in the power of the central bank's balance sheet.”"
China has quite a large anchor. Is America producing manufacturing gold via Bedini's process?
The rest of the article is an inti0Trump tirade..

Debt per capita.

10/21 Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed – Reuters

That dirty commie 8itch did her best to destroy Germany by bring in unvetted immigrants. Switzerland has Italian cantons,,, French cantons and, German cantons. They get along fine they do NOT have any Somali cantons.
Merkel won the Kalergi prize for the damage she has done.
Wiki, "The Kalergi plan (Italian: piano Kalergi), or sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist conspiracy theory, ..."
Yes, of course it is anti-semitic and white and a conspiracy.

"a plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe. What Kalergi called for was not only the destruction of European nation states but also the deliberate ethnocide of the indigenous, mostly Caucasian race of the European continent. This, he proposed, should be done through enforced mass migration to create an undifferentiated homogenous mass of serfs to be dominated by a wealthy self-electing elite. These are all Kalergi's crude and racialist words, not mine:"
You can see why this appeals to the master race.
Sweden Is Sliding Into Utter Chaos...and The Media Is Applauding

10/21 Will the Democratic party exist after 2020 election? – OffGuardian
10/22 Pompeo says Trump is ‘fully prepared’ for military action against Turkey – CNBC
Uh, Turkey is a member of NATO and, has 50 nukes. I suspect that Trump is trying to sow enough dissension that NATO is dismantled.
10/22 Is democracy a dying species? – Pat Buchanan
In Catalunya, the Guardia Civil is specifically beating up members of the press.
Trump - US Military Companies Against Bringing Troops Home From Syria

50% Of World's Banks Too Weak To Survive Downturn
Omniviolence Is Coming And World Isn't Ready

Spell check doesn't recognise Omniviolence. Are they going to beat up omnivores?
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