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Free Energy Frauds & Pseudoskeptics This forum is for cataloging free energy claims that are clearly scams such as books that claim to get your home off the grid for $500 with some mystery Tesla motor, charlatans who claim to be free energy experts or self-proclaimed experts in science in general who actually have no experience with legitimate over 1.0 COP systems that are not heat pumps, pseudoskeptics who claim to be open minded but are actually cynics who only aim to preserve their own beliefs and frauds who spread false propaganda.


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Old 02-24-2017, 10:35 AM
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My brother and I, Kevin had to keep calling Ricks shop because
no one would pick up the phone when Rick sold things. Kevin
continued because he had something he wanted to talk to Rick

Finally after calling for days on end Kevin got thru. Keep in mind that
he was just a customer who bought from Rick and wanted to buy
other parts to build with.

When he did get thru Rick was not there. The man at the other end
of the line was one of the workers or friend and he said he didn't know
when Rick would return or if Rick would be calling him back so Kevin
asked the man if he had certain parts.

I am sure hundreds have done this trying to get parts getting no
response. At that time many people wanted those 8 strand coils
that were already twisted up.

The man said that there were none of those and very little of
anything and said he thought Rick was going to sell out at this
point, which was totally untrue.

Eventually Kevin gave up and began to wonder if the owners were
real or honest people. Kevin did wind his own coils and got no help
from anyone at that time. This put a blot on the sales and service
aspects of a Bedini approved outlet for people reaching out to get
quality components that insured success.

Later others picked up the slack.

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