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    My name is Jessica, and I’ve just picked up some singing bowls to study wave formation and resonance. Should we be concerned about the 1000+ satellites now rimming the globe? I know there are thousands more clouding our orbit, and I know these should of course have been smartly positioned just outside the atmosphere as to have no drag. But seriously, any one able to reassure me that I’m wrong in my concern?

    Thank you,
    Paranoid Newbie

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    -- Is it EMF you are concerned about? Other than that and a couple that eventually fall to Earth (usually burning up) I'm not sure what your concern is.

    Singing bowls are cool - I've got several
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      Thank you!! Not as worried about EMF beyond monsters in the numbers, as I am about what happens if you ring the “bell”. I imagine it couldn’t do any harm, except excite what resonance the planet already maintains. Pure speculation.

      Ah ya the bowls are amazing! I’m exploring the wave beyond the sine, which is perceptible while rimming the bowls. Don’t laugh, I want to try science experiments but have no signal generator, and no guide to teach me, so... I figured I’d stay away from voltage and just see what I can get done with pure signals.
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