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  • Hi, I'm new here...

    Hello everyone and well done for engendering discussion on non mainstream-adulterated science!

    I'm a multi-disciplinary independent researcher and I joined the forum for a few reasons. For one I am trying to get a comprehensible, accurate model of how electricity works. Dollard's Lone Pine Writings is an interesting start but still raises more questions than it answers. The plan for this is to understand electricity from a (decent) electrical engineer's point of view, and merge that with an understanding from, let's say, a cosmologers point of view (thunderbolts project comes fully recommended) and a decent doctor/healer point of view (would recommend Daniel Keown who merges western and eastern medicine via an electrical model of the body).

    The pursuit of real science is of course a worthwhile endevour itself and needs no justification. However, one of the reasons I am focusing on this area of research is because a proper scientific foundation would be useful for a sizable off-grid movement; a mass of people going off-grid not only for its own sake but as a sensible response to the totalitarian state that appears to be slowly creeping up on us.

    I work on the principle that when different strands of information start coming together in a comprehendable way, a bigger picture if you will, then one is generally on the path to truly understanding.

    Anybody who can point me in the direction feel free to respond