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Looking for SF Bay Area collaborator / helper

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  • Looking for SF Bay Area collaborator / helper

    We are looking for a flexible/part time SF Bay Area fabricator and collaborator. Are you interested in Tesla/ Schauberger-inspired exotic technologies? Does improving human life motivate you?

    We are Vadiance Science, a small company working dedicated to raising human consciousness and condition via

    1. Free energy
    2. Structured water-based tech

    We are looking for a practical-minded technician or junior engineer experienced in FDM 3D Printing and CNC Machining. This is a good opportunity for a student or recent grad.

    It is also a plus if you have any skills in: mechanical or electrical design, prototyping, metal casting, exotic technologies including resonant systems, etheric engineering, shape power.

    Equally important is that you believe in and are passionate about helping humanity reach a new level via breakthrough exotic technologies.

    Your Qualities:

    1. Completely trustworthy
    2. Expansive thinking not limited by mainstream beliefs
    3. Resourceful and quick learner
    4. Refined craftsmanship
    5. Fluid brainstorming and collaboration

    We have facilities in both Southern SF and Marin. You will work directly with an accomplished Stanford PhD in Electrical Engineering with a deep background in exotic technologies.

    Work is flexible/part-time, in the range of 5-10 hours/week, with pay depending on experience. Most of your work can be done remotely. Big + if you are in/near Marin or SF, or willing to visit at least ~once a week. If this sounds like a match, send Dr Derek Gerlach a cover letter + resume (or examples of your own projects) to

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    to bad you are 200 miles away from me.


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      spacecase0, where are you located? I'm in Nicasio CA