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    Hey all! My name is Joe.

    (as for my username, it should sound like my name. If my layman's knowledge of French is to be trusted)

    I stumbled upon these forums about a week ago, and I have to say, what a place! My laptop has slowly ground to a halt due to the dozens of threads I have open at once. As a researcher of radiant energy technology, I feel like a kid in a candy store. So many curious and fiercely smart people here.

    And so open minded. It's a rare coupling. A welcome one.

    As for what I'm involved in, I'm currently working with a small scattering of people worldwide on a highly improved orgone-based material. This material, unlike traditional orgone technology, does not require any metal whatsoever. Yes, that means it can be simple resin. Or epoxy. Even beeswax. Metals do invoke a certain uniqueness and can be desirable, but they are no longer needed. What's more, energetic output far exceeds what you all may have experienced with a typical orgone device. Of this I am almost certain.

    How do I have the gall to say this? Two things. First, I did a search for all threads mentioning "orgone" within the past five years. All I was able to see was traditional orgone device rhetoric. Nothing like what I hope to share with you.

    Secondly, what's my issue with traditional orgone anyhow? I'll be honest. When I first came across orgonite, I thought it was a sham. I ordered a pretty little pyramid off eBay, held it for over and hour and felt nothing. It seemed totally inert. And it was packed with quartz crystals, minerals, brass trimmings, magnesium, iron. Even little copper spirals and gold flakes. Perhaps I was inexperienced back then, but in any case it left me disappointed.

    The stuff we're making is unmistakable. Those who found orgone research boring or too slight to be of interest before, you'll be fascinated.

    You don't need expensive hardware or rare minerals to make high quality organite. It is an accessible technology that anyone can include themselves in. In fact, it may be the cheapest option for those who wish to do some hands-on experimenting with radiant energy. I will not share our technique for creating this material just yet (give it time), but I can say that the key lies in what is done to the resin as it cures.

    Whew! Sorry, got carried away a little. I'm trying not to sound like a salesman here, but whenever I start up it's hard for me to stop. To sum up, I'm here like many of you are, to learn more about what makes the stranger aspects of our reality tick. I'm trying to understand my own technology better. See if anyone else has come across anything like it. I've found a few leads already (thanks again!).

    Oh, one more thing. I want to give out free samples for you all to test. I'll cover shipping too. You guys are a wise bunch. I can only find out so much on my own. What's more, I feel like it would add something new to your research. I'll make a thread on the topic shortly.

    I have a good feeling about this place. We may not have the funding of universities or government labs. No worldwide recognition or periodic blips in social media. What we do have are some of the best and brightest I've come across so far. Some truly unique ideas, and people willing to get their hands dirty to achieve what should have been ours decades ago. Free energy. Free and more efficient healthcare. The removal of red tape over innovations that were made to serve humanity, and thus the dissemination of truth. If it's going to happen anywhere, I feel it'll be here.

    Thank you all for having me. Looking forward to joining in on the fun.