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    Hello all, just a quick introduction about me, I'm from Reading, UK. Currently working as a wall & floor tiler but passed an apprentiship with (then) Southen Electric as a mains underground cable jointer in the late '80's. Worked most of the '90's as a pre digital era field service engineer for both Xerox copiers (remember those drums?) till '93 then as a casino slot tech / mgr on NCL cruise ships till 2001. Only ever trained to board level. So playing with components is a bit new to me. I am of course a hobbiest / home dabbler in free energy.

    Tried my first 'spinny thing' 2012 - 2013 without much success but still got the bits. Currently playing with radiant energy recovery using the earth in 2.5mm (14 awg) twin & earth cable. Been using Jes Ascanius based mirrored circuit as per chapter 7 page but upped capacitors 10X to reduce soldering and I'm using 11 modules in parrallel. I get around 7.6v dc constant with a 12v dc led car interior bulb as a load (about a .6 watt bulb?) and 104v dc with no load. I'll get around to a post on this soon but still playing around a bit. I need to learn how to transfer that stored energy to a 12v battery without capacitors chirping.

    My dream? How to produce a constant 200w - 300w charging output for my 3 125ah batteries and 1500w pure sinewave inverter. I know I won't do this just using radiant energy but maybe the energy might be enough to pulse some little electro magnets on another 'spinny thing'. Currently using a yingi 220w panel in my south facing window but it's vertical position means it just acts as a trickle charger. I rent a room in a flat (apartment) share with no access to a roof or garden for better panel positioning. I'll probably spend my first week just browsing the forum to get some ideas.